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duffmmann commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

@RainbowGazelle, innovation is not simply something new. Innovation is something new that is beneficial or an improvement. It's not innovation to put a hat on a toaster and sell that product even though that product hasn't existed before, as there is no benefit and its not an improvement.



duffmmann commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

I really thought Sonic was finally back on track hen they realized how great the day levels were in Unleashed and tried to bring only those levels to Colors. Colors is a fantastic game, and it was the first 3D sonic that was everything I wanted a 3D sonic to be. Generations was coming out not much later too and that game was also amazing, and not only did it continue to effectively explore the 3D gameplay that Colors finally got right, but also integrated the long missed gameplay of the 2D sonics in the correct manner the fan's wanted (especially given what a disappointment Sonic 4 episode 1 was). Sonic 4 Episode 2 however was a great move in the right direction for a strictly 2D sonic on consoles in this day and age. I'd love to see them try again with a Sonic 5, make it not episodic and refine the few problems that 4 episode 2 had. But alas, this is where the good Sonic games for consoles stop hitting the mark. Lost World looked great, and the game itself isn't bad. BUT, in the end the game is pretty forgettable, not bad, but nothing great. Then, I wont even touch Sonic Boom, but for what it's worth Sonic Boom isn't so much the Sonic Team's fault as it seems like its probably BigRedButton's fault.



duffmmann commented on Feature: These Are The Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs ...:

I give you, the reasonable, realistic, and what we all want MK8 DLC pack:

Diddy Kong

Warp Star
Poke Ball kart
DK Barrel Kart
Arwing Kart

No new cups or races
Instead: 8 Battle Arenas (4 classic, 4 brand new)



duffmmann commented on Pokémon Star Pikachu Is Getting His Own GameC...:

@VolcanoFlamesNL It's gotta be a matter of time right? I mean I've seen so many people asking for that kind of controller, myself included, it would be so ideal, and I would definitely use that for more than just Smash.

I will never understand why/how Nintendo doesn't realize how brilliant the gamecube controller is. Yes, in this day and age it has a few shortcomings (not wireless, hexagonal analog stick restrictions, lacking LZ, select, and home buttons), but my god, the GC controller is by far the most comfortable standard controller out there, and the button layout is brilliant and super intuitive. It's great they haven't abandoned the GC controller by having the adapter for Smash, and licensing products like this Hori gamepad and the similar PDP fightpads. But really, just give us what we really want: a wireless Wii U pro controller in the same shape and layout as a Gamecube controller with the necessary changes to bring it up to snuff with current game.



duffmmann commented on Video: Nintendo Unleashes a Super Smash Bros. ...:

My family room is small, but it totally works. We have two couches, one in front of the other, the one in the back is on risers, so its like stadium seating, facing the tv. Above the back couch is a hammock that fits one very comfortably. And to both sides of the couch in the front is reclining chair. So we could play with 9 people if any game ever allowed for it.



duffmmann commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

Here is what I envision for future hardware, kinda seems like the most logical thing for the future. The key to it all is to merge the handheld and console markets into one single piece of hardware:

I feel like Nintendo's smartest move for the next generation is to merge the handheld market with the console market and go 1 tier for gaming. What I'm saying is, imagine if the next console is incredibly powerful, but the technology has advanced so much so that the physical size of the actual computer that makes up the console is small enough to fit into a Wii U Gamepad type device. Console gaming in your portable console, but here is where we start to connect Nintendo's playstyles. The Controller that holds the console, has a detachable clamshell top screen, just like any DS or 3DS (keep in mind this controller has analog sticks, so the screen actually only covers the bottom screen when it closes and not any of the buttons). The screen would be the same size as the bottom screen, both sterescopic 3D. This can be the entire handheld console for you, or if you detach the top screen, you can stream what would be on the top screen to your tv thanks to a small hub built into the newest version of the Wii Sensor bar, this is the only thing that connects to your tv, so it'd be very small, hardly bigger than a current sensor bar. Many games could make use of just one screen, so of course all previous bluetooth wii controllers could also connect to the console, or if you're playing portable you can remove the top screen for more convenient single screen on the go gaming. I think it'd be a smart move for the button layout to reflect the GC button layout (With the extra buttons currently seen in the Wii U). Finally, the detached screen, would also be able to connected to a shell controller, so that a second player can get his own screen, for on the go or in the family room multi player gaming. You see, they could have it all in one, no longer force teams to work on two versions of games, they could be for one system that can go with you everywhere or you can play on the big screen, your choice. Also, they definitely could have an optional VR set too, and since you'd be able to connect it to your handheld controller console thing, you could have on the go VR... which might not be the smartest thing lol. Yes, it would cost more money, but it could potentially be less money than if you had intended to buy both their console and handheld next generation anyway, as many people do, so the price could be justified. Extra storage could just be SD/HC/XC cards, they get cheaper every year, soon a 1TB card wont cost much at all.



duffmmann commented on Collectors Be Warned, Some amiibo Figures Will...:

If they were only like 2 to 3 dollars each, sure, I'd actually consider getting them all. But for the prices their charging, and how little (so far) they seem to do in the games that use them, I wont be rushing to get them all. I certainly will get a few though, don't doubt that, but only the ones I actually want.



duffmmann commented on More PDP GameCube-Style Wired Fight Pads Pay H...:

For the life of me, I do not understand why they don't take a pad like this and make it a fully functional, wireless with rumble built in Wii U Pro controller. By Making it a Wii classic controller, it is getting needlessly nerfed, no built in rumble, not wireless, and the L and R triggers are both switched with what you'd expect them to be if you compared it to a standard GC controller (not a big deal in smash as you can customize controls). Beyond that, since they chose to go the wii classic controller route, its really unfortunate to see they've embraced the digital triggers despite the fact that the original classic controllers (not the classic controller pros) had analog triggers. I really do want to like these controllers, but they aren't even close to living up to their potential.



duffmmann commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

I have a feeling we may see a shift of 3rd party support jumping back on the Wii U bandwagon after Smash Bros is released, and the holiday season is over. Wii U sales after this holiday season are going to be impressive, I can guarantee it. So much so that, the install base of the platform will have grown significantly. Due to this, I think there will be more interest again from 3rd party developers to release more games for the console. I could be wrong, but it seems logical.



duffmmann commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special D...:

Just for a reference, my code came in an email at 12:10. 12:10 is kind of a random time, you'd think that if it was a mass mailing at once, they'd try for 12:00 or 12:30 or something like that, on the half hour/hour. My only point being, that since I got mine at 12:10, I think its a fair assumption to make that these aren't being distributed all at once, but rather waves of emails are being sent throughout the day (probably to not flood the servers all at once with people downloading the demo). So if you haven't got yours yet, I say just be patient, I'm sure it is coming.



duffmmann commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Announcement Revea...:

Much of the U version is still a mystery. Its not hard to see that the 3DS version is only a tease of the full potential of Smash for this generation of gaming. I'm inclined to think that the 3DS version isn't even complete yet, perhaps some more will become unlocked int he 3DS version when you link it with the Wii U version?



duffmmann commented on Nintendo Reveals The Master Cycle for Mario Ka...:

So odd to see Link on a bike. But then again I guess it isn't a crazy stretch when he's driven a train in the series. I also see no reason why at one point there couldn't be some sort of Zelda title that actually took place in the future. I know there'd be backlash at first. But Windwaker had backlash at first, yet now it is regarded as a classic. Can't let the initial wave of reaction for the showcasing of a new idea dictate whether or not to go all the way through with it, people are often scared of what they don't understand.



duffmmann commented on Unused Announcer Audio in Super Smash Bros. Re...:

I also kind of wonder if the 3DS game we have isn't the full game, like modes and features will get unlocked once you link it up with the Wii U? Seems like a very strong possibility to me. The more the games rely on each other for the entirety of the game to be unlocked, the more people will end up buy both versions, boosting up profits.



duffmmann commented on Square Enix's Latest 3DS RPG Final Fantasy Exp...:

I get the opinion that gen 7 of the pokemon series will be graphically very similar to gen 6/ the gen 3 remakes, but will allow for use of the extra processing power of the New 3DS systems so that if you're playing the new pokemon titles on the new 3DS, you'll be able to utilize stereoscopic 3D everywhere in the game. But on the old 3DSs you'll be restricted to stereoscopic 3D only in the battles. A lot like how Gold and Silver were fully in color on a GBC, but could run just fine but without color of a standard GB/pocket. Or how Black and White featured video chat for online battles only if you were playing on a DSi, as standard DS/lite didn't have a camera.



duffmmann commented on Nintendo Unleashes Wacky Super Smash Bros. For...:

I approve of these commercials. Lighthearted and fun without be cringe (which given the nature of the commercials, you'd think they actually would induce cringe, but it walks that fine line beautifully and never makes you feel it at all). Even still, nothing will ever compare to the original N64 Happy Together ad, I still watch that one on youtube every once in a while.



duffmmann commented on Rumour: Secret Chant Within Super Smash Bros. ...:

@AVahne Or you know, just admit that they didn't foresee the circumstance of the technical limitations of implementing the Ice Climbers on the 3DS, and say we're sorry we broke our promise, the Wii U version will have one more character than the 3DS version, we hope you understand. It's ok to break a promise when the end result just makes more people happy anyway. I mean really, would anyone be mad that the Wii U had one extra fighter than the 3DS?



duffmmann commented on Rumour: Secret Chant Within Super Smash Bros. ...:

I still think that there is a strong possibility that Sakurai went against his word on the rosters being exactly the same in both games, but only for the exception of the Ice Climbers appearing in the Wii U version. I theorize that the Wii U will have one bonus character in the Ice Climbers. If the Ice Climbers were developed enough in the 3DS to have a chant and they tried to program them in there but only removed them due to technical limitations (which I think just means they proved to be too buggy on the 3DS, but they still were in game and working), then I have no reason not to believe they got just as far along if not further in the Wii U version which we know definitely could handle them. I'm cautiously optimistic that the Wii U roster will be one character greater (bringing its total to an even 50 at that).



duffmmann commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@ModernMARVEL You just made me realize how messy the smash hacking community is about to become. For so long now, 98.9% of all Smash hacks were for Brawl, so looking through them all through the BrawlVault and the like, was relatively painless and easy. Sure there are some Melee and even 64 hacks, but most interest and resources were put into Brawl.

Now with 2 new different Smash games coming out, and the fact that the 3DS is already hacked (this exploit is not the only way to hack your 3DS, right now there are working 3DS mode flashcarts), and Wii U homebrew just budding its ugly little head too thanks to a known exploit in the Wii U internet browser. It seems incredibly likely that in time, we're going to see the Smash Hack community tackling both these new games, while there will still be Brawl hackers as well. Meaning that sorting through all the hacks for that community is going to be a major headache eventually..



duffmmann commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

@mystman12 Piracy on the 3DS already exists thanks to flashcards (lookup gateway 3DS if you're interested). The developer of this probably isn't a fool and knows that other coders will look at his work, and find the protection and remove it. Still, as I said piracy already exists, so he's certainly knows he can't stop it from happening, so he's just going to put in protection to wash his hands of the situation while still putting out a product that he can happily stand behind.



duffmmann commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

I think this would be pretty cool, we could finally get the things on our 3DS that Nintendo isn't willing to do. Namely: get more GBA VC titles (instead of just stopping at the 10 ambassador titles only for ambassadors), (and yes, VC titles, not a GBA emulator (though I'm sure we'd see that as well), modders have already injected the GBA pokemon games into the official GBA VC games and they have been shown working). As well as get all our old favorite titles revamped as 3D classics. I'm sure this wouldn't be an overnight thing, but if something one of the guys at SEGA said was true, creating the Genesis 3D classics on the 3DS was fairly easy after they overhauled the Genesis emulation hardware and changed some settings, they found that they could put any Genesis rom into the newly modified Genesis emulator, and they would properly output into 3D, and thus you see the Genesis 3D classics on the 3DS. Imagine being able to do that for all of your favorite old NES, SNES, Genesis, Master System, GB/GBC, GBA, and TurboGrafx 16 games. And finally imagine a properly working Virtual Boy emulator. As someone who never owned a Virtual Boy, I really would love to see the VB Wario Land running in the proper 3D perspective it was designed to be played in.



duffmmann commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

I'm sure this is the type of thing that could be resolved with an update to remove the 300 game/app limit. Having said that, I probably have somewhere from 75 to 100 games and apps and thats after acquiring them over the past 3 years, including all 20 of the ambassador games. It will take a long time to even reach that limit, and even if I do, I can just swap out the sd card with another sd card, I already have no problem switching out single game carts just to play a single game in the 3DS, why would having to switch sd cards that can hold up to 300 official games and apps be considered a negative thing?



duffmmann commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release in Japan See...:

@yuwarite you don't need it at all, but its nice to have alternatives to the touch screen camera, and now we have two, the official CPP, and this, and I think this looks fantastic. I'm seriously considering getting it, might get RE: Revelations another playthrough with the thing.



duffmmann commented on E3 2014: Hyrule Warriors Not Part of Zelda Tim...:

I'm glad he said in a different dimension. Obviously I could have argued that myself, but the fact that he puts it out there makes it all the more official. See I wanted this game to be a part of the timeline, but I do get how that stops making sense once characters like Imp Midna make appearances. However, we know that because of how the timeline into 3 at one point, than this means that the Zelda series embraces the idea of the multiverse. So its quite possible from my perspective that this game exists because of some split in the timieline we know of long long ago that may have had to split from theoretical possibilities multiple times just to exist. Makes it a really interesting title in that respect.



duffmmann commented on The Wii U Version Of Super Smash Bros. Will Ut...:

Maybe this will be Nintendo's way of adding extra characters to the game as opposed to (or perhaps as an alternative, meaning you could choose your method of doing so) DLC. So new characters they want to add, you can buy a little toy, scan it in via NFC and then bam, a new character is added to your roster. Or maybe this will be a way to save your custom movesets that they briefly showed off in that Nintendo Direct for Smash.



duffmmann commented on Hyrule Warriors Set for Summer 2014 Release in...:

@ikki5 Right, but as I said, many times when companies announce winter releases for video games we actually see them released in technically the late fall to correspond with the holidays. Now don't get me wrong, I could easily see Smash 4 for the Wii U get delayed, but as it stands, I think when they say winter for the release, they're actually talking late November / early December. We shall see I suppose.



duffmmann commented on Hyrule Warriors Set for Summer 2014 Release in...:

@ikki5 Nintendo would be foolish to miss the holiday season to get Smash 4 out. They said winter but often when we're told a winter release they are actually talking more about a holiday release, so late November/early December would be my bet as to what they are aiming for.



duffmmann commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

@Bolt_Strike I have never perceived Lucario to be a popular pokemon character, especially not more popular than Mewtwo. Point is, the people choosing to include whichever 'mon they do in the game, probably don't care so much about which is the most popular 'mon and care more about what they think will have the best moveset for a Smash game.



duffmmann commented on 3DS eShop Bubble Pop World Fuses Match 3 Puzzl...:

I'm glad to see new uses for the AR cards that came with my 3DS, I find this encouraging.

I really think the Pokemon Card Game should have a new series where what you play can be scanned via AR of your 3DS and that way you can see your pokemon fight when you choose a move (on the 3DS). It'd be able to mark how much damage each pokemon can and has taken, as well as item cards and their effects. I'm sure this would be a large undertaking, but I really think it'd be possible and increase players of the trading card game, heck, I'd start playing (I have played the TCG since the first couple years they started coming out).



duffmmann commented on Hands On: Storing Pocket Monsters in Pokémon ...:

Also, for people like me, this may not be of interest now, but when Gen VII comes around, it will be incredibly handy. (I'm not the type to transfer Pokemon from far back, in fact I skipped gens III and V, which means that even though I have Platinum and plenty of Pokemon there, I can't transfer them to my copy of Y because I never got into gen V). Once Gen VII and beyond are released, this will no longer be an issue, I can skp gens like I have and still be able to transfer all my pokemon moving forward. So while I wont be buying this app now, I most certainly will in a matter of a few years.



duffmmann commented on Mighty No. 9 Is Getting The Live-Action Movie ...:

@Prof_Clayton The Pixar thing was in regard to the quality of the story and writing. That being said, Pixar is creating its first live action movie as we speak about the 1906 Earthquake. (I found the news that Pixar would make a live action film upsetting when I heard it, but, supposedly its happening.)



duffmmann commented on Video: The Pokémon Game Show Sure Looks Like Fun:


Wow, a pointless app got you hooked on the idea of collecting pokemon... yeah, something tells me you're going to LOVE Pokemon X and Y. In a lot of ways I envy you for never experiencing the series until this upcoming milestone. For while I skipped Generations 3 and 5, I got Red when it first came out and was hooked (and that was on the old 8 bit black and white GB graphics), and I watched the series evolve. And while each new generation improved and added great new features to the formula, no generation has made as massive of leap for the franchise as X and Y clearly will. So for you to start on this generation has got to be amazing. I mean I'm more excited for this generation than anyone before, and I've played the games. The only drawback to it all would be the fact that you might not have a full appreciation for the 5 generations leading up to it.



duffmmann commented on Shigesato Itoi Says Mother 4 Would Be "Impossi...:

context people, context. He was asked if he'd consider making Mother 4, he said impossible, maybe its impossible to consider because someone else is working on it for him (he gave the rights to another studio), or he's already working on it, so to consider making it wouldn't make sense as its already in development.

Or thats all just really wishful thinking...



duffmmann commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

I don't see why this would be the case considering how under powered the Wii was compared the 360 and PS3, and Nintendo never went about to try and compete with those systems power wise (unless you count this final year for the two competitors, which I wouldn't considering the Wii had a 6 year life span, falling within the standard for gaming consoles).