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Tue 9th April, 2013

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ECMIM commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

Hilarious that NL is doing PR for Slightly Mad on this by attempting to help them in their spin job. That's pretty pathetic guys, as we all know that SM is now lying through their teeth and you do a tremendous disservice to your readers--and your credibility--by swallowing this nonsense and then passing it on to your readers as the new, fully revised, reality.

As for the rest of you missing the point: the problem here is they LIED, not that the WiiU suddenly, at this late date, can't handle it*, even though SM has been saying for years now that the U rev was coming along well--stop being patsies and being so easily spun by some obnoxiously insulting revisionist history.

(Moments like this make me realize how it is politicians get away with constantly, incessantly, lying through their teeth because their media enablers--and their readers/viewers/listeners--will help cement the lie as conventional wisdom. How utterly pathetic and predictable, tho, given where we are as a culture.)



ECMIM commented on Review: 3D Thunder Blade (3DS eShop):

@flojomojo we didn't even get them on SNES, actually, which couldn't scale individual sprites but, rather, only background layers (thus putting the Lynx above the base 16-bit consoles, at least in this one area)--not until the SEGA CD (or, if we're being pedantic*, the NeoGeo) did we get true sprite scaling and rotation effects a la arcade games.

*Pedantic, because it was, of course, an arcade board in a console case.



ECMIM commented on Video: Fan Manages to Port F-Zero to the Mega ...:

@WaxxyOne actually, that's nonsense. The faster CPU in the Genesis conferred a distinct edge in sheer sprite manipulation--you simply do not see bosses like those in Gunstar Heroes, Contra Hard Corps, etc. Those multi-jointed spritemares simply could not run on the cripplingly-slow CPU powering the SNES, regardless of its superiority in other areas.

(The same can be seen in shoot 'em ups on both platforms where, even though the SNES could manipulate more sprites on paper, the reality was that you paid the price in massive slowdown or had to sacrifice raster effects and background layers to do it--Compile's MUSHA versus Space Megaforce is a prime example of the latter. Same company, but the latter is vastly inferior, technically, to the former.)



ECMIM commented on Review: Titan Attacks (3DS eShop):

Seconded: no 3D, no buy.

(And slowdown? On a SI clone?? The SI games on DS had a hell of a lot more going on than this game does, and there was never a nanosceond of such on them.)



ECMIM commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

@Captain_Gonru Bingo. Your comment should be posted as a news story, as it's pretty much how all action figures/figurines are shipped.

Each case will hold a grip of the popular characters, then diminishing numbers of the lesser characters down to perhaps 1 or 2 of the least popular character.

The only oddity (but not unheard of) is that, reading between the lines, this only applies to the very first shipment and each subsequent shipment will contain basically none of the known rares going forward.

Source: years and years of (ill-spent) action figure collecting, camping stores in the AM, making sure to be there when the box came off the truck to get first dibs on chases/rares.



ECMIM commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

"It's been stressed throughout the development of this homebrew exploit that it won't allow 3DS ROMS to be played, which partially heads off criticism that it'll contribute to piracy."

LMAO, yeah, and if you believe this, I have a rare gold Nintendo World Championship cart, sealed, to sell you for five bucks--wtg helping promote this to a wider audience, NL.

For those of you living in a dream world where this does not turn into a ROM launcher within 3-months, bear in mind that, unlike w/ the DS family, Nintendo does not a. have the userbase to absorb nearly as much wanton piracy as plagued those devices and b. a much higher percentage of the 3DS family userbase will take advantage of it than the percentage that did on DS, which means it will do serious damage to a company already reeling from the disastrous U situation.

All in all, while I'm sure NL can hide behind 'journalistic integrity' on posting this (just like the NYTs hid behind it when publishing US nat'l. security secrets like any good group of proto-anarchists--the UK has its analog in the Guardian*), just keep in mind that you are introducing a much larger group of people that don't frequent hives of scum and villainy like GBATemp, and as with any 'marketing', it's a numbers game, and you are going to damage Nintendo's bottom line when this does 'magically' start launching ROMs in the near-future.

(I am not referring to the abuses of the NSA, but those during the second Gulf War, where there was *nothing[/strong] to be gained--except damaging the government--by the parties involved. Promoting proto ROM launchers most definitely fits in the latter category, not the former.)



ECMIM commented on Review: Woah Dave! (3DS eShop):

@Wilford111 did you actually play arcade games back in the day, or are you just 'remembering' a time you didn't actually live? I ask, because I did live those days, and I dumped well over $5 into games like Woah Dave more times than I can count and, in fact, I still do so with games you would deride as "simplistic"--things like the Bit.Trip series, for example.



ECMIM commented on Video: Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Footage Breaks ...:

Please, please: upgrade the super cheap-looking UI elements. Hell, I do this for work*, so if you need someone to do those fairly cheaply, **I will do them**.

*I'm obviously not in sales, marketing, or tact, but I do solid work.



ECMIM commented on Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringe...:

This is what happens when you bet, heavily, on mobile, and combo that up w/ making 'Western-style' games, instead of Capcom-style games.

(In fact, I'm sure, privately, Iwata has a laugh at Capcom's current trials and tribulations for this very reason.)



ECMIM commented on Coleco Wants to Bring Back Their Version of Do...:

Frankly, I'd prefer the original arcade iterations of most of the best Coleco games--stuff like Venture, Cosmic Avenger and, yes, Donkey Kong (plus Jr. and 3).

(That isn't to say some Smurf's Adventure or otherwise might not also be worthwhile.)



ECMIM commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (North America):

Steel Empire...for $30...for a slightly buffed remake of a (solid, but not great--it sure as hell isn't a Gaiares, TFIV, or MUSHA) shooter from 1992...what am I missing here?? A desire to make sure no other shooters are ever brought to eShop?? Did someone at Teyon cut this deal while on a 3-day bender and agreed to a mil up front?? Sales are going to be severely depressed if a shoot 'em up junkie like me--with no money issues--is balking at the MSRP.

(I mean, for God's sake, Kokuga was $15 and was a full retail release in Japan!)



ECMIM commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Uh, people bought the Wii because it was cheap and had a unique, for the time, library of games--good luck pulling that off w/ a $400 console (w/ no pack-in, system-selling, game) and a slate of games designed, overwhelmingly, to appeal to teenage-and-20-something males.



ECMIM commented on Weirdness: Luigi's Mario Kart 8 'Death Stare' ...:

Perhaps someone else noted this, but this is NOT Fox News--this is a clip from a Fox channel affiliate (read: a regular OTA channel) in NYC, which has nothing to do w/ the cable channel Fox News.

(A small quibble, but accuracy is nice, yes?)



ECMIM commented on Nintendo Quashes Rumours Of New Hardware At E3...:

I see IGN has learned well from our politicians: cry that something was taken out of context even when all the context is right there in black and white, and just hope that everyone--like the rest of our media--pretends that that settles the matter.

(Gee, and I wonder why I have a really dim view of game 'journalism'--"hacks" doesn't even begin to describe these people.)



ECMIM commented on Download Developer Hits a "Brick Wall" When Tr...:

@OptometristLime That's basically my take on this as well, especially after hearing the (very) positive things from a number of devs: "I didn't get my way, so I"m going to use my perch to shame you and idly speculate on what's going on" all with the veneer of 'journalistic' credibility.

(That said, Gamasutra is a massive, insider, watch the language. --Raylax, so nobody should be surprised.)



ECMIM commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

This would be one of those cases where Nintendo's obstinate business conservatism (not to be confused with political conservatism!) bit them hard in the behind though, to be fair, who knows how far up the food chain this ever got without Reiche naming names as to who received and vetted the initial pitch.



ECMIM commented on 3DS eShop Exclusive Nintendo Pocket Football C...:

While I'm sure we're getting this at some point, let me be another American voice stating/reinforcing that we'd really like to see this at some point, NOA, if, for some bizarre reason, you're thinking of skipping us.



ECMIM commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

<i>Hitting his target shouldn't be an issue — the digital release of Stranger's Wrath HD (another title in the series which is due to hit the Wii U eShop in the near future) sold more copies than the original retail version on the Xbox.</i>

Uh, Stranger's didn't retail for $30...

(Frankly, I think he's nuts w/ that price point, but we'll see.)