Image: Nintendo Life

It's nearly E3 time! Are you hype? We're hype. We've seen what the other publishers have had to offer over the past three days and now it's Nintendo's turn to showcase its hot new games — finally!

And what would an E3 Nintendo Direct be without some crazy surprises and even crazier predictions crammed onto a bingo card, eh? Below you'll find our very own E3 2021 Nintendo Direct Bingo Card, courtesy of our lovely video producer Zion (AKA Zion-From-Nintendo-Life).

If you're on mobile, give it a sneaky screengrab (cropping off all the rubbish above and below, if you like) and save it to your phone to tick off the megatons as they're announced later today:

2021 E3 Bingo
Image: Nintendo Life

Let us know which of these predictions you think is most likely to get ticked off in the comments below. And definitely let Alex know when you spot a certain giant hidden on the card, too.