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Nintendo Download: 16th August 2012 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mario, musical DLC and crazy chickens

Another week, another Nintendo Download update, though we do have to sadly inform you that this week's options are rather limited. A certain plumber makes his retail eShop debut at the weekend and in another discounted classic, but apart from that the options are rather slim and chicken-themed. Without further ado, let's get to it.

Retail Download

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, $39.99) — The latest Mario adventure will be available as a retail download from 19th August, the same date that the physical release hits stores: copies purchased via the eShop will be eligible for double Club Nintendo coins for four weeks after launch. While this entry doesn't necessarily innovate or take the franchise in a new direction, we argued that this matters little in our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review.


Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D (Teyon, $1.99) — This point and shoot — or should that be tap and shoot — title has been available in one form or another on PC before now, but makes the leap to 3DS while promising attractive hand-drawn visuals and lots of secrets to uncover. It comes in at a budget price, but we'll see whether this one's good enough to hit the mark in our upcoming review.


Crazy Chicken Pirates (Teyon, 200 points) — We expect this to be exactly the same as the 3DS eShop version, but with 100% less stereoscopic 3D visuals. In any case, we'll bring you a DSiWare review soon.


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (individual tracks) — At the time of writing no details of the available DLC tracks are on the Nintendo or Theatrhythm websites. As soon as the list is available we'll update this entry.

Month of Mario

Mario's Picross (Nintendo, $2.99 for a limited period) — This final confirmed discount in the Month of Mario is reduced to $2.99 until 22nd August. Most will be familiar with Picross and played it in some form in recent years, yet this Game Boy version still has plenty of charm and, most importantly, top notch puzzles to keep gamers busy. You can read what we think of the 250-plus puzzles in our Mario's Picross review.

There's also a coin rush video for New Super Mario Bros. 2 to find and enjoy, but there isn't a great deal to choose from overall. Will you be downloading anything? Let us know in the comments and the poll below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (227 votes)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)


Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D (eShop)


Crazy Chicken Pirates (DSiWare)


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS DLC)


Mario's Picross (Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (93)



HandheldGuru97 said:

I see what you are doing here Nintendo releasing 2 VC games per week in July then not giving us any for the next two months wow...I really hope we see a VC game next week Nintendo.



bezerker99 said:

I may consider the 3D chicken game. Teyon made Bird Mania 3D so...I might have to check this budget title out as well. /me anxiously awaits NL review on this game.



MrWezzle said:

Yeah, I'm having VC withdrawals. If I'd known that the blissful two-a-weeks of July would lead to an equal-but-opposite drought, I might have asked to just get one-a-weeks for two months instead of two-a-weeks for one. Would have kept my hope alive a little longer.



Philip_J_Reed said:

A game entirely devoted to chickens with NO Chicken Brutus?!

Don't worry; I'm reviewing these, so a connection won't be completely lost!



mattatron said:

yay retail downloads, while i will always buy the physical copy if i can, i am looking forward to unchained blades and other niche titles that may only be released in this manner



photofool83 said:

Seriously, if you haven't downloaded Mario's Picross yet, you really really should! It is fantastic and still one of my most played games on my 3DS, competing with Zelda Minish Cap, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Kart 7, and Star Fox 64.



Lunapplebloom said:

Well not really anything for me this week, though being in Australia makes downloading NSMB2 more tempting. I'll most likely get Mario Picross though, since I missed the sale last time. We'll get more VC sometime.



Squirtodile said:

Lol what's with Teyon and birds? Anyway, i'm getting NSMB2 retail, and not sure about the chicken game. I have Mario's Picross already.



RR529 said:

Nothing for me this week.

Don't have the funds for NSMB2 (and would rather buy physical). Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D doesn't interest me. I can't make use of TFF DLC. Already have Mario's Picross.



WolfZombie said:

Does anybody think Theatrhythm will see a free song download or possibly a bundle of 3 songs or something? Something like that would get me to buy a couple additional songs.
Also, might look into Crazy Chicken Pirates but not sure if I will get it.



MetalMario said:

I'm getting retail New Super Mario Bros. 2, and I have no interest in chickens, no matter how crazy they may be.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'm getting Crazy Chicken 3dsware & new super mario bros 2 in the e-shop.

If they don't have any e-shop games to offer like they normally do then just say it though. I was hoping to see what else would be released with crazy chicken besides the mario game oh well talk about slim pickings.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Bones00 said:

I think it should be mentioned that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be available on the eShop starting at midnight on August 19th.



XCWarrior said:

Two weeks in a row of complete garbage. And I see that because you have to be dumb to d/l NSMB2 rather than buy it retail. You lose your 3DS, you lose that game too, not like Nintendo trusts that you actually bought it.



kingofe3 said:

Downloading NSMB 2. I can't wait till morning to get it and I'm not sure if I have the availability and time to go to Gamestop to get it either.



Bones00 said:

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy DLC for this week:

1. “Challenge” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Desperate Fight” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Battle 2” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)



idork99 said:

I'm also undecided on the eShop or retail purchase of NSMB2. We'll see what happens. But definitely won't be downloading any chickens this week. But I am thinking of getting either Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball. I've been holding back because all I heard were bad reviews due to the small screen of the 3DS. But something tells me that it is going to look great on the 3DS XL that I'll be grabbing Sunday Morning



Marioman64 said:

technically i will be downloading the theatrhythm ff dlc first, but i wanted to vote for nsmb2, cant wait for 8/19



Tasuki said:

I figured that it would be a bad week VC wise with them bringing out NSMB2. I will be picking up my copy later this week.



kingofe3 said:

I don't know why everyone keeps talking about losing your system. The same thing applies for all downloads on the eShop. Weird how no one brought it up when they bought games like Pushmo, Sakura Samurai, and Dillion's Rolling Western.

I think we all know by now the good and bads of downloading software from the eShop, so don't try to make it seem like it's the worst thing to happen to the world. It's still an option for those who do want to use it. Also, doesn't the same thing apply if you buy a retail copy of the game and you lose the system with the game inside it? This has happened before.



Pikachupwnage said:

No VC again?

What exactly was the point of summer of 8-bit if we get a entire month of no VC after that?



Heatran5400 said:

might get downloadable NSMB2 game if less or equal to retail price. To many people are hyping up causing NSMB2 retail to have a lower price. That iss good for me but bad for the downloadable version of NSMB2.



Undead_terror said:

Lets see, 2 versions of the same game, a good game that won't get released for another few days, unknown dlc (unknown songs) and a dollar off sale for a game that most already have....BEST WEEK EVAR!.



MrWezzle said:

Yeah, it's hard to bolt for the downloadable NSMB2 when memory is already sparse in the first place, and if you've kept your eyes peeled, you've been able to snag a pre-order copy for a fair deal less than the retail price. I'd love to help pioneer Ninty's foray into the downloadable retail market, but not until there's a price difference between the two products. As it stands, the only thing you gain from downloading is a.) convenience and b.) a few more Club Nintendo coins. Downloading isn't quite worth it. Yet.



DarkEdi said:

Nothing for Wii again. What did happen to the 8-bit month? (it could be called 8-bit 2 days). And the weekend offers?



cheapogamer4life said:

Nothing new thats for sure. Might get something from my wishlist though. Blaster Master is looking tempting right about now.



kingofe3 said:

It's already been confirmed that the price for NSMB 2 will be $39.99 on the North American eShop. It was on the latest episode of Nintendo Show 3D. People need to watch it for often.



bosscharlie said:

With such an astronomical library of games to choose from, Nintendo keeps shooting crap our way. I want Goemon dammit!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I only have $2.00 left on my 3DS and I dont intend on spending them on something as goofy as "Crazy Chicken Pirates" I guess I'll just pass on buying anything this week.



Undead_terror said:

checked the eshop and theres only CCP3D so no other version, also they pimped out the eshop with NSMB2.



kingofe3 said:

Crazy chicken was actually a big franchise in germany and this is an adaption from a 2006 game. See, the replay value would have come from trying to beat the highscore by using the many secrets in the game that require different approaches and strategies everytime. But this mobile version doesn't feature many of these as well as the second level from the original release. also the clunky controls don't allow precise shooting. the developers didn't get the crux of the game when they remade it.



Firejonie said:

Already have Mario's Picross, picking up NSMB 2 at retail and I might get the Crazy Chicken 3D.



Samholy said:

those who say bad week are ridiculous. how can you say its a bad week when you got a brand new mario game. you buy nintendo products for mario and his crew. elseway get a ps3 or a vita.

mario pricross is exceptionnal.

but still,digital download of a retail game is a waste anyway. go physical at the same price, the cart swap just isnt worth the troubles you can have.



grumblebuzzz said:

@kingofe3 With the eShop games before, we're talking 5-10 dollars each. With games like NSMB2, we're talking 45. Also we don't have an option to buy games like Pushmo from a retailer, but we do have the option to pick up a physical copy of NSMB2. I totally understand where those people who are wary of downloading these very expensive retail games without some sort of purchase history account are coming from.



NintendoMaster said:

Still another week of nothing good. I'll be getting New Super Mario Bros. 2 at retail with my 3DS XL, but I wish August 19th would come sooner rather than later!



Undead_terror said:

Im only getting NSMB2 as a download so I can get twice the club nintendo coins, plus its not like im gonna be needing a case or a booklet, once I get a retail game I never looks at the C or B in like a year.



Mok said:

I'm still busy playing Sword of Hope II so nothing of interest for a few weeks.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Didn't really care for Picross... But I guess I'll give it another go. It is reduced, so I guess I'll go for it.



Bensei said:

So the Moorhuhn is called Crazy Chicken in England? Bad Name choice imho



FluttershyGuy said:

Another "nothing for me" week (I'm buying a physical NSMB 2 copy). Then again, this is what I expected. People, the only thing Nintendo really wants us focused on is beginning the Mario gold rush in a few days. No way they were releasing much today to distract us from buying NSMB 2. There was next-to-nothing around the time of Uprising either. I'm not expecting anything significant from Nintendo DL for a couple more weeks.



TonLoco said:

Download NSMB2? Maybe. I didn't pre-order it so i know no gamestop near me won't have it in stock for a while. The good 3DS games blow out quick.



ecco6t9 said:

So I guess all the fears of retail releases counting as something being released on eShop in lew of Virtual Console and 3D games have come true.



TheConsiglio said:

Boy Nintendo gave North America the low end of it again. No wonder games don't sell well in the west.



SBOY said:

I'll buy NSMB2 as a retail so probably nothings "download" for me...



TheDreamingHawk said:



Seriously, they are on the eshop, waiting to be released, with RATINGS, and they just skip them. Why? I have no problem with no 3DS VC if the 3DS ware is good, but this is just a plain joke. I mean, only two games, and they are the same. With one being on each platform.

...WHAT THE HECK? This is probably the WORST week of 2012. EVER. I'm not even joking, I know we had a drought earlier this year, but at least we had 3DSware that was decent (Colors 3D and Kid icarus 3D classic) during that time. Now? Nothing. Only the NSMB2 download and the DLC will be what I get, but considering how they aren't the "Thursday games" we also are interested in, it's just plain sad.

And don't even get started on that picross sale. Everyone who would be interested in that game would have gotten it the LAST time it was on sale. Considering how there will be no more deals after today is also sad.

And I think I know why the SEGA games haven't arrived: People ranting.

On the Youtube page for the 8-bit Summer page, people won't stop saying stuff like: "OMG WHY U PICK SONIC LABYRINTH IT WILL HURT SALES DO POKAYMON", or bad statements like "PUT EVERY GEN OF POKEMON ON THE ESHOP ALL AT ONCE AND YOU MAKE MORE MONEY THAN SONIC BLAST AND LABYRINTH".

I'm just nervous that they are actually listening to those dumb statements, considering how they listen to other things like the Xenoblade spamfest and their Facebook page a lot, it may be that reason.



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, nothing for me this week. I'm waiting for Newegg to ship out my copy of New Super Mario Bros 2 so I probably won't get it until next week. At least my copy of The Last Story is on its way to me so I'll be playing that real soon.



TruenoGT said:

@WolfRamHeart I'm in the same boat! Got both from Newegg for $10 off a piece and looking forward to getting Last Story Monday and Mario later in the week!



ueI said:

Why don't they release all the theatrhythm DLC at once? It has to be ready by now. I'll be sure to wait until it's all available before I get any. Sucks that the arbitrary release dates force people to wait for their favorite songs.



kobe1724 said:

@Bones00 yeah, I'm not sure these people realize the game is available AT MIDNIGHT on 8/19.Not even the article mentioned that. Most retailers don't open up till later in the day, so people who download it can begin playing it after midnight, several hours sooner than even the first people who buy the game card.



rjejr said:

Cross Words Plus? There was a video for it on my Wii. Just about the only reason I turn my Wii on these days it seems, though my kids play on it all the time.

Double coins is not in the least bit enticing. I'll be alseep at midnight and all major retailers will be open when I awake on Sunday. I'm expecting sales or GC or something in the morning flyers. Plus I need 2, so I need a B1G1 50% off sale. Probably should have ordered at Newegg and avoided the tax. IF they really wanted me to DL it they should have thrown in extra levels or something else substantial.



LztheQuack said:

I love the whole "you lose your 3DS, you lose your game" logic. Well here's a kicker for you!! If your game is in your 3DS, you lose it and there's even less of a chance to get it back!!



theblackdragon said:

@lz: as I've already explained to you, when you download a retail title instead of purchasing the physical cartridge, it's bonded to that particular 3DS and will not play on another console. Therefore, even if you had an entirely different game in your 3DS and your SD card with NSMB2 was not in the system, you've still lost your purchased copy of NSMB2 if you lose your 3DS. However, if you'd purchased the physical cartridge for it instead, you'd still have that game and would be able to continue playing it on another 3DS console. :3



Joygame51 said:

I'm contenting my self with OLD SCHOOL Mario on the SP and using my Dsi XL for other stuff.... I want Gargoyles quest . and the gb Kid Icarus...too. can get them from Game Exchange here . I have the first SMLand and SMBros 2 now.



Joygame51 said:

I'm broke so no New SMBs for me cause I can't afford it and a 3ds is out of the question unless we win the Lottery ..,,,lol



theblackdragon said:

@thedreaminghawk: you can't transfer games from a lost console.

that said, people with multiple kids will often purchase one copy of a given game and let their kids share it amongst themselves (my parents did that for us, and i know my aunts and uncles did it for my cousins too). also, my husband and I now each have a 3DS of our own, so when I buy a game and play it, he gets it next.

you're welcome to do whatever you like, but those of us who don't choose to do the same aren't doing so just to be difficult. we've all got our reasons :/



TheDreamingHawk said:

@theblackdragon Well, if you have a retail copy and have it in your 3DS, you can lose it if it's stolen that way. If you take it out, you keep that, but you need to get a new 3DS.

If you take out the SD card, you keep the save data for the game, and if the 3DS is stolen and you get a new one, you can pick up from where you left off (After rebuying the DL game, however, which is a con)



theblackdragon said:

@TheDreamingHawk: And again, what happens when you've got three, ten, twelve retail download titles associated with your 3DS and it's lost? Instead of just losing one cartridge along with your console, you've also lost all those games too. we're not really talking about save-files, either... until there's a unified account system that would allow you to attach another console to your account and get those games back in the future, it's understandably not worth it to some people (myself included) to download their retail games. :3



Windy said:

For me its just plain and simple. I would just like to have a physical copy of a game digital download is like buying air. Plain and simple. I dont plan on downloading Mario Bros nor getting the retail. Ive seen enough of Mario. Im waiting on Code of princess and hoping against all hope Sega decides to do a 3ds version of Phantasy Star Zero. I was planning on getting Last Story on Wii and then saw a review that blasted the linear storyline. Thats all we need is another corridor RPG. But not all RPG's can be Xenoblade.......The best RPG ever made! The 3ds will really impress me if a game ever comes like Xenoblade



Mulder1617 said:

For anyone else here, like myself, from North America, I didn't see anything for that Final Fantasy music game in the e-shop under demos. Do you know if you have to have a copy of the game in order to have anything show up for download?



ueI said:

To find the theatrhythm songs, you must select the "download songs" option on the main menu of the game.

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