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Male, 21, Australia

I love PC gaming and Nintendo gaming.

Wed 24th Jul 2013

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Trogue12 commented on Super Mario 64 Gets The Oculus Rift Treatment:

Jusy wanted to say i am a huge nintendo fan and own all the consoles released by them.
for you guys saying this is like sitting infront of a tv IT ISN'T it's in full 3d and has head tracking that moves with your head, i have a rift so i know this.
for others saying it's "meh" then you are incorrect and should try Rift Dev kit 2 in full HD playing half-life 2. Just because you havn't used one don't say it wouldn't be cool. It is.
i'm not.some pc master race person, i enjoy both pc and wiiu but it pisses me off to see people commenting about this and dissing a thing they have no idea about.