Kit and Krysta, the former hosts of Nintendo Minute, left Nintendo at the start of 2022 after a combined 25 years at the company. This gave them a ton of insight into the secretive company that they're now more than happy to share on their YouTube channel and podcast, including speculation based on their experience — which is what we have today.

In a 40-second video, Kit Ellis says that he doesn't believe the story about Nintendo having a "weak second half schedule of games" for 2023, as reported on by VGC through a publishing source "with knowledge of Nintendo's plans".

Ellis' theory is that Nintendo, as one of the most secretive companies in the world, wouldn't be "telling the [Entertainment Software Association] or literally anybody that they have a weak schedule of games," stating that he doesn't "believe" that to be the case. Instead, he says, "maybe there's another reason that Nintendo's skipping E3," and that we "might be finding it out sooner than later."

Not much to go on, other than the educated guess of a former Nintendo employee, but if the ever-swirling Direct rumours turn out to be true, well... we might be getting some surprise releases in the latter half of 2023.

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