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Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Release On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Just in case you haven't played it on every other format by then

As expected, new IP Watch Dogs has sold like hotcakes, marking the dawn of another profitable series for publisher Ubisoft.

The game has clearly done the business at retail, even going as far as boosting PS4 sales by 94 percent, and has finally given owners of next-gen hardware something to smile about in what is becoming an increasing barren 2014.

However, what we're really concerned with here at Nintendo Life is the status of the almost mythical Wii U edition of the game, which Ubisoft insists is being worked on as we speak, but has so far refused to give a solid release date to. "Fall 2014" is the best we've been given up to this point, and Ubisoft has reconfirmed this window via an official PR communication:

Watch Dogs will also be released on the Wii U system from Nintendo in Fall 2014.

That's positive news for Wii U owners, but can the game possibly be a big seller when it's coming so long after all the other editions? Also, it will be largely based on the PS3 and 360 versions of the game, which are clearly scaled-back when compared to the next-gen iterations.

Will you still be picking up Watch Dogs on Wii U later this year, or have you already taken the plunge on another system? Or perhaps the delay has totally killed your interest? Let us know with a comment.

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Ultrasyd said:

I'll get it I think. The reviews are quite nice so far. If quality is OK on our console, there is no reason for me to skip it (I don't care if there is a DLC missing).



Shiryu said:

The real game now is to stay away from spoilers and videos from other versions until they do release it.



TreesenHauser said:

I'll still get it. A friend of mine has the PS3 version which he says is good. I still have yet to check it out though, who knows,maybe I'll try it out and find it uninteresting... but I doubt that because this sounds like the kind of game I could play for hours on end. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.



Kiz3000 said:

I have no idea what other games are coming to Wii U in that timeframe, hopefully remedied by E3, so it is definitely on my radar.



ThumperUK said:

This was a must for me but now Ubi has delayed the game I'll probably give it a miss as I'm hoping to be playing bayonetta instead. No doubt sales when released will be low and Ubi will express surprise like they did with Rayman



Extreeeme said:

@Kiz3000 SSBB for example, and Hyrule Warriors probably.

I definitely won't buy Watch Dogs. As a Wii U owner I feel treated like a second-class gamer.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I will definitely get this if the Wii U version has a few nice tweaks to enhance the gameplay. I held out because I wanted an enhanced version. Only time will tell if I was sensible to do so.



whodatninja said:

Game doesn't look that great anyways. It can easily run on the Wii U! Hopefully with added content!

Now the 2012 E3 show, THAT looked "next gen"....



Peach64 said:

4 million copies sold, so we can probably expect Watch Dogs 2 within 2 years!

I don't think the delay will affect sales too much. If people are going to skip over it for a Warriors game, then they'd have certainly skipped over it had they launched the same week as MK8. They'll be bad, but would have been anyway unfortunately, just like AC4. Had AC4 on Wii U sold well, they wouldn't have delayed Watch Dogs.



MrGawain said:

We get a bonus for the Wii U release.

We get to read the reviews of what an underwhelming, repetitive, derivative game it is.



Rafie said:

Are some of you upset that it didn't come out when it was suppose in conjunction with the other platforms?! Honestly would you had played Watch Dogs over Mario Kart 8? I think fall is a great time to release the game. A developer who will utilize the Wii U's powers and gamepad as it should instead of some gimped version of it. This is good guys/gals.



Jazzer94 said:

@CallOfToad wait did my Delorean work are we back in 2008.
On topic I'm going to hold off getting this till Ubisoft say whether or not bugs will be ironed out I might even wait to see what the Wii U version looks like as I'm in no rush



Mega719 said:

We already knew that Ubisoft should have told us about exclusive features or gave us some screenshots and or a gameplay video.This version is still a secret



Trogue12 said:

@whodatninja it really does look THAT great, have you ever played on high end pc before? Or seen it in 4K res? Not to be rude, but you clearly have no idea. I just finished on PC and i loved it, my only gripe is theres no helicopters to fly :C



Sceptic said:

I'll probably be getting it, if only to have at least one moderately worthy rival to my steam offerings. And to support Ubisoft. ZombiU is still one of the best 'mature' games on the platform and one of the better Zombie games overall.



ToniK said:

Still getting it. I hope they manage to make the Wii U version the definitive edition. Still gonna sell just a couple of hundred k's I think, unfortunately.



0utburst said:

If they release it with all DLCs included, I will consider buying it when it goes down below 15 euros.



Einherjar said:

No interest in it at all. The hype around it was just too much and killed any interest i had in the beginning.
So much buzz for yet another open world action game. As if we didnt have enough of those already.
Glad to hear it will still reach the WiiU, but its not for me.
Also, with a marketing strategy like that, it wont sell well. Just another last minute addition to the WiiU line up. A timly release would have been much more effective, but oh well, Ubisoft....



Trikeboy said:

I played it on my PC. The game is dull and repetitive. It's glitchy and has terrible physics. I feel like I'm driving on ice. The missions get very samey and unforgiving. If they fix the game, I may consider buying it. It's another case of Ubisoft promising something awesome but the end product is a let down. As a Nintendo fan, I'm used to their lies but I wish I didn't have to put up with them.



AJWolfTill said:

Definitely interested, If the game has some console specific features which, knowing Ubisoft it may well do, then the wait is justifiable.



heyzeus002 said:

Ill probably pick up the ps4 version at some point and not the wii u one.not really bothered about what they do with the gamepad as I only have 1 pair of eyes so can only look at either the tv or the gamepad so anything they do with it would work just the same on the tv from a pause screen.



shigulicious said:

@MrGawain This. The reviews made the game sound average,despite earning plenty of 8's. Unless the WiiU version addresses the issues and really optimizes the gamepad, Im gonna stay away. Smash Bros. should be just around the corner anyway.



MrKenta said:

Can't wait to not get this until it quickly loses value and starts going for $15 on Amazon!



Cyberbotv2 said:

If there is meaningful use of the gamepad and all the DLC is included, maybe. It can't arrive at the regular price either. We'll see.



PJR0cks said:

yep I'll probably wait for the price drop too, didn't get it for PC, people saying it has a lot of issues, and I got AC4 for Wii U still haven't got around playing it after all these months (still hasn't even been opened).
I think even ubisoft won't expect the game to sell well on Wii U, most people interested in the game have already got it on another platform, and by the time the game releases it will go on all sorts of discounts on other platforms.



Kiz3000 said:

@CallOfToad SSB is coming in Winter, not Fall, but I agree about Hyrule Warriors. Hopefully the Wii U version of Watch Dogs is the definitive version, otherwise their won't be much point in getting in when the other formats will have dropped in price.



Pod said:

Oh well, who knows, maybe the game is actually done by then.



Zorox88 said:

I'm guessing this is coming in fall because no Wii U AC games being released this year.



brandonbwii said:

Does every major 3rd party game and megapublisher have to have such a cynical tone in Nintendo Life articles?



readypembroke said:

I am thinking of dumping WD and cancelling my preorder and use the money for either a lot of Wii games or Mario Kart 8



Ralizah said:

The Wii U version won't sell as well as the others anyway, and it would just be foolish to release it any time around the launch date of Mario Kart 8.



Darknyht said:

My slight interest in it was lost by reviews I have seen. Honestly, I think it would not have done as well as it has if it was not for the fact that there is little else to play on the PS4 (72 games) and XBO (42 games) right now.



Ristar42 said:

I'm playing on PS3 as not ready to invest in expensive new hardware...

I'm enjoying the city and its distractions so much, I've hardly progressed the story, so I cant comment too much on that.
The 'extreem' screen tearing and frame rate compaints on PS3 are an overstatement in my opinion, Amazing Spiderman screen tearing was far worst and very distracting, and the frame rate here appears smoother and more consistent than Black Flag.

There are some problems with white light saturating the screen indoors in some scences as described, the sound balance is inconsistent and the water looks quite flat.

The game still manages to have great atmosphere though, so Wii U version should be good, for those waiting to play. As I had no interest in GTA5, this game seems a good alternative in the open world model.



IxnayontheCK said:

Ubi will release it wayyy after all the others then later say seeee it didn't sell well on Wii u. Smh....



kiltedtrainer said:

Because I don't have a capable PC, PS3/4 or any Xbox, I might try it out but that might only be like a rental. I don't think it has turned out to be as interesting and engaging as it could have been, based on what I've seen and read which is a real disappointment. Maybe the Wii U version will bring something interesting to the table but with a big "AAA" release like this I never really expect to see innovation.



Morph said:

I might pick it up, but realistically they've killed any chances of it doing well on wii u by having such a large gap in the releases.



MoonKnight7 said:

Honestly, I'm not even sure why they are going to bother releasing it. I guess they have to so they don't break a contract, or something along those lines. Lots of people say that it was a good thing because it was the same release date as Mario Kart. I can't say I agree. While the Wii U version would have certainly been the worst selling version no matter what, releasing in the fall will cripple any chances of it being a modest success, as the game will be roughly 5 months old at that point. Many will have moved on by then.



kyuubikid213 said:

I might get this game in the future. Used.

No. Okay, Ubisoft gave us Wii U owners the middle finger once again. With Assassin's Creed III and IV, at least we got the game on time. I think we even get DLC on those. But Rayman Legends? Remember how that was supposed to be exclusive? Remember how that got delayed so it could release on time with everything else? Remember losing features in Splinter Cell? Now we have a delay, and not just that, but at the very least, it will be several months behind the other versions.

By then, I could get the game on my 360 for $40! No. I'm getting the Wii U version, but Ubisoft isn't getting any scratch from me for it.

That isn't to say I won't support Ubisoft's proper efforts. If the next Assassin's Creed is on par, I'll grab that. Hell, I bought Child of Light the other day!



AlexSora89 said:

The worst thing about this is that it sounds like an insult, and yet we should even be grateful for the Wii U actually getting the game.
Given this is the only sandbox game for Wii U (without counting Lego City Undercover, of course) thanks to Grand Theft Auto V giving Nintendo the cold shoulder as usual, it would have been great news (not to mention it would have made a lot more sense) if current-gen consoles got the game simultaneously and sooner, leaving developers time to scale up the next-gen version.
But hey, business is business. If Nintendo keeps the MK8 momentum, they'll get out of trouble soon enough.



Varoennauraa said:

I want it now, but I'm waiting to see the Wii U version game play first. The game is made for last gen controllers of course, but the Wii U would be ideal platform for the concept.



Ren said:

I'm not normally into this kind of game, and GTA5 kind of killed it's thunder. The hacking stuff adds a little bit of depth but the game itself is still pretty dull, same corny cut scenes as all the AC games; it's like being stuck playing as desmond all the time and ice skating in cars. The only thing it got right about Chicago is the icy roads yet there is still no winter in it. Get it used.



RoomB31 said:

If Ubi wants this to sell well on Wii U, it needs a) some exclusive content, b) good use of Miiverse/gamepad, c) must come at at least 3 weeks (or more) before any high profile nintendo game. This was never my genre, but if there is a lull and Ubi plays their cards right, maybe, just maybe.



dumedum said:

Yep, I'll be picking up the superior gamepad-esque Wii U version in Fall 2014, no doubt.



faint said:

@Peach64 i don't know about that. I canceled my preorder the moment I realized it was not only getting delayed but was being outsourced to a small realitivly untested studio of ubis. This tells me it's a glitch fest on the horizon. I would have gladly picked up both but now I will wait for the bad reviews.



WanderingPB said:

Sounds like Ubisoft has made alot of Nintendo fans bitter but than again the lack support they recieved from Nintendo fans is just as bad.

But i digress…if WatchDogs shows some unique gamepad functionality like Deus Ex HR i would definitely buy it but if its a gimped version then im sorry but im not wasting my money.

I bought ZombiU on launch day and dont regret it…that game is awesome…especially after the 2 hours end credits there's more gameplay! Intense game that truly used te gamepads functionality but unfortunately it didnt make enough money for a sequel and that like any fanboys biased hate is WRONG!



Monkeyofthefunk said:

I have just completed Watchdogs on the PS4 and it was ok but nothing special.

It was one of the most overhyped, generic games I've played for a long time. It was fun but nothing new or exciting and it pales in comparison to GTA V. There are 2 reasons I would buy this again, because of the promise of gamepad features, and to support 3rd party games on the Wii U so we get more of them.

As a stand alone game, it's just not that good.



readypembroke said:

@luke88 @heyzeus002 @MoonKnight7 I don't know, I might do it. This is like the first time ever that Ubisoft has ever angered me. Watch Dogs however comes out later this year which gives me a lot of time that I could re preorder it. One of my friends wants me to get Watch Dogs while the other one wants me to get mario Kart 8. He even asked me 2 days ago about if I had Mario Kart 8. I could still get both as I got $75 from my history teacher for getting the highest grade in the class on the American History EOC (234/250). Also I will be getting a $50 gift card to Walmart as I got "advanced" on my Algebra I and English I EOCs also. I have had WD preordered since October of last year. With this game, I might just tell Ubisoft to screw off. I hate to do it, but I might have to sadly



Genesaur said:

It's not the delay that's killed my interest. It's just everything I've seen of the game has slowly dwindled my interest in it, to the point where I've kinda realised that it just isn't my kind of game. I'm torn, however, because I think it deserves a fair shot on Wii U, so I might still take the plunge fpr support reasons... not that it'll matter. I get the feeling of abandonment from Ubisoft on the console. At least they've tried.



Leu10antFalcon said:

From what I've read from Ubisoft's press release, Nintendo will be publishing the definitive version of Watch_Dogs for the Wii U.



ultraraichu said:

I can wait. Just as long as they redefine the Wii U version (likely with exclusive contents added in), make good use of the GamePad beyond map, inventory, and off-screen, and maybe not have it for $60 when the others cost $20 (bad taste), I'll get it on release. If not, then when the price drops.



Yai said:

I ended up getting the PC version of this. It is a good game so I'm not surprised it is selling so well. If it wasn't delayed so much on Wii U I might have opted for that version instead.



PanurgeJr said:

I lost interest a long time ago, and every review I've read suggested the gameplay is standard, dull AAA stuff. I'm out.



HumaneBlaze said:

Im definitely gonna get it whenever it decides to come out. I been waiting for a long time for third partys to bring thier key franchises to nintendo systems and its great we are getting that with wiiu, but it just sucks that it seems these third party devs dont put as much effort into the nintendo version of a game compared to the other systems



MoonKnight7 said:


Whoa! Nice job with your classes. I wish my teachers would have given me gift cards and whatnot, haha.

It's totally up to you. I've been upset with Ubisoft ever since the Rayman Legends debacle, as I think it is one of the many reasons the Wii U is in it's current state. Me personally, I'm going to wait and see what kind of reviews it gets, as I heard it isn't the same team that made the other versions.

Mario Kart is a must have, but I'm sure you knew that already. But do what you want though, it's your money.



Ryno said:

If I have trouble sleeping in the fall I may pick this up. I find these games boring now.



MrCanzine said:

If it' s better than the others, meaning proper use of the gamepad to add more interesting game play and maybe some extra bonuses not seen in the other versions.

otherwise if it's just a bad port with nothing much to add, it could be hard to justify the price premium since the other systems will probably have it discounted by then. Buy it for $29.99 for PS4 with exclusive content, or buy it for $59.99 with nothing extra. Like the Mass Effect 3 dilemma this may be.



kobashi100 said:

@Rafie releasing it at full price when other versions will be cheap is not a good idea. The game will be old when it's released on Wii U.

It will bomb massively and I fully expect it to be the worst version performance wise.



Contrite said:

I've tried it at a friend's, and It's not something I'm going to buy. Neither on PC or Wii U.

It's just .. mediocre. Dull. If you're a gigantic fan of the "normal" gameplay in GTA it might be a good game too you. But the only thing I find fun in GTA is trying to break the physics.



TreonsRealm said:

I can see the future news article now that reports that the Wii U version sold the worst (after the 6 month delay and being gimped in some way) and Ubisoft uses the game as their excuse to pull all future support for Wii U (just like EA). Despite being the platform best suited for the game (the Gamepad was born to play a game like this), I have no doubt that Ubisoft will be lazy and just use it for map and off-tv play.

For those who believe that the Wii U version will be something special, prepare for disappointment (this will be a phoned in port job). Also, expect a situation like Deus Ex where the Wii U version will cost $20-$30 more than the other versions when it's released just because it's "new" to the system (despite being on everything else for 6 months). Can't help being pessimistic considering us Wii U owners (and Nintendo fans in general) have experienced this song and dance many times before. On the bright side, at least we got Rayman Legends and ZombiU before loosing Ubisoft. To quote Queen, "Another one bites the dust".



PinkSpider said:

I completely understand not releasing the same week as mario kart, that would have been suicide. But there's no reason to wait nearly another 5 months longer for a game that is now out. Just ridiculous really



Not-Another-Ad said:

Already got it on PS4 and I'm loving it.
I might get it on Wii U if multiple things happen;
They fix screen tearing that have played ps3,360 version.
Include all season pass content
Include all pre-order content
And use the Wii U gamepad to it's fullest.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'm less interested in this now that I've heard some things about it. Basically, I've heard that it's a good example of a sandbox game, a genre I don't really like that much. I'll still be keeping an eye out to see what kind of changes the Wii U version will bring, but I'm a lot less likely to buy it now.



hYdeks said:

I think every Nintendo fan should buy this game launch day, cause in my opinion, it is an amazing game, and your lucky to even be getting a version of the game at all



eleccross said:

I honestly feel like Ubisoft has started to treat the Wii U with less respect as a gaming console.



Hy8ogen said:

Ubi can go suck it for all I care. I'll just wait for good'ol Gabe to activate his discount cards.



kwandar said:

I'll be picking it up. With the game pad it is likely the best version going.

For those being hard on Ubi for a later release, I'd just point out that Wii U's architecture is different than the others, so it DOES take more time - and we may get benefits from that!



Haxonberik said:

It will probably be $20 on all other consoles by the time it launches on Wii U, so I think it'll be almost impossible for me to buy the Wii U version



Taceus said:

Wow, close to calling the Wambulance after reading some of the comments.
OT- Not like I would've bought it now with MK8 out, but in five months time, sure will. Not like Nintendo has anything set in stone for then. As long as they use the gamepad effectively. Hated the gamepad 'dumbing-down' between B:AC-AE and B:AO.



marck13 said:

I'm still looking forward to it (Wii U all the way!)
Only glimpsed at metacritic scores, was a bit disapointed, but that might just be cause I also looked up the awesome press of MK8 at the same time. Yes it's true, Nintendo-games spoil us! But we deserve it!



electrolite77 said:

If it's any good, yes. I like to support third-party games on Nintendo consoles, unlike a substantial number of Nintendo fans.



parkerjames said:

Idk why but I'm way more interested in the WiiU version than the PS4 version. Maybe its because I'm not used to playing such games on Nintendo consoles. I think the gamepad will be utilized nicely as well considering titles like ZombiU and Rayman.



DarkKirby said:

Just in time for people who own a Wii U but not any other system that has Watch Dogs, which is the rest of them.



RedBlueSpot said:

Atleast native 1080p, 30fps or 720p, 60fps.
If it's 720p 30fps i won't buy it. And no upscaling.



Farmboy74 said:

For me to buy this game on Wii U, will require the following:
The definitive version that makes good use of the gamepad
All DLC to date on disc
Positive game reviews



Grumblevolcano said:

Avoiding this game completely, did look interesting in the beginning but the delays (for the Xbox 360 version) changed my mind quickly. Hopefully by the time the Wii U version comes out I'll be playing Wario Colosseum on MK8 via DLC



3MonthBeef said:

From what I've gathered regarding the graphics they aren't anywhere near the polish and sheen we saw at E3 2012 for PS4. Its like slightly better PS3 graphics (not bad just not next-gen looking) with the added power to provide better real-time weather effects. Gameplay overall is nice but there are details missing that are better captured in GTAV or IV can't remember. this matters when they market the game as this super real detailed world that reacts to you.

This is concerning to me because I hinged my purchase of a PS4 on this game. Now I'm not so sure. May have to bite the bullet and get a Wii U instead.



solcross said:

I'll consider it if it really takes advantage of the gamepad and it comes with some exclusive missions. The fact that it was so terribly optimized for PC leaves me open to purchasing it on a console.



Arngrim said:

Ubisofts trolling on the nintendo console has made be totally uninterested in this game.



Nntndo_1986 said:

@Rafie I agree. Especially if they use the gamepad in some best ways, he'll offline play is a score for me once fall comes and kids have homework, don't have to entice them with the game on big screen, just put my over ear headphones and enjoy.

But, for me at least, the timing couldn't be more perfect. It summer people, my son graduates 8th grade and we're doing a Griswald trip across America lol, so I'm going to be out and about, some of that time in a RV so Kart will do nicely for local MP.
Fall comes and watch dogs will give me something to do since WB (now pushed to 2015 for other consoles) dropped BM Arkam for Wii u and Ubi finally did same with AC game.
Will keep eye on this and if port is very bad I can just pick up for PS4 at that time for a few bucks.

Some games I have to have day one mK8 cough cough and other, well until they prove themselves I can use that 60 on some beer



TwilightAngel said:

@hydeks Lucky? Oh yeah were lucky that were getting a half done port that is going to be filled with bugs and with no DLC, no online and the price is still going to be $59.99. Yeah dude were lucky to get watch dogs.



JaxonH said:


Had the game come out with other platforms, no one would have bought it, and everyone would have said "They shouldn't have released it with Mario Kart 8, now the sales will be low and Ubisoft will wonder why. They should have delayed it so as not to release side by side with the biggest Wii U game of the year". That's what people would have said.

But since it's delayed, no one will buy it, and everyone will say "they should have released it with the other versions, but since it's delayed I'm not buying it".

Doesn't matter when this game releases. Either way, people won't buy it and they'll find a reason to blame Ubisoft for them not buying it. That's Nintendo fans for ya.



JaxonH said:


Since when has the Wii U version of Watch Dogs been filled with bugs? And had no online? Wii U version will have online, Idk what you're talking about. And I see no evidence that it's filled with bugs either. And the other versions will still be selling for $60 when the Wii U version releases, so why is that an issue?



TwilightAngel said:

Thanks ubisoft for making me wait for a game that almost everyone played and the wiiu version wont have nothing like the other versions have. This game wont sell well if they don't show footage for it like the use of the gamepad if they dont then why release it. Ubisoft just wants another reason to leave the wiiu. And can't you make a sequel to Zombiu i would rather get that then a half done watchdogs.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH Is not going to have online i assure you it wont just wait and filled with bugs? Have you played the other versions of watch dogs is filled with bugs everywhere. And the worst thing about is that ubisoft actually said they delayed the game so they can clean it up and get rid of the bugs so it can be a great experience. That was a lie and what makes you think they could clean the bugs for the wiiu version that would barley sell.Is a business in the end bro.



JaxonH said:


It actually does and will have online, they already confirmed it. The online is NOT being cut out. That's why I keep saying Idk what you're talking about.

As for the bugs, you're assuming. We won't know until the reviews come in. But if the other versions are full of bugs too, then there's no disadvantage to buying the Wii U version over the other versions, even if it does have bugs.

EDIT: If your'e referring to MULTIPLAYER modes, no that hasn't been confirmed or disconfirmed. But the game is online and will feature the online hacking. But I'd wager they'll keep the multiplayer in too, seeing as they have more than enough time for inclusion. Ubisoft hasn't cheaped out on online multiplayer modes once, and I don't think they're going to start now, especially when they've got plenty of time. But even if they do, does anyone actually care? I mean, really actually care? Nobody plays these tacked on AAA multiplayer modes- people complain when games don't include online MP so they tack on these ridiculous, short lived MP modes, then no one plays them cause they never really cared about them in the first place. They just didn't like the IDEA of it not being there.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH Here is the disadvantage for me im saying for me i would rather have a sequel to ZombiU which actually was amazing then this game. And one last thing think about it why would ubisoft put so much effort like putting online for the wiiu and making the wiiu version of the game the best it can be. Where they know for a fact will not sell well look what happen to assassin creed 4 and 3 sold poorly. Even splinter cell blacklist did not sell on the wiiu well it sold poorly why would they care.



JaxonH said:


Very true logic. I'm not arguing with the logic behind it. But I still think they will. Because logic dictates the game shouldn't even be coming in the first place. Yet, it's coming. So since it's coming, they might as well make it a full game, especially considering this might be the last 'mature' AAA multiplat on the system.

I'm not saying I know for a fact, I'm just speculating, same as you are. But tbh, it really doesn't matter. I don't think a soul on this earth cares about those lame multiplayer modes. They're primary existence it so Ubisoft can check off that box on a long list of "must include" features handed down from corporate suits.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH To tell you the truth i will buy this game if they show us the wiiu version of watch dogs like gameplay the usage of the gamepad or something. I just want the game to be like zombiu that used the gamepad capabilities very well. If they never show us that then im not getting it if they do well im going to get it. I think that's what people want a reason to buy the wiiu version of watchdogs.



JaxonH said:


I heard that. If Wii U is your only console, then that's reason enough right there. It's the only way you can play it. But if you own multiple consoles, then yes there should be a reason to buy it over the other versions. Although, when it comes to AAA multiplats, I don't think they try to give different versions an edge over each other. I think they just release them all the same, and people buy it on whatever console they happen to own. So it's nice that's it's coming to Wii U, because then people who own a Wii U can play it.

Nonetheless, I'm one of the few who own more than one console, and could have picked this up for PS4 or Xbox One already. I didn't though, for two reasons.

One, the online is not free on PS4 and X1. And since the game coerces you into participating online (reduces skill points to zero every play session that you refuse to allow hacking), I'd basically have my skill points stay at zero because I'm not a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold member. I refuse to be bullied into paying a subscription. With Wii U, there is no online fee, so I can allow hacking all day long and not worry about paying a fee for it.

Two, the gamepad can make this game so much more streamlined and enjoyable. Granted, I DO like my trophies and achievements and all that, but I like Miiverse more so those kind of cancelled out. But yeah, like you said, the gamepad can be what separates the Wii U version from the rest. Worst case scenario, the 2nd screen integration is clumsy and doesn't streamline anything, and you just play it like the other versions, without using it (or with a Pro Controller). So AT IT'S WORST, it'll be just like the other versions. But AT IT'S BEST, it could be so much better with proper gamepad use.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH Your first reason of not buying watchdogs forthe ps4 and the xbox one is a good one. Paying to play online thats the reason i have not bought it for those systems. The second reason the gamepad would be the reason for the wiiu owners to buy it i will wait for more info about the wiiu version of watch dogs.i will give ubisoft one more chance to show us they didit just waste our time with this.



JaxonH said:


But even if the game doesn't use the gamepad at all on Wii U (which it will, but I'm just saying), it's still the same game on Wii U, so it's not like we're getting anything less than other platforms. I'd still buy it on Wii U even without gamepad integration. It's the same game. It's just on a system we own. But fortunately, it WILL have gamepad integration. Not sure how well it'll be done, but if it's anything like Splinter Cell Blacklist then I'll be thrilled. I LOVED how streamlined that game was via the gamepad. It's the simple uses that are always the most practical.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH Yeah but if they did not use the gamepad which i hope they will. What was the point of delaying it if they was just going make a wiiu port of watchdogs without using the gamepad. Then there wasting our time and there's.



JaxonH said:


Not true. A good game is never a waste of time. The delay had nothing to do with the gamepad. It had to do with the fact the game was already delayed twice and they wanted to release ASAP. Wii U is proven to sell very low, so as a low priority they pushed it back so that the team could help get the other versions out faster, the versions that sold millions of copies. That's just how business works. Highest sales get priority.

But the game is still coming, so it's not a waste of anyone's time. We had no time vested in this. We're just consumers. It's not a waste of their time either. It was actually beneficial to them to delay this version and get the others out before E3. We're just the lowest priority, and this is how the cookie crumbled. But again, we had no time vested in this game. It comes when it comes. If people want it, they can buy it. It's a good thing that this game is coming. They didn't even have to bring this game in the first place, considering the last Idk how may ports they brought flopped like a fish out of water.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH Im not going to argue about that in the mean time there im going to wait until ubisoft shows something to make me pre order this game again. If they dont show anything my opinion of this game will not change. Im still going to think this is going to be a half done port when it comes out. I hope you respect my decision friendo.



JaxonH said:


Of course I will- everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nothing wrong with debating those opinions though. Sometimes it helps share perspective you would have otherwise never thought about.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH That is so true but it actually depends on the person you can have a debate with cause they can just hate or bash on you if you dont accept there opinion.Its funny too see that but really childish.



JaxonH said:

Oh, don't I know it lol. There's one individual that will insist you see things his way, and if you don't then he'll tell you to keep sticking your head in the sand, because OBVIOUSLY anyone who doesn't share his opinion is like an ostrich lol... you can't even reason with somebody like that.



onery said:

@ThumperUK yea, can you imagine?

"The WiiU had the least amount of sales for Watch Dogs. We're not sure why but that's the reason we'll use for not bringing any new games to the system for the rest of the year."

Yeesh, I'll be expecting similar statements to the one above 2-3 months after it's out. They're probably using it already as ammo for their E3 interviews and such.



Marioman64 said:

what's with all you people not buying games because they get delayed? kind of stupid, actually, a lot stupid. if they made a really late release date to start with you wouldn't be complaining. Be patient for the game you want, or you never wanted to get it in the first place. Don't act like you "used to want to get it" but got over it.
I for one am definitely getting this, as it will go nicely with Deus Ex that I also have on my Wii U for AAA third party games



AshFoxX said:

I will only consider buying on Wii U if 1, I don't have a PS4 by then (which I don't see happening in my immediate future) and 2, they do something unique and interesting with the gamepad to WARRANT not only the delay, but a reason to pay full price for Wii U when I can pick up a discounted, by then, copy on PS3.



Vriess said:

Better late then never I say. However...they better not ask full retail price for the Wii U version while, by that time, you can get it on the other platforms for €30,- or less.



Gamer83 said:

I wonder if the timing of the release means no AC at all on Wii U this year. It'd seems strange considering it got 3 and 4 but if sales for the Wii U versions of both were pitiful then I guess I could see Ubi sticking Watch_Dogs in there instead.



Gamer83 said:


I can understand the frustration with delays though. I was really looking forward to Batman: Arkham Knight, which WB even just a week or two ago said was coming out this year, then they pull the rug out from under you. I won't say 'I'm not buying the game,' but I'd be lying if I said it's not annoying. Just don't put a damn date on it if you're not sure when it will come out.



Ste said:

I still have my pre-order at amazon, I just hope UBI doesn't punish nintendo if sales are weak because that wouldn't be fair because of the delay.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

If they put in DLC I'll double dip. I've got it on pc but with the poor optimization I've not played it much.



Henmii said:

Failure! And even fall won't be the case: It will never appear on the Wii u!



Zymesh said:

There is an update on the Uplay app and i can see watchdogs cheevos listed... not sure if this is a sign that its getting released for sure?

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