Nintendo Direct
Image: Nintendo

When it comes to Direct presentations, Nintendo has a habit of slightly changing the broadcast depending on the region. Japan normally gets some different announcements and at the company's E3 Direct, it was no different.

While we've already covered at least one of these titles in a standalone post, we've now rounded up the rest of them into a single post, so you can see what else was announced. Keep in mind most of these games are Japan-only releases for now.

Worth Life

A slice-of-life kingdom game by Story of Seasons and Rune Factory producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto. It's arriving in Japan next week on 24th June. Source: Siliconera

Mushihimesama, Espgaluda And DoDonPachi Resurrection

Although these three titles weren't shown during the western direct, Mushihimesama got a surprise local release - marking its Nintendo debut. The other two shmups are expected to follow later this year. Source: Gematsu

Power Pro Kun Pocket R

Power Pro Kun Pocket R - the latest entry in the Power Pro Baseball spin-off series is arriving on the Switch this winter in Japan. The series first began all the way back in 1999 on the Game Boy! Source: Gematsu

Super Robot Wars 30

This robot simulation RPG is launching this year in Japan. It's getting an Asia release with English subtitles, too. It also happens to be the series 30th anniversary - with more details expected to be shared on 11th July. Source: Gematsu

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4th Heart

This school romance sim published by Konami has been confirmed for release on 28th October in Japan. It's the fourth entry in the spin-off dating sim and follows on from the DS and PSP entry in 2010 and 2012. Source: Siliconera

And last but not least we've got a montage trailer and Nintendo's full Japanese E3 Direct presentation:

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