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Thu 18th April, 2013

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Tamalesyatole commented on Nintendo Doesn't Intend To Be A One-Hit Wonder...:

An Elite Beat Agents on a tablet, or a Rhythm Heaven on a phone would be good, IMO. Also, given Nintendo's attitude with DLC (i.e., Zelda Warriors & Mario Kart) I wouldn't be afraid of what would happen.

BTW, anyone knows the sales of PW:Trilogy on 3DS vs iOS?



Tamalesyatole commented on Video: Guess What, Super Mario Sunshine Looks ...:

It's just me, or does it looks like it's actually running faster? Are character animations "measured" (so to speak) in frames? I remember that when fzero was launched, because the difference in tv framerates (NTSC vs pal) it was more difficult for some...



Tamalesyatole commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

@RoomB31 Exactly! If the way they said is how they actually intended, and not some unfortunate translation error, it means they can be playable in the Old 3DS:

"new titles where gameplay can be improved and graphics enhanced only from playing on New Nintendo 3DS."

Note how "only on the new 3DS" is not said.



Tamalesyatole commented on Meta Knight and Pac-Man's Full Move Set and Cu...:

@Danny429 Given how we had to rely on a 3rd party tool to export Brawl's photos, they better not, indeed.

An, why not a even better one camera mode? One that allows more movement around the fighter, or "pro" options like apperture, speed and fical lenght options, and a video mode?!

Sakurai Plz!



Tamalesyatole commented on Masahiro Sakurai Outlines the Challenges of De...:

If the 3DS version and the WiiU use the same engine, I wonder if the glitches/issues/bugs can be debugged from both versions... that way the WiiU version would need o ly to implement the fixes.
Also, if wiiu debugging starts after 3ds debugging, I guess there's more time to polish the WiiU graphics while 3ds debugging.
And finally, "Considering not only the different fighters, but items, stages, color settings, play rules, and game modes, the number of varying combinations are astronomical. In order to properly debug, every pattern must be tried, but such a task would be impossible no matter how many decades or centuries you take..." is one of the QA basic principles: extensive testing is impossible.



Tamalesyatole commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

The only Playstation 3 (yes, 3) games I am/was interested were MGS4 and The last of Us. The rest of the iconic last gen games (bioshock, mass effect, the orange box, skyrim, the halos) were not exclusive, or for 360, so I decided for a 360 since it has the biggest pre-owned games section in my city. Pre-owned Wii games are scarce, not sure why.



Tamalesyatole commented on Preview: Summoning Our Luchador Instincts in G...:

Siempre pensé que, con tanta referencia a Nintendo, era inevitable que lo lanzaran para el Wii U. Me pregunto si nos harán un descuento a los Mexicanos...
[ I always thought that, given how many references to Nintendo it had, it was inevitable that they released it in the Wii U. I wonder if there will be some discount for us Mexicans ... ]



Tamalesyatole commented on Review: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (Nintendo 64):

It would be nice to see some kind of postscript, detailing how the developer is right now, or the possibilities of a re-release, or remake, or port.

I mean, like "Could this appear in the WiiU/3DS virtual console?" "Who has the rights?" etc.



Tamalesyatole commented on Talking Point: The Importance of the Virtual C...:

Is there a technical difficulty in making Virtual Console games for the 3DS? Or why else Nintendo don't release more of them?

I mean, the SNES resolution is 256 × 224, and even the N64 used 240p), and we have the same button layout for SNES games! am I missing something?

And even if they are restricted to only nintendo-developed games, that's still a lot of games!