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Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who Skipped PS3 And 360 Last Gen

Posted by Damien McFerran

Remastered PS3 classics are tempting Wii owners, says Sony's Andrew House

Wii owners who decided against buying a PS3 or 360 are flocking to the PS4 in droves, according to Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House.

Speaking to Eurogamer at the recent Develop conference in the UK, House echoed recent statements made by Sony Worldwide Studios senior VP of product development Scott Rohde. He says that data — as well as anecdotal evidence — points to a mass migration of Wii owners to the shiny new PS4 console:

Our big opportunity is to welcome back an audience much earlier in the lifecycle that possibly bought into the Wii previously. Whether it's based on this is a really good all-round entertainment device for a family in addition to having great games, our consumer data suggests some of those people are already coming in now and that's what's contributing to the really great sales we've had.

To back up his claim, House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii:

That me was a good indication of whether they were new to this world. And anecdotally I've had people who were the Wii generation and who are back in the consideration set. It's certainly something I hear about.

House says that titles like The Last of Us Remastered are designed with such consumers in mind; people who missed out on the PS3 version of the game will be able to pick up the definitive version on their PS4 system:

I hesitate to say this because I know committed gamers may roll their eyes about it, but there's an opportunity with some of the remastering or re-imagining from PS3 franchises that will potentially find an audience that hasn't played them in the previous generation because they skipped that generation. We're starting to see signs of that.

The PS4 is the fastest-selling console in the history of the UK games industry and has now shifted seven million units worldwide.

Are you one of the gamers of which House speaks? Did you upgrade from a Wii to a PS4? Is he missing the fact that Xbox fans may also be switching sides? Share your thoughts below.


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Shiryu said:

With all due respect, but I would rather buy a PS3 than a PS4 at this moment in time.



IxC said:

PS4 popularity is entirely down to its cheaper price than the xbox one and microsofts attempts to screw up the xbox one as much as humanly possible.

Wii owners that were gamers, have a Wii U, maybe a PS4 as well because they probably had a PS3 last generation too. The casual Wii owners, are on tablets now.

Nobody has gone from owning just a Wii to owning just a PS4.

What they're seeing is not an audience that missed out on these games last generation. It's gamers so desperate for anything to play on their PS4 systems, they're willing to buy remastered PS3 games again. Because if they didn't do that, the PS4 has a whole 2 games. Infamous and Watch Dogs. And Watch Dogs isn't even exclusive.

Development on new hardware is more expensive and taking longer than expected, so they're remastering old stuff to fill the time. Like Nintendo did with Wind Waker HD.



ekreig said:

I had forgotten that it's illegal to own more than one current-gen console at once.



GuSolarFlare said:

lol there are more XB360 users that didn't have a PS3 than Wii users
@ekreig nice avatar, it's got pure beef steak and hard ham power! XD



SpookyMeths said:

I somehow don't see it, especially considering how well the PS3 is still selling in most regions. The 360 is dead everywhere except America, but people are still buying PS3s. And they should be. They're cheap now and have a fantastic library.

But the thing is that the number of Nintendo-only console owners is quite small. Most gamers had a Wii to play the Marios and Zeldas and whatnot, alongside their PS3 or 360 for everything else. I don't see that changing majorly this gen. I really don't think there will be many people buying a PS4 that didn't have a PS3 or 360 last gen.



Osyrhia said:

If I actually skipped the last generation I'd rather prefer remasters of Ratchet and Clank: Future or something more exciting like Littlebigplanet and Motorstorm, then Yakuza....(tho its Sega so, sadness and broken hearts) Tragically the Likes of The Last of Us or Uncharted is immensely dull to me along with any AAA shooter/gamer tbh, PS3 and Xbox 360 didn't really offer much exclusives that wouldn't be missed. (imo).



Pinkman said:

This is the first Generation I have considered ONLY owning a Nintendo console (I don't, I have an Xbone I just don't have any games to play on it because well there aren't any!) the other consoles have so far released nothing of note. Of course Nintendo had the same problem last year so im hopeful for 2015 but the back catalogue and future releases for Wii U have me hyped! I never played on my Wii and after 3 Red Rings I gave up on the 360 so my PS3 got a lot of love but F Sony and F Microsoft until they can supply me with games!



6ch6ris6 said:

too bad there are almost no ps3 exclusives i would have interest in. MGS4 being one and mabye motorstorm



Shiryu said:

@C-Olimar For now I am happy with just the Wii U. In fact, I don't pick up a PS3 cheap right now because I could easily buy about 100 or so games until the end of the year because most of them are so extremely cheap and I would do nothing but play video games until 2015. In order words, it would ruin my social life and my productivity rate at Shiryu Music. Thus, I must resist.



Link506 said:

I don't care what Sony says about buying a PS4. If it doesn't have Smash bros, its no good.



Psyclone said:

Wii U + PC combo this gen for me, I recently upgraded to a high end PC so I'm good for a long time.



Spoony_Tech said:

@IxC I almost agree 100% but I wouldn't say nobody has. There is a lot of disgruntled Nintendo fans or those that have given them enough chances in their eyes that might have made just that switch. I would even bet that some were Wii to Wii U owners that sold their U to get a PS4.



ToniK said:

Well, I'm not "coming back" since I've never owned a Sony or Microsoft console before but I am planning on getting a PS4 at the end of this year. And yeah, I'm happy about the TLOU remastered. So in my case he's quite right.

Edit. Oh, and the point was that I was totally a Wii owner for some years. Played dozens of games.



Grumblevolcano said:

I feel games for PS4 and XB1 are pretty much in the same problem now as Wii U was for the first year of launch. The only difference is that PS4 and XB1 gamers are much more willing to indulge into generic FPS games (CoD, Battlefield,etc.).



FuseBlues said:

It's a weird suggestion, that doesn't seem to understand the general demographic of last gen console owners. I'd expect the amount of people who owned a Wii but no 360 or PS3 that are now interested in a next gen console is VERY small indeed.



Ichiban said:

Get ya hand off it Sony. Sheesh!!
I miss Jack Tretton, at least that guy had some class.



datamonkey said:

"Is he missing the fact that Xbox fans may also be switching sides?"

Exactly. So many Xbox gamers from last gen have bought into PS4. I'm one myself in fact and I know of many others...



JosieC84 said:

I already got The Last of Us so I'm not going to buy it again, despite how great the graphics. I play for gameplay only! It's stupid and sad how 50% of PS4 users never bought a PS3. I mean there are lots of great games on the PS3 and I even play it more than my PS4.



unrandomsam said:

I will end up getting a 360 soon I think. (Mainly for XBLA stuff that is either on both PS3/360 or only on 360).



dinosauryoshi said:

Seems like a load of nonsense. More likely old 360 owners making the switch as I think a lot of Wii owners had a second console anyway. PS has always been my second console and I like my PS3 but I can't see me getting the PS4 for a good while because there are still no games on it that I'm interested in and there doesn't seem to be many on the way either. I think the Wii U will be my main machine for some time to come although I've still got a few PS3 games I'm wanting to play.



Wouwter said:

Wow, he has nothing to back that statement up. Anecdotal evidence is just that, anecdotal, and the fact that 40% did not have a PS Plus account before doesn't say anything about them being Wii owners...

Anyway, I upgraded from a PS2 to a Wii U.



Einherjar said:

Wait what !? O.o
People who bought a Wii but skipped the PS360s are ones, who generally dont care about the so called "tripple A market" and therefore, will probably be less interested in a system almost twice the price of a PS3 AND a library of games shared almost entirely with its predecessor.

So, picture this: You have a customer, who settled with a Wii last gen and nothing else. Do you really think that THIS is a customer who cares about graphical improvements of a SP3 to PS4 port, when both, a PS3 and the game on said system can be gotten for pretty cheap by now ?

I welcome sonys "open arms" policy, but the logic behind this is just...not there really.
The Wii appealed to people, because it was affordable, easy to use even by non-gamers and was a gaming console and not a multi media behemoth.
The PS4 especially is very internet centric.
Picture "Wii Moms and Dads" trying to set up a PS4 system, complete with multiple user accounts, internet connection, streaming settings etc Vs. hoocking up a Wii to the TV and start using it.

Sony is looking for the wrong demographic here. They should cater more towards their very own strong point, which is the strong support from japanese devs and its huge library of games.

And like many others said before me: I think that its far more likely that they have won over many former Xbox users than Wii users, mainly for the fact how Microsoft treats its own consumers.
I wouldnt begrudge sony for expanding their userbase, as they are doing a fine job catering and caring for their users, but this statement is simply wrong.



alLabouTandroiD said:

House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii

Or maybe and just maybe it's just because you didn't need one for online play on the PS3.
Also: Remastes or re-imaginations from PS3 franchises? No backward-compatibility? I love it when a plan comes together.



Kafei2006 said:

Mmmh people who missed out on the PS3 back then and who want to sample it NOW are more likely to get a PS3 than a PS4 aren't they? Considering the PS4 isn't compatible with PS3 games and all... just saying . And don't give me that Playstation Now! crap, I'm talking about getting the discs and playing them on your console.

I don't have a PS3 and with my 100+ backlog of games that I have yet to finish I'm not about to get one, I'm already far too busy on Nintendo consoles XD !!



AceDefective said:

Sony, get off you high horse. Everyone had a Wii, EVERYONE. That's like saying: "Jeans are welcoming back people who wear shorts, after skipping jeans and denim pants". Can you please focus on hyping up the Vita, the PS4 don't need no help selling.



sinalefa said:

Ha, you cannot even make me upgrade my PS3 to a PS4! While my Wii got upgraded for a U at launch. A game like MKX (among many others) will arrive in the older console, so why should I upgrade?

And this gen I could even migrate to MS. They got Kamiya making them an exclusive.



Joalro said:

Um... PS plus wasn't mandatory on playstation 3, but it is on playstation 4 if you want to play online...That's why there is are the 40% who didn't have it before...



DualWielding said:

@IxC Although I generally agree, I think there are some hardcore NIntendo fans who had only Wii, got Wii U got introduced to franchises such as Batman, Assasins Creed and Mass Effect and now want to get a PS4 to play the next installments on those franchises



ikki5 said:

It always baffles my mind with people on why they would buy remasters of games that are only a year old, Unless they never played the original, it is just a waste. I will never buy a remaster of a game unless it is at least 5 years or older.

Also, with them claiming that there is opportunity in remastering... yeah their is but I doubt it is for what they say. They know those games are going to sell and you can remaster a game much faster, easier and cheaper than making a new game and I am pretty sure that's all they care about. If I was a PS4 owner, i would be a little worried about that statement because it sounds like they are going to get a flood of old games that have been "remastered"... but what am I saying? Most of them will blindly buy them anyway because they are the "best" version.

And the welcome back.... ol what? From what? Most people owned either a PS3 and a Wii or a Xbox 360 and a Wii. if was not very often that people owned a single console. if they are saying this because there are 40% of people moved to PS4... I am assuming they say this from the amount of PS+ accounts but if I remember correctly, you did not need to have a PS+ account on the PS3. Sony won't tell us how many PS+ accounts there are s it is hard to judge this. With 80 mil PS3's, How many had the PS+ account? We'll never know because Sony won't release that so I cannot believe them that everyone is buying a PS4 and "upgrading" to a PS4.

Let's do a little math here anyway. If there are 40% more PS+ people, with 8.8 million PS4s, that would mean that 3,520,000 people never had a PS+ account...That would make 4.4% of the PS3 user base if all of them were from the PS3. Now out of the 80 million PS3s... are they going to tell me that all of those 40% all came from different systems? or would they be more likely to come out of the PS3 user base because 4% is not that much. I am wiling to bet that 38%-39% came from the PS3 user base with those numbers.



Contrite said:

So they believe this mainly since 40% didn't have a PS+ account?

How does that make sense? It wasn't mandatory for online, and while the "free" games were nice, most people I know didn't really care for it. I still have a PS3 that I have rarely used for anything short of Mortal Kombat/Tekken/Ratchet & Clank.

I'm pretty sure this has less to do with Wii owners buying a PS4 than Xbox 360 owners doing so, and the fact that the plethora of shooter players "need" PS+ now.

I'll probably get one myself down the line though. In like.. 4 years. When the amount of exclusives can justify the then reduced price. It's really great that they went x86 this gen for me, since I can just play most of the games on PC. While before there were plenty of console-only multiplats.

(I won't get PS+ though )



Gamer83 said:

I honestly believe the people in charge of the PlayStation Division have completely lost their damn minds. First you have this clown Yoshida constantly kissing Nintendo's a$$ (which is fine if he likes Nintendo but you work for Sony, how about providing people who bought your console games rather than constantly praising the competition?), saying he doesn't understand people who want to play AAA games on their $400 machine rather than indies and remakes and you have Andrew House and others saying Xbox 360 owners, and now apparently Wii owners, are coming back to PS? Unless they want to show their research that proves these statements (and they won't show it) than I look at this as nothing more than justify the constant remakes because there is nothing else. Nintendo's entire first year of Wii U pissed me off as well but at least Nintendo didn't bs the hell out of people, Iwata admitted that it was tougher to make the transition to HD than the company anticipated. Still a weak excuse if you ask me because after 2010 the Wii had nothing worth of note from first parties besides Skyward Sword, but at least it seems a legit reason. Right now though, the only company with a guy in charge that I have respect for and that I think is doing a good job, is MS, which made a brilliant decision putting Phil Spencer in charge. Ironically I have the PS4 and the U, not the X1. That's going to have to be fixed soon because the X1, at least for what I like, seems to have the most on the way from now until 2015 ends. It's a good thing for Sony that third parties seem to be putting their best efforts into PS4 versions of games right now. That will change at some point though, just like things eventually evened out with X360 and PS3, and once that advantage is gone, Sony better have its first party act together. No more 'remasters' not more main focus on indies. Those can still be released but they can not continue to be positioned as THE reason to buy the console.



SnappyJon said:

I will be buying a PS4 at some point (when it has enough games to justify the purchase), but...

"House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii".

... or, it could mean they were 'upgrading' from the XBox 360.

... or, it could mean they were 'upgrading' from the PS3 and had never bothered to get a PS Plus account before, but were so desperate for games to play on their PS4 that they were hoping the PS Plus account would give them access to a few more.

In fact, isn't the usual rhetoric about the Wii that, "only casual gamers, like little children, aunts and uncles, and grandparents bought them"?

So, now all of a sudden, the "casual" Wii owner is turning into a PS4 owner?




ZurrrrBlattTron said:

@ZeroZX_Dev "people who bought a PSP vita were stunned with the touch screen technology so based off of that we're confident in saying 60% of People who bought a Gameboy Advanced, Skipped to the Psp over the DS and Bought a psp Vita over the 3DS"



ricklongo said:

That wouldn't surprise me, really, since I think Nintendo's attitude towards the Wii alienated a lot of core gamers. I, for one, skipped the Wii, in part due to the "party" nature of the console's marketing, and stuck with a gaming PC and a DS for that generation. I'm not a fan of motion controls, and even now, owning a Wii U, I find it hard to even boot Wii mode to clear my backlog precisely because of control methods.

That said, I personally have no interest in the PS4 as of now. I don't see that changing in the near future, either; there are a couple of enticing titles in the pipeline, like No Man's Sky and even Final Fantasy XV (even though the atmosphere and overall world design footage shown so far has completely disappointed me), but nothing that would make me want to buy a new console for. I do love the Wii U to bits, though, and I think a setup of Wii U / 3DS / gaming PC will suffice me just fine for this generation.



zeldagaymer93 said:

There is way too much hate on this thread. The only last-gen console I owned was a Wii and this generation I have a Wii U AND a PS4. I have to say that I like some of these remastered games because I never got the chance to play them on an older console. Clearly Sony has done their research and they know that these games will sell. So well done, Sony.



Bizzyb said:

Bullcrap....because they didn't have Playstation Plus accounts?? Lots of people who oowned either a PS3 or 360 didn't have Plus accounts. What exactly would draw Wii Owners to PS4? Games like Second Son? Knack?



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - Your Kamiya obsession is showing

Hey @Damo I think you got your websites confused

Glad to see Im among the majority for a change - PS3 is the obvious choice over PS4 right now. And Wii U has been outselling PS4 in Japan the past 4 or 5 weeks. Of course some people will upgrade from Wii to PS4, probably boys who got a Wii when they were kids who are teens now and want to play FPS online with their friends. 100mil Wii and only 7m PS4 sold, not like Wii owners care all that much about ANY home console this gen. Its possible PS4, X1 and Wii U sales combined will never equal Wii. Everybody has a Roku hooked up to their tv and their binging on Netflix.



xTrafalgarLaw said:

Oh well.. i had a 360 and a ps3.. and being honest i was VERY hyped about the ps4.. bought my Wii U with no expectations, i dont know why too exactly. LOL
And i simply loved my Wii u.. My girlfriend.. she played games with me some times.. Now she's the one who doesn't stop playing (really.. more than me..)
And then my friends comes.. some wont ever leave my house until they buy a Wii u.
And others just tell me: "i'll never buy that Child console" .. but when they come to my house.. they're the ones who have more fun.. i cant understand. Haha
I decided to upgrade my PC.. i dont want a xone or a ps4.. maybe i'll buy some day.. but right now.. i dont think i'll ever buy a ps4.



SnappyJon said:

@eviLaTtenDant "Or maybe and just maybe it's just because you didn't need one for online play on the PS3."

Of course! O.O

I think we have a winner.

The PS4 requires a PS Plus account for online multi-player.

That's why!



bizcuthammer said:

I didnt have a PS3 last gen, and can say that the remastered PS3 games are NOT making me want a PS4. I'd rather just buy a PS3 now that they're only $200 or so and get those games on that system for much cheaper. Also, i wouldn't have to pay to play games online if i got a PS3, but would if i had a PS4. So suck it, Sony.

I'm not buying a PS4 until there's something good to play as an exclusive. So probably not until next year at the earliest. I'm more than okay sticking with my WiiU/3DS/PC combo til then.



CrazyOtto said:

@IxC I'm pretty sure there were at least some Wii only owners last gen that went right to PS4 without owning a PS3, 360, or Wii U no matter if they own smartphones and tablets or not. It's possible for a casual gamer to turn into a hardcore gamer and vice-versa.



rjejr said:

@Gamer83 - If you buy an X1 to go with your Wii U and PS4 you'll have 3 consoles to complain about and never have any time to actually, ya know, play games

Sorry, couldn't resist, odd seeing you here.



MrBlutzIII said:

This is kindof a ridiculous claim.. so they didnt have a playstation plus account. Couldnt they be former xbox players? Or brand new players all together? Maybe even players who didnt originally have internet! To say its mainly wii owners is crazy.



Ralek85 said:

I'm not opposed to remasters, I'm even looking forward to the Halo Collection and co-oping the quadrilogy with a buddy.
But I think there should pass some time between the release of the original and the remaster, esp. if it is a singleplayer game. I hear many people intend to get said Halo Collection basically only for the chance to get back into Halo 2 multiplayer (not me though) and that makes sense to me.
Games like TLoS were released very late in the PS3 lifecycle, the look great on the PS3, and there is no "lost" feature like multiplayer, since PS3 multiplayer for most games is still very much up and running.
If they were about to remaster/remake a bunch of classic PSX games, or even some PS2 games that were kinda left out on PS3, I'd be interested because there is a whole generation by now, that did now grew up on the PSX, they deserve to know where it all started, why not then in glorious HD?



Gamer83 said:


The Halo Collection is a little different because even with Halo 3 and 4 in there, 3 is already close to 7 years old and 4 adds value to an already nice collection. To me if Sony really wants to 'welcome back' people who skipped PS3, I'd say an Uncharted Collection with all 3 games remastered would be a better way of doing that. Much more value there and the third Uncharted came out in 2011 so while recent it's not like it was just one summer ago either.



Geonjaha said:

"Now there's no real connection here - but we'll claim that its Wii fans buying PS4's in droves, because heck, we're still competing with Nintendo."



eaglebob345 said:

I missed out on all three last generation, then I got a Wii U first because it is backwards compatible.

I just went handhelds last generation but I thought it was time to get back into home consoles. I still get my handhelds too, and I am still on the fence bout the Vita. On one hand, Sony is trying to distance themselves from it, but on the other I think there may be one more piece of compelling software to push it into NEED it territory. The PS4 will glide into NEED it territory when KH3 comes out, while the 3DS and Wii U did it when Mario Kart was on the horizon.



Tamalesyatole said:

The only Playstation 3 (yes, 3) games I am/was interested were MGS4 and The last of Us. The rest of the iconic last gen games (bioshock, mass effect, the orange box, skyrim, the halos) were not exclusive, or for 360, so I decided for a 360 since it has the biggest pre-owned games section in my city. Pre-owned Wii games are scarce, not sure why.



sinalefa said:


I wear it with pride

It actually intrigues me beyond being a Kamiya game. His games never sell and Microsoft, always deemed as a greedy company, went ahead to fund one of his games. Why?

But then again, there is Halo and Forza that are new to me, that also have me considering the huge brick.



DBPirate said:

Funny how we just had them saying (yesterday, was it?) that they support the Wii U and Splatoon. Sony West must be saying this...



BestBuck15 said:

Hmmm I'm not to sure how not having a PlayStation Plus account means you must not own a PS3. I don't think gamers are buying PS4 to play PS3 remakes. That would be ridiculous when they can be got for pennies on PS3.

To have the best of both worlds gamers need a Wiiu and a PS4. M$ can buzz off. I'll get a PS4 in a year or two or three. It'll take a game like Gran Turismo 7 to get the wind behind me.



RonF said:

The only kind of people who have a Wii as a single console and would be interested to play Playstation games are those who are also PC gamers. I am very pleased with my PC and Wii U and, as much as I enjoy some Sony games, I have no interest in purchasing a PS4 as it will not add much to my game experience.



MoonKnight7 said:

"...House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii."

"Could" is the key word here. Given how the PS4 has blown past Xbone (almost double is a good estimate), I'd argue more followers of the 360 jumped to PS4. Sony's claim needs to be taken with a large grain of salt, as there really isn't a lot of facts to go on so early in the life-cycle. They're just gloating for the sake of gloating.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I plan on getting a PS3, actually, because the PS4 lacks backwards compatibility and charges $50 a year. I wouldn't have minded the subscription too much (I probably just wouldn't have gotten it; I don't play online much anyway) but the lack of backwards compatibility is a deal breaker.



Ralek85 said:

@Gamer83 You misunderstood me, that is exactly what I was saying ^^ Halo makes alot of sense, since those games date back, in part, to Xbox, meaning two generations and for some of them the multiplayer hasn't been available for some time. So yeah it's different, I agree, but that was what I was trying to say from the very beginning ^^
I disagree about UC though, those games can be had cheap on the PS3 and they look and play fantastic, multiplayer for part 3 is also up and running .. I don't see the point. What could be gained? It seems they are trying to make money of the missing backwards compability, which seems just wrong to me.



TheWPCTraveler said:

Well, before they make such claims, they should at least make sure their console outsells the Wii U in Japan comfortably.

I mean, come on, I could see this popping up on 2ch and a lot of Japanese gamers getting pissed in the process.



KodyDawg said:

While I've never owned a PlayStation console, I do like Sony. But I hate this approach. I don't know if any of you guys watched Sony's E3 presentation, but if they're trying to get people to play PS3 classics, I don't understand why they put spoilers in the trailer for TLoU Remastered! I'll be sticking to my Wii U, thank you very much.



Link__ said:

I owned a PS3. Decided to skip on PS4. I'll just stick with the U this gen.



MrGawain said:

Frankly it's a slow news month, Sony has to justify that it's relying on 50%of it's line up also available on previous generation machines, and is trying to convince people it has some sort of link to Nintendo style gaming instead of being 90% exactly the same a Xbox.

And remember: 87.3% of statistics are lies.



Tritonus said:

@Psyclone I've always been a PC + Nintendo guy. Somehow it seems you get the best of both worlds that way. Most PS3/XBOX games make it to PC anyways, and my PC can do faaaaar better than a PS4 on the graphics side.

That being said, I have a real post-graduate job now making actual money, so maybe my one-console days are over.

I am a Nintendo fan forever at heart though. Loving my Wii U and newly bought 3ds to bits.



andrea987 said:

Why, thanks, Sony! If you get rid of the "online play behind paywall" thing, sure, why not...

...but till then I'm fine with my PS3 and Wii U.



audiobrainiac said:

Ya know, PS2 and I had a great time. She's a great chic! But I missed having Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda in my life. Those titles literally swayed me back to Nintendo where I am quite comfortable. If Sony had Monster Hunter then MAYBE I might get some of their hardware. Honestly there are a few Sony titles I wish i had played but, I have to prioritize Nintendo because I'm way more connected with them and my kids and I can relate with their games a bit more. Perhaps one day Sony and I will reconcile.



Dentyone said:

@Shiryu Word. I actually bought a PS3 shortly after I bought my Wii U, but I STILL spend more time on my Wii U. The PS4 doesn't have a single game I'm interested in at the moment. Now, if they ever wanted actually to release 'The Last Gaurdian', I would buy one tomorrow.



Diskach said:

@IxC :
I had only the Wii last generation (and also PC and DS/DSi), and now I bought PS4 (also have 3DS/3DS XL and Vita, PC is still here).
And, I already pre-ordered The Last Of Us Reamster, 'cause I wanna play that bad boy!!
Also would like some other PS3 exlusives get the remaster PS4 versions



SethNintendo said:

Old upgraded ports from the PS3 enticing owners of other consoles from previous generations? About the dumbest logic I have ever seen. If they want to entice people to get a PS4 they should have more than just old upgraded ports.



readyletsgo said:

Ugh, UGH!!!!! I didn't buy a brand new PS4 yesterday to play 'remastered' or 're-imagined' PS3 games over the next 5 or 6 years Sony!!!

So far I dont want TLoU Remastered as I have it on the PS3 with the DLC.

Also, if Wii owners wanted to play PS3 games now, I think they would all be more inclind to buy a Super Slim PS3 and get the games cheap in Gamestop or where ever, just like I did last year.




SethNintendo said:

"To back up his claim, House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii:"

Not all PS3 owners had Plus accounts right?

"remastering or re-imagining from PS3 franchises that will potentially find an audience that hasn't played them in the previous generation because they skipped that generation"

So apparently I skipped last generation because I didn't have a PS3.



ledreppe said:


I've got a PS4 and I agree with what you say. I don't think Sony is right to say they're welcoming back Wii owners to the PlayStation brand, as I've never owned a PS before, so that's a load of cobblers.

I would much rather Sony allowed backwards compatibility with PS3 games, instead they're remastering them and forcing me to buy a new copy on release, this is appalling and I don't put up with it on Nintendo systems.



rumple88 said:

Pleeeaase please buy our touch ups. Stop trolling us Sony. If I wanted those games I would buy the cheaper edition for $15.



SethNintendo said:

I'm so glad that Sony is so open to the Nintendo fan base after their PR and bosses have put down Nintendo for so long. Dare I bring up some of those quotes that Sony representatives paint Nintendo and their fans in such great light?

“[Nintendo 3DS] is a great babysitting tool" (Jack Tretton, 2011)

"You can look at the software that they sell. All their licensed kid stuff. So, what we're doing with the PlayStation Portable is really establishing a new marketplace, and establishing, frankly, a new beachhead."

  • Peter Dille, Sony US Senior Vice President of Marketing, on comparing PSP to DS

"Nintendo knows its target audience, because it has really narrowed that down; and it’s pretty much defined by a boy or girl’s ability to admire Pokemon."

  • Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios

“The idea of a handheld rivalry with Nintendo is an irrelevance. Those formats don't appear in our planning. It's not a fair comparison; not fair on them, I should stress. That sounds arrogant, maybe, but it's the truth. With the DS , it's fair to say that Nintendo stepped out of the technical race and went for a feature differentiation with the touch screen. But I fear that it won't have a lasting impact beyond that of a gimmick - so the long-lasting appeal of the platform is at peril as a direct result of that."

  • Phil Harrison, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, on comparing PSP to DS in an interview with MCV

"I don’t think we’re arrogant."

  • Phil Harrison, regarding consumer perception of Sony


Kifa said:

Well... Um... I had PS3 briefly. Sold it with little regret quite a while ago. And while I own a Wii and a Wii U, I also bought an X360 in March, because it's cheap now and has a lot of interesting exclusive games I missed out on earlier. PS4 is not even on my radar. So where does that put me in Sony's plans?



sketchturner said:

Last gen I skipped PS3 and 360. Wii was my main console, although I also bought a PS2 in 2012. I have no interest in PS4. None. Zip. Nada. Once PS3 is $50, I'll pick one up just so I can have HD Shadow of the Colossus, along with a handful of other games.



Dr_Corndog said:

It might be more tempting if there weren't so few PS3 first-party exclusives worth playing.



Action51 said:

Look, I'm sure the PS4 is a very nice console, or it will be once some more games get released for it, but Sony...please.

Get over yourself!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Hahaha! Good one, Sony!

By all means, the 'remastered' editions of PS3 games that are coming out on PS4 are a bad joke. The same game, just with a minimal slice of new 'content', and of course for full price. And PS3 owners are getting screwed because PS4 is the most successful media station with no great games.
Even when thinking about the positives, it's a deal that simply isn't worth it.

@Shiryu And that's for the best. Team ICO needs the huge audience behind PS3, otherwise The Last Guardian would risk failing commercially.



MikeLove said:

It's always a safe bet that when you see inflammatory headlines on here that have very little to almost nothing to do with Nintendo, they are posted by the very talented Damien!



AlbertoC said:

Your selection of games for the most part doesn't appeal to me, so I'd rather buy a SW3 than a PS4, Sony.



Action51 said:

@Gamer83 - Just a nitpick here...

You say the Wii had nothing of note after 2010?

  • Skyward Sword
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • The Last Story
  • The Conduit 2
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Monster Hunter Tri.
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

I think you meant 2011-2012 or you just weren't looking, man.



MrCharles77 said:

I agree with Andrew House, I'm a Nintendo fan and I have upgraded from wii to wii u but the lack of 3rd party support on the wii u made me get another alternative the PS4. I bought the ps4, instead of the ps3, because the were remastering all their hits and the some 3rd party's were doing the same. I remember when I subscribed psn filling a form that asked what platforms I own, so his source is right.



Jazzer94 said:

TBH I have no idea how these companies come to these conclusions from this type of data other then pulling it out their a**. Many PS3 owners never brought into PS+ mainly due to preferring a physical collection also what about people who owned both a 360 and Wii and never had PS+ or people who didn't have consoles period but PC.

It's great that the PS4 was able to silence fears that consoles were dying with its healthy sales but Sony need to keep themselves focused on the matter at hand which is Japan and exclusive games which for me the PS4 is currently lacking in big time, I'm planning to get one when the must have exclusives turn up.



BestBuck15 said:

Well you have Gran Turismo 5 and 6.
Three Uncharted games.
Two Killzone games.
The last of us.
Metal gear solid 4.
Two littlebigplanet games and a ton of 3rd party games.
PS3 is a great console.



Ralizah said:

I'm kind of the opposite, really. Went from Playstation and Microsoft back to Nintendo. They're clearly trying to repent for the long, dark days of the Wii era. Microsoft is... well... Microsoft, and Sony is becoming too western.



akaDv8R said:

@Einherjar Could not agree with you more my friend. He quotes that 40 percent of PS4 NEVER has a PSN account before.......well, could that not be former 360 owners, disenchanted with MS abysmal attempt at a home entertainment system, switching over to PS4? His logic is floored, and in total contrast to what one of the higher CEO at Sony were saying about Nintendo the other day.



NintendoFan_495 said:

The PS plus increase has nothing to do with wii owners upgrading to the PS4 in my opinion. The only way that I see this is because people who want to play online are forced to pay for the subscription..... Thats just my opinion though....



siavm said:

This data they have is crap. 80 million ps3 were sold. Out of them almost 10% got last of us. There are only 8 million ps4's out there the most they can do with this remaster is a million. I bought it on ps3 and I am not getting it again for ps4 when I have one next year. They are only hyping this up because the ps4 went past their expectations but does not have any great games until next year.



AdanVC said:

Hahaha I love Sony (not really) and his arrogance... I actually was planning to buy a PS4 after E3 but once I saw how awful their presentation was, and that incredibly generic/boring/2015 lineup of games make me decide against it completely (except Metal Gear Solid V, honestly). Stop being arrogant because that will ruin your "popularity" right now. It happened with Infamous Second Son. That game was incredibly over-hyped just because of the pretty graphics and end up being an average/bad semi-open world game with average gameplay and repetitive/boring missions and story.

The same goes for The Last of us. That game at least had a great story but the gameplay was average at his best and what it's worst, they are now doing a "Remastered" version wich is nothing but a damn patch just to output the graphics of the game at 1080p/60fps and nothing else... and charge $60 for that. I feel sorry for the loyal fans that will double dip on that because they desserve a better product, meaning a true Remastered version with idk, exclusive PS4 content or some extra hours of campaign that couldn't make it on the original version, new gameplay mechanics utilizing the DS4 touchpad, etc, etc.

I can imagine the same over-hype no sense will occur once Driveclub releases. It will have the prettiest graphics but I'm sure the gameplay will be average. That's the ugly truth on 90% of Sony exclusive games, that's why I skipped the PS3 generation and probably the PS4 gen as well.

I'm not hating in any way but that's what I think of Sony after all this type of "comments" they being doing lately just because PS4 is selling like pancakes. Just stay humble, Sony.



accc said:

I skipped PS3 and Xbox 360 last gen, and it looks like I'm going to be skipping PS4 and Xbox One this gen. They don't appear to have anything that suits my gaming tastes, just more of the same crap that they gave us last gen.



BakaKnight said:

Definitely I'm not part of their datas, only had a Wii last generation and upgraded to Wii U.
Still their point sound pretty weak for all the reasons others mentioned, from PS3 been a cheaper and still valid option to many only-Wii owners harldy be interested in Sony (be them casuals or Nintendo's fan with just money and/or time for a console every generation).

I don't doubt their data, but maybe they are jumping to the wrong conclusions, I hope this won't fire back at them >.>;



Zobocop said:

This guy is such an idiot. Yeah, I'm sure a large percentage of the 8+ million PS4's were purchased by the 100+ Wii owners (sarcasm). How many does he think were purchased by dedicated Sony fans?



xtndedPlay said:

@Psyclone I did the same. I purchased an Alienware X51 last Christmas. Multiplats will be there. I am a little envious of Playstation Plus benefits, but then there is Steam...



mr_nihilism said:

I was a PS3/Wii owner that decided to sell the PS3 and buy a WiiU instead. Between that and 3DS there's more than enough games to play.



Senario said:

So what you're saying is...Sony is being a jerk like always. This isn't anything new.



duffmmann said:

It seems to me that last generation was the generation where everyone owned a Wii and either a PS3 and a 360, the amount of people that avoided the PS3 and 360 altogether were probably few and far between.



DilMan33 said:

As some people have said or implied on here already: They've already converted existing 360 users so now they will target the broader audience.

Says more about the 'One' more than anything!



SetupDisk said:

If that was the case they would just get a PS3 instead. Cheaper console and great selection of cheap games.



hYdeks said:

Am I the only one sick of Sony's cockiness lately?

I personally went with Xbox One cause it is an amazing system and it's actually the cheaper system here in Canada ($399 for Xbox One, $450 for PS4) and I don't regret my purchase at all, cause it has the better exclusives compared to PS4 and I can't wait for the games to come. Honestly, if I didn't pick X1, I would have got a Wii U cause it has great games and the best exclusives on any console, so knock off your stupid testimonies that everyone is abandoning Nintendo and Microsoft for Sony, your just making us hate you more



ToxieDogg said:

'To back up his claim, House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii:'

That's a crock. I've had a PS3 for a few years but never bothered with Playstation don't need it for online play at all on PS3, and those 'free games' are only really rentals that immediately expire if you stop subscribing or the PS Plus service ends for PS3...I'd much rather buy the physical copies I can keep forever than have a load of downloads clogging my hard drive up which Sony can suddenly stop me from playing anytime.

I'll stick with my Wii U for the time being, thanks.



Hy8ogen said:

I have a PS3 but I never had a PS+ account. And this head honcho just go ahead and assume people who do not have PS+ are Wii owners? I don't know about you guys, but this dude is getting on my nerves.



Einherjar said:

@akaDv8R Well, its rather easy to see why exactly microsoft / xbox isnt mentioned here: Nintendo doesnt fight back.
Microsoft and Sony are both well known for doing dodgy marketing campaigns.
Nintendo on the other hand, seems not to bother with such statistics and number games. They dont spurt out press releases stating that they "won over x% of MS/Sony consumers" or try to make them look better than they actually are.
MS and Sony are both fighting to the bitter end to be recognized as THE definite next gen console manufacturer, while nintendo usually takes a backseat and just does its thing.

Also, you cant argue that the PS4 won over Xbone users, because that would mean that you had to admit that they actually exist Which technically would mean, that you failed at convincing them to buy your product in the first place, without them trying the other one first.

Like i said, nintendo is a easy target for stuff like that, simply because they are mostly seen as no direct competition ("last gen tech among next gen consoles yadda yadda")

Then again, its Sony. I generally dont care what they think of themselves compared to others, since they tend to look at the world through pink, happy glasses. Once they start to promote that the PS4 uses blast processing, its time to get a little worried
But for now, this is all marketing guff. Hot air that sounds good to the general public and further cements the image of households going "well, if we get a gaming console, we should get a PS4. The newspapers said, its the system everybody owns"

But theres a good remedy for stuff like that. If you know people who believe in stuff like that, just tell them what system(s) you own and why.
Id love to hear the opinions of casual Wii owners, that bought a PS4 and are desperatly waiting for Mario Party to arrive on it



Hy8ogen said:

@Einherjar Id love to hear the opinions of casual Wii owners, that bought a PS4 and are desperatly waiting for Mario Party to arrive on it You just made my day LOL



kkslider5552000 said:

No dude, the Wii audience went to mobile. I'd appreciate anyone getting an audience away from THAT garbage, but you're a little too late to care about if Wii fans will join. Otherwise Wii U wouldn't have had such a colossally bad start.



Stu13 said:

I imagine that the sly chuckle that accompanied these comments was acrid enough to peel the paint off of your car.



JJtheTexan said:

If I ever do buy a second current-gen console to compliment my Wii U, it will be a PS4. I am already very interested, though, in the PlayStation Vita TV, and I plan to pick one up probably early next year. I can get caught up on many of the Sony and third-party franchises that way. But I have so many Wii and Wii U games in my backlog pile, I don't know that I can really make room for an entirely new disc-based console!



Darknyht said:

Wii succeeded based on novelty and artificial scarcity in that first year. Nintendo sold a ton of consoles because of it. Once those two factors wore off, the console quickly started gathering dust for most people.

Wii U failed at launch because it's novelty wasn't novel and the artificial scarcity was of the thing people desperately wanted, Nintendo published games.

As for the PS4, as others have said, of course your subscriptions go up when you require one for online play. And I think you may want to query your users, but I bet most are 360/PS3 owners also if they own a Wii.



ToastyYogurt said:

Oh my god, Sony, stop flaunting around bullcrap statistics. It's one thing to have solid, sound statistics with thorough and to-the-dot research explained, but to take a statistic like "40% of PS+ users on PS4 didn't have a PS+ account before" and then assume that many of those people came from other consoles is stupid and arrogant, especially since PS+ wasn't required to play online on PS3. They could have found better statistics, too. A percentage of how many PSN IDs were created on a PS4, albeit still not accurate enough to make the claim resonable, would have been a better stat, since people who have had a PS3, PSP, and/or Vita prior to the PS4 would likely log in with the profile they made on that system. Or better yet, if Sony just stopped giving out these "statistics" until they per chance stumbled upon one that could not be reasoned against.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "Microsoft, always deemed as a greedy company, went ahead to fund one his games. Why?"

Well that's a really good question. I'ld guess to give them some of his "it" factor maybe? I don't think either Ico or Shadow of the Colossus sold well but Sony has still been making The Last Guardian for 8 years.



Einherjar said:

@Hy8ogen Glad to be of service
But its a mostly overlooked fact. There is no go-to console. There are just games you like. And if you like nintendos lighthearted pick up and play games, there is no reason why you would jump onto a new sony system, just because its new.
You cant convince people who love mario platformers with "but hey, we have a last of us remake". It just doesnt make sense.

The entire game industry seems to be focused on one thing only: "Is it new and has lots of hardware power ? If yes, you should own it"
What happened to console selling bullet points from back in the day ? "If you like a vast library of JRPGs, the PS1 is the console you should buy. If you prefer grand 3D platformer, get yourself an N64"
Why is it wrong to argue "For me, the WiiU is vastly supperior to other consoles out now, since it cateres towards game genres that i like the most" ?

I said it many times before: Thats exactly the reason why nintendo consoles are always a safe bet for me. They have a certain portfolio that appeals to me, that i can rely on and that i know will get released. A new Mario wont turn out to be a shooter in its next installment (Jak and Dexter for instance), so i know, if i like platformers, i will get one.
Sony and MS tend to jump on any new trend that emerges, without a definite "mascot" or core franchise other than shooters at the moment. Why ? Because shooters are popular. What happens if that changes tomorrow ?
Will you see your favorite genres on that platform again when the "in thing" turns out to be something completely different ?

Im fully aware that this is a HIGHLY exaggerated case, but thats how i feel with these two systems. They fight for attention, fight for any demographic to assimilate and all of that, could change in a whim.



Storytime7 said:

Or they're just trying to get more money by reselling games that aren't even old enough to really benefit from being remastered. If they want people to play the games they missed out on, isn't that what PS Now is for?



MoonKnight7 said:


Yeah I kind of thought that's how it would be. I'm definitely going to wait it out for a while. I just got a PS3 not too long ago, so I'm not going to shell out $400 on something that isn't backwards compatible. I have a backlog now anyway given that there is so much to play on PS3. Plus, we're still at a point where they're making software for both PS3 and PS4 anyway.

Thanks for the advice.



ToxieDogg said:

@ToastyYogurt 'A percentage of how many PSN IDs were created on a PS4, albeit still not accurate enough to make the claim resonable, would have been a better stat, since people who have had a PS3, PSP, and/or Vita prior to the PS4 would likely log in with the profile they made on that system.'

Exactly. This 'welcoming back' of people is only really valid if the statistics are similar to the number of brand new PSN IDs created. Even Sony must realise that, surely?



ToxieDogg said:

@Storytime7 I agree, I think it's hilarious how people will criticise Nintendo for milking Mario and Zelda, and yet within the last ten years, Sony have released, and re-released:

4 God Of War games (2 on PS2 rereleased on both PS3 and Vita and 2 on PSP rereleased on PS3) with another 2 standalone sequels.

3 Sly Cooper games rereleased on PS3 and then again on Vita, with another standalone sequel.

3 Jak and Daxter games rereleased on PS3 and then again on Vita, with 3 spinoff games (one on PS2, one on PSP and one on both PS2/PSP)

and my personal favourite....

Ratchet and Clank....9 games in the main series now, with a 10th on the way, 4 spinoffs and 2 mobile games. The original PS2 trilogy has been released and rereleased on both PS3/Vita, and Ratchet: Deadlocked was given a HD update for PS3 (via PSN),

Sony have done as much milking of their franchises in 10 years as Nintendo have done in 30, lol.

EDIT: And now we've got The Last Of Us being rereleased for full price, when the original only came out last year, lmao.



KikReask said:

Oh great, more developers being positive about rehashing their titles from last year. You know if I did have a PS3 I could already play The Last of Us and GTAV without having to wait for it on PS4, what's the point? Right now nothing interests me on the PS4 aside from No Man's Sky, and even then we don't know if the game will be that good. And while Phantom Pain does look amazing on PS4, c'mon, it's hardly worth the purchase of a new console when it's coming out on the one you have.

Come back to me in two or three years when Ubisoft can fix mirror physics in their games, and don't worry, there still won't be anymore news about The Last Guardian while I'm waiting. XD



rockodoodle said:

@tysonfury I might get a PS4 just to play Madden- NEXT year. By then there might also be a price drop and a few more games to interest me. I actually kind of like Sony- haven't had much experience gaming with their products but enjoyed their TVs, audio and other electronics. Kinda sad to see them decline in their other divisions.



Minotaurgamer said:


This guy lives in Hardcoreland where "wii gamers" are stupid savages that have to be reducated by geeks and otakus.

If "wii gamers" wanted to play PS3 games, they would have bought a PS3. They didn't for a reason which they seem to ignore or pretend it doesn't exist.



ECMIM said:

Uh, people bought the Wii because it was cheap and had a unique, for the time, library of games--good luck pulling that off w/ a $400 console (w/ no pack-in, system-selling, game) and a slate of games designed, overwhelmingly, to appeal to teenage-and-20-something males.



SCAR said:

As many have already said, Sony dropped the ball on their little figurations. If PS Plus is really what their evidence is to show that people upgraded from Wii, they really didn't think this out.

Not having PS Plus could point out that Xbox 360, Wii, OR PS3 people upgraded, because they either never had the option or they just didn't subscribe on PS3.

Sony's reaching pretty hard with this one.



SammytheSaiyan said:

"Yeah, Wii owners should totally upgrade to the PS4!"

Or, you know, they could just upgrade to the Wii U, the Wii's successor. Honestly, I think Sony is still jealous of the Wii's success last generation. The PS4 does not appeal to a Wii owner, coming from someone who actually owned the Wii last generation. The Wii U appeals to Wii owners, NOT the PS4. There's no logic in saying it's the other way around.



sadsack777 said:

well iam back let me make this clear Wii owners to the shiny new PS4 console: er er balls .The PS4 is the fastest-selling console in the history of the UK games industry bullsh t. i know nintendo are slow in what there doing but lets say 40% of sonys games went on wii u sony would not be were there are now that is a fact



HopeNForever said:

I'm not sure where the SCE people get their "data" about this, but personally speaking I somehow have an Xbox Live account, and I never even owned an Xbox console in my life! I could even register a PlayStation Network account any time if I wanted to, without having to even actually own any PlayStation console.

Why I have an Xbox Live account though? Well, I already long had a Microsoft account from the days of the defunct Hotmail brand, and I wanted to see if I can open an Xbox profile automatically under my old account, and apparently this seemed to be the case. Additionally, certain PC games, particularly the one branded with "Games for Windows - Live", could not be played with properly without an Xbox Live account.



unrandomsam said:

@ToxieDogg Yeah but none of those Sony games are any good. Nintendo has the ability just not the desire. If the standard difficulty was like New Super Luigi U there wouldn't be a problem.



FlaygletheBagel said:

I have a PS3 for its exclusives, its Blu Ray player, and the occasional multiplatform game, and a Wii U for Nintendo exclusives. And to be honest, I don't really see myself getting a PS4 anytime in the next couple years. It's got nothing that appeals to me, and nothing at E3 stood out to me either. MGS5 will be for PS3 AND PS4, so why drop 400 dollars on a console that currently has nothing unique?

Funny thing is, as I get older, I get less and less interested in the "hardcore" consoles of Sony and Microsoft and get more drawn towards Nintendo for its innovation and unique gameplay experiences. With most people it probably works vice versa, but not for me. I don't have much time these days for video games, but when I do, I like the pure, unadulterated fun Nintendo offers.

Anyway, on-topic, I think Sony is reading their data wrong. Most casual gamers who were only Wii owners have just moved on to their smartphones.



IronMan28 said:

As others have said, I'm pretty sure his statistic comes down to PS4 owners "needing" PS+, the link between PS+ user increase and previous Wii owners upgrading to PS4. Anyone who says executives from Sony don't spin as well as Reggie clearly haven't heard this guy speak.



Windy said:

@Spoony_Tech I agree. I've been tempted at times to jump ship on my TV console but I play so much 3ds I rarely fire up my TV anymore only to watch Netflix. Maybe I trade my Wii for a Roku Seriously though I don't plan to buy any next gen consoles at the moment. If anything I get a Wii-U for Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade, and the new open world Zelda.



Dogpigfish said:

Ha ha. These articles are always great! The only truth about this is younger audiences who were raised on a Nintendo console trend towards another system a generation later, because the child is older and can choose something a bit more mature. This is true in every new generation, so its not surprising to see Sony trying to imply that its a weakness for Nintendo.



SCAR said:

After thinking about what kind of information they would need to even have any idea about this, I literally LOLed at this.

"40% dice roll, minus awareness and other factors" is basically what this statement comes down to.



theberrage said:

100% of PS3/4 owners that do not own a Wii/U is because they claim the games are too "kiddie". 100% of these owners also LOVE professional wrestling. Go figure.



Boshar said:

I don't have a PS4 and its because I have a PS3 and more then 1 year PS+ membership behind me. That gives you a backlog of AAA games (Sony and multiplat) that will take hours to game through.

Now when I look at the PS4 in the stores here and I look at which games are available there is absolutely no reason to get a PS4 now. I buy new games for the Wii U. Play the PS+ free titles on the PS3. And I have a few select PS3 games (GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption, GT6). The PS4 - at the moment - has nothing going for it.

And don't get me started about the X-Box One...



nungi said:

GBadvance-GameCube-Ds-Wii-3ds-U.Have so much good Quality games to finish and I should buy a Ps4 just to buy.Rather take the cash for that and get more games for U and 3ds.Too much power to do anything good with



sinalefa said:


My only bet is that Microsoft is enlisting a Japanese developer to try to have Japanese gamers (and me, lol) interested in One. But we would need to see other Eastern projects to support that view. I remember that 360 got a Sakaguchi RPG long ago, but of course that was not enough.

And I still don't believe that TLG is anything more than vaporware. Not a video, not a screenshot in years.



R_Champ said:

I prefer backwards compatibility over remasters/ports. Sure, remasters look better, but they're only based on what's popular/bloated so the selection of PS3 games you can play on PS4 is REALLY limited.

I couldn't imagine not being able to play niche games like Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, or Sin and Punishment on my Wii U...which would NEVER get ported/remastered.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Sadly, theres just less emphasis on the games themselves over all. Its no longer Mario vs. Sonic or Final Fight vs. Streets of Rage, its all raw power, resolution, or frame-rates now. The only time games get brought up as a main point is as an insult, kiddie cr*p vs. dudebro games and such. Go on Youtube and thats all you see people do.

Looking at it from a broader scope really turns the idea of a "go-to" console on its head, you might even have to follow another region's trends just to get the games you like.

Thats why I'm certainly not going to be interested in a PS4 anytime soon. If your interested in the smaller or niche games from the more modest companies like I am, you'll likely go where they go, namely handhelds. The PS3 and 3DS definitely have me covered there, and so far my eyes are on the Wii U and Vita. Theres not a whole lot on the other next-gen consoles thats not either cross-gen or a multiplat. That and the lack of BC to bridges the gap is going to hurt.



Einherjar said:

@Zombie_Barioth Well, i couldnt really agree more.
Thats why i got my PS3 for a while back, just to catch up on some niche JRPGs like NIS and co put out. And thats what i meant with sonys own strength in my other post. The PS3 continued, what its predecessors started: It was THE go to console for japanese niche games from the get go.
Now, that both the PS4 and the Xbone get more and more homogenized when it comes to offered (tripple A) games, there is really no competition amongst them.

Consoles lose their distinctive personality. The Xbone and PS4 are equal on both, a technical level and in regards to their librarys. And the consoles themself dont offer to much to stand out of the crowd either.

So people are running after brand names and marketing campaigns instead of being offered a system, that cateres to the distinctive needs of its target audience.
And thats why i stick with nintendo. They may produce "the same games over and over" yes, but these are the games i like, and i like the fact that a mario now is just like the mario back in the day and still, offers a new experience every time a new one come out.

Call me a fanboy or a lunatic or simply nostalgia blindness, but nintendo still feels like "home" like it did back in my childhood. And i dont know why that should be a bad thing. If changing up things means to loose your identity, id rather not change at all



Aerona said:

If they wanted to tempt me they'd have backwards compatibility. That's what would make me rush out to buy a PS4.



sillygostly said:

I don't understand the hype behind the PS4, I really don't. There isn't a single game that would make me want to buy the system… even for free. Perhaps the PSN store would have an abundance of content that would tickle my fancy, but I'm not keen on paying an ongoing subscription fee for Sony's online services.

I am however, tempted to get a 12GB PS3 just so I can play Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (as I LOVED Dimensions on 3DS, which was my first Dead or Alive game, and unfortunately, there don't seem to be any plans to bring the game to Wii U).

I have a cousin who has an Xbox 360 and a PS4, and his only PS4 games are Fifa 14 and Watch_Dogs… two games that are also available on his 360. Think about it… $750 or so to play two games that he could have just bought for his 360. It's insanity. Mind you, this is the same kid who bought a 3DS without any games (he claimed to have bought it for the 3D cameras -.-), and then disparages the system for not having any games. He did the very same thing when he bought a DS Lite some years earlier.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Yep, all they've really been doing is trying to beat each other at their own game, like a couple of kids constantly trying to one-up one another.

I always find the "same games over and over" argument a bit baffling, and rather funny. Nintendo games are "all the same" "rehashes" or "milked", but then what do you call the pile of sequels and remakes from everyone else? It gets even better when its people who barely played them if at all, or even claim to be fans making such claims.

Don't even get me started on the "outgrown it" argument, unless your 12 the "I'm an adult" card is weak sauce.

Theres definitely something special about Nintendo games, they have that certain quality where they just don't lose their charm. No matter how "tired" they are they're always a big deal. Oddly enough, they seem to have more in common with niche games like Ni No Kuni or Monster Hunter than any big AAA blockbuster.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "TLG is anything more than vaporware"

Oh, it's much more than vaporware, it's the new Duke Nukem Forever. That should at least count for something



NodesforNoids said:

Hmm, this can only suggest that Wii owners are askewing Wii U, 360 AND high end PC gaming in favor of the PS4. The question remains though: what are they buying it for? Their now teenaged kids, the horsepower or Sony's brand name? As their TV division is dwindling, cellphones and portable media devices are selling dismally and their PC software department is facing disbandment, Sony's entire corporationis reliant on the PS4's success.
But again, why are people buying it? Current market value can''t seriously be perceived to be that high. And yet, people buy it in droves.



HawkeyeWii said:

I am definitely in that crowd. I would love to see all the God of Wars and Uncharted games in this fashion and I will buy a PS4. There are also a lot of resident evil games I missed out on that were on it.



SetupDisk said:

@sillygostly Only get that if you are planing to get a harddrive as well. It's not like Wii U many disc games require a large install on the harddrive to run. That model is essentially useless. I had to upgrade my PS3 to the largest possible size to get around that. I had a 120 gb to begin with.



kurtasbestos said:

Can you REALLY call games from the previous generation (which plenty of people are still playing and even buying these days) classics? Also, this:

"And anecdotally I've had people who were the Wii generation and who are back in the consideration set. It's certainly something I hear about."

So... basically he has pretty much nothing to actually back up the statement that Wii owners are buying PS4s other than random guessing.



PlywoodStick said:

"Welcome back", in this case, implies those Wii owners once owned PS1's or PS2's... Does this man truly have access to such intricate trend and market data, or is this just another example of PR garbage spewed and filtered? I wonder...



DaemonSword said:

"Are you one of the gamers of which House speaks? Did you upgrade from a Wii to a PS4?" HELL F*** NO. Never owned or bought any MicroSony consoles, never will. Give me more than just the 'best' most expensive graphics card and more ram. While those guys just keep providing the same answers, Nintendo is the company that keeps changing the questions.



Wonky_Kong said:

Why are people even hating so bad. The fanboyism is strong in this comment section. The guy didn't even hate on Nintendo and people start to hate on him because he is associated with Sony? Did people even read the story, he is basically praising the Wii.



Wonky_Kong said:

Oh and this is another dumb 'story' by NintendoLife that only exists to hoover up publicity. This is not NEWS.



Einherjar said:

@Zombie_Barioth Its easy to see why Nintendo games seem to keep their appeal: You dont get bombarded with them !
Yes, people keep complaining that nintendo puts out the same games, over and over and over. Look at this:

I counted any major installments, both handheld and console ones:
-Super Mario, main platformer series: 16 entries over 29 years (since 1985)
-The Legend of Zelda, no remakes: 17 entries over 28 years (since 1986)
And for comparison
-Assassins Creed: 10 entries over 7 years (since 2007)

And should someone try to draw the "but they use these characters over and over" card: The mario cast doesnt even consist of REAL characters. Its just an overall theme. And if repetetive themes get on your nerves, tell me why you dont get sick of military guys, bulky space marines or hooded killers...

@Hernandez So, Hohokum is your argument for sonys "killer lineup" ? Well, for starters, it looks like Loco Roco, so why do i need a PS4 for that ? Also, can you really call this a "killer app" ? Dont get me wrong, im not talking the game down, especially not, since i no next to nothing about it, but if the only strongpoint your console has is raw computing power, a game that looks like Loco Roco is a pretty weak argument...

@Captain-Falcon You DID notice where you are, did you ? This site is called Nintendo Life. Why does it baffle you to see "fanboyism" and bias towards nintendo on here ?
Also, im pretty sure no one took that article as an attack on the Wii or on Nintendo themselfes. Maybe you didnt read it.
The problem here is Sonys usual marketing schemes. He is praising his own system for something, that doesnt exist. People are ripping his faulty argumentation and his non existant logic apart.
That people then start to talk about the systems themselfe and why they are (not) worth it, should be pretty obvious. We ARE on a gaming site afterall.



PlywoodStick said:

"House cites data which suggests that 40 percent of PS4 owners didn't have a PlayStation Plus account previously, which could mean they were upgrading from the Wii"

Couldn't that also mean those people were going from an Xbox, with no PSN account, to a PS4? A lot of 360 fans snubbed the Xboned this generation due to Microsoft's earlier PR disaster. It is remiss of House to only cite the Wii as a possible launch pad of consumers...

He seems uncertain about the implications of the data. That tells me that this is a PR stunt, to be disseminated throughout the gaming media channels, in an attempt to curry favor.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I've yet to see a consistent argument for that. In most arguments I've seen people can't even explain why they're "all the same", they just parrot themselves or the "popular" opinion.

The interesting thing about it is people sure hold these "rehashed/milked" games in high regard. Look at the fuss that was made over Earthbound. MK8 sold 2 million in just a couple days. This is for one platform, a "dying" platform. Just about every other AAA game needs 2-3 to top charts, let alone make money.



Emborges said:

Hmmm, as much as I understand their desire to appeal to Wii/Wii U owners and dominate the market in general, I'd rather get myself the Xbox one. MS was exaggeratedly bashed for not being the game centered console and the results I'm seeing from them since E3 2013 are quite the opposite of what should happen if that even was true. For me they got the games and their future lineup is looking excellent. I'm not interested in Warframe, Planetside 2 and Blacklight Retribution because I've already played them enough on PC 1~almost 2 years ago, and the indies just don't appeal to me all that much (except for Ab-Zû, wich looks great).
I'll gladly have my dose of Halo and Metroid when it comes out on 3DS/Wii U this gen (specially because of the nice timing of the Master Chief collection launch, wich will give me the chance to finally play all the games and prepare myself for Halo 5). That's just my opinion, of course.



clavier141 said:

Right now, I've got a 3DS XL, Wii, PS2 and PS1. Just never seen anything really worth spending hundreds of pounds on in the next-gen consoles.
If I had to upgrade though, it would probably be PS2 > PS3 or Wii > Wii U.



Einherjar said:

@Zombie_Barioth Just look at the demand for a new F-Zero or Star Fox.
Like i stated earlier, we recieve regular releases of other nintendo IPs, without being bombarded with them and so far, every system had at least one game of each franchise...except for F-Zero and Star Fox.
These franchises stopped comming out after their Game Cube releases.
So, whats the difference here ? Why is a Mario platformer for every system too much, but F-Zero and Star Fox skipping the Wii too few ?
The same thing goes for new IPs in general. If a new main IP gets a new release, everyone is crying out for new IPs, and how nintendo is doomed for not "innovating" enough.
When they show new IPs, like Miyamotos experimental games at E3, everyone is demanding the main IPs to return.

If you ask me, the biggest problem Nintendo is facing at the moment is not the WiiU, not its games or even its competitors. The biggest problem is their own fanbase.
While Nintendo is one of the only companies not jumping on every trend and bandwagon, and generally stays true to itself, their fans start to parrot the same opinions as the mainstream press and the most popular opinions.

One of my favourite things to point that out is Mario Sunshine. If you poll which mario platformer is the most popular, sunshine will most likely win. And yet, everyone i know is driven insane while trying to finish it completely. So in short: Most people i know, both in RL and online, say that sunshine is their favourite mario game and yet, they cant stand to play it.

So, should a new Star Fox / F-Zero come out, will people greet it with open arms like they are saying now, or will it be labeled "its the same as before, just prettier" like Nintendos other franchises are at the moment ?



Zombie_Barioth said:

At the end of the day. people just don't know what they want until they have it. We like to think we do, but we don't. People don't usually say what they actually want either, they say what they think they should say, which s why they parrot the "popular" opinions you usually hear. Have you seen the Jimquisition "coffee" episode? That pretty much explains it.

Wind Waker is a prime example of that. When it first came out people hated it for no other reason than the art style, they wanted another Ocarina of Time. Now that people have actually played it and its no longer new, its hailed as one of the best games in the series.

Star Fox Adventures is the "worst" Star Fox game, yet it did just a well as every other game besides SF64, and was pretty well received. Its also a good example of doing something different with a series, only to be panned for not being more of the same.

Now the same is happening with Hyrule Warriors, its not being panned for being a bad game, but for being "not Zelda" or "not what we want".



Einherjar said:

@Zombie_Barioth When it comes to Jim Sterling, you could call me a crusader, since whenever these topics come up, i tell people to look him up, turning others into Jimquisition watchers
But in all seriousness, its exactly that.
A few years back, everyone was laughing and mocking the Sonic the Hedgehog Fanbase for being so ridiculously unpleasable, whiny and impulsive. And now look at us Nintendo fans....(I say we not to exclude anyone) Are we that much better ? Whatever it is, Nintendo cant do it right.
They release a new core IP = rehash, they release a new IP = not a core IP, they build themselfe a portfolio of smaller games not on other systems = shovelware, they dont recieve shovelware = no 3rd party support, Tripple As get released = will get it for another system, tripple As skip WiiU = no 3rd party support, showed in-depth footage of games at E3 = boring, next game, showed only a short teaser at E3 = worst presentation due to lack of info.

And i could go on and on. To me, the Nintendo fanbase especially is one of the worst kind of fans you could call your own. The level of whininess and discontent is frightening.
Dont get me wrong, im all for developers who take a close look at what its audience wants and to cater towards those needs. But how can you do such a thing, if your audience changes its mind so quickly, you can never be sure what it is they want at the moment.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Exactly, its like mission impossible trying to please them. Sadly, that attitude isn't limited to just games. Nintendo fans have garnered quite the reputation for being like that towards even the slightest bit of negativity.



Luffymcduck said:

Well, no. I bought PS3 after Wii U to play some Metal Gear Solid and PS exclusives but I'm not planning to buy PS4 at all. Even my brother is going to buy a PS3 later.

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