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Nintendo Download: 22nd November 2012 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mallo returns, Link has an adventure, spirits are hunted and more

It's Thursday, which only means one thing here on Nintendo Life - it's download update time. This week sees a return for a popular 3DS eShop IP, a classic NES title, a long awaited DSiWare release and some other goodies. Nintendo's press release only mentions the Wii U eShop games that were released on the system's launch day, meanwhile, so it's unclear whether more titles are coming to the platform on Sunday or whether it'll update with the other stores in next week's update. We'll keep our eyes peeled, but until then you can see what's coming to 3DS, DSi and Wii below.

3DS Download Software

Crashmo (Nintendo, $8.99) — Known as Fallblox in Europe, Mallo's return to the 3DS eShop arrives in North America and is likely to have some enthusiasts rushing for the download button. This one continues many of the ideas that made Pushmo so charming, and adds an extra layer to puzzles along with a constant danger of gravity bringing unsupported blocks crashing down. There are lots of levels and different items to work through, and you can check out our 9/10 recommendation in our Crashmo review.

3D Mahjongg (Joindots GmbH, $4.99) — No, we haven't got the spelling wrong, this one is actually a Mahjongg game, with that all-important extra g. Joindots GmbH seems to be new on the scene with Nintendo downloads, and makes its début with this puzzle/strategy title that tasks you with matching pairs of tiles in order to remove them from the board. There are six graphical themes to choose from and two distinct versions of the game, but more importantly there's an Adventure Mode promising 200 levels and a freeplay option with 10,000 variations. We'll get clued up and bring you a review soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Nintendo, $4.99) — Another of the 10 NES games given to 3DS Ambassadors makes its way to the eShop proper, with save state goodness and all. That'll probably be needed for this one, which is among the most challenging entries in the Zelda series. It incorporates RPG-style levelling up, a mixture of overhead map navigation and sidescrolling action, as well as some suitably obscure puzzles to solve. Though not perhaps as universally loved as other titles in the franchise, we still recommend it in our Zelda II: The Adventure of Link review.


Spirit Hunters Inc. Shadow/Light (Nnooo, 800 Nintendo Points) — This title has been a while in the making from Nnooo, which seeks to incorporate AR gameplay using the DS/3DS camera and comes in two versions, each with subtle differences. Your general task is to point and shoot at spirits invading the world, all the while earning money and experience points to level up, gain more items and obtain new attacking skills to fight tougher enemies. While there's certainly depth behind the scenes and an attempt to encourage spirit sharing among players, the core implementation and AR play doesn't hit its mark for an enjoyable experience, as our Spirit Hunters Inc. Shadow/Light review explains.

Wii Virtual Console

Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō (D4 Enterprise, 900 Nintendo Points) — If we say the words "Neo Geo", and "fighting game", then you'll know that we have another Wii Virtual Console download on our hands. This was the sixth and final fighting game from genre veterans ADK, and this one lets you choose from 10 ninjas or warriors for battle. Special moves vary depending on whether you have a weapon at the time, meanwhile, and must be cool with names like "Super Death Blow" and "Ultimate Super Mode". We'll get psyched up for a scrap and bring you our review soon.

Nintendo Video

Meat or Die: Gisele (free) — Yans & Gans are back on their quest for food in a new episode of Meat or Die. When their attempts at romance fail, the dim-witted dinos resort to their old bag of tricks. Don’t miss the insanity!

So there you have it: puzzles and a NES classic on 3DS, AR hunting on DSi and more Neo Geo brawling on Wii. Let us know which will separate you from your funds in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (197 votes)

Crashmo (3DS eShop)


3D Mahjongg (3DS eShop)


Zelda II (3DS Virtual Console)


Spirit Hunters Inc. Shadow/Light (DSiWare)


Ninja Master's: Haō Ninpō Chō (Wii Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (84)



ThomasBW84 said:

@Luigifan141 It doesn't appear to have any updates today, unless Nintendo issues another PR, we'll keep an eye out. It did only update on Sunday, so as the article suggests it may do so again this weekend or wait for next Thursday to join in with the others.



Aqueous said:

I'll get the Zelda II update. Other then that I'm not sure. I don't have the cash for any downloads, though Crashmo is tempting and Spirit Hunters I'm not too sure about now.

Edit: Zelda II is easy, you just need to know what you want to do.



cheapogamer4life said:

Aww, The Meat or Die series is okay, but where's my Dinosaur Office (Rawrrrrrrr!) Thanksgiving special? :/



alex167 said:

Finally something good...Crashmo!!!!!
Stil waiting for Kirby's DreamLand 2...will it be released this year?



Prof_Clayton said:

Definitely picking up Crashmo, probably right after I finish pushmo. Then Zelda & Zelda 2 both. Hope it fits on one card.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Updating Zelda II since it's my favorite ambassador game, but WHERE IS NINJA GAIDEN?

It was supposed to come out back on the 8th and it never did for reasons unknown, and last week when it came to Europe I thought we would get it then. NOPE! Why is it not here yet? There's no reason for it not to be here by now when it was promised for the 8th and was delayed for no reason whatsoever.

In total, this week seems Average, but Zelda II is the main highlight of the week. May get Mahjongg if NG decides to hide in the shadows till 2013.

And usually when stuff like this happens with bigger titles, you guys contact NOA or whoever made the game for comment. So @ThomasBW84, could you at least contact NOA or Tecmo for comment on why NG just vanished? It still has a video in the coming soon, but if that video vanishes from the section like Sonic Blast and Labyrinth did, I'll be mad.

Oh, and even though it isn't on the PR, add YT for wii U, it's out.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Prof_Clayton - I actually have a light beard in that picture, but it's kind of light-brown/gingery, and that orange sofa is hogging all of the attention...

I normally hide from cameras, the boss-men snapped that one when I was distracted by Mario Kart.



Bass_X0 said:

Some people may think there are too many NeoGeo games lately but seriously, D4 Enterprise is the only company supporting the Wii Virtual Console right now.

But they could release some of SNK's NES games at least some time.



Flowerlark said:

YES! One of the few Zelda games I haven't finished is out! Considering Crashmo... but the price feels pretty steep this time around. I agree with MikeDanger, 3DS e-shop prices are rising lately. Not a good sign.



Gold_Ranger said:

Which version of Zelda II is this?
The Ambassador Zelda II is the direct port of the NES version.
Is this now the updated and far easier GBA Zelda II?
If not, I want that one available for a seperate download eventually (read: soon)



Gold_Ranger said:

Which version of Zelda II is this?
The Ambassador Zelda II is the direct port of the NES version.
Is this now the updated and far easier GBA Zelda II?
If not, I want that one available for a seperate download eventually (read: soon)



Morpheel said:

I will obviously update zelda 2 ... I may also take a look at that mahjong game.



TravelingD said:

Zelda 2 won't update on my 3ds, so i'm assuming the version on the eshop right now is the ambassador version. Meaning no save states, as i need em during the way to the last dungeon.



rayword45 said:

I'll wait for some sort of Crashmo discount. Wasn't mesmerized by Pushmo like everyone else.



Starzsixty9 said:

Finally I can update zelda 2 & make save points .. was hoping for some megaman on the eshop but oh well.. hopefully some more wii u downloads pop up sunday itd be nice to get downloads 2x a week



RR529 said:

Update of Zelda II for me. Won't be getting Crashmo though. I could tell Pushmo was a quality title, but I just can't get into puzzlers.



bluecat said:

Will definitely get Crashmo but I think I should finish Pushmo first. Tempted to get Zelda II but I already have that on my GC anniversary disc...but then again save states....hmmm




It's interesting to see Ninja Masters is being released at almost the exact same time as it is for the Neo Geo X.



Emaan said:

I still haven't played Pushmo yet. Great download week for those who want the sequel! What about Wii U though? Sunday I guess.



KAHN said:

i'd rather beat it (zelda ii) hardcore without the save feature. guess what i wont be using when i get my ambassador update to this?



TheDreamingHawk said:

Luckily NG and mighty bomb jack got eshop pages... Meaning their release is incoming! But Zelda II STILL has no ambassador update.



KiwiPanda said:

I would go for Crashmo first, but I'm not going to get that until I finish Pushmo. Zelda maybe.



Marks said:

Looking foward to the Mahjongg review.
Crashmo seems cool, but I haven't finished the first one, lol.



Tasuki said:

Hmmm might get Zelda II with the suspend feature I might be able to finally beat this game.



DarkEdi said:

DKC goes out and comes more SNK (it is not complain, i love SNK, but i hate i didn´t have complete my DKC trilogy).



Gridatttack said:

I don't know about downloading crashmo, maybe I should...
Haven't played the first one yet.



TNLGUY said:

I already beat Zelda II without the savestates. Did it on NES years back, I can't have myself going soft.



Zach777 said:

No Zelda II update... Yet. Wonder why they don't just put out the updated version from the get-go.



Zhanglot said:

Such a great week for downloads!!

Although I hate the interpretation of Mah Jong games. It isn't just a simple matching game!



Bobhobob said:

wish i had the money, but little inferno is more important than zelda 2 and crashmo right now..



Sam_Loser2 said:

Crashmo is a bit more expensive than I expected. Still getting it. I beat Zelda II a couple times already so I won't use save states (for bragging rights) but I'll update it for the manual.



Nekketsu3D said:

Lazy ninty again!!! the Zelda 2 edition is the Ambassador version is even shown in the icon menu and the game itself, this is unheard nintendo!

Why it took so long to release a game in over a year is not done nothing!?



DrDaisy said:

Isn't it ironic that the one company still supporting the Wii Virtual Console once tried to crush Nintendo with arcade-perfect hardware? It probably would have worked too if the console and games weren't so damn expensive.



JJtheTexan said:

I limit myself to only one download every two weeks so I don't go broke... I can barely decide between Crashmo and Zelda II... I should go with Crashmo because it's completely new, but I still haven't finished Pushmo. So Zelda it is! (And yes, I am going to cheat and use the 3DS save states to finish it this time... never could on NES or Wii VC.)



Samholy said:

crashmo looks quite good.

and seriously. nintendo videos are dumb in NA. we can see all of that on youtube



Froggievilleus said:

I plan on getting Crashmo and 3D Mahjohngg but I think I will wait until after I upgrade my 3ds to the xl when I get my shiny new pink and white one on the 9th of December.

Merry early Christmas to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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