Nintendo Direct E3
Image: Nintendo

When E3 is done, the discussion normally turns to who 'won' it. The general consensus this year seems to be Nintendo and Microsoft put on the best shows, but there are plenty of other takes on the annual event.

According to E3's official voting panel - comprised of editors from IGN, GameSpot, PC Gamer, GamesRadar+, Game Bonfire and IGN China - Microsoft held the best presentation. It also apparently showed off the most anticipated game: Forza Horizon 5.

Now, while we could leave it there - if you want to know who really 'won' E3, or at least who was the most popular - it was Nintendo's E3 Direct broadcast. According to data from Stream Hatchet - "Nintendo Dominated" E3's developer conferences, with its highest peak of viewers coming in at around 3.1 million.

Keep in mind, the stats for all broadcasts cover both YouTube and Twitch views:

In second place was Xbox with 2.3 million viewers. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, noted how it was the company's most viewed E3 ever - congratulations to the team.

Noticeably, indie publisher Devolver Digital was also up with the best - attracting over one million viewers with its parody skit littered with real game announcements. So, what did you think of E3 2021? Was Nintendo's presentation your favourite?

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