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Nintendo Download: 10th May 2012 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

It's a Virtual Console explosion

As if any further proof were needed that SEGA is the greatest video game company in the whole world, this week it's bringing no fewer than three games to lucky European fans this week. Elsewhere there's a long awaited piece of 3DS download software and an out-of-nowhere DSiWare game too. To the list!

3DS Virtual Console

Sonic Labyrinth (Game Gear, SEGA, £4.50/€5) — The critically acclaimed... er, no, that's not right. Sonic's isometric adventure (his second, after arcade release SegaSonic the Hedgehog) isn't the most fondly-remembered of hedgehog outings, but we'll see if it's as bad as they say in our upcoming review.

3DS Download Software

VVVVVV (Nicalis, £7.20/€8) — Terry Cavanagh's indie darling reaches Europe nearly six months after its North American launch, but that's OK because it's still pretty darn good. Check out our VVVVVV review for more.

Wii Virtual Console

Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Virtual Console Arcade, SEGA, 900pts) — Two arcade games in the space of seven days? The benevolent SEGA rains down VC blessings again. We already have Wonder Boy in Monster Land on Master System, but the arcade original boasts superior graphics and sound. We'll have a full review soon.

Monster World IV (Mega Drive, SEGA, 900pts) — The big one. Originally announced over a year ago, this is the first time MWIV has left Japan, and comes officially translated by SEGA too. Often praised as one of the best in the series, we'll see how it fares in our upcoming review.


Curling Super Championship (Cypronia, 500pts) — Ice sport fans Cypronia return with a slippery take on the world's premier ice-brushing sport. We'll see if it's a slick proposition or not in a review soon.

Quite a strong week all told — anything for you?

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Aviator said:

SEGA this, SEGA that. Bleh to SEGA!!

Nothing for me this week. Already got VVVVVV and have no urge to buy it again.



Jese_1 said:

Not sure if I'll get anything, but it's nice to see 3DS VC and 3DSWare being released alongside one another. Long may it last!



Bass_X0 said:

I am quite pleased to see three VC games this week. They're not for me but I still call it a good week.



Koapa said:

8 € fro VVVVV ???
It will be the most expensive game in eShop. I hope, it will worth it



Tsuchinoko said:

Odd, in Japan we have a different Sonic Game Gear out that other territories don't have yet. But Labyrinth DID come out in EU first.



Byron-3D said:

Finally VVVVVV is released, ouch on the price though. Gonna wait for Mutant Mudds to come out and pick both of them up together.



James said:

@Tsuchinoko You have G Sonic/Sonic Blast right? It's coming to Europe soon apparently. Would rather have that than Labyrinth, but there you are...



Djrr-ific said:

Nicalis just wants us to ignore their games..

7,20 converted to American dollars is around 12 dollars. That is crazy..
and is Sonic Labyrinth really that bad? D:



BenAV said:

@Koapa Dillon's Rolling Western was £9.00/€10 I believe, and it was $15 here in Australia so that's still the most expensive.
I expect VVVVVV to be like $12 here I guess, but as it's one I've been waiting for I'll buy it anyway.
That's all for me this week.



Mercury9 said:

Sega collapsing after the flop of Dreamcast and constantly releasing tat is all the proof for me that they are indeed the greatest video gaming company in the whole world. Stop relying on Sonic and Nintendo!



Tsuchinoko said:

@James No, I haven't paid for any of the Game Gear games. They just don't look very good, even though they are all offered at a really low price here, 300yen, the cheapest price available for the VC. I'm not sure why they are more expensive in other territories.



RedYoshi999 said:

Glad to see 2 Wii VC games even if I don't want them! I think I will get VVVVVV. It sounds good. Price seems a bit inflated compared to the US though. Sounds like it's gonna be over $10 here.



Mercury9 said:

eShop prices are a bit silly. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters is cheaper than Tetris, yet Tetris is the same price as Metroid II - Return of Samus! Prices and the quality of the game it's attached to can seem very bizarre to me.

Expensive yes, but Shantae: Risky's Revenge is £10.80 and in my opinion, that game is well worth the price tag. For me, £7.20 for what it is and from what I've read about seems alot for a very small mediocre, generic looking game.

Prices don't reflect the quality of games on eShop. I really wish they did.



MrArcade said:

I definately vvant VVVVVV. £7.20 doesnt sound too bad. I'll have to wait for a review of sonic labyrinth. I read a review earlier that said it was one of the best game gear games ever.



GamerZack87 said:

James! You of all NLifers should know that all old-school Sonic games are freaking awesome!



Caster8 said:

Ah the Wonderboys series , quite a brilliant series , i for one will be picking them up as soon as they come to the VC



Silvervisiona said:

I'm in the PAL territory but have a US 3DS...aww well. I played Sonic Labyrinth on GCN when it came with Sonic Adventure DX. I thought it was a fun evolution of traditional sonic, but wouldn't spend more than €4 on it.



SomeBitTripFan said:

@GamerZack: It would better classify as a non-sonic game. Sonic moves slower than a character being controlled with a broken controller. The game is slow, the greatest insult for Sonic.



Monsti said:

WOW...Finally VVVVVV and finally a really interesting week again.
Might try out the Sonic game...happy with the GG stuff so far.



chewytapeworm said:

VVVVVV!? Almost forgot its existence. Yes please.

And Sonic Labyrinth, although the cover makes it look good fun, it's infamously the worst Sonic game ever made. No thanks.



Edlicious said:

really wish they would just make these VC games available on both Wii and 3DS? its not like the 3DS cant handle a sega genesis game?

and not much people even touch their wii's, let alone visit the wii shop channel.



Reala said:

£4.50 for a gamegear game while a megadrive game on steam costs £1.99 or 10 of them for £5.50 nintendo's pricing is crazy, still nice to see MW4 at last might wait to see if they release that on steam as well though as no doubt it'd be much cheaper.



Whopper744 said:

Not a bad week for you guys.
I'm a Sonic fan but...Labyrinth...not so much.
Either way, you all have a couple decent choices it looks like.
I hope VC for the 3DS in the US comes back to life sometime this year.



PixelatedPixie said:

Monster World IV and VVVVVV?! Wait...What's the catch? Does this mean Europe has been given it's quota of awesome for the year and it's all down hill from here? This is very unlike Nintendo. There just has to be a catch.



Undead_terror said:

you lucky ducks,anyway for any americans reading this we get
kirbys block ball
pauls shooting adventure 2
sudoku 3d
(sorry dont know what for the wii and dont care)



MAB said:

Enough VC to keep me going for a while the difference I have noticed between VC and steam retro classics is the latter having poor quality emulations. Its like buying 10 AT&T games for $5.



ejamer said:

Wow... that's a nice lineup of games! Even though I think VVVVVV is overrated, it's still a very good game and worth playing. Monster World IV looks amazing too.

I'd complain about the North American release in comparison, but Kirby's Block Ball is the best 3DS Virtual Console game we've received this year... beggars and choosers and all that.



blackknight77 said:

This is what I like to see out of the weekly updates. Its great to see VC games released for the Wii and 3DS and a new retro inspired game. This update is awesome in more ways then one.



DrDaisy said:

I can hardly wait for a review of Monster World IV. Some of the games on VC don't perform as well when ported. I noticed input-lag issues in some of them.



bahooney said:

Guys, I can't stress the importance of downloading Monster World IV enough... do you realize that if this gets enough downloads, perhaps other companies will take notice and release translated retro titles on VC? They probably thought it would lead to lost funds... but Sega's really stepped up to the plate with this one. Please!! Download this now!



Reala said:

@MadAussieBloke Not sure about other classics but megadrive games work just as well on steam as they do on VC even with a similar save anywhere function plus the added ability of screen filter options, not as much variety as VC but given the choice I'd definitely go for the steam versions over VC.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

VVVVVVery excited, I just hope I don't get lost in a labyrinth and see some monsters, because that would be a world of hurt.
Maybe the monsters will play Curling with me?
That's all games in one paragraph.



kevohki said:

Ugh, Sonic Labyrinth. It's awfulness alone can cancel out 5 good Game Gear games.



C-Olimar said:

SEGA struggles to make good Sonic games, as the best Sonic Games of the last 10 years were made by Dimps. Face it, they are well past it.

Anyway, VVVVVV is much more expensive than it should be, but I'm still gonna buy it...



CanisWolfred said:

@bahooney Not to mention Monster World IV's a freakin' great game, and one of the only great adventure games on the Genesis that now everyone gets to play. $9 doesn't even come close to its actual worth.



Squiggle55 said:

Bahooney is absolutely right. Haven't been to the Wii Shop in a long while now but I will be buying Monster World IV. (that is assuming it comes to the US)



LztheQuack said:

I don't see why Americans should complain if we are getting Kirby's Block Ball instead of a Sonic game

Oh, and SEGA did confirm the Wii VC titles for North America



Ristar42 said:

I will still be disappointed if after all this effort, SEGA supply Monster World IV without a 60Hz display option in PAL regions, leaving us with a slower and bordered 50Hz version of the game.
I'm still hoping the original Game Gear Sonic makes it to 3DS VC, I think its the best one on there.



jojje70 said:

Good to see more VC games, really, but my favourite Wonderboy title is actually the first one... you know the charming platformer where you can ride a skateboard and stuff, yeah I would love to see the arcade version get a VCA release



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't say this often but I think I'll need a demo before deciding whether to get VVVVVV or not. Normally I can tell if a game is for me or not but that's not the case this time.



RR529 said:

Hope you all enjoy VVVVVV! It's personally my favorite out of the "3DSWare" retro platformers.

As for those of you complaining about the price, it's well worth it, believe me. Also, it's $8 over here in the states, so the pricing shouldn't be too surprising. Actually, at $9 and $10, Mutant Mudds and Rolling Western cost even more than VVVVVV.



hYdeks said:

Sega's awesome, but I'm north america Glad to hear that europe is finally getting VVVVVV though



Omega said:

Finally Monster World IV comes to europe. And it's translated by Sega, too. Best news I've heard for a long time. Looking forward to play this gem.



Djrr-ific said:


You do know 8$ is only 5 British pounds right...? And yeah, it IS surprising, because alot of 3DSware costs less over here.. And it's not that I don't want to pay this much for it(I also bought Rolling Western, and will probably buy Mutant Mudds), it's just a bit unfair. We get the long wait AND a higher price..



FonistofCruxis said:

@Mickeymac Of course, platformers are one of my two favourite genres but its just that the aesthetics look kind of boring and bland so I wanted a demo to make sure that the gameplay was good enough to make up for that.



LztheQuack said:

@Djrr-ific You do realize that currency converters are never used to determine overseas prices. The economy and the costs of overseas distribution also play a role in determining prices.



Mathieu_W said:

Even if the price is high (but not a surprise compared to the US price tag), I'll buy VVVVVV this thursday, for sure !



CanisWolfred said:

^Awesome. Watch out, though, the guy in the trailer makes it look easier than it is. Kinda hard, actually, though rarely frustrating.



Henmii said:

As soon as I have a new e-shop card (when I buy Mario tennis open, I guess), I will download Monster world 4!



OdnetninAges said:

I played Sonic Labyrinth on the PS2.
Not fun.
They should release Sonic Advance if GBA VC becomes a E-Shop normal. (not likely, though.)
I can't wait for All-Stars Racing Transformed though. SEGA Fans are going to love that game!



RevolverLink said:

Holy cow, what a haul Europe! That's one of the more promising Nintendo Download line-ups I've seen in a while.



Bulbousaur said:

I might get VVVVVV, but I am not sure yet. Not interested in any of the Virtual Console games... Still waiting for the original Sonic for the Game Gear to come out on 3DS Virtual Console, that is by far the best 8-Bit Sonic.



Tsuchinoko said:

Update time! We (Japan) are getting this game next week, so not that far off from EU. I was kinda hoping for Legend of Zelda 2, but maybe next time.



ATDI said:

I tried VVVVVV's demo on Steam and found it very boring. I would rather get Mutant Mudds.



TheDreamingHawk said:


It's not that bad of a game, it's certainly better than those awful Sonic Spinball and Mean Bean Machine Game Gear ports. Seeing how you can use the spin dash in the game, the slow speed of sonic is not a problem.

What is the problem, is going TOO fast. I at least hope we get it next week in America. Tried it on Sonic Gems collection and loved it, so I am going to buy it whenever I can.

But still, seeing how a VC is paired with 3DSWare this week, along with 2 Wii VC games and a DSIware, America better get SOMETHING for 3DSVC this week. Hopefully Kirby's block ball. Enjoy VVVVVV guys!



sillygostly said:

Australia misses out on VVVVVV. =(

I can understand why Nintendo doesn't bother releasing a majority of DSiWare games here, but VVVVVV was one of the few downloadable 3DS games that showed a lot of promise.



BenAV said:

@sillygostly Change your region to somewhere in Europe and download it, that's what I'm going to do now.
It's what I do whenever something doesn't come out here.



BenAV said:

Just finished downloading VVVVVV.
I wonder why Australia's been missing out on nearly everything for the last few weeks.
If we couldn't change region like with the DSi I'd be annoyed.



BudrSbastig said:

Just got VVVVVV, love the icon on the home page! and the loading screen brings back memories.......20 mins of flashing lines and screeching with fingers crossed the game would load at the end of it! them were the days! when you could go to boots and get a c90 and copy all your mates games!



Reala said:

MW4 displays in 50hz my enhanced definition TV connection wont even display the game though I hear the sound; so will have to dig out my old TV connector if I'm even to be able to play it, so no idea how good it is can't play the dang thing right now....



RadioShadow said:

@Reala: Go into the Operations Manual, connect a nun-chuck to the wii remote and press A, 1 & Z at the same time. You should hear a sound. Now return to the game and it should display fine.

Well SEGA are lame for not releasing it in PAL60. Although that was to be expected. Glad I have a American Wii.



MAddogz said:

Just downloaded Monster World 4. Sadly it runs in 50hz and big Pal blocks on the top and bottom. It doesn't support Component cable setup, but it is working with my Component cables but the picture is blurry. The picture is totally streched, but that because of the wii set to widescreen I guess.
There are also pixels in the bottom Pal block that show all kind of nonsense...
Sega totally messed up the Pal conversion, but that was to be expected of them...
I don't know if it is the english text or if it was the same in the japanese version, but everyone in one area tells u the exact same text, except of special characters.
Gameplay is faster than Monster World 3, but climbing on ropes can be a pain... the controls for ropeclimbing are strange... Now entering the first temple...



Ristar42 said:

50Hz only, that is such a poor way to present this game after the effort of translating it. I wont download Monster World IV as I dont want to play a slow and bordered version. SEGA Europe should change this and offer 60Hz display, at least with imports as Nintendo does on the VC.

Sounds like they have not optimised for PAL at all...

I like their new VC arcade emulation fuctions though - scan lines for that authentic 80s screen look, glad to see Monster Land get released.



sillygostly said:

Scratch that. VVVVVV is coming out in Australia as it was just classified... but there's no word on when it will actually be released here though.

And I'm aware that I can change the region settings of the 3DS in order to access the UK eShop (which was how i downloaded the Pyramids, Farming Simulator and Dead or Alive demos), but would I be able to use an Australian credit card with the UK eShop? And if so, how will my debit card be charged for it (and how much more will I have to pay)?



BenAV said:

@sillygostly I always use my Debit card on the UK eShop and it works perfectly fine.
I usually just find a currency converter online before I buy to find out how much I'll end up paying.
Pretty much, I think games end up being a little bit cheaper when you buy them from the UK eShop than when you buy them from the Australian eShop.
VVVVVV cost me $11.59 when I bought it last night, and I'd suspect it might be $12 when it arrives here.



sillygostly said:

So you're only being charged for the conversion of Australian currency to GBP and nothing else? If so, I'll definitely give the UK eShop a look. =)

I know that most games may be a little more expensive in the Australian eShop (though 60c isn't that bad a mark-up), but I'd like to support the developers and publishers for at least bringing the games to such a small market (classification alone costs a small fortune and I'd hate to think of all of the licensing costs and taxes involved as well, as eShop purchases are too subject to GST).



Fuzzy said:

Went to download VVVVVV, not in the Aus eShop.

Came on here to see what the go is, see talk about changing region settings. Credit Card didn't work last time, but works this time.

Ended up with VVVVVV and Shantae.



Beau_Skunk said:

Am I the only one who liked "Sonic Labyrinth?" I thought it was kinda unique, and much more tolerable then the Game Gear versions of Sonic 2 & Spinball. (Wich weren't as good as the Genesis versions, if you asked me.)



GamerZack87 said:

@James: Actually, I have. And I stand by what I said earlier, since Labyrinth featured a new twist on the old Sonic formula by introducing Slownic the Hedgehog as a playable form for everybody's favourite sound barrier-destroying mammal. :3



TheDreamingHawk said:

@James I shall defend Sonic labyrinth! It has slow sonic, levels that take 10 minutes without the spindash, and KEYS!

Though to be honest, it's better than Sonic Spinball and Mean bean machine on the Gamegear, but nowhere near as good as the other GG sonics.

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