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An artist and Graphic Designer, as well as a self proclaimed "wanna do it all", I'm currently leading a store on Etsy (all in the name of Games, toons and geek!), Looking for more inspiration

Mon 3rd March, 2014

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RoomB31 commented on This Is The Last Real Console Cycle, Proclaims...:

oh "crachter". Call of duty would not suddenly double it's user base if people didn't have to buy a console.
YES more people are using mobile devices (which do more than play games) to play games, the majority of them probably never owned a console or never planned on owning a console, and the types of games they play are not COD. To remove the console from the equation would mean that mobile devices are 1) powerful enough to play AAA games, 2) function well enough to give the same experience as a console, errr NO.

There's one more aspect he's not thinking through, most mobile games are not processor heavy, they can be played on all/most mobile devices, once we move away from that and into AAA power hungry games, well they may be able to run on the newest mobile devices, but what about the 100's of millions of people who don't have the latest iPhone/Android device? or the games that come out the following year? the market would be soo disjointed that you'd have no clue which games you could actually play until you download them and realize you can't, which means people would need to upgrade almost yearly to reap the rewards of the most visually stunning mobile games. which in turn means spending more $ than your average 5+year lifecycle console no? I know I'm comparing mobile to stationary devices, but Damien already makes the point that set top box devices aren't very useful or hot sellers, so that conversation is basically moot. You kinda do need the cloud, Pachter smokes a little too much.



RoomB31 commented on The Yo-Kai Watch Anime Starts In North America...:

I am not a purist and don't usually care for original audio tracks, but my ears hurt, the dubbing is not great, also the writing may be trying to make this show more American, when it's really not, and should rather embrace its japanese essence, therefore I'll probably just watch the original with subs.



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

A little bit overly dramatic don't you think?

the lack of "financial Success" for the Wii U has been there for a long time now, so no, SF0 delay isn't going to hurt the Wii U's sales, besides, I never expected it to come out this year, and highly doubted it after its E3 showing, sure I got minor hyped for it, but not enough to buy it day 1.

I was underwhelmed when I heard the sales for Mario Maker, a game that I did buy day 1, and love to bits, even tho I never wanted it when it was announced, so If Mario Maker can't pull in the numbers, there's no way Star Fox can. There are a few good games to look forward to this Holiday, and I'm fine with that.

I have 5-10hours of game time each week, that's it, so my playtime is limited, so I don't mind there being a lull, and that's what the eshop (or other consoles) are for, great games to be found that won't break the bank. I'll get more excited when Nintendo shows me what to get excited about (they are generally right, except maybe this amiibo party thing...)



RoomB31 commented on Pokémon Go is an AR Game Headed to iOS and An...:

there are two comments I have other than the fact that it looks kinda cool.
1- I'm concerned about safety with this one, what if a pokemon appeared on a busy highway? Sure most people would wait till it moved or something, but not everyone, or just the fact that we already have issues with looking at our screen and walking not paying attention to our peripheral vision.
2-This would be the perfect tie in with the actual games, if you could import the pokemon that you actually caught in the "real world". This is what Nintendo wants to do, bring gamers back to their system by using mobile games/apps to do so, so not doing it would be a shame.



RoomB31 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Produce Another Supe...:

3D World was awesome, and since me and the hubby often play games together, it was even better! Galaxy is an awesome single player game, and I look forward to the possibility of a sequel, until then tho, I'd like Nintendo to pull a Wind waker and release an HD version of Super Mario Sunshine.



RoomB31 commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:


this article is about the promotion of the game, not to boys kissing

""Aren't you guys all about "equality"? What makes homosexuality so much more special than classic marriage in your eyes other than the fact that it's being widely accepted for the first time in years?""

the classic argument have straight people ever had to fight for human rights?
have men ever had to fight for equal rights as women?
have white people ever had to fight to be freed of slavery?

There is this thing call privilege, and status quo, when things are habitually hetero, masculine & white, there is no reason to specially talk about it, to make a parade about it, because they already have their rights, everyone else has had to fight for them, thus articles being written.
Why make a big deal about it? because people like you still do, until people like you can just accept people for who they are, and the rights they demand in order to even have the semblance of equality, until that happens, you will always hear about things that might make you "uncomfortable", but hey guess what, you don't have to kiss/marry someone of the same sex, but you shouldn't stand in the way of those who do want to.



RoomB31 commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

I applaud all the decent human beings in this room, cheers. a little bit of boy kissing never hurt anyone, hell a lot of boy kissing never hurt anyone. BOY Kisses for anyone who wants, and none for those who don't, see how easy that was



RoomB31 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Shift Its...:

@faint I feel that you are pointing on a singular issue, that you believe many of those third party titles sell poorly on Nintendo Consoles because Nintendo gamers are uninterested in said games. While those games did sell extremely poorly, they were also very poor uninspired ports, im not saying all of them are, but a lot of what you mentioned never took advantage of the hardware, and/or were lazily put together for a quick buck, so gamers noticed and followed through by not buying into them. Either that or they were year old games ported and sold at higher price points then their PS3/360 counterparts. So why would many shell out money for that?



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America):

GET RUNBOW NOW!!! honestly when it was first announced I was like meh, but the hype built and its an awesome game, didn't think twice about the $15 entry point (didn't download any nindies @ home), fun single player, 2 player or more, plus online mode and plenty of fun to be had!



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo and DeNA Smart Device Game Still On T...:

annoyed. but it won't stop me from supporting Nintendo. if they don't dilute their brands and only release things like shuffle, then I am not too worried. (I enjoy shuffle for what it is, so it's not a negative by any means)



RoomB31 commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

i think for the type of game it is, the hefty price point will turn many off. I understand the statement that some make about it being a fleshed out indie, but not a full retail release, i think thats due to the nature of the core gameplay. You'll like it or you won't.



RoomB31 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

this isn't really a surprise anymore, I could have predicted that. Nintendo's hardware will always be 2/3 of a generation behind, using the money to invest in new ideas/quirks for their new systems, as well as being able to offer a lower initial price point. No body should be shocked by this news.



RoomB31 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

Nintendo is in their own world, so I doubt microsoft or sony would steal any ideas nintendo puts into their new console, but it could be software just as much as hardware, so who knows. I think Nintendo should hold off on an NX news if they care to sell any more Wii U's, I love my Wii U and hope many more people play the great games it has to offer, as well I hope many more great games come out for it, so take your time Nintendo, the NX can wait.



RoomB31 commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

the idea was novel, and its not that the execution was poor, but like Miyamoto said, it wasn't communicated well, it wasn't embraced by developers (even Nintendo didn't utilize it well enough), It was dated before it came out (I'm not talking about core power here), with tablets already old hat and tablet sales struggling to beat previous years. There's always next time, but until then, enjoy the actual games that are coming to Wii U, they're great!



RoomB31 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Attempts To Explain Why Zelda...:

I hate corporate speak, and Reggie is really bad at it. He knows questions are going to be asked, but has to completely stick to the script, so it makes him sound robotic and fake. It's not his fault, but he's not good at this type of interviewing.

The reasoning is asinine and there are holes all over that ideology. if this is what they want to do going forward then thats what they should say, not make it sound like this is the way its always been, because thats BS.

They should have shown something, regardless, since we already knew it was delayed it couldn't disappoint us any further, but if we saw progress then that would keep us talking about it and build on the momentum.

I get what they decided to do this E3, but E3 has always been about the SHOW, the announcements, the surprises, not minor updates and details about games we've known about forever. This just felt like another Direct, which is fine, it was a good competent direct, but it wasn't E3, and they cannot hide behind that veil.

Honestly all the details about the games that have been flowing through the treehouse have me much more excited than the digital even could ever have done, and that's good, the problem is that most people won't watch treehouse, so therefore will only be left with that single impression.

I'm much more excited about Super Mario Maker, Yoshi, the FireXJPOPcrazness RPG, Star Fox, and now that I know the Animal crossing Wii U game is much more than just a board game, my interest has piqued quite a bit.



RoomB31 commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

@A01 not enough details about devils third, and it could go either way, but I don't see it doing super well (I don't see it being unique enough, sure its different from whats on Wii U, but different from other 3rd pers shooters? not sure yet). Fatal Frame I really want, but the IP isn't that strong in the Americas so i don't expect many sales either.



RoomB31 commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

have you played the game? Sure the second screen could be adapted to a smaller screen on the tv, but the point of looking through your pack on the gamepad was to add to the tension, to be quick, or be eaten, that effect would be lost by putting it on the tv. It may be minor, but it does change how you play.



RoomB31 commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

If true, which it probably is, It's no surprise really. It will be interesting how they translate the gamepad features to those consoles. We can rosy colored tree at Ubi all we want, with Rayman it was valid, with this not so much, the game was a launch title that sold underwhelming numbers, I don't see it selling super well on those consoles either, but who knows...



RoomB31 commented on Feature: What the Heck is Puzzle & Dragons? - ...:

Actually I doubt the Mario Edition will sell as well as Z did on the 3DS, I don't think it will draw in the mobile crowd, (that's what Z was for) instead i think it will get non Z fans to try it out, but I'm pretty sure this version is more intended for the west, with Z thrown in as a bonus. we'll see if the west bites.