E3 2006 was a big event for Nintendo. Having formally revealed its GameCube successor in 2005 under codename "Revolution", E3 marked the first time press were formally allowed to try the Nintendo Wii. If you were ever curious to see how that looked, several videos have now made their way online.

Released by Twitter account Forest Of Illusion, there's a lot of footage here to pour through, split across 32 separate videos. Most interestingly, they've uploaded an hour of early Super Mario Galaxy gameplay, which didn't release until November 2007.

Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Music can also be spotted amongst others and these new uploads also feature unreleased demo Wii Sports: Airplane. Though the Wii was Nintendo's star of the show, several DS demos are also present, including early looks at Star Fox Command, Final Fantasy III and Yoshi's Island DS.

if you're interested to see more, you can find the full playlist on YouTube.

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