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Tue 12th Feb 2013

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RikuzeYre commented on Multiplayer Sandbox Title, Rawbots, Coming to ...:

@Omarsonic9 Minecraft isnt that fun.Sandobx games arent exactly things I like anyway. And honestly if you're on a nintendo site your going to run into fanboys. Fanboyism is silly anyway. If you dont like it then dont deal with it. Solve your own problems and quit hating and complaining. Being useless and impractical are two things I detest.



RikuzeYre commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned, Again, F...:

They already have a unified OS in development for their next home console/handheld duo + the third machine they plan to introduce. The PS3/Vita thing just has crappy looking vita games on it. The 3DS and the Wii U dont need to compete with each other any more



RikuzeYre commented on 3DS Gives Stereoblind Man a Window to the Thir...:

I've messed with the 3D ocarina of time puzzle quite frequently and I have to say the 3D on it is beautiful (and really it just goes to show you that the 3D aspect isnt always required to be fiddly or something you have to hold still to see, it works just fine so long as its not too far away ( IE 3 feet from your face)

The stereoscopic 3D offers an unparallelled addition of depth, which is something Nintendo themselves have stated, its here to stay Wario



RikuzeYre commented on Satoru Iwata: Nintendo Has No Plans To Adopt C...:

^ I dont think they'd invest in cloud given that they are already unifying the next handheld/console pair to function off the same OS so that games can run directly on both.
Basically a much more streamlined version of what they already have going on the Wii U and 3DS that Sony's trying to get up on with their Vita system.



RikuzeYre commented on Developer Interview: Image & Form on SteamWorl...:

Indeed you do. Great Interview. Enthusiastically looking forward to playing this game on the 3DS. A great price point would certainly be icing on the cake XD

Glad there are some western developers out there that understand the Wii U is a baddonkey machine of prime efficiency.