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Sat 4th May 2013

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MrCanzine commented on Video: Is This The Hardest Super Mario Maker L...:

These are why Mario Maker needs a new category to upload to. I'm getting tired of these types off levels showing up in expert in 100 Mario challenge. They're neat to look at but I should not be penalized for not completing it.



MrCanzine commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

@FragRed true, I wasn't aware of that. Though looking into it there appears to be very few DSi only games but with the new 3ds there may be more developers going after not only the better hardware but also extra button features. Hopefully that's not the case here. Either way I'm not buying a new handheld until next generation with all this uncertainty floating around.



MrCanzine commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

One thing Nintendo did wrong though is release the more powerful 'new' 3ds which fragments the software landscape. 2 years from now how many games will be just for 'new' 3ds? I don't consider a console still being relevant if the console can't play newly released games. That's why games made for Xbox 360 today will still work on the first model of 360. Fragmentation isn't good.



MrCanzine commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

Something to keep in mind is that console sales overlap. Even if Nintendo released a new console handheld next year the 3ds would still be on store shelves for at least a year afterwards. Games currently in development will still be released upon completion and not simply abandoned. The 3ds install base means a lot of potential sales still available. So yes the 3ds will definitely last another 2 years.



MrCanzine commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

@Hotfusion The Wii U may not be a profit juggernaut but releasing a new console so soon has a lot of downsides financially as well.
It's not like they released a weak tablet pc and can go release a better spec and improve sales. The console market is about more than the hardware, it's about the software, the community, the 'investment' by consumers who buy a console expecting a certain amount of support into the future and marketing.

Releasing a new console so soon is no slam dunk profit guarantee, since a good chunk of their loyal fan base, those who would most be likely to purchase a new console at launch, may feel resentment at having to spend more money so soon just to keep up.

Nintendo has to loom at whether it's better financially to stay the course with this console and support it as best it can until the 'next-gen' race comes around again and compete well, or if releasing a console now, potentially losing loyal fans, and trying to get current gen gamers who may have already spent their console money to but a new one, with a system that is guaranteed to be under powered by the next generation.

We'll find out eventually.



MrCanzine commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

There are still a few issues that need to be considered when it comes to new hardware. If they launch next year like so many suspect, they will launch in the middle of a 'generation' with what everyone is hoping to be a massively powerful x86 console, which would have the price tag that goes with it.
This means they fight for the same pieces of the pie ad the others, after many people already made their purchase for this generation. If an NX released next year and somehow sold 10 million in its first year, that would still leave numbers like 10m for NX, 30m for Xbox and 50m for ps4(pulled numbers out of my ass just for example and arguments sake).
Will supporting Wii U until its end of life while supporting a new device help the bottom line? will third parties flock to the system or just find other reasons to avoid fragmenting their developments?

How will Nintendo's launch Line up look? it would have to be extra fantastic in order to compete with the games libraries of the other consoles which will have been out for close to 3 years by that point.

People seem to be hoping they'll launch all of their top franchises at launch like the end of a fireworks display, here's metroid, here's Mario galaxy 3 and star fox zero reloaded and donkey Kong and Mario kart 9 and Zelda nx.

Maybe they'll launch next year, maybe they won't, but if they do, I don't think it will end well. Then they're stuck in the mid generation cycle for every new console, unless they make one that remains a seller for one and a half or more generations.



MrCanzine commented on Splatoon's Ranking Battle 'Splatometer' is Sup...:

I don't have the game, but for the sake of those who do and the reputation of Wii U I hope they get it up soon.

Sounds like a lack of content put off the gate that annoyed reviewers will jump on, not to mention its Saturday, and many of the user base won't be happy to wait until Monday to be able to play a new mode.



MrCanzine commented on ​Lego Jurassic World Pre-Order Freebies Comi...:

When third parties don't release the same product or offer the same release dates or dlc options, then yes blaming the third party for not supplying enough to give an even field for sales is a valid reason. If sales are weak, is it simply because Nintendo owners don't like this party games, or is it that the inherent value of the product was diminished and people choose to spend elsewhere?



MrCanzine commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

The likelihood of actual paid for games being deleted from a console are very slim. And if the company actually deleted the games from every console, no doubt they'd also have some patch to refuse play for the physical games.

Amazon did pull 1984 from peoples devices, which was scary enough and very ironic, and I can't recall if refunds were given(or maybe that was a free book?). I remember the issue was that they didn't actually have permission to sell the book, so nobody should have been able to get it in the first place.

I think the timed checks others mention for Xbox and PlayStation are to make sure the paid subscription is still in tact, but I don't think applies to the 360 since the free games for that are kept regardless of subscription level.

I wouldn't worry too much about companies deleting paid for games without some form of refund, otherwise they could possibly face a big backlash. Most of that stuff is likely in the EULA to protect them from lawsuits for more minor offences, like removing free demos, software that wasn't legally able to be sold or deleting DLC that infringes on someone else's copyright.

That said, I still prefer physical but have considered digital more lately as I start seeing some benefits to not having to change discs, just to go "hmm, maybe not actually in the mood for this after all"



MrCanzine commented on Guitar Hero Live Won't Work With Your Old Gear...:

I would love to see RockSmith brought to Wii U. I might consider that. It'd be neat to also make the balance board useable as a multi use sound pedal thingy.

Don't think I can bring myself to spend they money and collect yet another plastic guitar. I t think there should be a rule about how many plastic guitars anybody over thirty should possess.



MrCanzine commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

First, I doubt anything would be released in 2016, only announced with little info, then E3 the following year with release the year after that, like others have said, 2018 possibly.

Second, like others have said, you won't get the power you desire in a one console for all system.
There's a big difference between "over platform" and "one system". Windows 10 is a platform, you can make games that work on any windows 10 device, or you can make games that only work on Xbox. Same could be done with a handheld system and a more powerful home console counterpart. Some serves could develop a game with low enough sources to work on both, others may only work on the home console version.

Lots of rumors will fly now but it's too early to even speculate at this point, though admittedly it's fun to imagine.



MrCanzine commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

@Bolt_Strike That's what I was trying to cover with my post.

For those who only want one device, the Nintendo device could suit their needs, especially if it was compatible with Android software like I suggested.

For those who may not want that Nintendo device to be their phone, but still want the Nintendo device (Just like people do today with their phone and also carrying around a 3DS), then they'd have that option too.

So it's not about buying 2 phones, it's about the Nintendo device being able to be a phone if needed, but also not just be a phone.

If Nintendo is to compete with cell phones, they can't just have one dedicated phone, because people who don't want a Nintendo branded phone also won't get Nintendo things. And if Nintendo doesn't make a Nintendo Device that can be used as a phone, then gamers of the future will still be buying 2 devices anyway(1 phone, and 1 Nintendo portable console/3DS successor)



MrCanzine commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

I think if they would branch out to mobile they should go all in then. Make their next handheld system in such a way that it can operate as a phone but is not so phone centric that it couldn't be carried around along with another phone. some people may want a Nintendo phone but others may want a Samsung as their phone but still have a Nintendo mobile game system.

Shouldn't be much harder than adding network connectivity like the 3g vita.

As for the OS I think they'd be best off making their own so their games can operate as they always have and not be Android based. But the key would be to also have an android emulator or compatibility later like blackberry has so people who choose this phone aren't also choosing to have a phone with no apps.



MrCanzine commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

Only one exclusive game made the list. So I think any comments about bayonetta 2 not making the list are a little unwarranted.

I would not expect a nintendo exclusive like bayonetta 2 to sell more on the Wii U alone, than minecraft or destiny in all other platforms combined.



MrCanzine commented on Interview: Rocky Morton On The Chaos Of Direct...:

I always enjoyed the movie. I think it gets so much hate because people can't separate the game from the movie. If viewed as a series of events that lead to the video game story being created then it's easier to let go.



MrCanzine commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

Like many have said you can't really compare each as more influential since world is the next in the series, it's been influenced by 3. Yoshi's abilities could almost be said to be an evolution of the boot Mario could jump around in in 3, being able to walk on terrains that would normally kill Mario.

If you were to ask which were more influential to gaming, sonic the hedgehog or Mario bros. It might be more debatable, but otherwise each Mario game brought something new to the table which influenced everything else going forward.



MrCanzine commented on Nintendo Announces Super Smash Club for Canada:

Meh, in Canada these events are always in the same places. If you don't live in or near Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, St. johns, Winnipeg or a couple other major centres then it's hardly worth it.

Always get a little jealous when they run promotions like the one this summer going city to city. I ain't driving hours to stand in line and play some demos though.

Be nice if they showed some love for other cities, and not just Toronto, etc.



MrCanzine commented on You Can't Count Nintendo Out, Says Activision CEO:

@willgord it may sound fanboyish but some of the reasons may actually be because some don't like Nintendo. While it may not be overly accurate at a management level, when you watch interviews with some of their development heads and other programmers they have very little good to say about Wii U or their Wii U versions. These attitudes can carry some weight going up the chain of command. If enough programmers and such say Wii U is just too underpowered then management will believe it.

But I'm not saying that's the only reason. Most of it is their poor marketing. While they may have lots of numbers in their databases to crunch which may show the market isn't interested, those numbers arrived after poor ports and bad marketing. So the only thing their numbers should prove is that their marketing strategies are failing in the Wii U market, rather than the Wii U market failing to be willing consumers.

Perfect example is the watch dogs issue I mentioned. They'll blame Wii U market for poor sales of the game like Wii U owners simply don't purchase "mature" games, rather than blaming themselves for releasing the game almost a year after the other versions, in the middle of the holiday shopping season with all the new AAA titles.

They've got the numbers but they choose to interpret them in a way that justifies their lack of investment. After all if investors knew how much money they could make if they improved marketing in that market rather than abandon it they may start asking questions about the company leadership.

Currently almost 10million console owners are not being marketed to.



MrCanzine commented on You Can't Count Nintendo Out, Says Activision CEO:

@willgord with the install base being what it is, it's economically viable as long as it's given the same treatment as other platforms.

But if they release a bad port or talk crap about that version or just pretty much make no mention of its existence in any ad campaigns or interviews then it's not economically viable.

Watch Dogs was selling for $39 yesterday on all systems except Wii u since it's not released yet. By the time it's released it'll probably be $39 even when not on sale, and Wii u will be $59.99 with very little advertising or hype and yet Ubisoft will complain and the viability of the Wii U market rather than look at their own poor marketing practices.



MrCanzine commented on Weirdness: The Cyberith Virtualizer Combines W...:

Saw a setup like this on dragon's den, or maybe it was shark tank. Seemed neat but as it's currently just a concept at this point I'd avoid investing too much. Even if this goes all the way it's still reliant on too many 3rs party hardware to be a finished product. Once they're out the door one of the bigger players may come out with the same thing with a fully supported user base, etc. Such as project morpheus.



MrCanzine commented on The Unreleased Super Mario 64 DD Edition Appea...:

After market add-ons rarely find commercial success so I'd say they were wise not to go all in with this. While it may be neat, it would probably have found as much success in the world market as Sega CD, turbo graphics 16 add on, and such.



MrCanzine commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

Hopefully it does well. It may not seem like a fit with what Nintendo usually has available but that's a bit of the point. Nintendo isn't just for children, and developers can realize this, and Nintendo is also diving into these types of games showing they don't just work with non violent stuff. What Nintendo has been doing recently being involved with games like this and bayonetta reminds me a bit of when Disney started going into more risky territory as well. Back when pirates of the Caribbean came out it seemed a bit violent for a Disney movie, but now Disney does plenty of action and violence. This can hopefully start to be Nintendo's Disney turnaround time where they start shedding the "just for kids" reputation so many people avoid Nintendo for.



MrCanzine commented on Bayonetta Download Code Included With Retail a...:

Don't like the idea of digital only since it can't be sold with the disc. Hopefully the original can be purchased on eshop as well so people buying used have the opportunity to purchase the original, but depending on the price of the original in the eshop it may end up being better to just purchase new and het the free download code than buy used and pay full price for the first.

in either case, I have to fo hard drive shopping, my little basic model can't take it. Additional USB stick only had enough room for Wii fit U. Now I can't fit my free pikmin from mk8 and this just adds to my dilemma,



MrCanzine commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

If it' s better than the others, meaning proper use of the gamepad to add more interesting game play and maybe some extra bonuses not seen in the other versions.

otherwise if it's just a bad port with nothing much to add, it could be hard to justify the price premium since the other systems will probably have it discounted by then. Buy it for $29.99 for PS4 with exclusive content, or buy it for $59.99 with nothing extra. Like the Mass Effect 3 dilemma this may be.



MrCanzine commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

So for $69 or whatever retail price I get Mario kart 8 and one of these games? That's a damn good deal, considering they're real and recent games. After reading the headline I assumed they were offering old VC games, free bubble bobble!



MrCanzine commented on Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Postin...:

Hopefully they increase the allowed size of a post. Sometimes I've had to write two posts back to back in order to explain something. It's like twitter, imposing that character limit just causes more two and three part posts.

though maybe I just need to practice writing shrtfrm txt spk 2sv space. I just canna do it cap't!



MrCanzine commented on Vita Overtakes 3DS in Tough Week for Japanese ...:

Technically the 3ds still has more sales when considering 3ds and 3ds XL combined, which I don't see why it wouldn't be when comparing numbers, not like we split out ps3 and ps3 slim and each model of Xbox 360.

but also good on vita, competition is good and maybe I'll look at one in future. Recently got my hands on a psp go from a phone trade, not a bad piece of hardware, and games are fun. Would still prefer my 3ds but 3ds doesn't have hot shots golf and little big planet.



MrCanzine commented on Weirdness: Now You Can Transform Your GamePad ...:

I'll use my Wii wheels thanks. Doesn't seem like an overly bad idea, but it doesn't appear to actually add any extra functionality aside from keeping the wheel in a fixed position.

I wouldn't mind if Nintendo had one of those force feedback wheels with gas/break pedals though, my friend had one for Xbox and it was kinda cool, though it had to be bolted to his table, good arcade experience.



MrCanzine commented on Club Nintendo in North America to Remove Post-...:

Makes sense in a way, since post play surveys are meant to get opinions and such for use in possible improvements to games in future.
opinions on a 7 year old game may not be very useful in helping improve or innovate.



MrCanzine commented on Nintendo UK's Store Offers The Mario and Sonic...:

Wii U is good for all gamer types. Call of Duty and ACIV have the best game experiences on Wii U. If more "hard core" gamers would allow themselves to look beyond slight increases in shading systems or graphics detail(look I can see 40% more stubble), then maybe more systems would sell and more 3rd party support would be there. Instead they jump on the things they can find lacking and avoid all of the selling points.



MrCanzine commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for February:

If I had a classic controller I might get super Mario RPG. But seeing as how I don't, I won't. I really hope they get a firmware update in future to use gamepad and pro controllers in Wii mode.



MrCanzine commented on Nintendo Canada Announces an Awesome Donkey Ko...:

One reason I imagine it'd be open only to Canada is the logistics. If some from another country won there could be complications with border crossings or lack of proper passport requirements. I doubt Nintendo wants to deal with bad press when someone is denied their grand prize because of cross-border issues.



MrCanzine commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

I don't understand why all these people have to single out Nintendo when making their arguments. I wonder if it's because they'll be treated as more credible when they jump on the anti-Nintendo bandwagon?

If phones and tablets are killing traditional console gaming, then this doesn't just mean Nintendo is risking irrelevancy, but that Microsoft's XBox division and Sony's Playstation divisions also risk becoming irrelevant.

Then he says, as well as many others, that Nintendo caters only to the young crowds, which is really only false assumptions based on some word of mouth reputation Nintendo's managed to get. They really tried shaking it off with the Wii U to get that 'hardcore' crowd but it's an uphill battle. But I think it's safe to say they're not trying for the 12 and under only crowd with games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and whatnot.

Nintendo will need to evolve over time or else risk issues in the future, just as Arcades may have been phased out over time due to the prevalence of home console gaming, but that's not to say that Nintendo(And other home console companies) face extinction if they don't immediately move to software only companies.

Maybe they'll innovate further on their next generation, as Nintendo does tend to be one of the main innovators, time will tell. Personally I wouldn't mind if their next handheld were a hybrid Nindendo phone that plays Android games or even some dual boot feature. Who knows, maybe their R&D team.

Just hoping they stop singling out Nintendo only, not because I'm a fan of Nintendo, but because it shows either bias and/or ignorance, both of which are difficult to take seriously as an opinion.



MrCanzine commented on John Carmack: Doom 3 BFG Edition Would Be Grea...:

@pcruthven I think Doom 3 BFG Edition already comes with Doom and Doom II, part of what makes it the BFG edition. At least my copy on PC did. Also came with the 2 bonus packs.
What would be cool too, in my opinion anyway which doesn't count, would be if more games came with extra bonus features like making of's and such, especially when it comes to these older type games and compilations of games. Like Command & Conquer the first Decade, came with the bonus disc that had all of the interviews and making of and such. Not needed by many people, but when putting together a compilation of old games with a new one, ala Doom3 BFG, it'd be neat to have interviews and stuff with people like John Carmack talking about the history of Doom and stuff.



MrCanzine commented on John Carmack: Doom 3 BFG Edition Would Be Grea...:

@ACK Regarding publisher interest, that would actually make sense to give his comments credibility. When I first read the quote about not enough interest, I assumed he just meant that he assumes there isn't enough interest in the community for it, but it would make sense that publishers have balked at the idea. If there isn't enough publisher interest, then there is not enough interest. At least I would hope that's it. I'd definitely like a DOOM3 BFG edition on the WiiU, though I'd hope they'd update it a little with new things so it's not just a port of a previously released game available for $39.99 on other systems that gets released on WiiU for $59.99. Those really annoy me and I feel like someone's laughing at me when I purchase them, like some sort of WiiU tax.



MrCanzine commented on Iwata: Nintendo Searching For A "Different Exp...:

I think trying to focus on one specific word that will describe it is not the way to go, as has been pointed out by a few people. You'd want to describe the experience itself, or its use, or simply show it off in visual media if you must.
Can't really put what it does or is capable of into one word. It can really be more immersive though, when you don't have to stop gameplay for certain cutscenes or other things, like in Resident Evil games when the communicator goes off, you could see the video communication on the gamepad while continuing to play.



MrCanzine commented on Iwata: Nintendo Searching For A "Different Exp...:

Sounds like they need to hire the guy who comes up with names from that U.K show "Monkey Dust".

Pretty hard to come up with a special word to describe it, it's just very functional and makes some games better.

NintendoLand didn't get the same reactions as Wii Sports did, but that's not anything against NintendoLand, it's just that WiiSports got so much publicity from people who really really enjoyed bowling on it. It became such a little Party Game to just get friends together and play tennis or bowling, etc.
Games with the gamepad aren't so easy pick up and go, at least not in the same sense. I found it was much easier to convince someone to play a quick 3 round golf on WiiSports "just to try it out" than it is to convince someone to pick up the gamepad and play.



MrCanzine commented on Impressions: The Best Buy "Nintendo Experience":

Dang that's really too bad, I did not know about all the swag. I was actually at my Best Buy location about 40 minutes before the event, the place was completely empty. When we mentioned the event to a Best Buy employee in the TV section he seemed oblivious about it. I figured it probably wasn't one of the Best Buy's hosting the event and I wasn't there for that purpose anyway. On my way out I saw the poster and such, but decided not to bother waiting around for another 40 minutes for noon. Bah! I could have possibly had Luigi swag.
That's my story, thank you for listening.



MrCanzine commented on The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Getting a 20th ...:

A lot of people hated this movie because it strayed from the source material, but I think they didn't have much of a choice. At the time this was made, Mario games were about running through levels, jumping on goombas, kicking turtle shells and using a leaf to turn you into a flying raccoon while avoiding an angry sun who chased you.

I think what they did with this was interesting, they created back stories for one dimensional characters and tried to add some sort of realism to it. Some parts were very cheesy of course, but overall it wasn't too bad. The trick is to separate in your mind this movie from the video games enough to not be annoyed that a thwomp is some big lady with power boots rather than a giant stone that floats up in the air and falls down. Or that King Koopa is an evolved Tyranasaurus who rules the land, rather than a big spiky lizard who jumps up and down and blows fireballs.

For live action, I liked Super Mario Bros.
For staying true to the Super Mario games, there's always Super Mario Bros. Super Show and the Adventures of SMB3 cartoons.