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HopeNForever commented on Weirdness: Realistic Mario Probably Wouldn't H...:

I cannot believe that the people have been playing this game since 1985, and they still think that Mario uses his head to break blocks? What about all these official illustrations that clearly shows Mario using his fists? I know the following example is actually one of the newer illustrations, but I'm pretty sure there are similar and older examples people could reference.




HopeNForever commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

People seem to forget this game is made for the sake of spreading innocent Nintendo humour, and is not to be taken as a serious dating sim and whatnot.

Besides, why does Nintendo need to break face with what really makes this game attractive to its players? I wish people on Nintendo Life would just continue playing the games they love without thinking about the political inconsistencies of human societies, as it leads to nothing but so much heartache.



HopeNForever commented on Nintendo Releases An Awesome Mario Kart Infogr...:

Hopefully, someday I shall legitimately collect every single game in the series. I already have some of the games to start things off, but this might take a while since there are other games with some priority that I want too.



HopeNForever commented on Weirdness: These Chinese Game Controllers Look...:

I thought Nintendo's products are usually sold in the People's Republic of China under the iQue brand, and they don't even use the term original "Nintendo" anywhere on products or packaging.

By the way, these aren't necessarily the first Wii Remote-like controllers in China. I am aware there were various, modern NES clones fashioned after Wii consoles and controllers, but who could say more powerful, less notable consoles with similar motion controllers couldn't exist somewhere in the Chinese black market?

The PlayStation Move is a blatant rip-off of the Wii Remote, and that controller comes from a big, respectable Japanese company called Sony Computer Entertainment, and not to mention it is sold everywhere, including North America, where the people are lawsuit-trigger-happy.



HopeNForever commented on Video Games Live Tour Confirms UK Gigs:

I personally enjoyed Video Games Live when they organised a concert in Dubai for the very first time back in December 2012, and they promised performances for the next five years after the success of the first. In fact, last year (albeit I did not attend that time) the concert was held in December 13, 2013, the same day the PlayStation 4 officially launched in the Middle East! They even gave away 13 PlayStation 4 units in a contest they held on stage, or so I heard.



HopeNForever commented on Electronic Arts CEO Discusses The Company's Pl...:

Didn't Nintendo already attempt to embrace the concept of virtual reality with the Virtual Boy? Not sure they may bother with double-dipping back into it, especially since the Nintendo 3DS and its auto-stereoscopic 3D screen is doing well enough.



HopeNForever commented on Feature: Games That Almost Were - A Look At Ca...:

I thought the development of the Nintendo 64 version of Mother 3 had a long complicated history behind it, and it wasn't the end of the 64 era which really ended its initial development as it was already on the verge apparently.

Too bad for a lot of cancelled games in the end though, but I'm presently still rather waiting for the Nintendo 64 games that did come out, but have yet to be re-released on Virtual Console.



HopeNForever commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:

I currently live in the United Arab Emirates, where North American Nintendo games are often never re-stocked after initial shipment for titles with unpopular demand. I am so glad I managed to pick up the game the same week it appeared on shelves, as there weren't many copies of it that time either.

The outlet I usually buy from also once had one last, factory-new copy of Metroid Prime: Trilogy in 2011. It was displayed there for months apparently, as nobody seems to appreciate its value around here. I doubt they were even aware how rare this package was. Sucks for them, I guess - I eventually managed to get my hands on it, paying only the standard price for any NTSC Wii game sold locally!

Oddly, I never seen any local retailer selling NTSC copies of the other two "Operation Rainfall" titles. Thankfully, I managed to get both of them off Amazon since they have more prints available, and I got them for a great discount price too!



HopeNForever commented on Shinji Mikami Prefers The Sega Version Of Alad...:

I did play the Sega version before, and I do own the Nintendo version, but I would have more preferred the Nintendo version simply because it had better cut-scenes, better music (and audio overall), and was definitely far more faithful to the source material.

I mean, even in the film, Aladdin used more wit and parkour-like stunts to get by, and very little of the film depicted him actually using a sword. In fact, I only recall him using a sword haphazardly simply to distract the giant cobra being Jafar for a while.



HopeNForever commented on Nintendo Finally Appoints a New Distributor in...:

Isn't ConQuest Nintendo's officially licensed distributor for the Czech Republic itself as well?

Official website:

I don't think Polish will become another official Nintendo language very soon, although Nintendo did recently introduce Russian into their language rosters after NOE officially branched into Russian territory not too long ago.



HopeNForever commented on Shovel Knight Targeting 31st March For Launch:

Omigosh! That epic trailer music! Filled me with feels...

I wasn't sure about this title before, but now I'm hooked into getting it eventually! (I would have gotten it as soon as launched, but currently out of funds. We'll see in March anyway.)



HopeNForever commented on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Was "A Great O...:

I personally have been keen on getting this game, but I dunno if I would be able to eventually.

Despite being a re-imagining, wasn't this game the only entry in the Silent Hill series (by far) to ever make it on a Nintendo platform?



HopeNForever commented on Guide: Using Miiverse And The Nintendo Network...:

I never bought any software from my "local" version of the Nintendo eShop, so I do not plan on changing the regions on my Nintendo Network ID anytime soon. However, is it still possible to temporarily switch regions in the System Settings without having to access the eShop? I just need to do that merely so my Mii could be identified as a "local resident" whenever I get StreetPassed by someone.



HopeNForever commented on Weirdness: UK Store GAME Creates Christmas Din...:

I dunno. As gross as it sounds, I personally might actually attempt to try this out anyway.

Although, what I find confusing is why GAME thinks gamers need whole course meals during their their play sessions. Wouldn't that be inconvenient during intense gameplay throughs?



HopeNForever commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Petitions Don't Affect Ninte...:

That certainly explains why the North American release of Xenoblade Chronicles seemed like a lazy port of the European localisation, and the fact Nintendo of America only printed a relatively limited amount of copies for the game, which consequently caused the game to be so rare to acquire nowadays, even online. In a relatively short amount of time too!



HopeNForever commented on Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre Is Region-Free:

I personally already figured this when both US and UK Nintendo Direct Minis showed off identical cases for the physical version of the software, so no surprise here. In addition, being exclusive to the Louvre in Paris, how else would tourists owning North American Nintendo 3DS hardware would be able to use this guide if they get the physical Game Card?

This shows Nintendo are not particularly picky about region-locking, but rather picky about the technical and legal issues of games being sold locally or otherwise. Here's to a future without borders for Nintendo games in general.



HopeNForever commented on Ashes Cricket 2013 Spins Onto PC, Yet Remains ...:

This game was released on Steam a few days ago, but Steam has already pulled it out from sale about many hours earlier due to continuous complaints about how broken the game is, and people demanding their money back.

I wouldn't say this game is a huge loss for Wii U, and it was also planned to be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 which neither even got, but isn't it suspicious that neither developer nor publisher seem to have released any press statements about the game's current development? It's a shame that cricket games in general are very unpopular in the United States, although this game's home console versions weren't even being planned to be released in North America anyway.



HopeNForever commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

I wonder, will the Nintendo Network ID work in vice-versa? In other words, if a Nintendo 3DS owner who doesn't own a Wii U right now registers for a NNID account, and when they later get a Wii U, will that same NNID they registered on the Nintendo 3DS work for the Wii U?

@Bliquid I really doubt that might be technically possible since the Nintendo 3DS was not designed with full NNID support in mind, unlike the Wii U. As far as I can tell, you will only need the NNID for the Nintendo eShop and Miiverse access at this stage. Everything else is business as usual.



HopeNForever commented on Nintendo's Miiverse Social Network Finally Mak...:

You cannot believe how I personally am excited. I always loved the idea of Miiverse ever since it came to Wii U. I am not a Wii U owner yet (trying to work on that part), but in the least now I can get into Miiverse! The jealousy of being unable to check all of its content as a guest browser on the web version of Miiverse!



HopeNForever commented on Long Awaited YouTube Application Coming To 3DS...:

I bet the new YouTube support for the Nintendo 3DS will actually increase the relativity of bringing in more 3D content to YouTube's services itself, especially since the value of the Nintendo 3DS signature auto-stereoscopic features are being more realised nowadays. This is encouraging, and the possibilities are potentially great! People wouldn't bother with 3D if there isn't much of an audience for it, but if 3D support with Nintendo 3DS becomes grand, there will be an explosion of new 3D videos coming to YouTube to be watched by a growing Nintendo 3DS audience.

Think about it: How many people you know own a Nintendo 3DS, and how many people do you know actually own a powerful, expensive 3D TV or computer screen?



HopeNForever commented on Weirdness: Nintendo Goes Old School With a Mah...:

Mahjong? Doesn't this game have Chinese roots though?

I shouldn't be too surprised that Nintendo are still making traditional games, albeit as business on a small scale. I recall actually being an owner of an authentic, Nintendo-branded play card set! (No, not Hanafuda, but actual western play cards with all the well-known symbols ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ .)



HopeNForever commented on Feature: Why Nintendo Isn't Popular in Poland:

Not saying this is necessarily a good thing, but I'm feeling a lot better now to learn that I'm not alone in regards of local commercial and consumer recognition of Nintendo's products, and being a Nintendo fan in the midst of an emerging market. Whilst there are a lot of similarities in regards to Nintendo's situation in here in the United Arab Emirates, I cannot stay lack of stock is one of the problems though, but the full story is rather more complicated than that, in which explaining it would require an article in itself. Nintendo's official local distributors thankfully still exist, and there is a significant retail demand for Nintendo's products to warrant continuing selling their products as long as they deem. Thank goodness for that, but I'm personally still unsatisfied about it, and not to mention there is quite a lack of background information. I wish someone would write a similar article about being a Nintendo fan where I reside momentarily.



HopeNForever commented on The Wii Mini Will Arrive in the U.S. in November:

I really doubt it is likely a casual buyer taking home a Wii Mini would plan to purchase so many games for it overtime. Without online, there wouldn't even be much to download and hog out the Wii Mini's limited flash memory. Besides, many of Nintendo's own games may take only one or two blocks worth of save memory. Not to mention Nintendo took care many of their games remain quite as enjoyable offline, especially for those families sitting in the same room and sharing the fun. Anyone on Nintendo Life wanna play New Super Mario Bros. Wii with me? Oh wait... I cannot play that game online at all, can't I?



HopeNForever commented on Take A Look At The Red Steel 2 We Never Got To...:

I'm still hoping I would get my hands on a copy of Red Steel 2 eventually. I still find them on the shelves apparently. Could an awesome game really have been that ignored during its early days? I wonder what are chances I got into finding a brand new copy of the first Red Steel game.



HopeNForever commented on The Wii Mini Will Arrive in the U.S. in November:

Not sure why so many people are so riled up about the Wii Mini in a very negative light. Sure, for those experienced gamers already familiar with the original console the Mini may not make sense for them to own, but think about the many super-late adopting people out there who are still on the fence in getting the Wii console from the beginning. This will be pretty attractive to them considering the price goes just under the $100 range.

Besides, for those of you who still care about the Wii software, the Wii Mini is assurance that Nintendo will keep a stock available as they keep re-printing their best-selling Wii games, especially for those who missed some of those titles the first time around. I personally am looking forward to seeing a North American Nintendo Selects re-release for WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. (The latter which I even missed during the days of the Nintendo GameCube! You might argue that there is always eBay, but I really prefer getting my games all-factory new regardless.) The best part about this is that Wii games are also playable on the Wii U.



HopeNForever commented on Parents Create Their Own Mario World in Child'...:

The quirks of new generation parenting will most definitely include video game pop-culture. The world of consumer video games may be a few decades old, but gaming kids also grow up, build their careers, and start new families during that very same time-period, assuming they never given up playing "childish things" over the years. When enthusiasts marry each other and become parents, they are more than likely to share their enthusiasm with their offspring.

In any case, I notice the art style is more based on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door than the original one.



HopeNForever commented on Kapow! Wii U And Wii Versions Of Young Justice...:

Judging from the comments on Facebook, it seems the decision is upsetting far more people than Nintendo Life visitors. Little Orbit is really emphasising on the "lack of retailer support" behind such decisions, and oddly they are publishing Monster High: 13 Wishes exclusively on all current Nintendo platforms. In addition, it seems odd they would cancel the Wii version in itself, which still has a large enough active audience even if the platform fell out of "serious gamer" radars in the past few years.

I always felt that small game publishers, especially who are notable for having a heavily licenced games library in their portfolio, were deemed to be very unreliable.