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Sun 17th Jun 2012

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theperson commented on Nintendo Direct Broadcast Confirmed for 13th N...:

kind of irrelevant but when are street fighter x tekken and tekken x street fighter out, they were my most wanted when wii u games were announced pre release, i thought they were launch window and the disappeared of the face of the world



theperson commented on Wii U Isn't Getting Need For Speed: Rivals Tha...:

"Having said that, the Wii U port came many months after the PS3 and 360 versions — so the weak sales perhaps shouldn't have been all that surprising." that really couldn't be any more obvious, people who already had it aren't going to buy it again just because its a better version



theperson commented on Feature: When it Comes to Games, What's in a N...:

pushmo sounds stupid and so do the american versions of the layton games which changed, bros is unneccary for dream team and our strretpass game names are loads better than "find mii" which sounds utterly stupid and doesnt fit, as for resident evil, it could have been the subtitle for biohazard 1 easily but i would have preffered lylat wars 3d to star fox 64 3d