Nintendo E3 IMG
Image: @thetruebowser

Nintendo's E3 Direct is so close now, and ahead of this much-anticipated event, Nintendo of America's president Doug Bowser has shared a new tweet. This time around, he's given us a look at his outfit for Nintendo's "big day" - noticeably, there are no pants featured in the shot, but it's not like Bowser ever wore pants anyway, so what does it matter?

While fans are unsurprisingly trying to break down this photo (a bit like Phil Spencer's shelf) there's not all that much going on. Apart from theories Doug won't be wearing pants on the big day, the biggest reach we've seen so far is about how his blue Switch Lite is placed right next to the word "New" in New York...

The Nintendo of America president has also been quite active on social media over the past few days - promoting Nintendo's latest title Game Builder Garage and congratulating Ubisoft on its own reveal of the Mario + Rabbids sequel.

What do you make of Bowser's latest photo, and what do you hoping to see from Nintendo at its E3 Direct? Leave your thoughts down below.