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Nintendo Download: 10th January 2013 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Deer hunting, dino pets, biorhythms and world heroes

It's Nintendo Download update time, and this week's arrivals possibly represent the quirkiest collection of offerings in quite a while. Every platform gets something new — if Wii U demos count — while the handheld platforms have a strong focus on catching, hunting, caring for and picnicking with animals. Like we said, it's a peculiar batch this week, so let's get on with it.

3DS download software

Reel Fishing 3D Paradise Mini (Natsume, $3.99) — When you combine WiiWare and Wii retail releases, the Reel Fishing franchise made four appearances on the famous little system. It's now going portable, with the title also reminding us that it'll be 3D on the, um, 3DS. This promises over 20 missions to take on and we expect it to be similar to the Wii version, maybe with less motion control; we'll dig out our waders and fish out a review soon.

Wild Adventures: Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D (eV Interactive, $3.99) — We've seen a few on-rails shooting games on the 3DS eShop to date, with targets varying from humans, to cartoon chickens and endangered safari animals; if the deer and other animals of the North American countryside thought they were getting off lightly, they were very wrong. With over 20 species, as many weapons, and a dozen areas to hunt through, we'll have to dig out our silly hats and get shooting for your review.

101 DinoPets 3D (Selectsoft, $4.99) — While the Nintendogs franchise may be the cream of the crop in terms of pet sims, that doesn't mean others won't throw their silly hats into the ring for their own pets to wear. Teyon jumps in with a unique opportunity to care for dinosaurs, which allows you to teach tricks, play and dress up some of the most fearsome creatures from a prehistoric age. Bonkers, for sure, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun — we'll get some tranquillizer darts in case of emergency and work on a review.

3DS retail downloads

Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends (Majesco Entertainment, $19.99)

Wii U retail demos

ZombiU (Ubisoft, free) — This was originally set to infest Wii U hard drives in December, but after a short delay this free trip to post-apocalyptic London is now up and running. It's one of the most unique titles on the system so far, and you can have a taste of some brains to see whether it's worth a full purchase.

NBA 2K13 (2K Sports, free) — A rather detailed and well constructed basketball sim now has free entry for a bit of action. We'd try some slogans such as "have you got game?" and such, but aren't sure we can pull it off. It's free, it's basketball, so why not?


Biorhythm (Cinemax, 200 Nintendo Points) — This was released just over two years ago in Europe, way back in December 2010, so we're a little surprised to see this one emerge in North America. This is an app focused on, you guessed it, the practice of biorhythms, which takes basic details about you and uses mathematical processes to measure out aspects of your life. This is only remotely suitable for those who actually believe in the practice, as our Biorhythm review explains.

Wii Virtual Console

World Heroes 2 (D4 Enterprise, 900 Nintendo Points) — Europe received a Neo Geo fighting game previously released in North America today, so naturally those in the latter will be thinking "hey, I want more sweet Neo Geo fighting action too!" Well fear not, as in the spirit of sharing you can have this fighter that arrived in Europe first. It has time travelling fighters, yes, but unfortunately isn't as good as the already available World Heroes Perfect, as our World Heroes 2 review explains.

Nintendo Video

Meat or Die Ines — Yans and Gans are back and hungry as ever! When the brainstorming duo builds a masterplan to capture their next meal, they receive an unexpected (and unpleasant) result.

So there you have it, a mix and match quite unlike the norm for Nintendo Download updates. Will you be spending out on any of these? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (287 votes)

Reel Fishing 3D Paradise Mini (3DS eShop)


Wild Adventures: Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D (3DS eShop)


101 DinoPets 3D (3DS eShop)


Hello Kitty Picnic with Sanrio Friends (3DS retail download)


Biorhythm (DSiWare)


World Heroes 2 (Wii Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (130)



Wonder_Ideal said:

Looks like 100% of people aren't getting anything this week! (Until some other people vote).



Auracle said:

Nothing for me here. I still have other games to work on, though, so I'm good.



HeroOfCybertron said:

Nothing for me this week I'll probably download Unchained Blades since there's nothing I want this week.



Boo_Buster said:

I might try the 2K demo, but sports games have been falling out of favor very fast. I used to love Madden... It's awful now. 2K always does a pretty solid job, though.



Pierceton said:

God I just want the Wii U eshop to take off so that it can be as expansive as the 3ds'



ultraraichu said:

Nothing for me this week. I guess this is the time which people save up their gaming money for the follow week(s).



cornishlee said:

Looks like a good update for the US. I hope we get the 2k demo soon. Actually, I hope we get the game soon, it's ridiculous that it should have been release on every platform (including the Wii) and got reduced already but the Wii U is still waiting.



idork99 said:

Nothing this week for me. Perhaps I should use this week as an opportunity to download other games I may have missed. Perhaps Fluidity, or NightSky? Or a classic like Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels or Gradius? Or even the BIT. TRIP SAGA...Ah! So many choices and so little time & money!



Freelance said:

Wow, I've been looking for Reel Fishing 3D Paradise for ages. Pretty sure this is the 3DSware version of the retail game on 3DS. Is anything cut from this version? Some retail games weren't cut at all when they arrived on 3DSware (like that Africa hunting game). If nothing's cut then I'd get it 'cause I can't find it at all in stores now.

Never mind, stuff have been cut. This has 6 stages while the retail version has 15. Maybe I'll still get it though, since the retail version is nowhere to be found where I am. Does it have a free mode. Don't like challenges in fishing games much.



Freelance said:

But wait!! It says 6 locations but in one of the screenshots on Nintendo's page, it shows 15!!! I'm confused now.



kitroplious said:

I wish Hello Kitty was $6.99 or less. I'm not willing to pay $19.99 for it, for what's in it.



Spoony_Tech said:

It doesn't look good for the eshop for a long time for me. All i want is the dlc from Zen for 3ds and nano. Retail releases as well but thats it. Nothing on the horizon looks good at all.



CrazyOtto said:

Yuck! Bad week, but I'll still look on the eShop anyways to see if Code of Princess made it to the "Best Sellers" section



cornishlee said:

Depends on taste and expectations I guess and there's a lot of people here complaining (I know, no change there, right). From my point of view in Europe, 2 Wii U demos is better than one and a VC console release is always welcome. I don't have a 3DS, so I didn't even look at that.



Flowerlark said:

This is one of the few weeks when I vote 'nothing for me.' I would be tempted by Reel Fishing but I already have the full retail version.



Freelance said:

BTW people, Wild Adventures: Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D is from the same company who made Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D so if you liked that game, you'd like this one too.



edcomics said:

Sigh. I feel like there's just a serious lack of originality in the games we're seeing. It's like... we're getting the next-gen consoles, but we're getting games from two generations ago. I'm mainly talking about the 3DS here.



kitroplious said:

Finding Memo is coming next week.... not what I wanted.

I hope Aksys and Nintendo considers bringing Virtue's Last Reward to the NA eShop soon



Shanksta said:

At least that leaves two weeks for The Cave and Retro City Ra... nevermind that one will never show up.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I would buy the hello kitty 3ds game as download but I already bought it several months ago in cartridge form.

Looking forward to:

101 Dino Pets 3D
Wild Adventures - Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D

Can't wait to download them later today lol.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



UnseatingKDawg said:

Aaaaaaaaaaannnd... No 3DS VC titles... Still waiting on Wario Land III and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 here, NOA! I know Sonic isn't part of Nintendo, but I'm pretty sure SEGA isn't the one to blame here.



Tasuki said:

Think I will download the ZombiU demo today. I am still on the fence with that game.



blackknight77 said:

World Heroes 2 for me. I love that game and its got everything from a Pirate captain, evil football player, viking, and a weird tribal dude. They don't make games like that anymore.



Undead_terror said:

I think its easy to say theres nothing for me this week, although I didnt know there was a fishing game was coming out for the 3ds so I might give that a look.



Zach777 said:

The demos aren't up on the Wii U eShop yet. Tried to find ZombiiU demo but it is not there or extremely difficult to find. The eShop even says it is available. Weird?



Windy said:

I voted nothing this week but I may get the Hunting and Fishing game later



mshope10 said:

i downloaded the 3d deer hunter game and for 4 bucks i got to say i like it plays like the classic deer hunters when the deer just run in front off you on-rails.

but whats nice the 3d is pretty good so it works well with this type of game.



GamerFromJump said:

Nothing this week. The only one I would consider is World Heroes 2, but that's already in World Heroes Anthology for the PS2, which is a far better deal if you have the system. $13 at Amazon for WH 1, 2, Jet, and Perfect.



Lalivero said:

Nothing really stands out to me this week, but I will be getting the demos. I was hoping for some VC.



LittleIrves said:

@idork99 NightSky and Fluidity are both essential eShop games, imo. Almost passed on NightSky due to mediocre reviews (outside of NLife) but am so glad I picked it up. Very soothing, intriguing experience. Played through it twice, 2nd time on the harder difficulty which really makes it a whole new set of levels.



MeloMan said:

Well, World Heroes 2 is good, but... MORE Neo Geo (not that that's BAD per se, but...)? No Virtual Arcade? Genesis? SNES? NES? TG16? 3DS VC?? WTH?



Azikira said:

If they were demos on games I DIDN'T have, I would be much more excited... </3



Morpheel said:


So teyon is now releasing their 101 pets series on the 3DS instead? Awesome!
I'm happy.



rjejr said:

Now if only Nintendo would get some Wii U demos in their store kiosks, the dumb@sses.
Really, what's the point of listing 19 different Wii U game demos but have the word "demo" grayed out on ALL 19 of them. Either have the demos or remove the word demo. Are their programmers so incompetent they can't add the word "demo" for games that actually have a demo but not on those that don't? The system has been out for 2 months and the kiosks are set up in stores advertising demos you can't play. Those 8 basic Wii U are going to be sitting in that case - on the opposite end of the aisle - a long time.

Can somebody please explain to me how this setup is helping them sell Wii Us?



Capt_N said:

@rjejr: I still have yet to actually come across a setup WU demo kiosk, so I really don't even know if I'd like the WU.

Regardless, even if I did have a WU, I more than likely wouldn't get anything listed this week, but if I had the available funds, I would definitely get some 3ds eShop d/ls I've been wanting.



WanderingPB said:

The only demo that peaks my interest is ZombiU but that's one of the first games i bought with the Wii U when it came out.

@rjejr i agree with u 100% there should be more playable demos in the kiosks to show off the different gameplay experience u get with the WiiU instead of jus videos which look nice but for those who know nothing about the Wii U it won't convince them to buy one imo.

Also i hope they come out with some patches for Batman Armored edition and Epic Mickey 2 because these two great games deserve it ASAP!!!



bonesy91 said:

And my wallet is safe for another day...

still got a few WiiU games to finish anyway, but the drought is hitting hard...



Morpheel said:

Oh my gawd, again.

The hello kitty game is being sold in the mexican eshop for 19.99 pesos that's less than two dollars OMG poor guy who made the conversion. I don't even like hello kitty but I'm so downloading it now just because.




I only paid $9.99 for a new, retail copy of Reel Fishing for 3DS so $3.99 sounds steep for a mini-version.



IAmNotWill said:

I think you guys should change the poll a bit and take out "Nothing for me this week." Majority of the people always choose that one.



RR529 said:

This is not a bad week. Not great mind you, but decent, at least.

We have no idea how good the fishing game is going to be (so you just can't assume it's bad).

Wild Adventures is made by the same group who made Outdoors Unleashed, which got a 7/10 (good), so it's safe to assume this will be of similar quality.

The only one you could make a prediction on is the 101 Dino Pets game (based on past series performance), but even then, nothing's set in stone.



GamecubeMan said:

87% nothing this week, huh; I would expect anything Dino Related would appeal to the younger NL Users



Lopezdm said:

88 now, nintendo what are you up too? You build a miiverse and then give us nothing tontalk about..



Roachant said:

I bought reel fishing when it came out, I have to say graphic wise it was pretty good. Once in a while I pop it in just to do a little fishing but the controls for reeling are somewhat dull.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@rjejr: You aren't the only one questioning this marketing technique. I'm still pretty steamed that I can't just waltz into my nearest Wal-Mart or GameStop and play a demo of New Super Mario Bros. U or ZombiU. But hey, I at LEAST got to hold the controller. I'm guessing that's Nintendo's version of "try before you buy".



Tornado said:

I really do miss the "Nintendo Mondays" of 2007-2008, when the announcement felt like a big deal and 2-3 golden oldies were on the plate...



Stuffgamer1 said:

87% "Nothing for me this week" as of this writing. Come ON, Nintendo, do you want our money or not? I remember when they would release an extra wash of exciting content just after Christmas...why didn't they bother THIS year?



odd69 said:

i already got zombi u, so too late on the demo. Wish i could have tried it out first though..



GloryQuestor said:

The minute I saw "Biorhythms" was coming out on the shop, I burst out laughing. Not because of the app itself (I have more than a few Biorhythm programs), but just that it's something that I never expected to see on a DS or 3DS.

Yeah, nothing here really says "buy me". Waiting for next week.



miletich3 said:

If Nintendo doesn't release anything worth downloading, I will build a mind controlling device that will make it obey me. Fortunately for them, I'm not gonna be extremely strict on their other projects.



CanisWolfred said:

They should combine 101 DinoPets 3D and Wild Adventures. I want to decorate a dinosaur, then use it to hunt endangered animals!



KAHN said:

played the ZombiU demo, and i almost turned the system off! don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but survival-horror games are too intense for me. i don't understand why so many critics hate it D:



KnightRider666 said:

I just looked at the "coming soon" folder on the 3DS eshop, and nothing looks good for next week either. C'mon Nintendo, bring us more NES titles please.



XCWarrior said:

88% nothing. Sure hope Nintendo looks at this and says, "Damn, we better release something good next week."



shredmeister said:

There's nothing good on that list at all. I'm suspecting that they are trying really hard to push the Hello Kitty game this week. By releasing other mediocre titles, Hello Kitty isn't so Sorry Nintendo, that trick isn't going to work with me.



Windy said:

Did anyone pick up Reel Fishing? I've been interested in picking it up but want to see how it is. I love an old DSiWare title Called Fishing Resort which is 1.99 in the Eshop. Anyone have any comparisons with Reel Fishing?



Sir_Teabag said:

@Windy hi windy, i hadnt intended to buy it but i i picked up reel fishing. i also have that 1.99 fishing resort game u mentioned which i love btw, great game for a great price. i like fishing resort better but reel fishing isnt too bad, its more shallow, no rpg elements like fishing resort, but nice graphics, u can use the buttons or stylus to 'reel' in the fish (not like fishing resort stylus swiping), and pretty fun so far, am enjoying it. fyi its about 1200 blocks straight to the sd card.



Freelance said:

I just got Reel Fishing last night since nobody helped me out in the forums. I don't have Fishing Resort (I thought of it but the controls don't simulate fishing so I passed it on) so I can't compare the two but this isn't bad. The 3D is neat when you catch the fish, There's 6 locations and 14 fish and a good amount of tackle. There's no free fishing but you can fish forever in a mission to make up for it, even changing locations if you wanted.

I honestly don't think RPG elements is important/necessary in a fishing game (I have several good games on 3DS and PSP, none of which has any such features), but if I guess if you like that kind of thing, this one won't appeal to you much.

Can't believe how many blocks it takes up though.



Windy said:

@Sir_Teabag Thanks so much for the Comparison I think I will pick up Reel Fishing sometime this week. And the Chain Gaming Continues! LOL

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