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Rayman Legends Boss and Dev Team Protest Wii U Release Delay

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Insubordination ahoy

Last week's news that Rayman Legends is going multi-platform and is delayed to September was disappointing for a lot of Wii U owners. While the loss of exclusivity was a blow, it was arguably the seemingly unnecessary delay to a finished game that enraged many. We saw an outraged anonymous forum post from someone claiming to be a developer on the game, and fans took to launching online petitions to see the original release date brought back for Wii U.

In a surprising and high-profile twist, Rayman creator and respected industry veteran Michel Ancel has appeared alongside his development team in pictures protesting the decision to delay the Wii U release, with a stylishly drawn banner saying "Release Rayman. Support Ubisoft Montpelier" in French. A tearful Rayman says "please", while assorted banners in the image's background say "Wii U", "Rayman", "Michel Ancel" and "28/02/13", the latter being the original Wii U release date.

At the time of writing Ubisoft has not responded with a comment, but the presence of Ancel and his dev team in these pictures — which they surely knew would draw a lot of attention — is a fairly direct challenge to the publisher. It should also give hope to fans protesting for the Wii U release to return and arrive in the coming weeks.

We'll keep an eye out and update with any Ubisoft responses, but we'd love to read your thoughts on this in the comments below.


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Red_Acteur_2 said:

I really hope Ubisoft decides to make something about this. It really is rare nowadays to see developpers going against the publishers, but hey, we're French, and protesting is a natural thing for us ^^



ThePirateCaptain said:

This is pretty great. It shows that the developers are just as upset over the stupid decision and really want to see the fruit of their labor be released.
I highly doubt anything will come of it though.



Robo-goose said:

It was a low blow on Ubisoft's part, especially since they rushed the developers to meet that March release date in the first place.



Byuu said:

This is misinformation: this is not what happened. The real story is that players have visited Ubisoft Montpellier with this banner in their hands. Dev team and Michel Ancel agreed to take some photos with them. That's all.

Be careful with your information!



Everly said:

Wow! I wonder how long Ubisoft feels they can keep silent. If they expect to make an announcement about anything other than reversing the delay on FB they will be buried in negative comments.



hiptanaka said:

I wonder if the delay could have to do with Microsoft and/or Sony wanting a simultaneous release.
@Byuu Even if that's the case, it's still quite a statement.



Spoony_Tech said:

Good for them. They worked hard to reach a date only to be told not going to happen any time soon. I hope it works and this keeps going up to the top!



ThomasBW84 said:

@Byuu I still don't see how this is "misinformation" — there's a banner protesting the delay, Ancel and his team are photographed with that banner. If they were following the party line, they would have declined to be photographed if, indeed, what you're saying is the case.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

There is no reason for the game not to be released unless Microsoft and Sony said they did not want "sloppy seconds."



Obvious78 said:

If this game is coming out in September then I wont be buying. I hate the fact that industries are playing with us. Dominating tricks...dont judge the gmaers on their sales. They have a ertain level of honour too.



Lopezdm said:

Now this is what I'm talking about! People that care about their fans and what they do. Viva the wiiu revolution!



goldbricks23 said:

Fantastic! I hope this causes some discussion between the publisher and developers that results in an early Wii U release. I'm still buying the game on Wii U whenever its release; to show there's a proper audience for the game on Wii U!



seronja said:

this game should be out this month for wii-u dude, once gta 5 comes out, this game will die... and gta 5 will probably be my last game that i will buy this year, because to be honest i don't care so much about any nintendo franchise, or sony exclusives or halo as much as i care and love the gta series, and by the time i will have enough of gta, there will be other more better games then rayman legends... true fact =)



smileisles said:

Awesome! Man, that is a classy move. It's not often you see such honorable and devoted gestures from the industry. Thank you Michael Ancel and the development staff for this bold move. Whenever the game comes out ( I'm hoping for the original release date) I'll be supporting you guys. Keep up the great work. To Ubisoft, I hope your customers and developers are able to convey our plea for you to release the game soon. Thank you!



Big_L91 said:

thats awesome a truely rare sight in gaming today.
stickin' it to the man!



cdude said:

That has everything to do with it tanaka. Especially when a game stands to implent a feature thats not present on a ms or sony system. It's amazing that theress a thousand videogame blogs that post the same things and next to none of them have reported what ms and sony are now mandating from their publishers.

Rayman got delayed because ms outright refused to ever allow it on it's console if it didnt. Then they rewrote the terms their affiliates have to play by. That's how confident ms is in the xbox experience, gentleman. That's the kind of crap that the 'hardcore gamer' crowd is fighting against nintendo so hard for.

Ms is just mad that they got their butts kicked by the wii, attach rates and all, and theyre scared that the wii u is out performing their last launch.

Wheres that story at game blogs?



AbeVigoda said:

Thats the first time I've seen French guys waving a white flag that has writing on it




While im glad they did this I just hope they dont lose their jobs over this photo.



Auracle said:

Wow. This is an interesting development. I wonder what sort of fruit it will produce...



AVahne said:

I love these guys!
Incredibly brave to go against their tyrannical oppressors!
I mean their parent company.

EDIT: I really felt like trading in ZombiU due to Ubisoft's recent idiotic and unfair decisions. But after finding out the game was developed by these same guys here, I decided to keep the game JUST FOR THEM. (It's a good game and all, but Ubisoft is leaving a bad image of all their games in my mind at the moment.)



Squiggle55 said:

I agree CDude. I haven't heard anyone report it, but it makes a lot of sense that Ubisoft "had" to delay the Wii U version because of Microsoft. I'm pretty sure I've heard that they simply don't allow games on their console if it has been on another's first. Right?



DarkKirby said:

I'm surprised, it's quite rare to see developers speak out against their bosses unless they plan on quitting.



Everly said:

@MrWalkieTalkie They seem content to lay there and take the beating for the last 4 days. We'll just have to see how long that works for them. I'll set the over/under at 12 days.



FullbringIchigo said:

nice to know someone is willing to stand up to all this stupidity and the fact it's the people who made the game makes it even better



Nareva said:

I hope this works out. I definitely want to support these developers.



Megumi said:

Yeah, fight against Ubisoft you guys, we all hate them right now. lol
Was really looking forward to seeing more of those music levels.



JayRydah said:

Now that is a great thing to see. Im still kinda upset over the whole delay.ubisoft better listen to us and release earlier.theres 100s of angry gamers on here alone and if you go on facebook to all of ubisoft pages from north america to everywhere else there isliterally 1000s of angry people and comments flooding there pages .



Peach64 said:

Yeah, Microsoft have always had that policy about ports. So Ubisoft had to delay the Wii U version if they wanted to release it on 360, and despite what people say about GTA V, I still think that releasing it on all 3 in September (over 150 million consoles) will result in more sales than releasing it now on just one console than has an install base of less than 3 million.

The smart move would be to release it on Wii U now, and just work on a couple of extra levels for the 360/PS3 release to comply with the policy.



Dogpigfish said:

Still a good marketing decision. They don't have an AC game this year, so this needs to be their fall flagship title. Good business decision, not good for customers, though.



citizenerased said:

As if Michel Ancel didn't already have all my respect for being an amazing game designer and great overall person.

Those poor developers have been working their asses off for a deadline that was never really there. Poor guys.



Kyoto said:

And this is where the fun part of all the Rayman-buzz starts. I'm very keen to see what Ubisoft's men in ties have to say about this.



Shanksta said:

That's ballsy. I completely respect them for it and I hope this shows Ubisoft how stupid they're acting. I hope nothing bad happens to Michel Ancel or others because of this though.



MrGawain said:

The way this story is panning out is really making dull February interesting.



WingedSnagret said:

This whole mess is MS's fault. They whined about RL not being on their system, then when Ubisoft started to make the port, they pulled out the lame contract that has to have the game released simultaneously. MS, you flipping suck.



XCWarrior said:

Can you all name 15 people that will be looking for work next week? Cause I can, and they are all in the same photo.

Nice try guys, but until you hold the CEO hostage demanding the game being released or else, this isn't going to do squat.



ArkOne77 said:

Good News! Really glad they spoke we just have to wait and see if the higher ups pull their heads out of their asses. I'm not holding my breath.



Haxonberik said:

Go on Ancel! I dont think they can just ignore such a petition from their own development team. I hope they can put it back on track for march-april, even if it seems unlikely



MrGawain said:

Just looked on Nintendo's official page. They've changed Rayman Legends release date to TBD- not September.

Nintendo holding out hope?



dragon_rider said:

Dear Microsoft, because you forced the devs to port it to other systems, you can sod off and burn in hell



Mollutje said:

Wow, nice statement. Good to see the actual developers displeased with the recent turn of events. I'm not too confident this statement will make a difference, but I certainly appreciate their willingness to take a stand against it.



idork99 said:

I'm not a Rayman fan but you have to respect these young artists going out on a limb for their game & team.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow that's amazing! I was hoping the developers would do something like this but didn't think they could since they obviously need wages. I don't think Ubisoft can fire them at this point, simply because it would smear their name even further. I really hope the Wii U version gets released on its original date now...

Please let something great come of this. I will buy Rayman Legends if Ubisoft release the game as they were going to, this month



retro_player_22 said:

Wow even the dev wants the game out the door. That's it Ubi, time is up, just pick up the game, wrapped em good, and shipped them immediately.



Randomname19 said:

Michael Ancel is crazy(in a good way).I still remenber that time when he met Toboscus(who was later hired by Ubisoft). and they played together Rayman Origins with two other developers,



tddct89 said:

This is nice to see. At least they care. Ubi just wants to save money by not having to market the game more than once I'm assuming. I actually had my mind 100% made up to never purchase this game unless I found it second hand so that Ubisoft Never made money from me (might sound a bit extreme but this game was literally the reason I was an early adopter, there will be better games out by September.) If the game actually gets released soon I might reconsider, but I'll still be on edge about giving Ubisoft any money in the future after this stunt.



Farmboy74 said:

What Nintendo needs to do is stump up the cash and buy Ubisoft Montpelier, they led by an industry legend!! As everyone keeps saying surly it has to be released now after such a high profile display from the developers? 8698 people on can't be wrong!!



tddct89 said:

@seronja What part of that exactly was "fact"? I don't like GTA, I won't buy GTA 5 or even play it, and there are lots of others out there that think the exact same way as me. And also, there are lots of people out there that will buy both no matter when they are released. You just compared 2 games that are nothing alike at all. This is a platformer, not just cause or saints row. GTA5 will have no effect on the sales of this game, other than a few people that want both, can only afford one, and decide to go with GTA5. You just stated your opinion then followed it with "true fact"

Edit: by that time there may be better games, but you will be hard pressed to find a better side-scrolling 2D plat former, which millions of gamers still love.



rjejr said:

While it's easy to hate MS - I'm guessing it's hard to like them - they probably did offer Ubisoft money to delay this to Sept. on the Wii U - BUT Ubisoft could have told them to take a hike. Instead, Ubsioft took the money and told Wii U owners to take a hike. You shouldn't blame MS for being a "john" more than you blame Ubisoft for being a "whore". MS gave them a choice, and Ubisoft took it.

Does Ancel have a twiitter or FB account? I'm thinking this info would show up there.




Publishers often treat the devs like crap and this is another example. Good on them. Hope this gets a lot of publicity too. Ubisoft have behaved appliingly toward the devs and Wii U owners. Good on the devs. We should buy the game still because of these guys. So pat on the back for the devs and a single finger salute to Ubi.



Ryno said:

And the Ubisoft corporate reaction: Fantastic! More free publicity for this game.



C7_ said:

I'm on the same page as you are; I also bought a WiiU on launch because I thought by now I would be playing or very close to playing quite a few good titles like this.

However, a boycott only works when you don't buy a game at all, not whether or not you directly give the publisher money.

In fact this just gives them fuel against the used game market and tells them that you're still willing to accept their practices if the product they exploit is good enough. It's somewhat comparable to piracy, as it says more about the consumer's willingness to pay rather than the company's shameful behavior.

That being said, I would also shell out cash if they moved the date back to march, which they should seeing as their own employees dissaprove of this crud.



Monkeh said:

At the very least this just makes you love the developers more, even if they'll still have to delay it.



epylon said:

Okay either this is the weirdest marketing campaing ever, or ubisoft want rayman to fail for some machiavellian reason. I mean that september release date is sales suicide.



SonataAndante said:

Whenever the game gets released, I'm getting it new on day 1 to support the dev team. They deserve the support for their work, even if Ubisoft doesn't deserve support for their treatment of the situation. If the rumor about the delay being due to Microsoft policy is true, then that's a load of crap. I'd rather they release the finished Wii U version and work on porting it to the PS3 and PC. And you know what, give it to the Vita too. If Microsoft doesn't want to play nice then they shouldn't be able to play at all.



arderin64 said:

Great to see a bit of defiance from the talent directed towards the suits. Also the simultaneous release contract is one of the reasons I detest Microsoft & everything they do.



NintyMan said:

Good for them. Frankly, I'm not surprised the team that actually created the game objects. No sensible developer would want the game that took months to make with a lot of effort be held captive for months still when it technically shouldn't. The game is done, it would be best to release it in a quiet month like February than a busier one like September, and Ubisoft is going to miss out on six months of profit that would come from what would've been a sooner release.

From what I've seen, it was always intended to be released on the Wii U until the company executive suddenly got a bright idea to delay the game for six more months just to make other versions. It's bad business sense, and now that the creative team is opposed to it, it would be nice if the company reversed their decision and got it back to the originally intended plan.



LavaTwilight said:

SEEMINGLY UNNECESSARY? There's absolutely NO business sense in it! We'd have announcements of the new XBox720 and PS4 soon so especially if they'll be released this year then people wouldn't want to buy that game but rather save for the new consoles. Those who are Nintendo Loyalists would prefer to purchase the more first-party titles that will have come by then, Zelda WindWaker, saving up for Mario Kart or Smash Bros, Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi Yarn (most of which are pending E3) as well as other titles. I understand getting rid of exclusivity, that I don't think was ever an issue but to delay a game that is completed. A game that could bring in 6/7 months worth of revenue... it makes NO sense not even from a business perspective. It's such a bad decision at any level of management and unless they do a 180 on this decision I'm sure it will flounder and I hope whoever decided it will get fired.



Sean_Aaron said:

The Microsoft policy isn't actually a contract, it's more of a threat: we reserve the right to refuse publication of any game that doesn't have a simultaneous release on Xbox or is inferior to other platform versions. Doesn't mean they'll exercise it, but it might give a publisher pause. Again, it's not new so this is about Ubisoft getting cold feet maybe; not Microsoft threatening to kneecap them.



Peach64 said:

Why the heck would Microsoft pay Ubisoft to bring this to 360? That's an utterly ridiculous thing to suggest. Microsoft's focus will be on the 360's follow up this year, and they won't care about trying to grab a fairly low selling title like Rayman.

The more likely situation is Ubisoft saw the poor sales of Wii U consoles and of Zombi U, and realised it was going to be very hard to actually make their money back by releasing this only on the Wii U. They figured by aiming at the 150 million PS3s and 360s out there, they'd have a better chance. The problem is MS have a policy of not allowing ports without any extra content. They've had this policy since the start. They won't have whipped any 'contract' out to Ubisoft, but Ubi would already be aware of this policy so had to delay the Wii U release if they wanted to put it on 360 too.

I seriously Microsoft have contacted Ubisoft at all about this game.



triforcepower73 said:

@Peach64 "They(microsoft) won't care about trying to grab a fairly low selling title like Rayman... They(ubisoft) figured by aiming at the 150 million PS3s and 360s out there, they'd have a better chance." So you think that porting a fairly low selling title to 2 consoles with a combined sales number of 150 million and putting 7 months of wii u sales on hold is a good idea? Or do you think it will sell well on those consoles?



Lupaie said:

There are a lot of "Ubisoft-can-not-restore-this-I-will-never-buy-rayman-again" voices on the web. I believe that we should stick behind the "petitions", "voice-of-the-fans" and the outcry of "Ancel and his devs". The o ly way to do that is actually buy the damn game if it is released in Februari. Not doing that will be childisch and will not only destroy our outcries in the future but will destroy the freedom of Ancel and hos devs. Giving those stupid marketeers the "see, we told you so".

So my advice would ve: if these action yurn into results and the game gets released in feb. Forget your pride and just buy this piece of history.



tddct89 said:

@C7_ Well that's the thing see. I'm really confused whether I should buy this game for a lot of reasons. 1 is that even though I loved ray man origins I already gave ubisoft my money for AC3 and ZombiU, both of which I didn't like. If I buy the game used at least Ubisoft already got their share of the money from whoever bought it new which is bound to happen. I also want to buy it to support the market for physical copies of games and sale of Wii U games, both of which I dont want to see go any time soon. I dont ever buy used games unless I'm really strapped for cash and its a game I've really wanted for a very long time. Truth is I'll still probably buy this game brand new for Wii U no matter when I'm able to purchase it just because I know I will enjoy it so much. I'll do my part by not buying Ubisoft games in the future, it might not be much but every little bit counts. Honestly this is the first time I've felt the same way about ubisoft as I do about EA after their questionably fair treatment of loyal android customers.



manic221 said:

This is fantastic if this comes out in Septemper i'm sorry guys but i can't buy it... GTA V is my priority in September i'll not be buying anything else in September...



Peach64 said:

@triforcepower73 Unfortunately yes. ZombiU is the best selling non-Nintendo title at the moment, and it's racked up around 300,000 sales. Ubisoft are probably thinking that's the most Rayman can achieve, and there's a good chance it would sell less, since it's the same genre as NSMBU which a lot of people already bought.

So the choice they have to make is, do they keep it Wii U exclusive, or do they go multiplatform. To go multiplatform, they HAD to delay the Wii U version or Microsoft could refuse to allow it on 360. Does anyone honestly think it will sell more by being released as a Wii U exclusive now, than on all 3 consoles in September? I know everyone says they should release the Wii U version now and the others later, but they can't do that unless they create additional content for the 360 version.

People seem to think it would get 7 months of big sales on Wii U, but so far every title has sold big when it's come out and then dropped off significantly. The same would happen to Rayman. It would sell decent numbers for February and March, but almost nothing after that.



GazPlant said:

THIS is what I like to see from the games industry - developers and creators standing up for what's right and not bending to the financial desires of the guys upstairs.
Whether or not this works is anyone's guess, but it's a step in the right direction - this is a massive PR blow to Ubisoft, an internal rebellion is practically unheard of! Fingers crossed the limbless wonder will be out on Wii U soon



Lopezdm said:

@Farmboy74 I don't think thats enough people for them to care. I want them to care as much as you do but 8000 people is a just a drop in the bucket.



edcomics said:

I'm so cynical these days that I suspect this was done on purpose so as not to alienate WiiU owners from buying the game. "Sure, we're on your side. Really."

Of course, the sentiment may be genuine. Either way, it's an interesting bit of news.



SuperMinusWorld said:

I will buy this game for $10 more if they release it as intended just so Mr. Ancel and his team know how much I love them.



DreamOn said:

To the people here running on about Ubisofts bottom line, I think most of us get that. But when a company sets expectations with fans and then just before coming through they back out by rubbing their bottom line in the fan's faces, that's not cool.

Irreversible it may be to them, but enduring a complaint "in all of its forms" should be expected.



WanderingPB said: at a loss for words...thank u Mr.Ancel and the entire Rayman dev team for actually showing ur support publicly...ubisoft FREE Rayman over 9100 signatures so far at truly hope we change this



AlternateButtons said:

Good. I would hope they would protest. It may piss us gamers off, but these people actually took time away from their families to create this game. They spent extra hours working so they could meet the deadline and then their company delayed it. I'd be protesting too.




Great news! If Ubi DO listen to their consumers (as they claim to have done by bringing the game to other consoles!) then they must show common sense and release it ASAP for the Wii U!



WingedSnagret said:

To those saying that protesting and petitions won't help, remember the likes of the Xenoblade campaign to bring it to NA. Had fans not created a huge deal about it, the game probably never would have come here. So, while it obviously not always works, coming together and making a statement as one can make a difference.



Drobotic said:

Ubisoft should've just finished up Legends and publish it to the Wii U and then port it to PS360.Seriously.I'm disappointed with Ubisoft right now.



hYdeks said:

i'm one of the people that love that it's gone multiplatform, cause I will get it NOW (was planning to get a Wii U for this) for my PS3. I think the loyal Nintendo fans should get it Feb 28th, waiting 7 months just cause it's now multiplatform is kinda stupid. Release the PS3/360 versions in September, but release it on Wii U in February Also, make a vita/3ds version, that would rule



BrightBeing said:

IGN called this "a ballsy career move". Do you guys think the development team might see retaliation?



Marco_Rossi said:

I was planning to buy rayman eventually. However this will be a day one purchase for me now if Ubisoft stick to the original release date.



RikuzeYre said:


I see these peoples arguments about not being able to release the game until 7 months but the reality is a lot of people wanted the game, they all played demos. In September when alot of games are being released even if they are different genres sales will still be hurt, they are also screwing over the development teams and people probably wont buy the game because of that. The fact of the matter is the install base for the series is higher on the Wii and the PS3. Sure there are a poop ton of Xbox 360s but its not going to help sales. Its been a highly anticipated title on a system with an install base 3 million strong. People who would have bought a Wii U for Rayman legends are now playing the game on PS3s

There are also people like me who will probably buy a Wii U sometime between now and summer and would definitely get the game if he had a Wii U and there are also people like AlphaOmegaSin who would buy the game in February

The Microsoft policy isnt an iron clad rule, they can just refuse the game if they come to them after the Wii U version is released.

Releasing it on the Wii U earlier would also make Rayman more popular and all this does is hurt the series future viability in the eyes of the consumer.



ajcismo said:

It is a ballsy career move. But I doubt Ubisoft would go as far as firing the entire staff, the PR hit would be beyond ugly.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Ancel isn't scared!! He's Ubisoft's Miyamoto. A dozen companies would hire him tomorrow!!! Glad to see he took a stand!!



TheAdza said:

How nice it would be if a Western company actually made an apology for a stupid decision like this and release the game as intended as opposed to just keeping up the positive PR dren that we keep hearing.



HouseofBees said:

Doubt UbiSoft'll relent - Microsoft's money talks, but it is irritating that Nintendo never seems to be able to wave a magic wand in order to get any multi-platform game on their consoles.

Again, let's hope Ubisoft actually listen.



MitchVogel said:

Haha this is casting ubisoft as one of the worst companies around. They either release the game like they promised or don't, but risk looking like they don't care about their developers. I'd be careful with this, Ubisoft! It's awfully difficult to lose a reputation!



scrubbyscum999 said:

You know it's bad when the devs are basically showing out in the publishers face. Ubisoft, just reverse this horrible decision (releasing this in the holiday season, better sell this now when there is no competition) and move on from this pitiful chapter in your history.



allav866 said:

See what happens, Ubisoft? You could've just announced PS3/360 Rayman Legends and left the Wii U launch date alone, but you made a stupid decision to delay what is already complete. Now everybody is mad at you... even the devs behind the game.



BakaKnight said:

When a publisher get his developers to side with fans against the company's decisions then something is definitely wrong >_>;

I really still don't get what positive return Ubisoft could get by delaying the WiiU version in favor of a multi-platform release in september...

Anyway this story is getting really interesting... the sudden extra delay to september althought the game is finished for WiiU, the "exclusive" demo that will fix everything (sorry for the sarcasm XP) and now this news...
Can't wait to see the next episode of the -Rayman Legends' release- saga XD



TingLz said:

Let's look at one multiplatform game that failed to perform: Epic Mickey 2. Multiplatforming does not guarantee more sales folks



AyatollaofRock said:

I don't understand what Ubisoft stands to gain not releasing the WiiU version now, besides perhaps marketing. Given many WiiU owners are already anticipating its release it makes no sense to push it back to September.



WaxxyOne said:

Nice work, guys. It takes courage to stand up to people who have direct influence over your career, and I'm glad to see that at least the dev team responsible for the game doesn't approve of the delay and is willing to let their voices be heard.

I doubt Ubisoft will let this sway their decision at all since Microsoft and/or Sony is probably padding their pockets with spare cash, but it was worth a shot all the same.



WanderingPB said:

On a personal note i have completely stopped goin to IGN for anything they're too biased especially towards Nintendo



Shanksta said:

I like how Ubisoft's facebook page has literally not responded to this development on their facebook page, or anything else for that matter since Friday. They must know that the situation has become a powder keg and that they in THE DANGER ZONE! Here's to hoping they wise up and fast.



Henmii said:

"I still don't see how this is "misinformation" "

It's pretty obvious: Fans took the initiative instead of the developers!

But it's nice that the developers do support the fans! Especially Michel, since he is a big guy at Ubi! Hopefully they won't get the pink slip for this!



MagicEmperor said:

I just [censored]ing want Rayman Legends on my Wii U. Is that so flippin' hard to ask, Ubisoft? Ancel and the developers, thanks for being good guys. For real.



TenEighty said:

In this day and age, a developer no longer needs a publisher. Ubisoft should be thinking this one through a little better.



mr_moobs said:

The game will probably be over-rated anyway, like most of Ubisofts other titles....



Araknie said:

@Byuu They still agreed to do them photos, and in the second one they are all there.
They saw the banner, don't you think?



Rekiotsu said:

I think they should really bring back the original release date and fast. I had faith in ubisoft before but with this ubisoft really disappointed me and caused some doupt against them. Come on Ubisoft, even the developer team is angry.



Jellitoe said:

if they release on time, i ill get this, not in September tho. hope they release on time



BearFlower said:

I, for one, will be asking for a refund for the Wii U. If this game is not released in February, our purchase of the Wii U was under false pretenses. The game was the sole reason for our purchase. I am done with Nintendo.



rayword45 said:

@BearFlower What in the hell? Do you think Ubisoft is a Nintendo second-party or something. This delay HURTS Nintendo, what the flower are you done with them over?

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