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An artist and Graphic Designer, as well as a self proclaimed "wanna do it all", I'm currently leading a store on Etsy (all in the name of Games, toons and geek!), Looking for more inspiration

Mon 3rd March, 2014

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RoomB31 commented on Feature: What the Heck is Puzzle & Dragons? - ...:

Actually I doubt the Mario Edition will sell as well as Z did on the 3DS, I don't think it will draw in the mobile crowd, (that's what Z was for) instead i think it will get non Z fans to try it out, but I'm pretty sure this version is more intended for the west, with Z thrown in as a bonus. we'll see if the west bites.



RoomB31 commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

C'mon guys, the Wii U VC is a joke! 2.5 years old and this is what we have? kinda sad. most if not all the Wii VC games that can be brought back should be already here. Sure it doesn't make sense to just dump on the games on us right away, but there have been many a moment where there has been a real drought, and all Nintendo does is release 1-2 VC games, it's kind of ridiculous. I mean it took 2.5 years to bring N64 games!!!! really!! And don't get me started about not having Gamecube games.

Sure I love that they brought GBA games, but not for the right console. and the DS for Wii U, just looks hoaky, and we've seen no more Wii releases since they launched... they are clearly stretching themselves thin, but this service could be the ultimate retro catalogue, its just sad that they haven't jumped on the chance when it's staring at them right in the face!



RoomB31 commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:


I agree that they haven't been used most of the time in meaningful ways, I still don't see them as gimmicks, and also don't agree that motion didn't add a lot to a lot of Wii games, I think some were overused maybe even unnecessary, but a lot of innovation happened that gen on all consoles.

Off tv play is the most used feature, not a gimmick. The rest is iffy, but I've seen some nice implementation across a lot of different games. The problem is that nintendo introduces these features, but really only gets one gen to figure it out, therefore having a lot of implementation being not fully developed, or having features feeling tech demo-esque.

I just don't believe they should stop doing it, because it only takes one idea to have an incredible impact.



RoomB31 commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

the creative ideology was about making a hardware/software synthesis, something that can't necessarily be done on other platforms that Nintendo didn't develop. It's true that Nintendo hasn't embraced their hardware nearly as much this gen in terms of its unique properties, which is unfortunate, because it is these moments of interaction which I refer to. Of course there are hints of that uniqueness in a lot of games, but they don't fully embrace them.

Is it not arguable that Nintendo could end up like Sega if they went 3rd party? I'd like an opinion on this.

I'd argue that Zombii U and Wonderful 101 would have gone largely unnoticed on other platforms as well, (first they'd have to be re-tweaked to remove gamepad functionality of course). And Rayman Legends was largely ignored by the gaming public as a whole, so I'm not sure why you tout this game as an example, as the PS3 version sold a handful more than the Wii U.

I'm not denying that Nintendo uses its IP's to make money, but I'd argue that they aren't just rehashing the same title over and over again, the 3D Mario's are case in point. I also don't see Nintendo releasing these games every year like clockwork. Even if Nintendo isn't that different from how they use their IP's like every other publisher, they still have value in the market, and Nintendo hardware is still seen as progressive, even if it doesn't always work, or isn't always utilized.



RoomB31 commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

I agree with a lot that you are saying. I don't think that there needs to be 3 consoles in the market, but I believe there will always be 3. PS4 and XBONE are so similar, its just in the minute differences and the fanboyisms that keep both companies going (pepsi v coke as healthy competition is important). The outlier is clearly Nintendo here, with the most unique lineup and device of the 3 consoles, however it's also clear that the market isn't favouring difference or creativity. In fact the body of the market usually tosses uniqueness aside, but that slowly erodes a market over time.

The Wii was a very good thing for the market, but the Wii U was not able to transcend that, many people still don't understand the Wii U, and that is fully Nintendo's fault for resting on their laurels, for being unable to communicate & SHOW it's value and difference, the name was the first mistake, and it just went downhill from there. The more you have to explain something to someone the less they are going to understand it, and they'll just move on, the Wii needed next to zero explanation, and therefore was swift to access and understand.

I think there is HUGE value in having Nintendo continue to make consoles, it allows them the creative freedom under their own roof, no need to comply with the other console makers. It allows them to try new things & be bold in execution, not worrying about # units sold or what sells to the market, sure they think of these things, and have games that rake in the cash, but they can also expand and deliver different games with new experiences without worrying about the bottom line.

Sega is the perfect example for why Nintendo shouldn't go 3rd party, what is unique and original about Sega anymore? Diluting Sonic and tarnishing the brand because the name "sells". Sega isn't trying anything new anymore, and the best offerings are their "indie" style games, This would murder creativity in the industry, and it would be a sad day for gaming, maybe not at first, but in the long run.



RoomB31 commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

In all honesty, has any Nintendo console been taken super seriously by 3rd parties since the SNES? (not talking portables here).
We'll get a flutter here, a piece of scrap there,
a half-baked one, a "modified" version,
a "full of Nintendo fanfare so they will buy it" (this one I don't mind, but it's sad that they need to do it),
a Year old port sold at full price, a year delayed port for full price,
on and on and on.
They've never fully cared about Nintendo, but then they're only in it for the cash, which is why the Wii had more support, but less substance.
There is no win win for Nintendo and 3rd parties, unless they come together and build something.

We can count the pitiful 3rd party releases in the next few months on our fingers, two of them are Lego games, and one is a budget 10 year old port that is releasing on the same day as Splatoon!

I could honestly care less whether black ops 3 comes out for Wii U, it's just not my genre, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't. Nintendo is going solo with the Wii U more than any other console in the past, so it needs to embrace all VC games, promote the Nindies, and start compiling a list of 3rd parties it can work with to help develop a more diverse (but compelling) list of games for Wii U. It's clear that no third party is willingly adding Wii U support, but there is no need to wallow in disappointment either!



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

This is no different than the scarcity of the Wii for almost 2 years, Nintendo underestimated the power of Amiibo (as a collectible) and undershot production by a TON, they will still undershoot going forward, but hopefully by a much smaller margin.

It will get better, because hype will die down, and only the diehard collectors will buy them (although that might only be in a few years). I have a lot of friends with the "gotta buy 'em all" mentality, even though they aren't big collectors, I assume this fad will fade, even if it's only slightly.

Amiibo collecting is like a game in itself, so no matter how frustrating it is, I think a lot of people are enjoying the chase, and then bragging about it.



RoomB31 commented on amiibo Tap Gets A New Title In Europe, Availab...:

@ikki5 exactly what @Vallu said, It's a marketing tool, a somewhat clever one, as long as the demos grow with the VC (bring N64 games into the mix).
It's not the definitive app that most people want like AmiiboWorld (I'll pitch this until they can't say no!) which would add not only characters/weapons/items/but amiibo would also open up new levels, so the more amiibo you have the more developed amiiboWorld will be.



RoomB31 commented on Tales of More Wave Four Super Smash Bros. amii...:

No issues yet, but then I'm in North America, so I have a bit of time to wait.
Due to EBGames/Gamestops intense issues during the wave 4 preorder, freezing/crashing, extremely slow browsing, I had placed an initial order for Ness only to have my order crash, 45 minutes later, I was finally able to place an order for Ness & inkling Girl. A few hours later I got my confirmation email (up until that point, I wasn't even sure my preorder went through) only to discover that both my orders actually went through.

I'm convinced one of them will be cancelled, but technically I have two Ness reserved. I'll only know when I try and pick them both up, (although if I actually do get both, my friend who couldn't get snag one, will get a nice gift!)



RoomB31 commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

I was looking forward to battleground Z, love me dem zombies, so it's a bit disappointing to hear, im not super keen on fishing (although I loved fishing in Animal Crossing!) but it might way me in the other direction, but the cost of both with the thank you bonus isn't much more than just one, so I may splurge.



RoomB31 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

I know Nintendo will not kill the Wii U early, because Sega basically destroyed their console business by doing just that. But the Wii U is in a very similar predicament as the Dreamcast was, the difference really comes down to the fact that Nintendo can support a flop, sega had nothing left at that point of making mistake after mistake. As long as Nintendo can make the Wii U profitable, they just need to rethink and retool ideas for the next round, there will always be a next round.



RoomB31 commented on Zelda-Style Adventure Midora Runs Out Of Kicks...:

With the amount of money they were asking for, this felt like pocket cash for a garage based weekend only hours studio, you know, making a game on your spare time kind of thing, which is fine, and awesome, but the director makes it sound like this is the only thing him and his army are working on, and if this is really the case then shouldn't the kickstarter budget been a LOT higher? and therefore we should have been able to see the cracks really before this thing had been finded.



RoomB31 commented on ​Video: This Is How Much Faster Code Name: S...:

clearly a little more testing would have resulted in commenting on the slow wait times, it's not the fix-all of problems, but it is much better, and it shows that Nintendo is listening, and willing to fix a game, even when its not "broken" per-say. I just wonder if the damage is already done, or will editors of gaming sites re-review the game with this update now live.



RoomB31 commented on Natsume Has Eight Game Boy Advance Titles Prep...:

not really that much to choose from, which I am actually surprised about, they have a lot of licensed stuff, so that's a no go. but really not much I am interested in by them, but glad more GBA games are coming. now bring them to 3DS Nintendo!



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

SO even though no one will be reading this, due to the volume of comments, I will gladly leave my thoughts. As many people have said, while great, this isn't the Nintendo Direct that will help sell the Wii U, there are very few games that will do that. I do think Nintendo is doing its best with the resources it has to pump out Nintendo-like-quality games while balancing 3DS/Amiibo etc..

but I do think that they have stretched themselves thin, or embraced too much, or assumed there would be more third party support, and so the release window is extremely lacking, which would be fine if this was the competition, because they have 3rd party support to fill those first party gaps, Nintendo only has Nintendo in the retail market, and its clear they have little to show, and they have done little to stop the leaks.

It's nice that they introduced Wii games last Direct, and now N64 and DS games this direct, but have we seen a Wii game since, is anyone convinced we will actually get a fleshed out library of N64 & DS games, Nintendo can barely get out NES/SNES/GBA games at a regular pace. It's a nice gesture, but extremely disconcerting, don't start something unless you are willing to flesh it out. They are plugging holes instead of filling voids.

It's nice that there is a wealth of indies, because its the only thing we can look forward to on a more-or-less regular basis.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed almost everything Nintendo threw at us, and I'm glad it's giving us (partially) what we want, and that they are listening to social media (fatal frame & fixing the terrible wait times on STEAM).
At least Nintendo is committed to Amiibo, nice new production, and continually trying new things with them (even if we don't all agree with implementation).

I'd actually have loved Nintendo to talk about third party retail releases, and see if they were actually productively working with third parties to try and bring more (or unique) third party games to Wii U, but alas, a dream that's just too big!

I'm excited for most, and look forward to all the great games coming, but the holes are really really big.



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd April (North America):

Getting BOXBOY! for sure. I think Underground (given the eshop price) deserves a retail release, if at a budget price, or bundled with wiimotes etc.. It's a unique enough title (if limited) to deserve some shelf space.