Devolver Direct 2020

Sure, Nintendo has announced it will be airing its E3 presentation on 15th June, but have you ever watched one of Devolver Digital's broadcasts? It's one hell of a ride - with plenty of action, drama, swearing, a lot of blood and of course many video game announcements.

Hmm, that does sound a bit unusual but for Devolver Digital it's just another year. Speaking of E3, the edgy indie representative has now locked in a date for its E3 broadcast, and apparently "the future begins on June 12". At the moment, all we really know is that Devolver Digital's fake CEO Nina Struthers (played by Mahria Zook) will be returning.

Honestly, we can't remember much of last year's show but it did feature Nina's uncle who apparently works at Nintendo...

Uncle, Nintendo

Will you be tuning into this year's broadcast for some comic relief? Leave a comment down below.