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Wed 6th February, 2013

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Marco_Rossi commented on The Nintendo 2DS Was The UK's Best-Selling Con...:

I love mine. Totally agree with Zodiak13 about it feeling like an old school handheld.....totally takes me back to my gameboy days. Its so comfortable to hold too. Also, is it just me, or do DS games look better on it than they do on either the 3ds or XL?



Marco_Rossi commented on Konami Explains Why Castlevania: Lords of Shad...:

@xkaj0x I do! Kudos to Dave Cox for offering up this lame excuse. Though since Konami have already published PS Vita titles, I suspect he fears the their backlash, if he were to state the grim truth that the PS Vita is dead in the water.
The Vita is a fantastic piece of hardware. Beautifully made, and sporting the kind of power that I always dreamed a handheld would. Ultimately though, it is the software that makes a system. Which is why my Vita is gathering dust, whilst my lovely Pikachu 3ds I cant put down......well except for when i'm playing my wii U