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Nntndo_1986 commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

Played all three sessions, although only got on half way through on the 3rd (had an appointment that could not be avoided).
Very enjoyable. While I did have a couple of disconnects during actual games, the fact that every game was virtually lag free was just amazing. Don't know if network code for paint splatter is inherently wrong than bullets (cough BF4) but it was an amazing online experience.

Didn't know we could turn off motion until I got into 3rd session (that's just impatience though knowing you have 1 hour to play so didn't bother to read screens and options). So before turning it off I really wanted to, my kids were doing great but it just really felt off for me. I really wanted a first person experience and the added motion, I guess, did not do it for me.

Well surprise, I turned it off in one game and immediately turned it back on for the rest. I will definitely keep motion on. I put sensitivity all the way up but the look on right stick was not responsive whatsoever. Oh ,well funny that as soon as I went back to motion I fell in love



Nntndo_1986 commented on Video: Our Guide to the Splatoon Global Testfi...:

SO far I have had much fun with the game. I really went in thinking "it just couldn't be that great" but I've been playing with my kids as well and it's been a blast.
1. Ok Motion can be turned off, I think because I'm almost 40 I just don't have the brain power to be quick anymore lol, my kids are breezing through with the aiming but I just felt off... Now that I know we can shut that down I will betraying motionless for final session.

2. Voice chat.... Yes we do need it, as someone mentioned earlier I run around and in some levels you can see clearly how things can unfold, well at least unfold for me to say that dude is getting shot, and sure enough bam!!! I don't use chat 100% of the time in other games but when I do (and when the team is cooperating) it just works!!!! Just played battlefield a while ago and I can see how this is faster paced, but still give me the option to chat and control it, enough said.... By no means a deal breaker but geese I keep screaming watch your back but no one is there to listen, speaking of which, I'm sure someone could have warned me many times

3. It's a day 1 purchase with all the guns/subs we are not able to play with. I mean I just know there will be that one gun, with good medium/long range that I enjoy. Hats/shoes/accessories that you have to play around with it to get your balance right, I can't wait........

4. Okay, Nintendo thanks for this but..... 1 hour!!!!!! Come on how about 2 So far not much issue with me, I did get kicked out of two games in the middle of a match (but after bf4 I'm use to it lol). During one game I was shooting everything but no color change until about 5-8 secs later, so I kept wasting time, knowing the color would show, going back to reshoot what I couldn't see, but it was fun nonetheless.

All in all I am loving this game, and so are my kids so, yeah it's what a game should be fun.... Can't wait to try motionless and see if I can bring out my inner CoD



Nntndo_1986 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:

@benptooey LOL, I got up started the download and scarfed down my breakfast as quickly as possible only to see same thing, updating, installing, wait I forgot to update something, install....... for a second I thought my WiiU went haywire.

Oh Nintendo, it worked out in the end, got to play 200cc; which was not a good idea that early in the morning. Went back to 100 and felt like a turtle.
Enjoy everyone because the tracks are fun!!!!



Nntndo_1986 commented on Wii U Owners Finally Get The Nuketown 2025 Map...:

Well I never finished BOII, not because i didn't like it but just got busy, then all the Zombie maps kept coming out on X360/PS3 and I kept heading to Treyarch forums (A_Trey_U lol) hoping for some maps, I mean seriously Xbox first PS3 a month later, I would have been happy for Wii U 6 months later to be honest that's how much I love the zombie maps with my family.

Anyway nothing ever came out. But this news... hmm I really don't care about multiplayer as much as Zombies, I mean me and my fan spent hours on 360 playing first BO and cycling through all the maps. SO if they can bring out all the Zombie maps that was missed on Wii U I'm defenitley going on EBay or somewhere else to get my copies back. But alas not just for this thing, in the end while it seemed to make sense not to bring this out originally (even if already coded) since we would all be up in arms about the rest of the maps it just doesn't make sense now.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

@Rafie I agree. Especially if they use the gamepad in some best ways, he'll offline play is a score for me once fall comes and kids have homework, don't have to entice them with the game on big screen, just put my over ear headphones and enjoy.

But, for me at least, the timing couldn't be more perfect. It summer people, my son graduates 8th grade and we're doing a Griswald trip across America lol, so I'm going to be out and about, some of that time in a RV so Kart will do nicely for local MP.
Fall comes and watch dogs will give me something to do since WB (now pushed to 2015 for other consoles) dropped BM Arkam for Wii u and Ubi finally did same with AC game.
Will keep eye on this and if port is very bad I can just pick up for PS4 at that time for a few bucks.

Some games I have to have day one mK8 cough cough and other, well until they prove themselves I can use that 60 on some beer



Nntndo_1986 commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

I'm one of those that will get both games. But will wait for WD WiiU if/when it comes out. Have summer trip so MKart will keep me busy. If WD comes out in fall it will give me something fun to do. I hope there is still some multiplayer aspects on WiiU version.
As for my PS4 it's strictly for stuff I can't get on WiiU. So last of us since I did not have ps3 last gen. I've played tomb raider which I thought was great. Looking forward to BF Hardline (hoping it's like counter strike in some ways) now if ubi does in the end cancel wii u WD that means I can get PS4 version for cheap, I'm sure it will be like 30 by then.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Tecmo Koei and Eiji Aonuma Outline Origins of ...:

@Shambo great description... I've never played a Dynasty game, so whe. This was announced I was meh, but little by little I find myself really getting into it. Now that I found out off-tv co-op is part of the package, nothing will be better on a Saturday afternoon with my kids then beating the crap out of some bokoblins and unlocking/upgrading weapons and armor. I'm sure it will get repetitive but most things do, as long as I enjoy it I'll be a happy passenger on this train.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Nintendo Brand Manager Hopes Mario Kart 8 Will...:

Just played the demo at a gamestop by my house, the first I went to had broken game pad ugh... Man each of the 8 tracks were magnific and too think I have 24 more to play. I'm way hyped for it.
Now for complaints....
1. Okay i was okay with no voice during in game, I mean I think it would be fun, and who wouldn't put a mute with voice so just why by add it. But again fine. Now I heard at the beginning the lobby would have it so that would be just fine. Meet up talk trash, strategies (like I do with battlefield squad mates that I don't know) then I find out last week it's only for friends. And on top of that no way to communicate with them before hand to play Online. Seriously wtf!!!! Man as much as I love Nintendo games, there whole infrastructure is just mind boggling to me.

See that's the only problem. I am 37 with two kids and while local is going to play amazingly, when they go to bed and my adult a$$ stays up I wouldn't mind talking with others. I remember wii kart and how I would play online and be like damn wish I could tell this or that guy great game and driving. Meet new people and add to friends list. Man how am hard is it for a company to realize it is a parents job to monitor their kids and not worry about backlash from dead beat parents finding out their kids had some f'ed up communication online. Not every parent is like me (enjoys gaming with my family) but it doesn't mean they just put a game in and walk away.
I let me kids play battlefield,ps4, or ghost, wii u and I tend to listen to other chatters, I've taught my kids to learn to mute certain people(annoyingly disrespectful, ignorant ones) and keeps the people that play as team, help out talking about load outs and such. They are out there and communication is key.
Oh Nintendo, why oh why



Nntndo_1986 commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

@unrandomsam you do have a point. Assuming the game comes out 6 months after ps4 and goty comes out for far less, as someone pointed out the port for Wii u will need to be beyond spectacular for me not to bite. You go to the store and see a burger and fries for buck fifty and and just a burger (same as first without fries) for 3 bud, it's an obvious choice, considering the burger are similar.
At this time I don't know when Wii u will come out, when Ps4 goty will come out so I can only speak to what I can or can't wait for and that's the Wii u version. Obviously when all the dust settles and I'm presented with the same game and highly different prices I may just bite on ps4 version. But again they will need to be out at same time otherwise I am fine getting Wii u version as it is out at the time I am willing to get it.
I may not be explaining myself as some may just say wait for goty, but I've read reviews on dlc on many games and to be honest , yeah it doesn't bother me in the least to not have it. To each their own



Nntndo_1986 commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

@audiobrainiac I've always had a Nintendo console and will continue to in the future for their ip's no getting around that.... And I'm fine with that. Now of course seeing how the markets change I did have Xbox 360 last gen, got rid of those and got ps4 this time around to get some of their 1st party gems. I'm kind of Lucky that I can do that, but I do have games on Wii u that keep me and my kids busy and while some have felt abandoned I have had nothing but fun with the console, don't get me wrong I would have loved for all/most 3rd parties to make it over making the ps4 purchases mute. But alas that's how it rolls, I try to deal with it as best as possible.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

Have been playing MH3U since I got it for 20 at gamestop. Never played before now I'm 120 hours in and don't know if I can stop lol, so yeah a delay on this will be perefetct as I try to armor up in MH and jump into MK8 at end of month. My summer is set so it worked out for me with delay.
As for DLC last I ever bought was cod Bo for zombie maps, skipped bo2 on Xbox to support wii u when it came out and although I felt a little left out when the new zombie maps came out for others during BO2 I actually got over it quickly. Saved myself some loot in the process. I think I have hit a corner on content on my games now that I'm older and realize that if a company can't add the stuff in the first place for 60 bux (while it may be worth it) I just will skip it and get the next game on the horizon.
Some may jump in with joke about Nintendo not releasing stuff on a continuous basis or loss of 3 rd party, for them I just say I got life to deal with and the few hours I get during week to play are taken by the games that are there. So I'm set. Hopefully I see everyone in MK8 lobbies soon that's gonna be a great summer



Nntndo_1986 commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

@audiobrainiac funny how everyone wants to have things when they first come out or miss the boat sort of speak. Haven't played last of us but will get this summer for ps4 and I'm looking forward to it. As for this I'm getting wii u version. I love the game pad (I know many don't) in my family it "just makes sense" on how we use the tv and media in our house and it a god send. Obviously would like to play with game pad features in mind but admit I use off TV play quite a bit now that my wife knows she doesn't have to fight for TV.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

@Kamalisk I've asked that about CoD BO 2 and the DLC maps, not that I wanted the regular maps but really would have enjoyed the zombie maps.

They develop the game for year/s so as you said the engine and most game elements are done.

Then they say okay before going further we have enough game her to sell for 60, the rest will come down the ethernet highway

Then 3-6 months pass giving their dev (probably way smaller team) time finish the unfinished (full game) parts and say here you go DLC

Now, I know I'm making some mockery here but geesh I can't be that far off. Now of course if only 100 Wii U owners got the Season pass I can see they can't pay their monkey to hop on a keyboard to press buttons and release it for us.

They would have needed a certain threshold amount to make it worth their while, I guess my other complaint would be pubs/devs thinking they want a bajillion more as opposed to some profits. But we'll never know. Bummer my son really likes the game and has been playing just to 100% it, I would have decently bought him some extra campaign if it reached the Wii U.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

@gatorboi352 wow haven't thought of that at all but makes soooo much sense. My wife's uncle years ago' circa 2007 (iPhone first year) was so hyped he had bought black berry stock. Lol the conversations I had with the guy about trying to forget that and just go with apple stock but he resisted. I remember thinking I wish I had the loot to go in at apple with 500 buck for like 80 dollars each share. Anyway beside the point... And back to it. Nintendo has this nostalgic feeling that old school gamers have had. Most younger kids also probably get into it until they learn Pokemon is something they can do with just a portable and get a more powerful console to play "older type" games. God bless ninty for trying to remain like they were in 1990 but that just doesn't work in a time when things are moving so fast paced.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

@GalacticMario28 I think everyone here would prefer local multiplayer, if you have friends and family for that. This past Christmas was awesome because I had a lot of family, nieces, nephews, and cousins over. It was amazing to hear the yelling playing Mario 3D and some new super Mario/luigi. Not only that but adults that normally don't play, after some drinks got into it as well.
BUT... It's not Christmas anymore and we don't have days off like that for another year (summer vaca for some of you) and I wouldn't mind playing with my nieces who have a Wii u as well. I mean in the end why not?

I guess there is that one department that does those surveys to find out the threshold where online functionality would or wouldn't be worth it... It just sucks for those that would use it primarily or on occasion.

This is the same thing going on with 3rd parties to some extent. I can spend resources to make a game, but how many Nintendo fans would actually buy our games, so why bother... So we scream and yell then maybe they give us a half baked version and no one buys it ala Madden, Black Ops2 (read dlc) or they give us full functionality ala AC3 with all it's DLC yet noon e still buys it.

I guess it's messed up either way you look at it. I wouldn't mind seeing all features possible this day and age, but in the end money drives it all



Nntndo_1986 commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

@Kyloctopus I don't want to sound rude, but that makes no sense, I'm just missing your point I guess. I buy Mario online and play it, and let's just assume for the moment that gameplay is doable 6-7 matches out of 10 ( lag and disconnects and all that jazz) so here I am with 3 complete strangers having a blast, 1-2 leave and I keep playing, then the last player leaves and here I am still playing ala Dead Island, since I have no friends with me locally I'm playground as single player which is a current option anyway.

Now I invite some friends over and we have the situation you describe "word of mouth" except that in your case they have to keep coming to my house to play the game, you expect them to get that tickle when they leave that they just can't live without it and will go out and by one themselves. Dunno I would think in that scenario online would give me the same if not bigger tickle knowing I can play online as well.

Just as most people are saying its 2014, unlike splinter cell where levels are built around co-op this is just Mario, an online component could be just copy and pasted (if they have been doing online since forever which they have not).



Nntndo_1986 commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

@MJKOP for one it would allow me to play with my nieces since they have the game as well. I'm not complaining with the basis that local play is just amazing, and loud lol.... But they don't live with me and my kids so they go home, and it would be nice on some weekends to send them a text and say " hey you bored? Want to play some Mario online and chat (although knowing nintendo it would be text) " boom we hop on and play and laugh, obviously with our iPads. So there's lag, guess what sometimes I want to jump and my daughter grabs me as she starts her run, that's just as infuriating or entertaining.

Local play is best IMHO.. But give me a chance to supplement that experience with an online one that would only allow me to play even more. Geeesh how complicated is that....?

Now granted before it's mentioned with regards to extended development time and all that jazz, I understand the argument, but for a company that tends to not even look into multiplayer 90% of the time that will only hurt you when you do try. Look I really can't get behind a company taking away swapnote, voice chat, and other functionality because they are trying to save the children that's not your job it's mine as a father/parent to know what my kids are up to. I let my 10 year old daughter play cod and other shooters and I play with her, guess what sometimes you play with great people and the conversations/strategies are amazing, then there's times where kids/adults just want to be ignorant baboons, that's why I have mute option.

Anyway I ranting now but in all honesty if they would have planned for multiplayer from beginning I think they could have maybe made there release anyway but what do I know, let go back and play some Mario by myself since kids are at school



Nntndo_1986 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

@Gamecube5f PS4 and I would assume Xbox owners. I have 2 pS4 cause I need certain games, Battlefield to name one, and thatching has been down most of the day, the kicker is that on my 2nd ps4 (in my bedroom, my son has my primary in living room) I can't play at all when network down because it can't confirm my license; wtf!!! But I already knew all this would happen.

Anyway, have been playing wii fit plus, mario 3d (finished but incomplete, need perfection in all levels, that game is amazing) and Pikmin. So far it's been a great xmas if you have a nintendo console haha



Nntndo_1986 commented on Video: Nintendo Releases A Handy Introduction ...:

@HipsterDashie I know right, you think they "just get it" when the news first came out. I have two 3ds' and for the life of me can't understand what's going on over there... Seriously I see them having 1983 PC's with monochrome screens and stuff. Whatever, I guess I ll flip a quarter to figure which one I activate. Of course I'll be in a car some day with the other 3DS and not be able to do anything with it. ....(I have hotspot before anyone laughs)



Nntndo_1986 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

@Baum897 It's not the most advanced but it is the best! I have both a Wii U and PS4, I still like my FPS' and several 3rd parties that just won't make it to Wii U. I downloaded FIFA demo and it is amazing looking on PS4, but I have the Wii U launch version (and while frame rate is issue) I play that thing all night on the gamepad while my wife is watching her crappy shows, gameplay at it's most basic outdoes PS4 graphics cause that's all it really has (well of course physics/animations here and there) In the end the graphics are pretty but I just want to play, and if EA could find the perfect developer (Criterion NFS) FIFA on Wii U would look just as good and I still get gamepad option. Same goes with Marvel Lego (great game too) got it off Amazon for 14 bucks, and played a friends PS4 version. I mean not much to say it is Lego but yes the PS4 looked decidedly better, you can just see it, but at 14 bucks if I could get it for Wii U or PS4 I would choose Wii U any day because I can walk anywhere I want while my kids go anywhere they want without a slash across my screen, another plus for just basic gameplay with dual screens.

A lot of people make fun of the gamepad, but I think in a family atmosphere that thing is a god send, whether used for maps, meh! or like a realtime inventory ZombiU, greatness! It does have its advantages that for me out way all the new hype.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like my PS4, very smooth interface, network ID I can move around from one to other, BF4 lots of problems but luckily haven't had much on my end, other than I suck lol. Looking at Daylight later next year (I was fan of dead island) figure it will be the same but I like the mechanics (not the bugs). Destiny, maybe, never got into Halo, but there's quite a hype train on this one so I'm interested. Call of Duty BO XXX for Zombies mode if it comes back. My family loves playing the easter eggs on that and unfortunately while I loved, I mean loved, gamepad play with Wii U Black OPs Treyarch/Activision just didn't give me the rest of zombie maps boohoo, that sucked big time. While they didn't want to fragment the only 3000 players online they could have somehow just given us Zombie maps, damn throw a dog a bone .

But that's about it for time being, anything I can't get on Wii U I should be able to on the PS4, while any 3rd party that still comes out I will definitely get on Wii U. AC4 plays sweet, Watch dogs has been preordered, and we'll see how the future plays out. But I can honestly say graphics, and marketing more people in a scene (while it does make things livelier) won't change how the gamepad makes it easier to play at my house.

Haha, sorry for the rant, but yeah SMB3D World is amazing been playing through that thing since we got it. So much to see/do, I did that unlimited lives in world 1-2 and we have just been going nilly willy all over that game, with all 4 of us playing, cooperatively/against (damn crown) we're down to 200 hundred lives. You can say we suck but I like to say we like experimenting



Nntndo_1986 commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID Creeps ...:

@datamonkey I'm with you... I have been bamboozled again by Nintendo. I hear what some say about this move in the right direction; and if this was 2005 I would be all for it and positive. But it's 2013, WiiU has been in development/out for some time and I just can't, for the life of me, imagine that business table when they said no to NetworkId, groups chat (system wide), no mic slot on controller (wait I love 80 hour battery, but still I hate having a game pad on my lap), no achievements ( not in an Xbox/ps3 way but in a Nintendo trophy room aka Nintendo land interactive presents sort of way) , and other little trivial things that could have, potentially, got a larger crowd to buy into the system. I'm sure for some of these things they would have had to spend a little more on their back end infrastructure, but I wonder how many more units sold would be out there, anyway no way to know for sure but they compromised on the hardware to invest in game pad they could have striven for more and well whatever, I bought it and am happy for most part, waiting for my ps4 to arrive and we'll see (outside of major games) if I ever pick up the Wii u again.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Call Of Duty: Ghosts Patch Breaks The Cover Of...:

@JustinH yeah played briefly... Well I definitely suck. Drilled through first 4 pods then you have that barrier at end when the acid splitters come out, just played with one other person (again tried getting second copy so whole family can play but target failed me) just keep dieting there......



Nntndo_1986 commented on Call Of Duty: Ghosts Patch Breaks The Cover Of...:

@JudgeMethos I was lucky enough to buy copy from newegg for 45.00. I have 2 wiiu so went to target after I played my newegg copy ( actually enjoy the game, single /multiplayer) anyway found out target only stocks it online. I had 60 gift certificate too oh well. Hopefully they stick SMB3D when it comes out next week. Most likely waste for them to stock games no one buys. Again online is roughly 1500-1900 players on a given day. I don't mind low numbers if they would just try other game modes other than tdm.



Nntndo_1986 commented on New Wii U System Update Goes Live Across Europ...:

@Bessestad I know right, maybe I lost something - and I don't have wii games anymore so all that stuff is pretty lost on me- but wtf?!?!?! Everyone is talking about this is the next coming... I can only hope that NintendoID enable/disable stuff in settings will be talked about later this morning.

I mean seriously my mind is blown but not for the same reason everyone else's has. I was looking forward to unified system as well, for me it would be perfect as I have two Wii U in different rooms, and being able to sign in and have my saves in either would have been mind blown - even though I can do that with my Xboxes since dawn of time lol

I just don't get it, I'm grateful for all the little things, better browser support, that actually comes in handy, that Wii Chat sounds like a system chat is that what I'm understanding or do they just mean video chat allows you to be tethered to gamepad with headphones.

ANyway I'm updating right now and can only hope the direct will shed some light on all this, by the way it's close to a year and although unlike everyone else I wouldn't mind dual gamepad support. Games don't support it baloney, in basic terms I have madden, fifa, CoD, which can defenitley use two gamepads... ANyway too early to keep on ranting going back to bed as Nintendo servers seem to think that 700MB on a 50MB pipe should take more than 30 minutes.



Nntndo_1986 commented on Wii U and 3DS Online Connection Rates Exceed 80%:

@PinkSpider I'm in same boat. I have Comcast with speeds of 60 Mb. I do some editing for work and can download 4Gb files in about 10-20 minutes. So mind you I only use simple math here but I got Lego undercover thinking that at 5:15pm when I got home I would theoretically have it by 745pm if I went conservative with 30 minutes for every 4gigs. I didn't get it downloaded and installed until 2 in the morning 9 hours, and no it wasn't my Internet or it wasn't my Internet maybe at that time as I was watching Hulu on my Samsung tv with highest HD which requires great dl speeds.
This is just one example though, any updates, Netflix, trines, that zombiu patch, anything from the Wii u is super slow to download. I guess I should be asking if its like BitTorrent and if I should be opening some ports or something.... He'll I've lived with it because online play itself is fine, Cod/Monster Hunter but geesh if only I could leave work early to start some downloads I guess it would be fine lol



Nntndo_1986 commented on Injustice: Gods Among Us For Wii U May Not Sup...:

While I didn't expect to get future DLC and yes it's "big con" for something you already pay $60 for , I did have some hope that I could sign in to WB ID and get skins and maps that I have unlocked in iOS game... I mean I can sign in to uPlay for ACIII and ZOmbiU...
Seems like Nintendo said "Screw Origin EA, but yeah lets get together Ubi..."

By the way I am very much enjoying the game, must admit not too big of a fighter fan, last time I really played was in college back with MK3, but I really can't remember most of those games any way lol...



Nntndo_1986 commented on Operation Friidom Petitions Nintendo For Great...:

If a Network ID was something new than maybe being patient would make sense, but again it's not. They said they would eventually do it, what makes no sense is why eventually??
I bought 2 wii U's. One for my bedroom and a family one. So have been playing NintendoLand, New Super Mario U and Sega racing with family, great at this point patience is fine with me, these games (read saves) are not something I need but I also have Darksiders and ACIII which I started playing in my bedroom with another ID. Guess what that bricked trying to use Miiverse a week and a half ago, take another guess as to when I get my wii u back??
Darksiders was a digital DL, wouldn't it be great if I could redownload to family room so I could have played and still play today? ACIII I have retail but why make start all over again?

Yes patience is a virtue, I'm not some video game freak that has nothing else to do. I play on basketball league and have practice with other people, go to work, come home help kids with homework and all that jazz, but while I have been able to catch up on shows (Hulu/Netflix) it would have been nice to have my profile with saves move with me.

I am lucky to have a great job that affords me to have 2 wii U's but it's next to pointless when as stated above I really don't...

I'm not angry @ Nintendo so much as disappointed, they tend to look their way and that's great, miiverse (when it doesn't brick you wii lol), gamepad, great 1st party games, but but but, it just boggles the mind sometimes with other basics that they don't implement. Will they? SOme speculate yes, some no, tomorrow next week a month from now, never??
You know everyday I talk to people about my experience so far with Wii U, there's the great, then there's the "Well how do use Xbox, Steam, or whatever service you use now?" question and you know what many actually use it to play in different locations and different rooms, and I have to tell them then I wouldn't do it right now, that's a sale loss decision right there, for some....



Nntndo_1986 commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

I had just come from playing Dead Island (let's not get into reviews and such) with its faster pace mechanics, open world do anything style which I felt comfortable with.
Got Wii U and yeah I got ZombiU and BLPOPsII for Zombies as well. BLOPS is same old, I like Tranzit and all so no problems there. I can lose a weekend playing it with my kids who I got Wii U as well and it's fun with us screaming through the house about who was supposed to do what.

Admittingly with Zombi U, at first I felt a little put aback. Things were slowed down quite a bit especially with the melee cricket bat. At least from what I was just recently used with Dead Island. So yeah I wasn't too comfortable. And it being the 1st week with Wii U I was hopping from Mario U, Nintendoland, BLOPS, ACIII and Trine to give it much attention at 1st. Then by second week I sat down with my wife one night (with a couple of drinks) and actually sat to play for several hours. We kept trading the controller and at least 4 times we had that oh sh%t moment and let out a couple of screams lol. I got actually loved the mechanic of looking down at gamepad while game world kept going kept us on our toes and pretty nervous to boot. Hated when my wife would die then I had to run and kill myself for my bag with the rifle which I lost anyway ARRGHHHHH!!! The mechanics themselves are one of my favorites now. slower paced yes, obviously linear, but damn if my heart isn't always looking at my pack to see what to add to my ready list "1 molotov sure, candy bar, flare, oh damn only 8 bullets, guess its just the trusty cricket bat for several more rooms" lol its that feeling of damn I don't have what I need that makes it great to keep going.

As some have mentioned, I don't know if we just love fast paced, as much as that's what is given to us on a daily basis, but if you sit down for a while and just go with it you will be pleasantly surprised at how deep the experience can be.

ANd local multiplayer, my kids love it. Seriously very nice addition that keeps us coming back for more. COuld use a couple more different inventive modes but great way to kill a couple of hours trying to one up the game master or vice versa



Nntndo_1986 commented on Wii U And 3DS Firmware Updates Go Live:

My Wii u bricked last night
Got home played about an hour of ACIII then kids wanted to play some ZombiiU. So got back to Wii u menu ejected disc put in ZU and then saw mini verse flash as new notifications came in so instead of playing game like kids asked I wanted to see what was up in miiverse ( silly father liking these new social features lol) and bam froze up. Initially I figured hmm this is taking a while but I stood there 10 mins waiting on the splash screen of miiverse and nothing. Finally figured well at least it's not an update so tried to power down with power and nothing so then went to power supply. Plugged back in turned on power 2 sec blue then a flash another sec of blue and then red. So Xbox has RRoD I still need to come up with what I fear many people already have with their Wii u BBthenR ....
Anyway nintendo support keeps you online asking if you have an older sensor bar before buying Wii u and whether cables were right length for everything that came with Wii u. I was like wtf..... But alas I picked up 2 Wii u. Although zombie u now struck in the one I have send back for repair.... As Colbert would say MIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEERRRRRSSEEEE in his raspy voice



Nntndo_1986 commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next ...:

I can understand part of the argument that this is a new console. But...this is 2012 not 2003. As someone pointed out in another thread, the name should have been Wii U ID because that's what it is, and that would have explained a lot. I can see more of the argument being well they need time to implement the groundwork to use the ID across WiiU and 3DS and maybe online PC like Xbox whee you could sign in and DL stuff while away from home, sweet but why start the road map on Novemebr 18th 2012? Why wasn't this part of the Wii U development process. I just don't see how a company can just say we'll get to it, I mean geese they are doing it but wow my brain still hurts with the mere understanding of these decisions lol.....



Nntndo_1986 commented on Wii U User Accounts and Nintendo Network ID De...:

Very excited about the upcoming week. Should be fun to unwrap and figure things out that media doesn't let us know before hand. Great that lots of people have so many questions making everyday till the 18th a fun (albeit frustrating experience lol)

Speaking of which here's my frustrating "do not know right now" question...
Had 2 Xboxes, I have a great family that loves playing on weekends, Dead ISland, Black Ops (regular, zombies)... So I had the main gold account and would install games in each with my master. Than every time there were DLC's I would sign in on the 2nd Xbox ( that I rarely used) and download content. That allowed family to share with their live accounts.
I'd go back to my bedroom Xbox and sign in and get the content allowing me to play as well. Now this was great, had a family that could share as I seem to be reading here except they miss the part where a family needs multiple consoles.

I have both my wiiu preordered. Obviously on xboxes you couldn't be signed in on 2 consoles at once. Who thinks this would also work with wiiu Nintendo ID or am I just a dreamer.... I know devs, publishers need their money and I give considering in any of these scenarios I still have to buy 2 of each game (hmmm E-shop )

So any thoughts no this and signing in to get your content onto multiple Wii u.....