E3 2023
Image: E3

Following yesterday's news Ubisoft would be withdrawing from this year's E3, it seems a few more third-party publishers have decided not to attend this year's event.

According to IGN, both Sega and Tencent will not be in attendance. In a statement, Sega mentioned how it would not be participating and looked forward to sharing "more information on announced and unannounced projects in the future".

Chinese video game giant Tencent confirmed via a spokesperson that its developer Level Infinite (Honor of Kings, PUBG Moblie) would also not be at this year's event.

IGN got a response from Devolver Digital as well, and although the publisher has never officially attended the event, it has confirmed it won't have a physical presence nearby like in previous years. However, it will still go ahead with its annual Devolver Direct this June.

Bandai Namco also provided a response - noting how it would be attending Geoff Keighley's Play Days event but did not confirm if it would be at this year's E3.

The same report mentioned how there are now rumours that this year's E3 might not go ahead, with one "knowledgable source" claiming "there's no possible way this show can happen". Ubisoft's departure from the event follows Nintendo and Microsoft's exit, with Xbox opting to host its own showcase.

Full disclosure: Nintendo Life and its Hookshot Media sister sites are partnered with E3's event organiser ReedPop.

If we hear any further developments or updates, we'll let you know.

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