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Fri 9th August, 2013

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akaDv8R commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

@Quorthon Pray tell, of the many many so called next gen games on both Xbox and PS4, how many have lived up to the hype? Maybe 1 or 2. Sony maybe leading the console sales, but their biggest worry at the moment is their newly planned Playstation Now TV Service. Unless that takes off, just like the PS4, Sony are in big trouble.

Someone mentioned that the 3DS market doesn't count, as it is a singular market. Well, last time I looked, Sony had the Vita, so hardly a singular market.

People are so quick to jump on the "Let's bash Nintendo" bandwagon. Personally, and many others think the same. I will leave it to Nintendo to work out, and carry on enjoying great games that last more than 5 hours (The Order). Apart from Iwata, Miyamoto and a few other top execs, nobody knows what Nintendo is planning, and we likely will not find out any more until E3.



akaDv8R commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Ma...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Nintendo have said nothing of the kind about Project NX launching 2016. They said we will find out more at E3, but I, and many other sites predict a mid to late 2017 launch.

Nintendo have traditionally launched a new home console every 5 years. Why they would break with this trend is not apparent.

Please reference the article for me, which says NX is launching next year.



akaDv8R commented on Community Interview: Give Us Your Affordable S...:

@accc Glad to reac you are speaking for the 'majority' of players. Have you actually asked the 'majority' of players? No, didn't think so. However, your sentence implies that you 'know' what the majority of players are going to think. Personally, I don't just go by one review/preview. I look around, find out as much as possible. Also, you are the first, and only person I have come across, that actually thought the title indicated towards the cost of the game.

Seriously, is it too much to ask that you look at other sites. The sheer fact you said what you did, indicates you had no idea what the game was about. If you had, maybe you would not have asked your question. Or, maybe you wou,d!!!!



akaDv8R commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

@sisibakbak Same here. My 3DS is set to auto-download, but this game did not download by itself. I had to physically go into the e-shop and download. As the person above has stated, the article already asks how much revenue has Nintendo actually earned through this game. Your statements are not valid in this discussion, and it comes off as you just being annoyed that Nintendo are tryimg different ideas.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but Nintendo have been trying new ideas for many many years now. It usually ends with the competition trying to copy them, and usually failing miserably. I have not laid out any cash on this game at all. I am up to level 74 I believe, and I think I have caught around 50 of the Pokemon. For a quick 10-20 minute blast, I think it is an 'ok' game.

I doubt very mucb if this is tne type of game that Nintendo is thinkimg of putting on mobile devices, althougn, it would be perfect for touch devices. If done right, mobile games could be very good fkr Nintendo. Imagine a really cut down version of MK8, with 3 characters, 3 tracks and a tournament. Once the player has completed everything, an advert pops up saying something like, 'If you liked this, you WILL LOVE the full MK8'. It would then go on to describe what the full game has, and then says, 'And you can only play it on Wii U'. It is just an idea, but I think it is one way Nintendo could approach the mobiile scene. Maybe the uptake rate wouldn't be enormous, but any increase in home console sales can only be a good thing.



akaDv8R commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

@Dr_Corndog Exactly, which is why I have a Wii U and a gaming PC. Of course it would be great to have some extra third parties on board. However, I look at the majority of the AAA titles on the other 2 consoles, and none of them have lived up to the massive hype behind them.



akaDv8R commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

@Yorumi If you are talking about not going onto mobile devices, that was the view of Iwata, and he stated that many times. It in no way reflected the thoughts and wishes of the shareholders. They are the ones who ultimately have the power to move a company in a certain direction.



akaDv8R commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

@OMGILikeTurtlez Iwata and Reggie both said in statements, that 'NX' will be hardware based. How is that just a 'cloud based' system. Seriously, people are panicking left right and centre already. Iwata and Myamoto have said they are focused on continuing support for the Wii U. Nintendo traditionally releases new hardware every 5 years. Why can't people just enjoy the great games that are already available, and the even better stuff coming later this year.

Next year, probably at E3, we will learn lots of new info about the new console. There is no way in the world, Nintendo is going to release a new machine before mid to late 2017, as they know they will burn a large najority of their dedicated fan base. Already with the Wii U, and the 3DS, Nintendo are trying new ideas, and opening up new ways of playing and buying games, including cross buy. I personally think they are testing the waters for their next machine, which I believe will incorporate most of, if not all the features of the other two consoles, as well as new innovative ideas that we have come to expect from Nintendo. The gaming world in general looks to Nintendo to drive gaming forward, and this has been proved time and time again, with the other two trying to copy what Nintendo do, but usually failing miserably.



akaDv8R commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

@ElkinFencer10 I can't see this having any real effect on the ability of Nintendo to still produce the amazing and varied titles it does for its home consokes. With DeNPA handling the front end of the mobile business, Nintendo would need only to set up maybe one or two small groups, whose sole purpose is creating/porting games to mobile decices.

It could be really great, if handled properly. Firstly, they cannot put any of their MAJOR IP's onto mobile devices, as they require the precision control you can only get from analogue controls. However, imagine this. Say they made a really cut down version of MK8, with 3 cars, 3 characters and 3 tracks. After the player had finished playing it, an advert pops up saying, 'If you liked this, you will LOVE THE FULL MK8'. It then goes on to list all the features of the full version, and also says, 'And you can only play it on Wii U'. There are millioms of people who play games only on their phones and/tablets.
If done properly, this could convince a large proportion of those gamers to actually go out and buy a console, to buy a Wii U.

That is just my opinion, and people are going to disagree, and I respect that. I just think it could be a very lucrative way for Nintendo to not only make money on the mobile games, but also in increased console sales.



akaDv8R commented on Guide: Everything We Know So Far About Nintend...:

This could actually be a good thing, if done properly. Imagine they release a mini version of MK8, with 3 tracks and 3 vehicles. You don't get any tournaments. Once people have finished playing, there could be an advert saying something like, 'If you liked this, you are going to love the FULL MK8 ONLY ON WII U'. It then goes on to explain what extra features the full version has.

Most of their current IP's just would not work on touch screen phones and tablets. Many games require that intricate control and precision. But, like I said, releasing mini versions of certain games, with adverts at the end showing what the full version offers, and that it can only be played on the Wii U could be a good way of getting younger, and older gamers, who mainly use their phones and tablets now, back into console gaming.



akaDv8R commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

@argh4430 I agree, with some of what you say. With their next console coming somstime in 2017 likely, Nintendo won't make it a massively more powerful than the other two. Yes, it will be more powerful, and offer new innovation, but this time, Nintendo are going about things differently

In the past, Nintendo have just been happy to take the word of 3rd party devs that they will produce for their console. However, now they are actually doing what Sony and Microsoft have been doing for quite some time already. They are getting devs to sign contracts, that legally bind them into releasing their latest title(s) on Nintendo's next console. This, along with them really embracing the digital download scene, paying devs to allow cross buy, and giving dev kits for free to ceveloper, can only be a positive tbing for Nintendo.

People should really be looking at Sony. Whilst the PS4 is doing well, it will not sustain Sony for tbe future. Sony is relying heavily on the Playstation Now service, which it hopes to launch world-wide sometime this year I believe. Having the console built into modern TV's, thereby negating the need to buy a physical console is a good idea to a point, but very risky.

A lot of households already have a new type of tv. Are they really going to be swayed into buying yet another one, with a console built in? A lot of the yohnger gamers use their consoles in theif bedrooms. Are parents going to fork out YET AGAIN for a big tv with a console built in? Especially if the household already has a PS4. Analysts both in the U.K. and N.A. are very sceptical about this route, and many say it could be the true making of Sony if handled well and recieved well, or it could be the demise of Sony. Only time will tell.



akaDv8R commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

@ikki5 For a console to be classed as 'next'gen', the technology inside, must be at least 2 years newer than the previous consoles tech. This makes all 3 consoles 'next-gen', it is just that the other 2 chose the easy route of using PC architecture, and Nintendo did not. You coukd say this was lazy of them, but to be honest, it was the right move, in a way. Devs have been producing PC games for many years, so it should be easy to do the same with the Xbox1 and PS4. Unfortunately, due to bottle necking and Ram issues, the ability to create native 1080p games, that run at locked 60FPS has become a pronlem for them.

One of the main rrasons 3rd party devs have stopped makimg Wii U games, is the way Nintendo weng about securing these games. Both Sony and Microsoft get companies to sign contracts for a certain length of time, that demands that they release their latest titles on the new consoles. However, Nintendo were happy to just accept 'gentlemen's handshake' agreements, which have no legal binding. It is heartening to know that now, for their new console, they are actually getting companies to sign contracts.

Nintendo were very late getting into the HD scene, digital downloads, cross buy system, and some other features that the other 2 had already nailed with their previous systems. However, they are making big strides in a very short time, and are starting to embrace thse features more and more.

While I love my Wii U, and it is my 'go to' console, and I have a gaming PC for everything else, Nintendo are laying the foundations for their next console, but have said they will NOT be giving up on the Wii U. The reasons are, they believe in the machine and the tech, and what it offers, as do a lot of devs, and hundreds of Independent devs, plus they do mot want to let down/betray loyal Nintendo userz who have purchased Wii U's. Their next console will be released either mid, but more likely at the end of 2017, catching the Christmas holidays.



akaDv8R commented on The Nintendo 3DS Was North America's Best-Sell...:

@MoonKnight7 If the numbers are correct, I have yet to verify them myself, they are average. However, what you said about the PS4 is not quite correct. By your words, the PS4 will be selling 376,000 units per month in NA, which I can tell you, it is not. It is obviously selling better than the Wii U, but not in those numbers. Both Sony AND Microsoft have been in trouble before, but still do it. They sometimes list consoles shipped as consoles sold, which is obviously incorrect.



akaDv8R commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (...:

@aaronsullivan I don't know where you got the idea that Nintendo is having major finacial problems. They are actually making a profit, and out of tbe three (Microsofts Xbox Division), they have the largest amount of reserves to fall back on. Don't worry that Nintendo is suddenly going to start selling off it's major IP's and such.

In fact, they are doing now, what I have been asking them to do for quite a while. Instead of keeping tbe money in the bank earning massive interest, they are now approaching certain companies, and offering to publish their titles on the Wii U. This off-sets quite a lot of money for the devs, and means they don't have to sell as many copies before they start earning a profit.

Side note, postman has just deliverex my Super Smash soundtrack cd's ....... awesome.



akaDv8R commented on Koei Tecmo Says Hyrule Warriors Has Breathed N...:

Bit off topic, but never mind. I know what I really want to see happen, and have been praying for it for a very long time. A first person shooter, staring Mario and all his mates and enemies.

Instead of lobbing a grenade, you could launch a red shell. I have spoken to quite a few people, and the main consensus is, it would be fantastic.

I am bored to deatth with CoD, and Battlefield is getting rediculous now. I just think it would make a brilliant new IP, and would appeal to FPS fans as well as Mario fans. Come on Nintendo, make it happen.



akaDv8R commented on Review: OlliOlli (Wii U eShop):

@dok5555555 Have been playing the 3DS version more than the Wii U vefsion. I have had no trouble with the circle pad, and actually, agree with a few other people in that, on tbe portable version, the controls are slightly better. With the circle pad and buttons being intergrated onto the handheld, there is no lag. On the Wii U, even the devs have said, there is a very slight delay with the analogue stick. It is not a game breaker, and after a while, you get used to it. Whilst I enjoy the Wii U version, at the moment at least, the 3DS is my go to version.



akaDv8R commented on Preview: Hitting the Rails With OlliOlli on Wi...:

Just wanted to add my pennies worth. People keep on about PS and Xbkx users getting games for free each month. I had a PS4 until a short whike ago, as a lot of friends know. I also remember I had to pay a monthly fee to play and go on-line, same with Xbox. It has been proven beyond doubt, it actually costs nothing to allow players to play on-line. So, why are you paying this monthly fee? Quiye simple really. Both Sony and Microsoft use a lot of the proceeds to pay developers a lump sum, whiich then allows them to give the game to you, but you have already paid some towards that game with your monthly fee. Also, rather than being told what titles I am going to be ab,e to download, after having paid towards them, I would of liked to have been able to choose from a selection each month.

They are slow to the feature, but are catching up as quick as they can. Nintendo charges nothing for on-line play, and they are niw starting to do cross-buy, basically starting with this title. Althougn, in the past, they have a discount sytem. If you bought a cerfain game on either the 3DS or Wii U, you would get a big discount on the other version. Well, it seems liime they are starting to embrace proper 'cross buy' now, and that can only be a good thing for Nintendo users.



akaDv8R commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

@123akis Hi akis, good to see you on here, as well as on Wii U. I could not agree more with what you are saying. On the Wii U we have the Moderators, who decide what is and is not appropriate (getting it wrong most of the time though). Surely, the same kind of system could be implemented with this App. It is Nintendo at their best yet again....... one step forward, and two steps back.



akaDv8R commented on Yusuke Hashimoto Outlines His Desire to Contin...:

@Hotfusion Actually, in a recent interview, the lead designer of Bayonetta 2 had said that both he, and Platinum Games were very pleased with the sales. Even now, from the information at hand, Bayonetta 2, and I assume number 1 also, is selling around 7000 copies per week.

Only a month after its initial release, they were talking of Bayonetta related games to come. So, I doubt very much the franchise is dead. With Nintendo paying for and publishing the game, Platinum are guaranteed to get their money back, so it is a win-win situation for them. They have absolutely nothing to loose, and the possibility of many more gamers buying their niche' titles.



akaDv8R commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

@Quorthon Well, to be fair, the Game Pad does include a built in microphone. Also, it could be argued that, by not supplying a certain type of headset with the machine, Nintendo are leaving it open for each individual to use their own headset, instead of having to use either a Sony or Microsoft headset. In the event of breakage, you simply buy a cheap headset, where as you would have to buy a specific headset for the other two.

However, Nintendo going with this policy kf non-communication in multi-player games is hypocritical. They even have the Wii U Chat tool, that allows people of any age to talk to other people, again, of any age. I cannot understand that they would allow this, and it also allows video of each other, which opens a whole can of possible implications, if used in the wrong way. Nintendo need to start trusting the majority of its users to behave and act properly, as they do.



akaDv8R commented on The Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack DLC is ...:

@Grumblevolcano I have the digital version, as do a couple of my friends, and can honestly say, have not noticed ANY increase li loading times. If there really is, it may come down to having a physical copy, what kind of storage device you are using (internal, flash drive or hard drive). Personallly, I use a Toshiba 2TB external hard drive, and it works flawlessly.



akaDv8R commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Quorthon If nothing else, you have certainly given both myself, and a few friends a great laugh.

Who are you to say if I owned a PS4? There were literally thousands of Xbox 1`s traded into both Game and CEX in it`s first few months. It got to one point, CEX had to refuse taking in anymore, countrywide, as they had too many to sell already.

No, I say when companies do bad things, as I stated before, but I will also praise companies for doing something that I, not anyone else, I believe is good. You are seriously misguided. It has been well known since launch that the PS4 would not start making Sony a profit for at least a year and a half. They had to sell off 2 offices, it`s lap top division, and part of it`s music division to bring the console to the market. As for the Xbox ONE, no other HOME console in history has had to have 3 (three) price drops in its first year. At its original price, it was not going to make a profit for at least a year. with the price cuts, done out of necessity, not due to massive sales, it won`t make them a profit for a while longer.

You are the kind of person who reads something on-line, and believes it straight away. You actually believe the dribble you are coming out with. as for you dismissing my point about FREE on-line, I thinks most people given the choice, would choose FREE over paid.

Your comment about the recent survey about companies producing software for consoles, those producing for Nintendo actually went up by 6%, so hardly "Did not even register". You get a lot of your info from Game Informer and other sites like them. You probably use Wikipedia for info as well. If someone added that Microsoft had shifted 20 million consoles to Wikipedia, you would gobble it up. That is another point, Microsoft got into trouble a while back, and have done it again recently. They list consoles shipped as consoles sold. At least Nintendo is open with their sales and profits and/or losses.

Sony originally said it would shift approx. 12 million consoles in 6 months, which it did not meet. Microsoft was way off their target for the first 6 months, and even the first year. I am not a fanboy, having had a PS4, still have a 360, Wii U and a gaming PC. Your comments make you sound like someone trying to defend their choice of console, be it Sony or MS.

While I will go off and have a laugh playing some quality titles, I guess you could play Drive Club, or Titan Fall or the latest Forza, all of which failed to live up to their massive hype. Never mind, you will always have your $1.50 bottle of water.



akaDv8R commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Quorthon I have been reading some of your replies to other peoples`s statements, and seriously, you need to stop smoking what ever it is you take. Nintendo is on course to meet their sales predictions for the year, so that is one reason for them and their share holders to be optimistic. The Wii U is the ONLY console at the moment that actually makes profit, the other two won`t for at least another year or so.

So you claim to know more about the games industry than the people that actually work in it? The article that was written about 3rd party devs not creating software up to the standard of Nintendo 1st party stuff was written by a member of a large software company, but, you know better.

As for games, well,
Bayonetta 2 just won Metacritic game of the year, and Nintendo Publisher of the year. Puts a lot of the so called "Nexr Gen" titles, such as CoD, FiFA, to shame.

I am first to admit when a company does something that I believe is wrong. Nintendo should never have used the name " Wii " in their latest console. there should have been more aggressive marketing, and they should have got 3rd party devs locked into contracts, like Sony and Microsoft do, rather than just relying on them to hold up their promises.

However, in the time the other two consoles have been out, there has not been one game that can actually match the quality of Nintendo 1st and 2nd party titles. Going into this year, they have a great lineup announced, with more to come. People go on about how Nintendo keeps making MK and Zelda. well, let us think how many CoD games there have been since the 360....... around 20 or so, including PC titles. Now that IS milking a franchise, that barely adds anything new each year. Nintendo users are usually older gamers, between 24-38, as was stated in a report last year. They are mainly past playing the latest run and gun games, or a new FIFA title, with just cosmetic and roster changes.

I had a PS4, and the one game I played that I actually enjoyed was a re-make, The Last of US. Now for me, that is probably one of the finest titles ever made, but it has not been followed up by yet another great game. PS4 owners waited so long for Drive Club, and it turned out like dribble. Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, turned out like dribble. Microsoft are even giving players a month of Gold free for being let down so badly.

At this moment, I would rather be a Wii U owner than a PS4 or Xbox owner. Great titles already available, more coming this year, and the only one to offer FREE on-line play. combine that with my gaming PC, and I have the best of both worlds.



akaDv8R commented on Retailer The Hut Believes The Wii U Now Has A ...:

@Quorthon Firstly, as of last October, Zombie U had sold jjst over 2 million copies, and HAD made Ubishafted profit. Also, an article was written a few days ago by an industry analyst, which I tend to agree with.

Many many 3rd party devs are scared of trying to lroduce for Nintendo/Wii U as they cannot match the quality offered by Nintendo themselves. Most 3rd party ports on the Wij U have been lazy, and just been run through Unity 2.4, and then touched up here and there. If devs actually took the time to work out the strengths and weakness of the Wii U, we would se much better games from 3rd partys devs. However, it has now got to the point where the DEVS dictate to the console makers what their consoles MUST have, so their job is much easier. Nintendo, not being a sheep, does not follow this trend, and rightly so. Seriously, is it too much to ask devs to actually have to learn new stuff? They get rediculous amounts of money as it is, God forbit they might have to do some extra work.

A very well known on-line review site wrote something about a year and a half ago, which is true. Using a vastly under powered console, Nintendo smashed the last generation. Now, not only devs, but review sites and the games industry as a whole wants to see another company win this generation.

Right now, Nintendo will be fairly happy with how their system has picked up over the past eight months, and they continue that momentum into this year. With the line-up we know of, it is trying to do that. We also know from Myamoto, that their are other projects in the works, that have yet to be announced. Until now, when it comes to quality titles for this generation, Nintendo is clearly winning the battle. Only time will tell if they can continue that trend. A small price cut right now would do them a massive favour. Microsoft have had three price cuts in its first year, the first home console to do so. It was not done because of massive sales, but out of necessity, and they are noew reaping the rewards. Nintendo could/must do the same, and their sales will improve, and that will attract more devs, including more of the 500 or so Independent devs who are developing for the Wii U.



akaDv8R commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@SahashraLA Actually, if you take fhe time to a little research, you would know the Wii U is the ONLY console at the moment that is actually making money with every unit sold. Microsoft having lowered their price THREE times in its first year had never been done. It was not done because of massive sales, but out of necessity.

Also, Nintendo has already stated it will be releasing another home console. It will probably be around mid to end of 2017, as Nintendo home consoles usually have a 5 year life period. Everyone said the 3DS was DOOMED, and Nintendo had made a massive mistake that would haunt them for years. Now, we have the 3DS and the new 3DS family, which is fast becoming the best selling hand-held of all time. If any company can turn their fortunes around, it is Nintendo. It is not like they are in any kind of financial problems, as they have billions of U.S. dollors just sitting in the bank. Nintendo behave just as their name says, 'LEAVE LUCK TO THE GODS', rough translation.



akaDv8R commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@jakysnakydx Sega commissioned Platinum to make the sequal for bkth Xbkx ONE and PS4. About a tnird of the way through, Sega realised they did not have the funds to complete the game and publish jt, so told Platinum to cancel the project. Platinum are STILL waiting to be paid from Sega, fkr the work they actually did.

Nintendo saw this, and jumped in. They asked Platinum if they would be prepared to create the sequal as an exclsjve for the Wii U, if Nintendo paid the development costs and published the title. Platinum obviously said yes, and also offered to do a Wii U version of the original.

The lead guy at Platinum has said on more than three occasions that I know of to both Xbox and Sony fans, 'If you think Bayonetta 2 will be coming to your system(s), you might as well ask Nintendo to put Mario and Zelda onto your consoles. It is simply not going to happen, I cannot say it any other way. If it were not for Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 WOULD NOT EXIST'.

So, that is the story behind Bayonetta 2. If either Sony or Microsoft wanted it on their respective systems, they would have to do 2 things. Firstly, approach Nintendo with a cash offer, asking for the game to be allowed on their systems. Secondly, they would have to pay Platinum to create the game, and pay to publish the game also. Neither of these is going to happen.

Platinum have openly come out and said they are happy with the sales figures of Bayonetta 2, and are hoping to work on something to do with Bayonetta this year. As they had NO outlay costs, all copies sold was pure income.



akaDv8R commented on Review: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U):

@BossBattles The Wii U IS 'next gen' The term "next gen' basically means anything that is released at least 2 years after the previous product.

Also, in what way is this game NOT 'next gen', but Knack is? Nothing on either of the other two consoles has convinced many industry experts that a true 'next gen' game has been released on either of them. The main reason being, the same titles are also being released on both the 360 and PS4, thereby showing, that the game could easily have been released on the previous consoles alone.



akaDv8R commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

@Quorthon The exact reply one would expect from a Sony fan boy. It has been well documented that Nintendo has the largest amount of reserves out of the 3. Microsoft as a whole, certainly is worth more, however their gaming division is loosing them money left right and centre.

Sony had to sell of more than two thirds of the whole company, just to bring the PS4 to the market. One of its biggest games so far was Drive Club, and that was a disaster for an online game.

Devs having problems getting the best out of consoles for the first year or so is true, if they are brand new technology. However, both Sony and Microsoft chose to use PC architecture, so Devs cannot, and have not used that as an excuse.

There has been nothing released on either PS4 or Xbox1 that IS next gen, as the titles are also released on the previous machines. This year alone, the Wii U has had a higher meta critic score, overall for its titles than the other 2. Nintendo was announced developer of the year. Mario Kart 8 was announced sports/driving game of the year.

Many people, mainly associated with Microsoft and Sony, have been asking for Nintendo to take its games multi platform. Why, because they offer a unique experience that you can only play on their machines. Taking their games multi platform would diminish the worth of those games, and why you will never see them on another console.

At time of writing, the Vita may have had more games announced for next year. Does that actually mean there will be more games? Of course not. Nintendo has already said it has games in the works, but are not prepared to announce them yet. As for the 3DS failing, you are delusional, and the Japanese sales alone bare that out. Actually, the Wii U is the best selling home console in Japan from the latest figures.

I have far better things to do than waste time and energy trying to understand you. Playing with my daughters, and playing unique games on my Wii U, and for everything else, I gave my gaming PC. Best of both worlds.



akaDv8R commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

@Quorthon Where you get your info from is beyond me. Tbe 3DS sold over 3 million units in Japan alone last year. The new 3DS has got off to a massive start, with supplies running out in days. The Xbox1 has hardly done well in Japan, even the VC of Microsoft Japan has resigned, out of embarrassment.

VGChartz are notoriously way off with their figures, and live in a make believe world. We already know Smash has sold at least 2 million consoles in North America alone. Bayonetta 2 was NEVER going to be a big seller, it is a niche market. But, by having it as a Wii U exclusive, has meant people that want/wanted to play the sequel, bought a Wii U. I had a PS4 until a month ago. Apart from The Last of Us, which I claim to be the best video game of all time, there was/is nothing to play. Also, many many devs are having the same problem as the Xbox, they are having massive problems getting games running in native 1080p and @60FPS, something the 360 and PS3 did a better job at.

Nintendo have had a very long way to catch up to the infrastructure of the other two, in terms of multi-player, HD games, as the Wii U is their first true multi-player console, and their first HD console. In the time they have had, they have come a long way, and their investment for the future is amazing. They are finally starting to spend some of their massive reserves, instead of just leaving it in the bank earning interest. As of now, there are ovef 500 Independent companies working on Wii U titles. Add to this 1st and 2nd party, tneir new GARAGE companies, of which there are around 5, there are more than enough games to last the Wii U until 2017, when their next console is likely to hit the market. The lack of true 3rd party is a blow, but out of the three, Nintendo is the only one that has the money to turn things around.....FACT. Sony has sold off all it's high street centres, half of it's music industry, and closed down 2 office building. They have also sold of their laptop division, all to try and get some money back, as the PS4 will not show a return for another year or so. The Xbox is now looking at another 2 years before showing a return, what with their latest price reduction.

As Peter Molyneux and Cliff Belzinski both said, anyone who writes Nintendo off, does so at their peril.



akaDv8R commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

@electrolite77 Actually, Nintendo cluld afford to loose around 270 million dollors a year fkr the next 12 years with their reserves. Obviously shareholders would not allow this, just making a point. Also, last gen, PS3 was in third place up until the end of 2013, but does anyone think the PS3 was/is a flop? Nintendo absolutely trumped tbe last gen, with a vastly under powered console. With Microsoft and Sony both saying their consoles have a 10 year life span, they have given Nintendo the upper hand already. If they launch the next home console sometime in 2017, that will give them at least, 5-8 years on the others. Also, with Nintendo consoles having a 5 year life span usually, they would be launching their next console around the same time the other two would be launching theirs.

3rd party devs are going to come drooling back to Nintendo with their next console, and if it is a success, that momentum will continue into their next console, and the other two will be playing catch-up. Microsoft are the first console developer in history, to reduce the price of its console 3 times in its first year. This was not done because of massive sales, it was done out of necessity. Nintendo could reduce the price of the Wii U by say, 50 U.K. pounds, and they will fly off the shelves. There have been more Xbox1's traded in to CEX and Game in the U.K., then any other console, that is a worrying thought for Microsoft.



akaDv8R commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

@TrueWiiMaster I have a top end gaming PC, and I can tell you, 4k gaming at a decent frame rate, minimal 30FPS is some way off yet. PC magazing did an experiment recently, using the most powerful HOME computer that can be created. They tried running some 4k capabke games, and the highest frame rate they achieved was around 12FPS. Maybe in 3-4 years, but certainly not nkw, or in the near future.

Also, both Sony and Mjcrosoft have stated on many occasions, their consoles have a life span of 10 years, and it easily feasible, with the tech they have inside them. Although they were outdated becore they even came to the market, devs will find ways of getting more and more out of the machines. Nintendo home consoles typically have a 5 year life span, so mid to late 2017 is likely when we will get to see their next console. I believe Nintendo will stick with what they have done fkr years, and think outside the box, and come up with innovative ideas. I do however, think that this time, they will talk to devs about what they want to see in the new machine, so they can produce games for it. In the past, Nintendo have created the machine, and then told the devs to do the best they can, whixh is actually how it should be. Console developers shoild not be dictated to by software devs. They just want machines that are easy to produce for, and that can make them the biggest return. Is it really asking too much for devs to have to learn how to produce for new technology? For a lot of devs, wno produce the same crap year after year, they and we know who they are, their jobs are easy enougn as it is. Do we all not strive to learn more, use our imagination more and achieve better?



akaDv8R commented on Reminder: Redeem Your Nintendo Network Deluxe ...:

Finally had a total of 10726 points. Cannot believe I have spent that much on digital downloads alone in just 2 years. Oh well, it was great whilst it lasted.

I think they should have kept it going for those that got new systems over the holidays, as a small thanks. I am sure they would appreciate it, as many of us have.



akaDv8R commented on Review: Mass Effect 3 (Wii U):

In answer to the guy who said Bioware had dev kits early enough to have created a Mass Effect Trilogy fkr Wii U. In actual fact, they only got the dev kits 6 months before the console launched. In my opinion, I think they did a great job of creating a version for the Wii U. I played it on my 360, and can say that I believe the Wii U version is superior in a few ways. Also, how can you say Zombie U was/is a crap game? Of all the horror genre titles I have ever played, it stands out as being one of the best. Again, Ubisoft, and virtually all other devs for that matter, only got dev kits around 6 months before the Wii U launched. So, to learn how to programme the console, find out it's strength and weakness points, and to create a brand new IP in 6 months, I think they did an amazing job with Zombie U.

However, as we all now know, we have been shafted many times by Ubishfted, and lied to. Putting back the release date fkr the Wii U version by another 6 months, so they can make even more use of the Game Pad. Wrong, real reason, if they had released at the same time as the other versions, they would have been going up against MK8, which they certainly did not want. When they finally decided to release it, they chose the perfect time so as ro get the least amount kf sales. Releasing between Hyrule Warriors and Smash, gives them more reason to say. 'Nintendo owners DO NOT play mature games'. Well Ubishafted, if you did not lie, actually created titles for the Wii U from the ground up, instead of putting ankther version through the Unity 2.0 engine, and then just touching up the edges, people might actually buy your software. Also, you claimed that sales of AC4 were quite low. At the time you made that statement, the Wii U version had already sold more than 200,000 more than the Xbox1 version..... see, yet another lie/exchse.



akaDv8R commented on Black Forest Games Confirms New Giana Sisters ...:

In Europe anyway, the patch to fix the sound on the Game Pad has been out for quite a few months. I have been dipping into Giana Sisters every so often, and usually play it on the Game Pad. The path fixed the sound perfectly, and like I said, has been about for a few months now. Maybe some people shoukd check the Miierse official posts every now nd then, it was announced way back.



akaDv8R commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

@kobashi100 Exactly what makes Xbox1 next gen, and Wii U last gen? Wii U has dual screen support, never been done before. 2 player local and multi player, each with their own screen, never been done before. Asynchronous multi player, never been done before. Also, it is the ONLY console that is bavkwardly compatible. Nintendo is the only company of the 3 to have enough reserves, to wait out, until the launch of their next console, which is typically every 5 years.

Time and time again, devs are declaring they are finding it almost impossible to maintain native 1080p @60FPS, and the Xbox1 is the hardest to achieve this on, because, as a lot of devs say, 'bottle necking'. They simply cannot process the amount of data needed to achieve these resolutions and FPS, due to the processor not being able to handle the amount of data at the same time.

Nintendo could have dropped their price this holiday, but unlike certain companies, they don't just drop something because sales are not what they expected (Kinect 2.0). A lot of people don't realise that Independent devs, ARE 3rd party developers, of which the Wii U currently has around 500 Independent devs developing software for the Wii U. Some of the latest e-shop titles have been of a quality, easily comparable to traditional 3rd party titles, and in some cases better. It is no small surprise Nintendo was voted developer of the year recently. It has been the same for years, and will continue for some time, that when it comes to creating INNOVATIVE and FUN titles, Nintendo are streets ahead. EA and Activision keep churning out remakes of the same game, year after year,. Nintendo releases Mario and MK games quite often also, the difference is, they always make changes to the formula, and expand the series in other ways.



akaDv8R commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

@Joruus_Cbaoth I thought you were serious when you mentioned TitanFall and Dead Rising 3. Dead Rising 3 is one of the worst games I have ever played, and not open world as advertised. TitalFall is just CRAP, simple as. They couldn`t even get the multi-player correct, fighting against Bots!!!! The Wii U also has the highest rated Metacritic games of all 3 consoles to date. Did not see TitanFall or Advanced Warfare win any awards the other night. When it comes to making enjoyable, glitch free games, Nintendo is still the best, and rightly won Developer of the Year.

Having said all that, my favourite game of all time is The Last of Us. It will be a while before anything beats that game, for me anyway.



akaDv8R commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@Quorthon Wow, there really is no way of having an intelligent debate with someone who believes they are always correct, and fail to do any proper research.

You site Wikipedia as a source of information lol. I can add info to that database, and people will think it is true. As for Unreal 4,you might want to check some info with Shinen and at least 2 other developers. The Wii U bundles have been reported to have increased sales also, and I am sure the same is true for the PS4.

Now, go and play on your 'non existent' Xbox1, and leave Wii U owners to play some amazing titles. Obviously you won't be playing them as you said the Wii U is under powered, and won't run the games you obviously play!!!!!!!

Me, I am going to add some extra info to Wikipedia, I mean, it has to be true. I know you will reply in a sarcastical way, but I really cannot be bothered to respond to someone with the intelligence of a chimpanzee, although that is an insult to primates.



akaDv8R commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@Quorthon If your idea of next gen is the tech inside the consoles, then none of them are next gen. In all 3, the specs were decided on at least a year ahead of release, which makes their technology out of date even before release.

Point of fact. Nintendo stated only a couple of week ago that they had SOLD 7.92 million consoles. Microsoft have not given out their actual sold numbers, only their shipped numbers, something they got into trouble for a while ago.

There are a few companies using the latest Unreal engine, who are developing for the Wii U, as some are also using the latest CryEngine.

As for the other points, we will obviously never agree, and only time will tell. Personally, the best outcome for me would be for all 3 consoles to do well, as the winner then is the consumer. In MY opinion, and it is only MY opinion, I have the best of both worlds. A Wii U for exclusives and top notch Independent titles, and my gaming PC for everything else. But to be honest, running Titanfall at over 90FPS still could not make it a game worth playing lol.



akaDv8R commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

Fanboyism coming from an Xbox owner, that is funny. Up until 2 weeks ago I had a PS4, and still have a gaming PC that trances over all the consoles. Microsoft have been in trouble before by stating consoles SHIPPED as consoles SOLD. The money to buy out the Minecraft creators actually came from the other 2 thirds of the Microsoft company.

As for the Xbox1 being vastly more powerful than the Wii U is very debatable. A lot of devs are having trouble getting games running at native 1080p @60FPS, something the 360 did better. Also, in terms of money, it is well know fact that the Xbox1 was not going to make a profit for at least 2 years, and after 3 price cuts, that period has been extended.

Lastly, and this can be layed at the feet of the PS4 also. What is next gen about either of those consoles? The Wii U actually can be classed as next gen to a degree. Off TV play, asynchronous multi-player, local multi-player with a screen each for two players. None of these have been done before. Also, the Wii U is backwards compatible, something the other 2 stupidly left out.

I will be one of the first to say when I believe Nintendo do something wrong. Should never have used the name Wii in this console. Party and cross game chat should have been implemented, far more aggressive advertising. It is fine to have billions in reserves, but you have to spend money to get the information out to potential customers.

Lastly, I don't mind admitting the best game I have ever played....... The Last of Us on PS4. I may be a lot of things, but a fanboy is most certainly not one of them.



akaDv8R commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@BarryDunne Not just best Playstation game, but in my opinion, without doubt, one of the best video games ever created. The storyline, action, art direction and sound, added to perfect gameplay made it the game it is. In MY opinion, it is going to take an awesome game to beat, or come close to the enjoyment I had playing it on PS4.



akaDv8R commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@Quorthon You might want to check your figures again. Xbox1 has not over taken Wii U in sales. There is almost a million unit gap between them still. You should stop getting your info from vgcharts. Also, it was announced at the end of last year that, Microsoft is looking to off load the Xbox franchise, as it is loosing them so much money each week. As for CEO's, Microsoft is a multi business company, and has a CEO for each section, and the other 2 thirds cannot keep bailing out the console division. There have been quite a few bids, with Warner Bros. being the largest. As for the Vita, I never said there was NO games being released, I stated as have Sony virtually, that they have all but given up with the Vita.



akaDv8R commented on Amazon UK Offers Bargain Prices to Shift Its W...:

Off topic slightly, but still ~Wii U related. To the wonderful ladies and gentleman at NL, is there anyway to get opinions to the guys at Nintendo that REALLY matter, and that could make a CHANGE? Firstly, the PR team for Europe (GB at least) are doing nothing what-so-ever. Why oh why has there not been mass advertising for Smash for the Wii U in the past few weeks? I have not seen one advert. However, I have seen countless ads for both the Xbox1 and PS4.

Seriously, they need to market the console and games aggressively, especially at this time of year. They should be letting people know that it is HD, has amazing exclusive games you simply cannot get anywhere else, it is backwards compatible and has a large VC collection, and also an amazing e-shop lineup. Is it because Nintendo does not consider the UK to be important enough to actually promote their console and games? I remember Mr Iwata saying before MK 8 was released, that there would be TV adverts before and for a long time after its release.

They are sitting on an absolute fortune, which is just earning them interest in the bank. They need to start spending some of their wealth if they want people to know more about the Wii U and its games lineup. There are still many many people out there that think the Game Pad is an add-on for the original Wii!!!!! Two years after its release, this should not be the case, and I seriously wonder at times, if Iwata should move aside, and make room for a younger person, who is more in touch with what gamers want, and how to get their message(s) to the masses.



akaDv8R commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

@Quorthon How long has the Vita been out compared to the Wii U? Also, totally different market. When it comes to the Vita, even Sony have basically given up, with virtually no first party games being released, and very little 3rd party. Compared to the 3DS family, which is what it should be compared to, it is an absolute failure. Despite being more powerful then the 3DS family, it still failed to strike the right note with the paying public. Why? Games, quality games, and a steady stream of them.

As for the Vita being used like the Gamepad as a second screen. That was simply a knee jerk reaction from Sony, who after seeing the Gamepad in action, quickly tacked on the feature to the PS4. In fact, it was roughly 3 months before release that the Vita streaming was implemented. I have has a PS4, and apart from The Last of US, which for me is one of the finest games ever made, it really holds nothing for me, which is why I sold it. The Xbox1 for me is a non-runner. Three price cuts in its first year is unheard of until now. Also, the piece of tech Microsoft was going to change games forever, Kinect 2.0, was dropped like a lead balloon. Also, with Warner Bros. coming in with such a massive bid for the Xbox franchise, it is not going to be long before Microsoft no longer owns the brand. Most of their top CEO`s believe they should sell it while they can still make a profit.



akaDv8R commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

@Samurai_Goroh Exactly what I said a while ago. An extra 6 months to come up with amazing new ways to use the Gamepad, and we get..........OFF TV play and an interactive map, please, be serious.

I would respect Ubishafted more if they were honest. Real reason for the delay, it would have been going up against MK8. Also, they claim
they had a finished game, waiting to ship, around 5 months ago. They were waiting for the install base to rise a bit. Well, it has gone up by around 1.4 million since then, and still no release. If they had a finished game, they would have put it out to recover a large part of their investment.

They are looking to become EA v2.0. Just remember Ubishafted, EA were voted worst company in America 3 years running, you are facing the same if you don`t go back to being the great company that actually cared about its customers.



akaDv8R commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

Just a little point about a couple of recent titles that have released. Purely for a laugh only. Bayonetta 2 (91 Metacrit) says Hi to COD AW on Xbox1 (82 Metacrit) and to PS4 (83 Metacrit). Like I said, just a laugh!!!!!!!!



akaDv8R commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

@Peach64 I never have and never would use vgcharts or any other online review site to get my information. NPD covers North America only, Japan releases its official sales each month. As for Europe and the rest of the World, there really is not a reliable source. No sources outside the actual companies can take into account online sales and digital sales in terms of software.

Seriously, you claim to know your stuff about the console industry, but you are deluded if you think Xbox1 has over taken the Wii U in little over a month.

As for Xbox1 price cuts. They don't want to remain second? Well, at the moment they are third, and for a home console to have 2 price cuts in its first year was unheard of until now. Lastly, it was less than 4 months ago Microsoft came under flack for releasing SHIPPED numbers as units actually SOLD.