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Nintendo Download: 16th August 2012 (Europe)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mario, ninjas and viruses

This week is a landmark one for the Nintendo Download update, with retail titles making their first appearance. 3DS and DSi owners are looked after with new download software, though it's another lonesome week for Wii.

Retail Software

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, £39.99) — Mario's latest 2D adventure arrives, bringing with it another batch of wonderfully judged platforming levels and the ambitious goal of gathering one million coins, as well as defeating Bowser. While it may not innovate or take the famous plumber in both new directions, we nevertheless rate it as a terrific experience, as you can read in our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review.

Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! (Nintendo, £24.99) — This retail release replaces the original eShop download, with extra content such as RPG-lite dungeons, collectible abilities, a wider range of forms and a fun multiplayer mode. Whether those improvements make the higher price worthwhile is down to individual preference — though the choice will be gone after the update — and you can read what we thought in our Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! review.

New Art Academy (Nintendo, £29.99) — With the original DSiWare and retail releases proving such a success, the arrival of New Art Academy on eShop isn't surprising. With a number of basic and advanced lessons that actually teach you and enable improvement, future DLC and enough tools to keep any artist satisfied, this takes the series up another notch. We got artistic in our New Art Academy review to look at it in just the right light.

3DS Virtual Console

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (Konami, £2.70/€3) — This action RPG tasks you with saving ancient Japan from the Black Ship Gang, so no pressure. With three characters to control, towns to visit, locals to question and puzzles to solve, it sounds like this Game Boy title has plenty for you to do: we'll let you know whether it's worthwhile in our upcoming review.

Retail DLC

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (Square Enix, £0.90 each)

March of the Dreadnoughts (FF13 - FMS)
Battle Theme (FF11 - BMS)
Esper Battle (FF12 - BMS)
Battle 2 (FF04 - BMS)


The Lost Town — The Jungle (CIRCLE Entertainment, 200 points) — This second entry in The Lost Town series has you exploring a meteorite landing in the Amazon jungle, enlisting the assistance of some locals. The top-down perspective and premise have potential, as well as the good quality of the original, but we feel that this one falls into the category of "lazy sequel", as our The Lost Town — The Jungle review explains.

Escape The Virus: Shoot ’Em Up! (Teyon, 200 points) - Teyon continues the series with some more shoot 'em up action, we quite liked Escape the Virus: Swarm Survival so keep your eyes peeled for our review later in the week.

So there you have it. What will you be downloading this week? Let us know in the poll below!

What will you be downloading first this week? (154 votes)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS retail)


Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! (3DS retail)


New Art Academy (3DS retail)


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (3DS VC - Game Boy)


The Lost Town - The Jungle (DSiWare)


Escape The Virus: Shoot’Em Up! (DSiWare)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (63)



-KwB- said:

Oooof courrzzzz New Super Mario Bros. 2 !!! Still doubting between buying or eShop !



MeWario said:

Cool, cool cool cool. Downloading NSMB2 after a lot of thought and downloading Mystical Ninja because it looks very cool



RupeeClock said:

New Super Mario Bros 2 will be £39.99?!
That's a little expensive all things considering!



BenAV said:

Nothing for me this week.
That's fine because I'm short on money.



Squashie said:

I am considering New Super Mario Bros 2. But £39.99 is a little over priced!

I might just buy the retail version!



luminalace said:

I loved Legend of the Mystical Ninja on SNES but may need to wait for the review before I consider the gameboy version, besides I will be too busy playing NSMB2!



cammy said:

I was considering Art Academy, but ~ €39 is a bit expensive when I can get it for €30 or so in the local Tesco.




NSMB 2 3DS is over 10 quid cheaper as a retail cart purchase! Hello Nintendo?! In recent years the pricings of hardware and downloads on Ninty systems have been ridiculous. Anyway, nothing for me this week



SirSmugleaf said:

Nothing for me this week...
I will get NSMB2 at retail because I simply don't have the sd card space...
I might get New Art Academy though.



3dbrains said:

OMG £39.99 for a download of NSMB2!?

@Nintendo - Screw that!
and I wont buy a retail copy either, in protest.

same goes for the other retail/downloads. FAR TOO EXPENSIVE.

At this price, by law, we should be able to sell them back when completed for a good price.

aslo most other great 3DS games only cost between £15 and £29.99.



Fabian said:

I will buy Lost Town as it costs only 200 instant of the 500 points it is in NA



Martyn said:

Freakyforms will be 5 pounds more than Amazon (which is already a rip) + Art Academy will be 10...hahahahahahahahaha no.



rithbria said:

Might pick up Goemon sometime. The Theatrhythm DLC listed came out last week though for those who don't know.



Fabian said:

Which retail Games will be relased in NA? Freakyforms and Art Akademy don,t even have a relase date in NA so what GAmes are comming to NA for them or will there only be Mario as Retail GAme?



RetrogamerFan said:

Mystical Ninja (GB). Haven't played many of this series of games, but i loved the N64 Mystical Ninja game (still have the original cartridge), some of the characters in that were very odd, but it was a good fun game.

I'll probably get NSMB2, definitely as a retail as i'm sure it will be easy to find at a cheaper price. Already have the non-deluxe version of freaky forms, which was OK and enough for me.



a_binfahad said:

I think NSMB2 is a little overpriced, but anyway, just cuz it's a mario game i'll take it



Reala said:

I'd say I hope the eshop version bombs but its Mario it'd probably still sell for even more than what its listed :/



RupeeClock said:

In places like the UK, Japan or US, I imagine the eShop version may not do well if it's bought directly from the eShop.

Retailers are still selling download codes, which'll be cheaper than the eShop listed price that's for sure.



TheAdza said:

Yeah it will sell pretty well, but Nintendo have the wrong strategy here. I'm not calling for it to be cheaper, but it should be the exact rrp as the packaged version. If it was a download only game, then we could accept the price, but it's not. I was going to download it but now I'm not.



TheAdza said:

And about download codes from shops, the shops might be able to discount them.



ejamer said:

Warning about Mystical Ninja: it's not good. The basic gameplay isn't terrible, although very uninspired. But there are parts where you have to rapidly mash A for to race against a boss-type character - and if you aren't fast enough, you get an immediate Game Over screen. No second chance, no loss of life, you are just kicked back to the title screen. Frustrating, terrible design. Maybe save points will help..?



3DiddyKong said:

I want mystical ninja i have a SNES copy of the game and is tied for my favorite game on the system with mega man X. i'm hoping the gameboy entry will be somewhat good.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Fantastic week for you guys! Here's hoping the NA update isn't as good...I can't afford all the stuff I want here at once!



Bass_X0 said:

I'm hearing nothing positive about this Mystical Ninja game. I like the series but I won't be getting this even if it is cheap.



DarkEdi said:

Don´t download NSMB 2. It is better buy it in store. In digital they get more earn cost because they don´t give package, blocket, cartridge, etc, they only gives the program. If it cost like 20 or 30 dls maybe could be right but at the same cost that stores is a money steal.



PixelatedPixie said:

I really hope that none of the 28% of those of you who said they're going to download a digital copy of NSMB 2 are from the UK, otherwise you're being robbed.



Philip_J_Reed said:

In digital they get more earn cost because they don´t give package, blocket, cartridge, etc, they only gives the program. If it cost like 20 or 30 dls maybe could be right but at the same cost that stores is a money steal.

And the last thing we'd want is for Nintendo to make a larger profit!



FonistofCruxis said:

NSMB2 is the only game here that interests me but I don't plan on buying any retail games digitally and I'm not paying full price for a lazy game like that so I'll buy it when I can find it pre-owned for £20 or less.



Tempest said:

£40 to download, £30 off Amazon, £35 if you walk into Game for a copy… that's not even considering the pre-order promotions I've seen going around and the fact with a physical copy you can trade the game in later… not sure what I'm getting from buying digitally other than the convenience of not having to have the game cart when I'm travelling to be honest…



McHaggis said:

@Philip_J_Reed I think it's more the fact that it seems rude to charge your customers more for less. I'd like to think that Nintendo would, one day, be happy making more profit by pricing more fairly and attracting more consumers.



chewytapeworm said:

Well I've long since pre-ordered my copy of Mario, but I might just finally get around to buying Wario Land 2 on the Virtual Console to appease me for the next few days... I don't see an option for it in the vote though

@dirtyplastic To avoid taking home dirty plastic (I'm sorry I just couldn't resist!!)



Sneaker13 said:

Nothing for me this week. Will be pretty busy with New Super Mario Bros. 2, but not the download version.



x10power said:

Well since I am getting double the coins and dont have a big enough case atm I am getting the DL version



Netto-kun said:

The Theatrhythm DLCs on the list were actually available last week. I am curious why those are listed in the press release for this week.



Omega said:

No Wiiware and no VC.

Retail games on the 3DS?

Hello? Anybody alive with a Wii who uses it more than about once a fortnight at most?



Funem said:

I put I was going to purchase nothing but actually I have just bought the original Freakyforms for £5.40 before it is removed later today.



TromaDogg said:

I've had a boxed retail copy of New Super Mario Bros 2 since yesterday morning....delivered to my house from for £29.86.

Meanwhile, Nintendo want to charge people £39.99 for a download that isn't available until tonight.

OK. That makes sense.

Mind you, you do apparently get 250 extra stars for downloading New Super Mario Bros 2, if you think that's worth shelling out over an extra tenner on the download for.....



stocko said:

@Mahe Erm.. I do and I'm sure other people do, dont be an ass about it, I donwloaded Esper Battle last week updated list maybe?



Dyl_73 said:

I won't be downloading NSMB2. Not at £39.99.
I'll buy a copy from a shop and then get about £20 back when I've fiinished with it and trade it in.



Mathieu_W said:

For information, here are the prices in €uros for downloadable games, all available tomorrow at 1am CET:

New Super Mario Bros 2: 44.99€
New Art Academy: 34.99€
Freakyforms Deluxe: 29.99€



AyeHaley said:

I got Mario for my 3DS today and I'm gonna buy another one at the eShop for my XL. For Co-op of course. Oh and Art Academy cause I don't like switching cartridges.



FluttershyGuy said:

Cool that NoE trusts you guys to be able to divide your attention between NSMB 2 and a VC game. Reggie doesn't trust we Americans to buy NSMB 2 AND a VC game, so no VC for us.



Bulbousaur said:

might get Mystical Ninja depending on reviews, but I am not downloading NSMB2. I'm getting it for £10 cheaper off Amazon at a non-extortionate price



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I'm a dedicated nintendo fan and by all accounts I wont sucumb to the fad of downloading full retail versions of major nintendo AAA releases, especially NSMB2.
I'm gonna get it at retail whether it becomes the norm or not, I'd rather have something that can sit on my shelf and have me darn impressed, than have a copy that I can't physically own or sell back in any way.
Please guys, don't support the digital download of retail games, VC and 3DSware etc are fine, but in the future I still want to legitamently own my purchases.



DrMonk said:

Anyone heard if there will be retail download codes for NSMB2 available in Australia? They are asking for $69.95 on the eShop, and that's not gonna fly!



Kriedler said:

I'm actually surprised. The price of the NSMB2 download is actually cheaper in Norway than it would be in pretty much any store... by about 15%.
(This is one of the most expensive countries in the world, haha)



lucianaeevee said:

ahh it's hard, I need an eshop voucher, but I also need pokemon black 2, or pokemon conquest, or a new SD card, or a new 3ds case >.< I really have to start saving up :/

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