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An artist and Graphic Designer, as well as a self proclaimed "wanna do it all", I'm currently leading a store on Etsy (all in the name of Games, toons and geek!), Looking for more inspiration

Mon 3rd March, 2014

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RoomB31 commented on Review: Midnight (Wii U eShop):

Not like Night sky at all, (except for maybe the atmospheric touch), but the gameplay is a blend of angry birds and mini golf. Looks nice tho.



RoomB31 commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

I think its great for those who never got to play the games. But the collectors will still buy the discs, and the price will go up after the initial release, because in the end its a physical and rare print item. Digital has no value, you cannot trade it, lend it, or sell it, so the value is in the enjoyment you get out of it, and for $10, thats a lot! But that's it, there is no dollar value to a digital game.



RoomB31 commented on Prepare to Get Folding in KAMI for 3DS eShop Soon:

there is an ios game(or one of many clones) that I used to play thats exactly this mechanic, changing colors in a few moves as possible, I played that game a ton. I like the theme and art style they are putting forward, but this is far from a new concept, and 63 puzzles depending on price seems like too few.



RoomB31 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Considering how North America has been jipped cool physical offerings for a while now, I'm not 'that' sad, but still saddened that the end is near, I'm glad we're going to be offered more items, as I have a lot of coins to spend, however I wish there were a way to transfer my coins to the new system, since I doubt Nintendo will give me enough options to use all of my coins.



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

Educating adults/parents is always a difficult task, I mean in that case I would just release a larger HDD in new Wii U models, and that would ease having to educate them.

As per Amazon, they've had some beef with Nintendo for a while, I can't recall why, but it started with the 3DS, maybe even earlier, sadly its not the place to shop for a Wii U and its a shame.



RoomB31 commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

But the market/tech still exists, whereas its a lot tougher to come across gamecube games etc... and also the Wii games are still in play, and fresh, whereas there is a nostalgia factor for GC that runs higher and the amount of quality games that few played gives a new opportunity to a new and old generation.



RoomB31 commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

While I will be getting Metroid Prime Trilogy (like a lot of ppl I assume), I feel this is hugely disappointing, Nintendo missed an opportunity to get right with the world and release GC games!!! I mean why release Wii games digitally when (most) games are still available for purchase, and the Wii U was designed with backwards compatibility in mind?!?



RoomB31 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):

@BLPs I feel like, if you have to pay for something, and it was mediocre/terrible/or whatever, then you have the right to be critical. If it was a free beta, that's where the feedback counts (and isn't that the whole point?), but if you've paid for something and its trash, then you have a right to tell others your thoughts, the developer can then use that as feedback if they want, but shouldn't call out the media for being unfair, if your game is genuinely good, then people will write something good end of story.



RoomB31 commented on Review: Chariot (Wii U eShop):

I have yet to play it, but look forward to playing this specifically for its co-op mode. I have to say if the single player mode is as hampered by the lack of second player and not as fun to play as the co-op then the game does deserve less than perfect, otherwise just don't include the single player mode, after all the game is only as good as its weakest part, and should be judged accordingly



RoomB31 commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

People are going a little nuts over these, and its clear people are buying them (at least currently) just to collect them. I have a few, but I actually use them, and when more games come out that utilize them I will buy more, but I guess I have to be strategic, cuz waiting for a character to be more useful will already be too late ,boo! Nintendo isn't dumb tho, they will rectify the nonsense soon enough.



RoomB31 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

Splatoon!! Absolutely, but the real dark horse, the real wild card other than Shin Megami x Fire Emblem, would be to see a release of Fatal Frame V, c'mon nintendo!! its already made, would it really be too much to ask to fill a void in the Wii U library with a game that's basically done? Don't Let us down, I promise it will sell better than it did in Japan!



RoomB31 commented on Sharp Gearing Up to Supply 'Free-Form' LCD Scr...:

I looked at half, and argue that GBC is not a full gen, but do agree that GBA was short lived.
if we're counting, the GBC did have over 400 games, but a good 160 of them we compatible with the GB, so 1/3 of its library was still able to work on the original. So more a new gen than a next gen, my guess is to carefully wean ppl off the GB without upsetting the install base. the GBA in this case is the Anomaly, one could also argue that the DS was rushed to market, if that were the belief than the GBA's life wouldn't seem so short, since the majority didn't jump to the DS till the DSlite came out '06.



RoomB31 commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

Honestly, it should be titled "game you had the most fun with this year" because game of the year has implications that any game follower/player/enthusiast can't ignore, sales, reviews, visuals, Fun factor, hours of play, etc... So it shouldn't be about who you think will win, or who should win, but how much FUN you had playing these games. So I know the game I had the most fun playing will not win (Hyrule Warriors)(especially co-op), but my second most fun game Mario Kart 8 has a far better chance, but smash has a stronger following and a bigger voice, so my guess is Smash.



RoomB31 commented on Sharp Gearing Up to Supply 'Free-Form' LCD Scr...:

One could/might/should argue the GBC is no different from the DSi, or the New 3DS, an extension of a generation rather than a whole new one.

and Nintendo will do what they want, but this is all still speculation, they will not however, cut the lifecycle of a product in its prime.



RoomB31 commented on RCMADIAX Confirms Two Wii U eShop Releases Thi...:

While I admire RCMADIAX, these games don't belong on the Wii U, not really, maybe blok drop, but the others should be pc/tablet/mobile ventures. Granted it's smart to publish on a less crowded eshop, but there still needs to be a level of quality before people bite down, its not quantity, but quality that will garner your respect, and the name has been mildly tarnished. Keep making games, but test the waters before its release, does it make sense to release these games to this audience?



RoomB31 commented on Sharp Gearing Up to Supply 'Free-Form' LCD Scr...:

I would say If production were to commence in 2016, we wouldn't see the console until earliest 2017. Also why would 2016 be ripe for a new handheld? the DS was released in 2004, then the 3ds in 2011, that's almost 7 years before Nintendo introduced a new console. 5 years seems incredibly short for a Nintendo Handheld, and with the New 3DS out in a few months time (here's hoping) a resurgence will soon be upon us, that will lead us well into 2016 and then some (especially if Nintendo keeps up with the Awesome 3DS library).

There has never been a reason to have portables live and die by the same cycles as home consoles. Sure Nintendo is no doubt working on their next portable, and making it ready before its due, but I see no reason to cut the 3DS's life so short.

I realize that we're in a new era, that mobile gaming is a thing, and that phones and tablets are increasing in power at an alarming rate, but until the portable reaches its max capacity, don't force a new one upon us. We've seen that better hardware doesn't fare better here (eg.Vita), so no reason to rush.



RoomB31 commented on Sorry to Disappoint, But That 'New' GamePad Ma...:

Just because the video is old, doesn't mean Nintendo isn't, or hasn't been toying with redesigning the gamepad. The gamepad in the video IS different, is smaller and looks like a bigger Vita. Now its clear that Nintendo wanted to obscure this image with blur effects and literally 1/4 of a second on screen, but this isn't simply a prop, why would Nintendo choose to use anything but the actual gamepad? No one knows why Nintendo does what they do, but its fun to speculate. Has anyone bothered to ask Nintendo about this directly?



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

I think they should (and Ive said this multiple times) create a free downloadable title that has a basic premise but builds into a great world the more amiibos you connect to it, adding characters, levels, items, etc... This is the way Nintendo can get around the requiredness of the Amiibo, if the intial cost of the game is 0 and the amiibo unlock more and more of the game it would be a huge incentive to buy more figures, that, in return can be used in other games, there's nothing to lose by implementing something like this, but the game obviously has to be good.

Or an amiibo online world, still thinking this idea out, but could be great!



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:


I think its because even though we don't want Nintendo to go down that route, (they should weigh in and think about it forever, but never do it) Most people who are Nintendo fans would probably pick one up if it existed, so its No, until it exists, and then its OMG Yes! I however voted maybe? but really I wouldn't want Nintendo to create a phone, but use mobile devices better tied with their games, like an app that allows you to go into your Pokebank and play/feed/train your pokemon when you're not playing the game, or check up on them/their stats etc.. easier with a device thats always glued to you, if Nintendo synced phone apps with their games and devices then its a win win :)



RoomB31 commented on Weekend Best Buy Discounts on Nintendo Product...:


sure, but the whole idea of black friday is that everyone knows about it, the biggest shopping day of the year, so the most attention your product will get, put your best foot forward at that time, less people will know about this sale, or will be inclined to go out of their way to get it because it will not be publicized as much. Sure the gamers who want it will get it, but we want the gift givers out there buying it, and it seems like a missed opportunity.