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Nintendo Download: 5th April 2012 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Speeding thru

It's an auspicious day when Europe gets a new piece of 3DS download software, and that's exactly what's on the (SD) cards this week as Nintendo itself publishes another digital delight. Elsewhere there's an ages-old WiiWare game, a pretty poor DSiWare game and the world's most exciting demo.

3DS Download Software

SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle (Nintendo, £5.40/€6, 277 blocks) — The spiritual successor to WiiWare puzzler ThruSpace, this one's all about rotating blocks and dropping them through holes, now in 3D. Check out our SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle review to see if it's worth a go.

3DS Demo

Farming Simulator 2012 (Rondomedia) — Officially licensed farming machinery, rendered in full 3D. Need we say more? Try out a free slice of the farming life later this week.


Pirates Assault (CIRCLE Entertainment, 200pts) — Not the finest of CIRCLE's digital offerings, as our Pirates Assault review explains.


Violin Paradise (Keystone Game Studio, 500pts) — Some 18 months after its release in North America, Violin Paradise takes a bow in Europe. It looks nice at least, so that's something: our Violin Paradise review has more.

Kirby Channel

Wii owners can enjoy the Kirby cartoons all over again as they're back for the next six months.

Anything for you this week, folks?

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User Comments (32)



BenAV said:

Undecided on ThruSpace at the moment.
The Farming Simulator 2012 demo is quite exciting though.



James said:

@madgear We were also promised Mega Man X. Still, we got more VC games than we have in the past few months, so it was a good month in my eyes.



Jese_1 said:

I'll wait for the review of ThruSpace to see if it's a worthwhile purchase.



madgear said:

@James as far as number of titles per month go, it was good. It's not so good if you're waiting patiently for just one of the games that doesn't show. After all I only download the ones I want.

I think it'd be nice if they just kept us informed rather than announce a release then give us nothing. I wouldn't mind so much if they just said it had been delayed.



Bass_X0 said:

Better old bad games than no games at all IMO as far as Violin Paradise goes.

I'll be downloading the farming simulator demo but thats all.



chewytapeworm said:

Will probably watch my two weekly Kirby episodes every Sunday morning again - THE classic cartoon-watching period of time! They should play the other 50 odd episodes that weren't shown in the last run...

Otherwise, this week? I'm good thanks.



ThomasBW84 said:

ThruSpace looked intriguing in the trailer, though it's a shame that a couple of the eShop's best games haven't made it across the pond yet. When Mutant Mudds and VVVVVV arrive, I'll be very happy indeed.

I'll be downloading that Farming Simulator too, just because I'm darn curious!



MAB said:

Cool nothing for me here I guess its back to trying to finish these game gear games (shakes fist at 3DS) 'damn you dragon crystal' with your frustrating yet highly addictive gameplay.



3dbrains said:

The farming sim demo is intresting. I'm not into farming but this is the reason we needed a demo service... at least we can see how bad(or good) it is first hand.
This aside... nothing for me this week.
(anyway I'm busy being a dog in Kid Icarus)



chiptoon said:

Isn't ThruSpace called Speedthru in the states? Its getting a bit annoying having all these different names for the same games. Smells like someone trying to justify their salary.



Myx said:

i am still waiting to use my money i accidentally put onto my account last year in the hopes that there will be S O M E T H I N G offered besides abandonware and western titles and puzzlers.. sigh.



Willerz said:

A farming simulator?! I hope the 3DS isn't going to turn into the Wii. No shovelware please. :/



KDR_11k said:

I'm pretty sure Janitor Simulator was Rondomedia's april's fools joke last year.

These simulators are multiplying like crazy and they're crap so I'm surprised that they're putting a demo out there that lets everybody see that this isn't Harvest Moon with tractors.



Katzii said:

Kirby Channel, whoo! Is this on the Wii or the 3DS, and will it be the old episodes or the rest that they missed?

Also, don't knock farming simulators until you try them - Sim Farm was pretty rockin' back in the day.



Undead_terror said:

hope noa gets something good this week,i know colours 3d and some penguin puzzle game is coming out but what else?



Henmii said:

"Wii owners can enjoy the Kirby cartoons all over again as they're back for the next six months"

Episode 1 till 50, right? Would be cooler if they did the other 50 episodes!



GamerZack87 said:

Now I need to get both Dillon's Rolling Western and Potzol's Puzzle.
GamerZack puts on his 'catching-up' hat



BigBluePanda said:

Currently playing Farm Simulator.

Forget Kid Icarus and Ocarina of Time. This was the game 3DS was made for.

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