E3 is back this year, and for many of us it'll be the same as always - sitting in comfort with snacks at hand and watching too many livestreams. Though we won't necessarily have the groan-inducing entertainment of a live show, the good news is that Ubisoft has dated its presentation with the 'Ubisoft Forward' brand. It'll air on 12th June at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK / 9pm CEST.

As you can see Ubisoft is sticking to its usual approach of having its presentation early in the E3 week, and we're still hoping for a bizarre unveiling of Just Dance 2022 (should we just create the game page now, Ed?) that involves dancing pandas.

Ubisoft, it should be noted, has been a relatively enthusiastic supporter of Nintendo Switch. One of its iconic E3 moments was a reveal of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and just last year we had Immortals Fenyx Rising on the system. Clearly there'll be Ubisoft titles that simply can't squeeze onto Nintendo's hardware, but there's also a good chance of seeing some Switch games nonetheless.

We'll be covering it as normal; see you on 12th June!