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Nintendo Download: 31st May 2012 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Rayman, 99seconds and more

Wait, what? Another 3DS Virtual Console game? And this one's a Game Boy Color release? Well, if that don't just beat all. Here's what's up and at 'em in this week's bunch.

3DS Virtual Console

Rayman (Game Boy Color, Ubisoft, $4.99, 70 blocks) — The limbless hero lands in Europe today too, so it's a big helping of running and jumping for everyone. We'll have a full appraisal of the helicopter-haired adventurer's portable game very soon.

Virtual Console

Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo, SNK, 900pts) — Marco and crew return for more shooting action in this SNK classic. It was released in Europe last week so we'll have a review for you very soon.

3DS Download Software

Kakuro by Nikoli (HAMSTER, $4.99, 281 blocks) — A self-explanatory stablemate for Sudoku by Nikoli, this is more number-crunching action for your 3DS. We'll bring you a review shortly.


99seconds (EnjoyUp Games, 200pts, 48 blocks) — The follow up to the rather good 99bullets, this time you have to survive for as long as possible with power-ups on your side. We'll bring you a review soon (though it might take longer than 99 seconds.)

3DS Demos

Order Up!! — Promised last week, now you can try out SuperVillain Studios' 3D take on its famous kitchen creation.

And there you have it, the last Nintendo Download before E3 (sorry). What tickles your fancy this week?

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TheDreamingHawk said:

A good week. Rayman will do it for me, and 99 seconds. And a surprise 3DSware!
That proves VC goes with 3DSWare!


Seriously. Be paitent for E3, and I'm sure by then we will get Wario land. No need to treat it as oxygen.



bezerker99 said:

I'll get Rayman but....why was Retro City Rampage not released in May like their official site (used to) claim? D:



Undead_terror said:

wow what a good week wioth all sorts(besides wii ware),will be getting rayman and 99seconds,but nothing else.



Johnnyb7 said:

This may not just be the GBC release for USA. If you link through the press page, it shows Rayman for 9.99 and in description says it has all 70 levels and is in 3D. It indicates this is a 3D release not just the GBC release. Hope this is the case and not a typo on Nintendo's part as this would be awesome. Pricey but awesome! Just linked through and thought I would share this as I was surprised!



fredtoy said:

I bet people will complain about the lack of a WiiWare title or Wii demo this week. =P



Johnnyb7 said:

Don't know The DreamingHawk, but if you go to and check the press release and click on the Rayman link, you will see it on Nintnedo's page for 9.99 and indicating that it is in 3D. If they made a mistake, it sure is a disappointing one, and if it is just the GBC 9.99 is way too high for it. Check it out and see what you think.



Knuckles said:

Lets see here, I'll wait on a review for Rayman, only so my eShop wallet can take the hit later




I'm glad that we're getting another GBC game for the eShop for the 2nd week in a row. The only thing that has me really baffled by all of this is that, why would we be getting 2 GBC games, one after the other within the course of 2 weeks? It just don't make sense. Not that I have an issue with this, because I don't. I'm just saying is that it feels really weird to me. All in all, I can't wait to try the GAME BOY COLOR version of Rayman. I might give Metal Slug 3 a go too.



Whopper744 said:

Lets keep this up Nintendo!! Good to see this VC games. Will be getting Rayman when I get to the house!!





Well, according to this one part of NOA's page I go to every week when I go to check on their VC games. It shows that Rayman for the GAME BOY COLOR is marked at $4.99 when it hits the eShop today. To me, I'd be happier if it were $3.99 , but then again, with GAME BOY COLOR games, you've gotta expect this at times. Besides, for NOA to charge $9.99 for an old retro title like Rayman from the GBC is just idiotic to me.



Djrr-ific said:


Rayman GBC doesn't have that much levels..
I think they mixed up the Rayman Origins and Rayman GBC descriptions..

But where that price is coming from.. the GBC game is $5, so maybe Rayman Origins will be released on the e-shop for $9,99?



CosmoXY said:

Nice update. @3DSLUIGI - Tis funny that we have become so accustomed to getting no 3DS VC at all that when we get two GBC games in a row people grow suspicous.



Johnnyb7 said:

I'm not sure wither, but you guys can check the link for yourselves. I was shocked when I saw it. if you go to and go through the download highlights link for today 's downloads, hit the Rayman link and you will see it. Not sure what is going on, but you guys can decide for yourselves. Maybe a typo but I guess we'll find out in a couple of hours.





I agree with Bass_X0 only for the reason being that you don't see that much of any Mega Man game being released for the Wii VC or the 3DS VC. Sure, we may have only gotten Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge for GAME BOY from the eShop back in mid September of last year here in the US. But in all honesty here, when was the last time that Nintendo ever decided to go ahead and try to bring over a good Mega Man game like say Mega Man 6 for the Wii VC. Hopefully we get Mega Man X2 soon here ourselves.



Djrr-ific said:

Btw, looks like another "weird puzzle name BY NIKOLI" is coming out in the States soon... it was just on their website, but I accidentally closed the tab and now I can't find it.. I was a weird name.. xD



Zach777 said:

Mega Man X2 was the best of the X series IMO... Pretty stoked Europe got it finally that gives U.S. hope over here!



Johnnyb7 said:

Yeah they seemed to have just changed the price. Must have been a typo. Well that is disappointing I thought since it was E3 they might give us a surprise. Wonder what the 9.99 price was all about? Maybe it is the Origins download that has been rumored for E3 that would be great. Sorry for the confusion, but it was Nintendo's mistake. Oh well.. Still says over 70 levels though and I though the GBC version has way less levels than that.



Zach777 said:


Could it be Kakuro? It might happen to be listed on the games released today if you scroll back up there and read veeeeeeeery carefully.....


Perhaps what is "much stupid" is your sentence structure?



Djrr-ific said:


Thanks for thinking I'm stupid.

No. I browsed to Nikoli's site, and I remember the name now.
Slitherlink by Nikoli. (:

If you type that in on NoA's site you will find it. (:
It will be released june 21 (:



Zach777 said:


I didn't think you were stupid... it's easy to overlook things so that's all that crossed my mind. Sorry for giving that impression.



Djrr-ific said:

I (almost)never overlook thing. I always triple check things, so I DONT look stupid on the internet. xD

But one question: these puzzle games: Aren't these on a retail release or something? Because 50 puzzles isn't really alot..



coolvw93 said:

still waiting for Retro City Rampage.... but this is a good week. cant wait for tomorow to see what game club nintendo will put up for rewards!



komicturtle said:

I'm guessing Dreamland 2 and another spinoff (Star Stacker) will roll out Tuesday as celebration of Kirby's 20th.



Freelance said:

I'm getting Cat Frenzy next week so I can go stir-crazy with the frequent meowings. It reminds me of Pokémon Puzzle League where the monsters would sound more dramatic the bigger the chain you make.



DarkEdi said:

Excellent, More VC games in both sides, 3DS and Wii. More weeks like this please.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Guys, I have news! Full version of Order Up!! Will be out on 6/21. Making it the first week with 2 3DSware. Not too long now... (Hopes for VC surprise at E3)



Bass_X0 said:

@vonseux Its not about giving us the best version. GBC Rayman 1 & 2 are the only versions of Rayman they can release on the Virtual Console (since the GBA isn't possible yet). There are three price points for GBC games - $4, $5 and $6. Its appropriate for Rayman to go in the $5 which seems the standard for most GBC games regardless of quality. The $4 price point introduced with Game & Watch Gallery 2 seems to be reserved for particularly simple games which Rayman is not.

@retro_player_22 It only just came out in Europe today, you'll have to be patient.



SuperTeeter64 said:

Great week for sure, but I'm surprised everyone's so happy about Metal Slug... When there's a Metal Slug collection game on Wii that's been around for years... Oh well. XD As long as people are happy. We need more weeks like this for sure.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm calling Mega Man X2 for next week.


1) Metal Slug is repetitive from game to game. It's actually best if you just get the best one and leave it at that, which Metal Slug 3 clearly is.

2) The collection lacks Classic Controller support, which sucks.



Vampfox said:

Another crap week for me. Hopefully we'll finally get Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 next week.



Tasuki said:

Nice to see Metal Slug 3 hit the VC I would be picking that one up but I have the Metal Slug Anthology disc for the Wii so I think I will save my money for another game rather than buy Metal Slug 3 again. Still waiting on Warioland hopefully next week for an E3 surprise.



LadyStarstorm said:

Looking forward to giving Order Up! a shot tonight~ I've always liked Diner Dash, and games that offshoot from their mechanics.



Undead_terror said:

@Vampfox nag nag wario land nag nag some more wario land,shush nobody wants to see someone else complaining,it will come sooner or later.



Flowerlark said:

DLed Rayman VC and the demo too. Hoping still for the NES Zelda titles to reach the general public, but it was a good week anyway. BUT when I went in the e-shop at 12:06PM I saw no sign of Kakuro 3DSware anywhere. Not that it's absence was any great loss, but I thought it odd. Has it shown up by now or are they hiding it?



MeloMan said:

I'm personally Rayman-ed to death, but otherwise, it looks like a decent line-up.



Firejonie said:

Did not expect the other Nikoli game. I wnat Rayman and will download the Order Up demo.



Kyloctopus said:

@SteveW How in the world is this lame? Order Up to Go on IOS has had massive love, Rayman is a classic platformer, so far 99 Seconds is most likely to win DSiware of the year, knowing that the creator of 99Bullets made this, and even though I've never played Metal Slug, but NL seemed to love it. I understand you may not be the Nikoli puzzle fan, but I sure am.



rayword45 said:

I honestly do not care if 99Seconds turns out to be utterly atrocious, because then I'll just tack the extra price to justify 99Bullets, the MOST UNIQUE game on the DSiWare service.

Order Up demo = yes!

Not sure about Rayman YET, but I enjoyed Origins Wii.

Also, anyone who complains this week, must be expecting free gold or something because this is the best week in a while.



WaveBoy said:

Woa! Metal Slug 3! Now 'that' was completely unexpected! That's the only Metal Slug I'll ever need.

As for Rayman on the GBC, i already have the cart in my Dusty 'Games for sale' Box. I'd rather play the PS1 original if anything. but I'd happily take Rayman on the GBC over Rayman Origins for the 3DS any day of the week!



Supremeist said:

Rayman is great, but for me, not worth the money right now. An okay week, I may try out the Order Up demo.



Nintenbro said:

I downloaded Metal Slug 2 by accident, while checking the required block space. I barely ever play it, so I'm not very excited about Metal Slug 3.

No La-Mulana, no Retro City Rampage, no Prince of Persia and no Megaman X2= Not going to purchase any Wii points



Urbanhispanic said:

well this is a pretty good showing for this week.....let's hope Nintendo keeps it going with at least ONE title for every category. It's not like they don't have ANY games to pick from **cough cough** sarcasm



Marioman64 said:

come on nikoli, release your other 15 puzzle logic puzzles that i love WAY more than sudoku and kakuro... i think theres 17 total i'll have to count again



LadyStarstorm said:

Oof, just in case anyone was basing download decisions off these comment conversations, I was very disappointed to find out that Order Up! is NOT a Diner Dash-esque game. It's much more like Cooking Mama than Diner Dash. Color me disappointed. Ah well.

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