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Tamalesyatole commented on Rumour: More Evidence Mounts of Twilight Princ...:

While I would like a TP HD as much as anyone else (i.e. A lot), why are we not discussing the New Nintendo Account/Loyalty Program and Smartphone Mii "MiiTomo" that is in that same slides?
Edit: Never mind, I should have sorted it by Oldest First.



Tamalesyatole commented on Voice Actors Union Authorises Strike Action Wi...:

Wasn't there something similar with the movies SFX people some years ago? Or the Simpsons?

How will affect this non-US dubbing (e.g. Spain or UK?)

Why do the voice actors have to do stunts for motion capture? Mr. Earl Jones wasn't inside the Vader suit, was he?

Do you have to be in that union to do voice acting? What prevents studios from hiring newcomers instead of the big names? Of if you have to be in that union, wouldn't that be a monopoly?

Can we as gamers make an union so we don't get games with bugs? What's the difference between "boycott X developer/publisher" and a strike, since both intend to coerce something from someone?



Tamalesyatole commented on Reminder: There's Only One More Week Left To V...:

Phoenix Wright, obviously: B Down? Desk Slam. Left/Right Smash? Pointy Finger Move. Regular B? Evidence Throw.Taunts? Hold It!, Take That! and of course, OBJECTION! Final Smash? That thing when Mia appears, or Pshyche-locks, or the Judge Hammer. Alternate Costumes/Colors? Apollo, Edgeworth, Godot, Hobo Phoenix, Student Phoenix (even if the actual characters are not possible because constraints, the colors would be amazing enough!)



Tamalesyatole commented on Nintendo Renews Eternal Darkness Trademark as...:

I really hope they can make it; just imagine every Sanity Effects they could do just with CEC (if the Wii U added compatibility with an update)!:

System Standby: "Enables users to switch multiple devices to standby mode with the press of one button". - This could be used to actually turn off the tv, and "blind" the gamer, who could only hear the monsters in the gamepad...
OSD Display "Uses the OSD of the TV set to display text" - This could be used to display creepy messages...
Routing Control "Controls the switching of signal sources" - Used to switch back to the TV signal. See first point.
Device OSD Name Transfer "Transfers the preferred device names to the TV set" - Can be used to name the Wii U input on your TV something like "your worst nightmare" or "ERROR".
System Audio Control "Allows the volume of an AV receiver, integrated amplifier or preamplifier to be controlled using any remote control from a suitably equipped device(s) in the system" - This can be used to mute the TV or crank up the volume for those Scare jumps things.



Tamalesyatole commented on Nintendo Doesn't Intend To Be A One-Hit Wonder...:

An Elite Beat Agents on a tablet, or a Rhythm Heaven on a phone would be good, IMO. Also, given Nintendo's attitude with DLC (i.e., Zelda Warriors & Mario Kart) I wouldn't be afraid of what would happen.

BTW, anyone knows the sales of PW:Trilogy on 3DS vs iOS?



Tamalesyatole commented on Video: Guess What, Super Mario Sunshine Looks ...:

It's just me, or does it looks like it's actually running faster? Are character animations "measured" (so to speak) in frames? I remember that when fzero was launched, because the difference in tv framerates (NTSC vs pal) it was more difficult for some...



Tamalesyatole commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

@RoomB31 Exactly! If the way they said is how they actually intended, and not some unfortunate translation error, it means they can be playable in the Old 3DS:

"new titles where gameplay can be improved and graphics enhanced only from playing on New Nintendo 3DS."

Note how "only on the new 3DS" is not said.



Tamalesyatole commented on Meta Knight and Pac-Man's Full Move Set and Cu...:

@Danny429 Given how we had to rely on a 3rd party tool to export Brawl's photos, they better not, indeed.

An, why not a even better one camera mode? One that allows more movement around the fighter, or "pro" options like apperture, speed and fical lenght options, and a video mode?!

Sakurai Plz!



Tamalesyatole commented on Masahiro Sakurai Outlines the Challenges of De...:

If the 3DS version and the WiiU use the same engine, I wonder if the glitches/issues/bugs can be debugged from both versions... that way the WiiU version would need o ly to implement the fixes.
Also, if wiiu debugging starts after 3ds debugging, I guess there's more time to polish the WiiU graphics while 3ds debugging.
And finally, "Considering not only the different fighters, but items, stages, color settings, play rules, and game modes, the number of varying combinations are astronomical. In order to properly debug, every pattern must be tried, but such a task would be impossible no matter how many decades or centuries you take..." is one of the QA basic principles: extensive testing is impossible.