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Nintendo Download: 19th April 2012 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Colors!, Rush Rush, paid video and more

Europe gets its first taste of paid-for 3D video this week, alongside an art application and a WiiWare racer. Here's what's under starter's orders for this week.

3DS Download Software

Colors! 3D (Collecting Smiles, 231 blocks, £5.40/€6) — An excellent addition to the 3DS suite of creative tools, find out more in our Colors! 3D review.


Rush Rush Rally Racing (redspot games, 900 Points) — A WiiWare version of a Dreamcast title, R4 wants to evoke memories of classic 2D top-down racers like Micro Machines and more. We'll see if it's got the grunt to take the chequered flag in our review.


Escape Trick: Convenience Store (Gamebridge, 500pts) — Prepare for the inevitable occasion you're trapped in a convenience store with no obvious way out in Gamebridge's escapology simulator. Or don't, as our Escape Trick: Convenience Store review makes clear it's not worth the time.

Nintendo Video

The 3D Machine (Ka-Ching Cartoons, £0.90/€1) — The first paid video to hit 3DS in Europe, the description reads thusly: "After an inventor makes a breakthrough, he leaves his incapable assistant alone with his new wonder invention, which leads to wealth, love...and catastrophe!" Sounds like any normal week at Nintendo Life HQ, to be honest.

That concludes this week's showing. Anything for you?

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User Comments (62)



OorWullie said:

Paid video,wow.I didn't see that coming.OK its cheap but surely this should be available for free even if its just for a limited time?Its not as if there has been much free video that was worth watching made available so far so it doesn't inspire confidence that paying for it will be any better. What do you guys think about having to pay for a unknown (to me anyway) cartoon?My opinion,bad move Nintendo!They should be making free videos available on a regular basis to promote the 3DS and its uniqueness.Fair enough if they were making full classic movies in 3d available then that could justify it.I am looking forward to the Wii U through my blind loyalty to Nintendo and frustratingly stuck with my Wii this generation trusting that Nintendo will get it right next gen but sometimes they pull moves that makes me doubt they will get it right,hope I'm wrong.



dizzy_boy said:

i might look into getting rush rush rally if the review is favourable.
also, the 3D machine video being the first and only paid video this week is a bit pointless, it`s been on the video service twice, for free, now they want us to buy it. no thanks. they could have put up another video that`s not been seen to go along with it.



James said:

@wiiwii In Nintendo's defence it does offer free clips via Eurosport and Nintendo Video, including a Kid Icarus anime and exclusive Shaun the Sheep episodes, and updates with free video pretty much every week



OorWullie said:

@dizzy_boy Really?That makes it even worse then.I don't own a 3DS,I've only played around with my Nephews and regularly read this site but the weekly downloads are really making me doubt Nintendo will get it right next gen.Apart for the odd week they are no bigger in quantity or quality than they were with the Wii and everybody was always complaining then.I often look at the push square site out of curiosity and there is always news updates.When I look at Nintendolife,its updates can be so few and far between and its not their fault,its just there is no news to report,and considering we are a year into the 3DS and around 8 months away from a new console its frankly embarrassing.Again,I hope my doubts are wrong and I'll be blown away at E3.



OorWullie said:

@James Yeah,fair enough,I don't own the 3DS and all I know about it is from a few plays and checking my favourite gaming site HERE but you know where I am coming from overall,I hope?Haha



ameerh said:

I may be wrong, but "The 3D Machine" was available for free to watch on Nintendo Video in NA sometime ago...



cammy said:

Colors! 3D - finally. Can't wait to download it. I spent so much time with the homebrew version of it on the DS.

I'm assuming "the 3d machine" is the same one that was free a few months back? I don't think I'd pay for it to have it permanently. But perhaps that means there is a chance of longer paid-for content coming?



Bass_X0 said:

@Jese_1 We've been getting VC games continually for a few weeks now. We were due a VC-less week. Let America catch up. They're bound to get something soon.



Cipher said:

I like that Nintendo's offering videos for download via Nintendo eShop, there are some that have been on Nintendo Video that I'd happily download for a couple of quid. The 3D Machine isn't one of them, even at 90p, but I'm still happy this is happening.



sgotsch said:

6€ for Colors, does it support Street Pass?
The video was quite cool, really liked it for free



Kyloctopus said:

Europe, your getting dooped. North America had the 3D Machine for free during September and October. Nintendo tried this out with 3 Dreamworks shorts. It didn't help that 2 of them were distributed free on Nintendo Video.



BenAV said:

No games for me to download this week once again.
Definitely want Colo(u)rs! 3D though.
Not getting the video, but if they release the Kid Icarus ones to buy and have on my system permanently then you can count me in.



chewytapeworm said:

@Link_Belmont Yes it was! It's amusing and has impressive use of the 3d, but I'm not sure whether it's worth spending just short of a quid on it.

Either way, I must get Colours. I've had a tenner lying dormant in my account for a while now...



Kyloctopus said:

@WiiWii: You don't have to buy it. A little 7 minute movie can't make Nintendo less money, less popular. A 7 Minute movie is not a fatal flaw for a generation. A fatal flaw would be Online Passes, A Console that doesn't work properly, and Springtime of 2011, when lulsec hacked Sony. Sony Microsoft are getting more news reported, because the Wii barely has a pulse, and Nintendo are staying silent on Wii u. And Nobody get's their console perfect in any gen.



gusmento01 said:

Is Dinosaur Office available in Europe? I receive a notification saying season 2 will start this Friday.



OorWullie said:

@Kyloctopus I am going to buy it,thats without a doubt but your missing my point really.My point is how miserly they still treat download weeks compared to the other consoles.Its not really changed that much in the last 4 or 5 years.Yes there is are a few quality titles in the 3DS Eshop but is there enough?For a console that is 1 year old and doing fairly well sales wise there should be 3-4 3DS ware games every week regardless of quality and not just 2 or 3 every month and at least 2 3DS VC games every week minimum.They need to offer choice,even if some of the titles aren't that great.I'm not really on about the Wii as thats obviously gonna be slow but Nintendo said they have learned.Yes they are slowly getting there with the Eshop but its still hardly a huge leap forward to bring it into 2012.Its got the capabilities to be what it should be but why isn't it?



XXITheWorld said:

Looking at Europe VC, it seems it's been slowing down in the last few weeks. Does that mean NA will finally catch up, or is the eshop just dead?



MAB said:

I think its good having releases spaced out throughout the month. Gives me time to enjoy what I have downloaded. Get a 3DS wiiwii u know u want it then let me know your friend code please



Roopa132 said:

Finally we get Colors! I've been waiting for that so long...

And the 3D machine was on Nintendo Video to watch for free a while back. It's a great short film but I wouldn't pay to get it permanent either,



LAA said:

@Roopa132 You mean a week or two? Ha ha, but either way, I've been looking forward to this too! Held off buying potzols puzzle in hopes for this, I think I'll enjoy this much more!



ThumperUK said:

Here's hoping the introduction of paid 3D videos will lead to Shaun the Sheep being made available to save and keep



James said:

@wiiwii Not even Xbox Live and PSN get three to four quality download titles every week. I'd rather have quality over quantity, myself!



ejamer said:

Regarding paid video content...

I'd probably pay to have a couple of videos permanently on my 3DS. They would have to be videos that both I and my young daughter think are funny and worth watching, and I certainly wouldn't pay very much for short clips.

Right now, only the Dreamworks short videos are available in North America, and of those three only the Monsters vs Aliens one was interesting enough that I'd consider buying. But the 3D Machine was cute and a good showcase of 3D. I would definitely consider dropping a couple of dollars for it.

It's easy to understand why other people would rather NOT pay for this type of availability though. They were already shown for free on Nintendo Video and can be watched online easily too (although not in 3D).



Gavin_Rozee said:

Yeah. I'd be much more inclined to buy a bundle of Shaun the Sheep 3D episodes. Say £2.70 for a pack of 5.



ejamer said:

We didn't get any Shaun the Sheep shorts in North America - were they good? Agree that buying a bundle (ie: a "season" worth of shorts) would be more attractive than single episodes.

Other stuff I would consider buying include Kid Icarus (the veggie one was pretty entertaining, others not so much) and Dinosaur Office. It's just a matter of getting the pricing low enough to be attractive.



Samholy said:

paid video ? sure why not. they gave it to us for free at first. then if you like it this much, pay for it, i see no wrong. plus it last the same lenght of an mp3, which is priced the whats the problem ??



Morpheel said:

To be honest, I really enjoyed playing that escape trick game. It even includes two endings.



steveex said:

If they made the Kid Icarus ones available for a similar price, I'd probably go for them.



Zantagor said:

Anyone able to contact Nicalis or Nigoro and ask what the hell is going on with La-Mulana? They don't seem to answer anything, and the last word we got dates back Dec 26th saying the game was done and ready.



Chris720 said:

"After an inventor makes a breakthrough, he leaves his incapable assistant alone with his new wonder invention, which leads to wealth, love...and catastrophe!"

Sounds familiar... OH WAIT! I saw this for free last month...



Raylax said:

Did they put a 'u' in the name of Colors! 3D for us brave people who speak English properly?

This will totally decide whether or not I buy it.



Geonjaha said:

The video was free beforehand. Good news I guess is that buying it means you get to actually keep the video? If so does that increase the amounts of slots you have available, or will you only ever be able to buy/have 4 videos. :/



LAA said:

@wiiwii I think the same as you really. The one area nintendo fails is online, if they can just master that, its just perhaps getting more "Mainstream" games on aboard. Apart from that, 3DS still excites me way more than vita gamewise, still a heck of a bunch of games I want upcoming for 3DS, while vita does have some, not as much. I just hope they'll give the 3DS the online it deserves



-TR said:

I'm sure the 3D Machine was shown on Nintendo Video for free a few months ago...?



Henmii said:

Lol, the company behind the video is called Ka-Ching Cartoons! That explains it all!



3dbrains said:

we had the 3D machine in europe too a while ago.
If it is the same 7 min movie then I am afraid I will not buy this... if the 7 min movie was a short clip of a longer film?... defo buy.

Colors 3D! woohoo!
Jens, you are a freakin genius!



3dbrains said:

Jens, I do believe you are about to become the biggest selling developer on Nintendo 3DS!



Monsti said:

Good to see you can buy some short movies for a very fair price.
But timing for Colors! in my case...getting an Ipad this week ^^So I'll skip...



Roopa132 said:

@LAA I don't mean a week or two. I mean I've waited since I saw on their website that they'll make a Colors! for the 3DS and that was about 5 months ago



Roopa132 said:

@Funem What are you talking about? That's not the movie. That's only the trailer. The movie was about 10 minutes long.



Funem said:

OOOPS my bad (thats the trouble with posting when you are half asleep), still wouldnt pay a pound to keep it



Victoria said:

The Shaun the Sheep videos are brilliant. I watch all of them a couple of times knowing that they're only available for a week. I'd gladly buy them if it were an option to keep them.
As for this weeks downloads I'm getting Colours! Glad it actually came out here.



Willerz said:

If the paid video's were full 3D feature length movies that last a couple of weeks (like rentals) then I would pay, but I'm not gonna fork out for random animated shorts.



JustAnotherUser said:

I'll be downloading Colors! 3D and the 3D machine.
I really enjoyed the 3D machine and I would happily pay for it.
I don't get why people are commenting on the fact that it was (or could watch it for) free.



Matti said:

I'm getting Colors! 3D this week then. Not going to buy the video since I already saw it once for free. I would pay for Shaun the Sheep episodes though, if I could then keep them on my 3DS. Sucks that you can't watch the older episodes again....



C-Olimar said:

The 15 episodes of Shaun the Sheep have a run time of 1m 12s each, so they wouldn't be worth 90p each. How about all 15 (about 18 minutes of footage) for £2.70 or £3.60? I would pay £4.50 (£5.40 is a step too far, even though I'm a massive Aardman fan) to own them all permanently. How much would you guys pay for these videos. Also, the Kid Icarus Animes have a similar total run time to 3D machine, so how about 90p each for them?



C-Olimar said:

Ended up downloading 3D Machine, since I thought it was good the first time round, I want a lot of videos on my 3DS (with Eurosport and NinVid) and I want to support download videos in the hope the above happens.

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