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An artist and Graphic Designer, as well as a self proclaimed "wanna do it all", I'm currently leading a store on Etsy (all in the name of Games, toons and geek!), Looking for more inspiration

Mon 3rd March, 2014

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RoomB31 commented on Standard-Sized New Nintendo 3DS Photos Emerge ...:

It could have been a standard procedure, but weird that Nintendo would even bother if they were "never" going to bring the standard model to NA, so its obviously a thought, but I think NA will hold off until the XL slows down and then boost 3DS sales once again with this release, probably (if ever) around the Holiday season. and "color" hurts this Canadian's eyes as well. :)



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

I bet many a core Nintendo fan and who's enjoying the game, didn't spend money on this, I didn't either, already 14hours in and no chance I'm quitting. I prefer this to battle trozei, and like the "forced" (no purchase) pacing. The problem is two-fold, I 1) want to give Nintendo money for making something I so thouroughly enjoy , but 2) I do not want to support this style of F2P.



RoomB31 commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

that goes against every grain in Nintendo's body. They'll never concede, and making something like everyone else is conceding to Nintendo. They are a try try and try again company, and they will forever try something new, whether it works or not. So this new platform will be just as experimental but even more thought out. Like it or don't this is who Nintendo is.



RoomB31 commented on République's Creator Worked On Metal Gear Sol...:

I'm wary about the more games the better, that's how we end up with 'The Letter' & 'Maze' and dozens of other terrible eshop releases.

More quality games is the way to go, and this one looks great and fun, and isn't another 2D platformer.



RoomB31 commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

the amiibo integration is not nearly as fun as I was hoping, I'll def have to test it out for myself, but going on words alone, its not looking bright!, its also a shame that the bowser mode only has 10 minigames, seems like a huge oversight, seeing as how Nintendo was touting this mode a lot.



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a Nintendo Direct...:

I won't hold my breath on anything, but at least some release details on the games that have been talked about for some time, Yoshi, Mario Maker, Xenoblade X & Splatoon. One or two surprises, and some future 3DS games deets.



RoomB31 commented on First Screens From Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Su...:

I just hope its characters breathe some life into the genre, and I hope the game has enough depth to make it worthwhile. Nostalgia is nice, but if its just a poor copy of yesteryear then it will be seriously disappointing, also a budget of 400 000 UK Pounds doesn't seem like chump change, considering what other indies games cost to make.



RoomB31 commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

Visually this could be a fine looking game in the end, so I'm not worried about how it ends up looking, obviously how it plays will be important as well. My biggest qualm is the story, like why even bother if that's all you're going to do? And change the name in that case, cuz this is a "Tale" not worth telling. Call it Killer Cowboy, or Loose Canon, or something else I dunno, or make the story so ludicrous that we'll actually want to know what happens next!



RoomB31 commented on Poll: Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should ...:

Devil's Third makes no sense whatsoever, but who knows, I mean costumes, weapons, items could be easily implemented without distracting from the game itself. But I don't know that any of these games will use Amiibo in any big way. That being said I welcome all interesting uses of Amiibo in many of Nintendo's future offerings. And one day they may have a game that uses amiibo to build worlds and unlock characters.



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Right to Take Its Ti...:

I think it will be a while before Nintendo goes all digital, Nintendo has been reluctant to include a lot of memory in their consoles, so they need to first address that issue before they can even think to go all digital. And like most people, there will always be a market for physical. I would see portable consoles doing this first, but still on the fence about whether Nintendo is ready to let go of physical at all.



RoomB31 commented on Pokémon Shuffle Hits One Million Downloads:

As reading a few comments from ppl, I was also considering buying a jewel or two, thanking Nintendo for the free game, but, then I said, I don't really want Nintendo to continue down this slippery slope. This game, is a test for Nintendo and it's investors, basically showing them that if this game doesn't make much money, they should lay of this style of micro-transactions. It's great to see so many downloads and so much interest in the game!

Does anyone know how many downloads of Steel Diver & Rusty baseball have?



RoomB31 commented on Review: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS eShop):

It's called free to play for a reason, so I am playing it for free! I never really feel like I have to purchase jewels to advance, patience works just as well, and since it limits you with a time counter, this game works well in small bursts.



RoomB31 commented on Interview: IRONFALL Invasion's Developers on B...:

Finally got to play the campaign demo today. My thought are relatively positive, I'm not Ironfall's target audience (or maybe I am, Ill get back to that in a second) being the shooter genre that it is, but I was able to get into the game quite quickly, learning the control basics, and the way to play this game so that I don't end up dead. The visuals are awesome, great in 3D, but 60fps in 2D so i left it mostly in2D, music was alright, but somewhat repetitive. Voice acting wasn't too terrible, character models were decent, although the female character wasn't well designed and she looks odd, (too much plastic surgery, and for some reason the developers felt that she didn't need to wear much body protection?!).

I will say that I think the game will benefit from the N3DS nub greatly, as I played it with the touch screen, and while it worked fine enough, if it ever gets more frantic then it just won't hold up. Multiplayer online isn't my thing, so if I do end up getting it, would be for campaign only. I highly recommend you give it a chance, even if shooters aren't your thing, because I think they've done a great job bringing this game to the 3DS.



RoomB31 commented on MixedBag Provides an Update on Stylish Wii U e...:

Looks nice, I find a lot in indies going the vector/high contrast route, which is fine, its easy enough to create something beautiful while using less details. But I hope this isn't an increasing trend, soon I won't be able to differentiate them.



RoomB31 commented on Interview: IRONFALL Invasion's Developers on B...:

Sounds great, and I'm sure it looks great. I'm sure its completely unfair to compare a 3 person team to AAA games, but when people are competing for time, it matters, basically is this a fun game to play? is it worth my time? We'll soon see when it hits NA, looking forward to experiencing it.



RoomB31 commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights the Crisis and Opportu...:

I think Nintendo's content always has, and always will have a steady stream of sales, why knock the price of a game when its consistently selling even if those aren't giant numbers, the value is that the game is just as good now as it was when it came out, meaning there's little reason to wait on a Nintendo game because they keep their value. other publishers will cut the price of dead or dying games to give them one last hurrah at bulk sales, before it falls into oblivion.



RoomB31 commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

I think Nintendo should definitely test out the mobile market, as a marketing tool, basically he said what I've been saying all along. I still would be wary to what they release, and find something that brings people closer to their products rather then keep them on their phones.