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Mon 11th June, 2012

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clavier141 commented on Review: Tetris Axis (3DS):

Think I may get it when it's on the eshop. One of the few games that might actually be cheaper to download. £8.99 on the eshop but I could only find around £10 new on the shopping websites.



clavier141 commented on New 3DS System Update Gives the eShop a Spit a...:

Here's what I've noticed:
-New eshop font on loading
-New loading bar on the browser (at the top)
-Repair option for download software at the bottom of the "view details" section in the eshop (may be old but I don't know)
EDIT: -Scroll bar on the browser is now on the top screen on the right
-The swirling square for loading on the browser is also at the top



clavier141 commented on Pokédex 3D Pro:

Get 150 pokedex entries for free, or spend £13.49 on 500 more but from past regions. Big wup.



clavier141 commented on Review: Pokémon Dream Radar (3DS eShop):

If it costs £1.80 in Europe then I'll get it. Otherwise, it's just another excuse for Nintendo to make money. "Hey! I have an idea! Let's make some new legendary pokemon that can only be got in Dream Radar and then give it a ridiculous price. People will always spend money on unique legendary pokemon."



clavier141 commented on Dylan Cuthbert Talks Star Fox, Game Developmen...:

I think that before nintendo makes a new star fox game, they should give star fox 64 3d for 3ds online play through an update like they did for mario kart 7 glitches and make me a lot happier. Plus Nintendolife staff, if you read this, please can you find a way of suggesting it to Nintendo. I WANT STAR FOX 64 3D ONLINE BATTLES!