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Nintendo Download: 8th October (Europe)

8th October (Europe)

STARWHAL! Sporty Mario! 3D Sonic 2! Pac-Man! More!

The start of another week has rolled around, so that means it's time for more Nintendo Download Update news in Europe. This week serves up some promising downloads with a frantic multiplayer Nindie game, a couple of Mario sporting games, another potentially wonderful 3D Classic from SEGA and more...

Nintendo Download: 1st October (North America)

1st October (North America)

Freedom Planet! Pumped BMX+! Chronus Arc! More!

It's that time, North American gamers, to cast your eye over the new downloadable eShop treats that are available this week. There are diverse offerings, including a highly anticipated and delayed action platformer, a creation tool, BMX stunt action and more; some discounts are also rather tempting...

Nintendo Download: 1st October (Europe)

1st October (Europe)

Animal Crossing! Medabots! 1001 Spikes! Dragon Ball Z pre-load! More!

It's the beginning of another week, which means we have Nintendo Download Update details for Europe to consider; this week brings 3DS retail treats, a long awaited download game across both systems and even Virtual Console options. On top of that there are more download-only games...

Nintendo Download: 24th September (North America)

24th September (North America)

Animal Crossing! Extreme Exorcism! Nova-111! Beatbuddy! More!

It's that time again as details are confirmed for the Nintendo Download Update in North America. This week brings some highly promising and anticipated releases on the Wii U eShop, with plenty of Nindies pitching in with their latest efforts. In addition the 3DS has a big-name release at...

Nintendo Download: 24th September (Europe)

24th September (Europe)

Skylanders! Extreme Exorcism! Nova-111! More stuff!

It's the start of another week, which means its time to bask in the joy of more Nintendo Download Update details for Europe. There are quite a few promising releases on the way for both Wii U and 3DS, including a major retail arrival and enticing download-only games; some rather good titles also...

Nintendo Download: 17th September (North America)

17th September (North America)

Skylanders! Year Walk! Off Road Racing!

It's that time again, North American eShop fans, for the Nintendo Download Update details. We've got a generous helping of new titles for you to get your teeth into - so what are you waiting for? Missed the Nintendo Download Update details for Europe earlier in the week. You cheeky scamp! Don't worry, the...

Nintendo Download: 17th September (Europe)

17th September (Europe)

Year Walk! Mario vs. Donkey Kongs! Bowls of Tecmo!

Another week, another helping of digital delights from Nintendo. If you're in Europe and you want to know exactly what titles you can download to your Wii U and 3DS this week, then you've certainly come to the right place. Wii U eShop: Year Walk (Simogo, £6.29 / €6.99) - Grim tales, horrifying...

Nintendo Download: 10th September (North America)

10th September (North America)

Super Mario Maker! The Swindle! Q.U.B.E! Tecmo Bowl! More!

It's that time again, North American eShop fans, for the Nintendo Download Update details. This week brings one of the year's biggest Wii U retail releases and a range of promising downloads on the home console. On the 3DS we have Hatsune Miku, a theme and... did we mention how good the Wii...

Nintendo Download: 10th September (Europe)

10th September (Europe)

Super Mario Maker! The Swindle! Hatsune Miku! Etrian Mystery Dungeon! More!

Another week begins and brings with it news of the upcoming European Nintendo Download Update, and this time around there's plenty to look forward to. One of the year's biggest retail releases on Wii U is joined by a much-anticipated download release published by Curve...

Nintendo Download: 3rd September (North America)

3rd September (North America)

Gunman Clive! Excitebike! Mario Golf!More!

It's that time again, North American gamers, for the Nintendo Download Update details. This week brings an excellent download option on the Wii U from Hörberg Productions, along with a much-loved Mario sporting spin-off and another retro début in the West. Pickings are slimmer on the 3DS, though there are...

Nintendo Download: 3rd September (Europe)

3rd September (Europe)

Runbow! Gunman Clive HD! StarTropics 1 & 2! Sin & Punishment! More!

Another week begins with Nintendo Download Update details for Europe; due to a public holiday in the UK this information came through later than normal (hat tip to Daan Koopman who forwarded the Dutch information to us). This week is particularly good on the Wii U, it must be said,...

Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America)

27th August (North America)

Sin & Punishment (twice), Runbow, FullBlast, Gotcha Racing and more

It's that time again, North American gamers, for the latest Nintendo Download Update. This week brings a Treasure double header on Wii U which is tough to resist, along with one of the Wii U eShop's most-anticipated exclusive releases from 13AM Games. Disney Infinity 3.0 is also...

Nintendo Download: 27th August (Europe)

27th August (Europe)

Devil's Third! Microtransactions! Senran Kagura! Q.U.B.E! More!

The beginning of another week brings us the European Nintendo Download Update details, with this entry bringing some major releases. We have a much anticipated FPS action game on Wii U, along with a toys-to-life option and some tempting downloads, while the 3DS brings the latest Senran...

Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America)

6th August (North America)

Golden Sun goodness, classic Capcom, Picross, Kung Fu and much more

It's time for another Nintendo Download Update in North America, and this week serves up a fairly diverse range of options. We have two promising Indie efforts on Wii U, while a certain GBA Virtual Console release with 'Golden' in the title may go down well. The 3DS has a couple of...

Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America)

30th July (North America)

Three Kirby games, BADLAND, Xeodrifter, Flick Golf and more

It's time once again for the North American Nintendo Download Update, and this week brings a fairly busy and diverse line-up. The Wii U is offering a triple-header of Kirby games, alongside a welcome port from Renegade Kid and a promising Game of the Year Edition. On 3DS we have a...