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Nintendo Download: 12th April 2012 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Ketzal and dolls

3DS owners get a new puzzle game and there's a doll dressing-up game on DSiWare. No, it's not Bizarro World, it's the Nintendo Download of course! Here's what's on offer today in North America.

3DS Download Software

Ketzal's Corridors (Nintendo, $6.99, 275 blocks) — The follow-up to the WiiWare's ThruSpace, this is another enjoyable downloadable puzzler from Nintendo. Check out our Ketzal's Corridors review for the full details.


Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection (Gamebridge, 500pts, 71 blocks) — The sequel everyone wanted! If Anne's Doll Studio: Gothic Collection wasn't enough for you, now indulge in sartorial simulation with looks inspired by Japan's capital city. We'll have a full review for you soon, you lucky so-and-sos.

Nintendo Video

Underneath the Sycamore by Death Cab For Cutie (available April 14 at 9 a.m. PT)
"With an old-time comic book feel, this unique 3D music video is set to an incredible song and follows a tragic investigation."

That's a full lid, everyone.

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User Comments (103)



Portista said:

I'm interested in getting Colors 3D!, but I don't really want to pay money for it. Is it really that good?



Chobi said:

Well, looks like another soft week for NOA again. I'm glad spirit camera is coming out tomorrow.



HeroOfCybertron said:

No Legend of Zelda I wanted to update my ambassador NES Legend of Zelda maybe next week and I can't believe there would be nothing for the Wii.



Whopper744 said:

Another week of complete bull. Good thing I've got Kid Icarus Upsring and I just bought Metal Gear for my 3DS. NA will never release the good stuff. Week after week after week, I let just a little bit of my false hope, look forward to possibly getting a new VC Gameboy game....Myths and Monsters....Wario Land....I guess I will have to go to ebay to play you.



grumblebuzzz said:

Junk again. And this time, the whiners have a reason to whine. This is getting ridiculous. When the 3DS was announced, I was SO excited to actually be able to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games for the first time ever. Hell, I bought the system specifically for that feature in the beginning since the launch games were so poor, but unfortunately it seems NoA has really dropped the ball with 3DS VC. There is absolutely no reason at all why we should not get at least one VC game a week, especially when in its heyday, the Wii got two or more per week. I guess in order to play those games within the next billion years, I'm gonna have to track down a GBA SP and get 'em on eBay, which sucks because I shouldn't have to do that.



Shworange said:

Yes, it is that good! I've played many painting programs/apps. This is definitely one of the best! You can create on upto five layers of depth, making your creations really pop! The shading tool really helps to add realism. You can magnify the picture size to get very precise, minute detail. After you are happy with your pic, you can upload it to your public collection. People can then rate them. There are an incredible amount of fantastic paintings people have done. When I first picked it up, I thought that they must have been professionally done, but with all of the tools at your disposal, you can create awesome stuff with patience. Also, you can join a friend on a co op paint mode. If you like doodling, you'll love this! It's just a shame I can't print them off in 3D... PS, hey Colors 3D people, I think that qualifies as an ad!



Chris720 said:

ahem EU comes out on top again! ahem

But in all seriousness... your download weeks are getting more and more lame. There's only two games and only one of them is worth any money...



cheapogamer4life said:

Meh. Still don't want any of my Ninty points. No problem here as I have plenty of games I need to get caught up on.



metafaniel said:

A sequel of Doll Studio: Gothic Collection?????????????
Well that's not amusing at all! Is the first being bought by ANYONE after all? I've seen the video (no, I'm not a masochist) and a free Flash app does much, much more surely.
Ketzal Corridors seems acceptable, but as @Joshers744 said, I have enough for now with Kid Icarus: Uprising, Metal Gear Solid 3D and Colors!3D.

If only that Louvre app was in sale in the eShop... That would be nice



Zantagor said:

Like I said last week, NoA didn't waste time into reverting into Wiiware's past couple of years' territory of lameness. And with that, Where the hell is La-Mulana? Both Nigoro and Nicalis has been completely silent since DECEMBER, when they said the game was finished, and soon to be released by Nintendo? .... so WTF?



GeminiSaint said:

So, only two games total? And none of them on the Wii? And the Virtual Console continues to be MIA? What the hell is Nintendo thinking?



grumblebuzzz said:

And Nintendo wonders why people say that the eShop is a joke compared to the Apple app store...



Geonjaha said:

grumblebuzzz I completely agree with you. I know I'm in Europe and we have a few more GB games, but the service seems to have stopped for everyone now. It's not great that you guys are behind, but it's getting ridiculous that even ONE game boy game a WEEK isnt possible. Not to mention GBC games, which I'd love to be getting more than GB ones....
The fact that there are no more GB/GBC games CONFIRMED to come out in the West (apart from Toki Tori - Lol...) is even more concerning.



SteveW said:

This is unbelieveable! how can they not be embarrased by the Wii Shop these days? they may as well go ahead and close the shop, it's useless.



CosmoXY said:

Calm down people. They're obviously releasing one "big" game a week. This week is Ketzal, last week was Colors. When they don't have a new eShop game to promote, they'll give us the VC goods. Is it really worth getting all upset about each and every week?



grumblebuzzz said:

I mean, I love Nintendo, guys. I really do. And I hate to bash them but jeez. Pull your digital presence together and make some money. How can you expect the WiiU to be a success when you always let things fall apart like this? New Mario games will only save you so many times.



grumblebuzzz said:

@Duney They should be releasing more than one "big game" a week if they're serious about improving their digital retailing presence though. It's just poor business practice and it might bite them hard if the WiiU is more of the same in this regard.



MrDanger88 said:

I can't say I'm surprised there isn't jack **** worth downloading since there hasn't been anything worth two ***** for months. The worst digital platforms in the industry get worse with each passing week.



James said:

This week Vita owners in the US get The Pinball Arcade and a free-to-play puzzle game. The grass isn't always greener!

Though PS3 owners did get Skullgirls, but that's another story.



CosmoXY said:

@grumblebuzzz Wrong. Does Hollywood release more than one "big" movie a week? No, and the reason why is because if they dilute the marketplace, they leave money on the table. Nintendo wants to promote Ketzal this week, that's the title they want to and need to push. What do you think will happen to it if it releases alongside Wario Land? Not as many people buy Ketzal.

@MrDanger88 How can the eShop be getting worse by adding new games? Did they remove all the older great and classic games that were there before? Just because Nintendo doesn't unleash all the most requested titles up front for all the fanboys to gobble up doesn't mean the eShop is getting worse.

Guys, the 3DS and the eShop are going to have a long lifespan. Nintendo needs to stretch releases out so that in five years they might still have something to release and continue to draw attention to their service. You all act like you could run Nintendo better than the professionals, but I seriously doubt it.



SteveW said:

even better... IOS can get Burnout Crash this week along with dozens of other great games.



Flowerlark said:

They're releasing another doll studio? Seriously? Ah well, I'm still only just over halfway through penguin patrol, which is pretty awesome, if incredibly challenging. Got stuck on a few levels for 2+ hours- that rarely happens to me in a puzzle game, and never so frequently as this one.



SteveW said:

Duney - I'm complaing about the Wii shop not the 3DS shop, I don't buy much on 3DS, I'm still waiting on a larger screen version of the 3DS, I can barely stand playing on screens that small. Especially when they take a game meant for a TV screen (NES) and shrink it down... yuck, are those amoeba's I'm shooting in Kid Icarus 3D classic?

Nintendo could be seeing our complaints, you never know... if we sit back and say nothing they will assume we are happy and never change.



Nintenbro said:

Hey! What the hell ever happened to Prince of Persia? Why haven't we received it on the Wii VC in North America yet?

Oh well, I guess I'll just go play some more Xenoblade Chronicles then.



retro_player_22 said:

Seem like NOA still suck with digital release lately. You got like seven categories: WiiWare, DSiWare, 3DSWare, 3DS VC, Wii VC, Game Demo, and Nintendo Video, all of which needs improving. How hard is it to release seven things in one week?



Nintenbro said:

I say we commence, "Operation Game Vault". I really want Prince of Persia, damn it!



Hejiru said:

What is wrong with them? There's more than enough Game Boy games for them to even release one every week and still have some left over! Why are they purposely ignoring the Virtual Console for so long?



Rapadash6 said:

NOA cares not for Virtual Console, nor the people who do; that much is clear. I just can't believe they've gotten this bad, though. I defended them for the longest time, but I just can't anymore. There really is no excuse good enough to justify these piss poor updates. We use to be able to count on at least a couple of good games a month, but now even THAT is a thing of the past it seems.



Malkeor said:

Man these last few weeks have been weak....
I have to concur with everyone else...there's just way to many games out there, and they should at least be able to put out at least 1 a week...just from Gameboy alone!

Though I understand there would be some issues with all this as have been with other games in the past....but I still don't believe it's giving them THIS much trouble.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Hmm, nothing that really excites me. That's ok, I didn't have money anyway. goes back to immensely enjoying Colors
Although I am a little jealous of Europe.

I'm honestly glad they don't release big games that often. Then the other game I just got not that long ago doesn't get neglected. I have enough trouble finishing games as it is. Plus I think most people wouldn't be able to afford to keep up.



Malkeor said:


That's not the point though. We could always "do this instead" but it's perfectly viable to release digital content when you have a humongous library of games at your disposal. Digital content is easy, I have a library in the palm of my's awesome.
It's part of what makes the eShop and other similar services attractive.

Though i'm still patient, i'm merely addressing my concern, and wish things would be better obviously.
Many are just hoping the digital trend in Nintendo will change...we don't want another Wii VC.
The service is still relativity young so there's still plenty of time....but it's still fun to judge



bonesy91 said:

Well at least I have Xenoblade. And I've been leaving messages when I fill out my surveys saying they need to add more than 1-3 new titles a week. It's like they said ok sure more than 1 but less than 3. NOA be trolling lol



Gamer83 said:

And once again a whole lot of crap. Thanks for nothing Nintendo of America.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

Eshop need "Legend of The Mystical Ninja" one of the best game i ever played for super nintendo!!! or they can make new 3d version of the childhood would definately come back to life if they make that game!!!



LztheQuack said:

So wait. No one cares about the new games and only want the old games?

My, how delightfully hypocritical you people are



ueI said:

Only one good game? This is embarrassing.

When do we get reviews for last week's games?



iBazly said:

While I am very excited for Ketzal's Corridors, and am disappointed there is no new VC game, I think the REAL disappointment overall is just the fact that there are only TWO games. That just makes me wonder what the hell Nintendo is up to right now that's so important that they can't get more than two releases out. At the very least they could have finally made 3D Classics Kid Icarus downloadable. I'm so tired of waiting for it to come out when several other regions already have it!



Vampfox said:

This is ridiculous. The 3DS Virtual Console is not even a year old yet and already there are less VC games then the Wii's first year.



Tasuki said:

And que the there is no VC games whinners.

@Bazly: You can buy the 3D remake of Kid Icarus at Gamestop.



Gamer83 said:


The Kid Icarus 3D classic is available through Gamestop, it seems like it will be a long while before Nintendo puts it on the e-shop so Gamestop may be your best bet if you want to play it that badly.



SteveW said:

Some of the same games are on Ipad for a fraction of the cost.. Shantae is $12 in the DSI store, $4.99 in the ipad app store, and that's kind of expensive because most ipad games are 99 cents.



CosmoXY said:

@SteveW Guess what, Titanic 3D is playing in IMAX for like $15 or you can go buy an old used VHS copy for 99 cents. The choice is yours, just as it is with a game on 3DS vs. iOS.



MetalMario said:

Nothing again, this week.

What baffles me is why anyone would want a sequel to that doll thing. The first looked horrible.



DarkEdi said:

Nothing for Wii? Nothing????? VC, Wiware or even a crappy demo?? Nothing?????



RR529 said:

All those people who are complaining about eShop getting nothing good over the past few weeks (or even months), must have missed last weeks update. Colors! 3D is fantastic, and completely worth the price if you actually understand the features it brings to the table.

I'll admit this week isn't as interesting, but I wouldn't call it bad. Ketzal's Corridors has been getting really solid reviews from what I've seen. How can a good game be equivalent to a bad week? I'm not a huge fan of puzzle games, so I'll pass, but that doesn't make it a bad game. This week has a good game (which in turn makes this a good week), it's just one I'm not personally interested in.



vherub said:

It's hard to stay positive that the Wii U will get strong weekly support of content when Nintendo's past and present suggest otherwise. Especially when sony and ms have weekly drops of drastically more content.



ogo79 said:

on thursdays more people cry than any other day of the week.



Dreadjaws said:

Dude, with all due respect, that's a terrible analogy. Movies and games are two entirely different things. Besides, it's not like we're asking them to develop new games every week. We're asking them to bring VC games, which have already been developed, and even released in other regions.



Gamer83 said:


The thing that still gives me a little bit of hope is that the first few years of Wii VC were great and apart from the not-so-great support of the 3DS VC, the 3DS has seen a fair amount of high quality downloadable games. I think the Wii U will have a strong early showing on e-shop, the key will be balancing games for both the home console and the handheld and getting more third parties to deliver some good stuff.



DrDaisy said:

I don't know why I even bother with the nintendo shop channel anymore. It's week after week of disappointments. Lack of Wii support isn't getting me interested in 3ds, it's just ticking me off!!



Geonjaha said:

Oh come on. No one is whining here; they're just letting it be known that they are unhappy with the current VC offerings as of late. No one is saying "No good games are coming", they're simply getting annoyed at the lack of VC, which is a valid point.

@78 - No one here is crying; they're making valid criticisms. Yup, theres a difference!

'Whiners of Whiners' need to understand that complaining is a perfectly acceptable thing to do in valid circumstances; its the only way any change will ever be seen. Looking at how much VC has been released recently, it is a valid criticism. Trying to put people down for speaking their minds here is making you guys look like the more immature ones to be honest.

Is THIS week a bad week for downloads? Not really.
Is the new 3DSWare game bad? Not really.
Has it been weeks and weeks since ANY (GB/GBC) VC game was released? Yes, yes it has, and THAT is what people are getting frustrated about. Didn't even think that needed pointed out, but obviously I was wrong there. :3



Gamer83 said:


Nintendo fanboys don't get the difference between whining for the sake of whining and valid complaints. They see any comment that isn't 100% positive about Nintendo's downloadable offerings as 'whining.'



CosmoXY said:

@Dreadjaws The analogy was only to illustrate the point that Nintendo is obviously choosing to focus their efforts on marketing one big title each week. Like I said before, it could be harder for a title like Ketzal or Colors to carve out a spot in the market if it's releasing alongside a highly coveted VC title.

That's the point I was making in #29, in #70 I'm pointing out that the price often reflects the value of the experience. A game on 3DS arguably delivers a better overall gaming experience than the same game on iOS. I hope that clears up the points I have been trying to make.



Geonjaha said:

@Gamer83 - Well said my friend. Sadly very true.

@Duney - While that is very much true (attention to a major title), it is still also true that Nintendo could have planned their release schedule more efficiently to please people looking for different things. They could have put more of a split of weeks of VC and 3DSWare as opposed to 3DSWare after 3DSWare. Fans of 3DSWare have too much to be downloading it all and VC fans have nothing to spend their money on.



RevolverLink said:

Like everyone, I'd really prefer that we see some more VC games (VC was one of the top 3 reasons I purchased both my Wii and my 3DS), but at least Ketzal's Corridors sounds interesting. I'll have to think about that one.

With that bit of graciousness out of the way,




WolfRamHeart said:

Well, there isn't much for me to get excited about in this week's offerings. I'm still considering picking up Colors 3D but I want to read the Nintendo Life review first. Ketzal's Corridors looks interesting but it doesn't really look like a must-have game to me so I guess I will pass on it for now. Oh and where is Kid Icarus: Of Myth and Monsters? Why is Nintendo of America waiting to release it?



ogo79 said:

@83 and @84
i know the downloads have slowed down, but even if they released every game there is, it would take them forever.
im assuming there saving some for the Wii U. i can understand the dissapointment in the service, thats why i got tired of waiting and started getting all my carts back, granted i have the systems for them. id love to see more games myself and everyone is entitled to an opinion. the only reason i have a wii is for virtual console but if they dont put out a game i want ill get the cart instead of slit my wrist. sorry if you guys got offended.



shinobi88 said:

WHAT A JOKE! 4 straight weeks of no VC? 5 straight weeks? Name the coolest features of the 3DS: 1) 3D, 2) Virtual Console. So the 2nd coolest feature is non-existant. WOW.

THERE AREN'T EVEN ANY DECENT RETRO COMPILATIONS ON 3DS OR DS. So on the Vita you can download Sega Genesis Collection with 30 games or Capcom Arcade Classics, plus they've got Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball 2 with no launch for those on 3DS anytime soon. Vita's library is suddenly far superior. Am I supposed to wait 3 years for Smash Bros. 3DS? I don't think so



SmashYoshi123 said:

WOW Still NO 3DS VC, Either Nintendo's Getting Really Greedy With Their Money, Or There's Something Weird About This, And ANOTHER ANNE'S DOLL STUDIO?!?! NOOOOOOOOOO, And AS For The Next BIG Game Being Ketzal's Corriders, I Thought First WAS Decent But I Wasn't Expecting A SEQUEL, Anyways, This Update WAS LAME.



lanabanana said:

Yeah, i really don't care... Even though I got my DSi fixed , I still want Flipnote Memo. Hatena is getting really sucky... :/



iBazly said:


You can't get 3D Classics Kid Icarus through Gamestop if you live outside the US. I live in Canada. Nintendo's stupidity is astounding.



bboy2970 said:

While I admit that this week is pretty light on content, I still say its not a bad update. One of the 2 games here is a good buy and yet another solid 3DS download. If each week contains just one good game and its the only one for the week, I'm happy. And even IF this week was just total crap, we just got one of the best painting applications ever developed last week. That's enough to keep me busy for a LONG time!



FluxOwl said:

The disparity between the 2 Nintendo Download articles' sub-headers makes me want to cry:

Europe: Zelda and Super Street Fighter II
North America: Ketzal and dolls



FluttershyGuy said:

For Nintendo to already be scaling back on 3DS VC (especially in North America, apparently the reigning red-headed stepchild of Nintendo Co. Ltd.) makes me fear for there being a Virtual Console at all on Wii U. While a lot of VC games have been released, there are so many classics yet to be released for all consoles/handhelds, and it'll be a system that (presumably) could handle emulation of games for the likes of GameCube, Saturn, and Dreamcast!

At any rate, Nintendo of America makes it appear clearer and clearer every week that the retro gamer like me and others here are quite insignificant. I'm just shell-shocked by the disparity between NoE and NoA's recent updates. I'd love to see more of what I want and actually have something positive to say on these updates.

Oh, I thought about it further. If this Nintendo Download had a face, I'd FALCON PAWWWNNNNCCCHHHH it!
(in tribute to the F-Zero Wii U story )

No hypocrisy here. I'm a retro gamer. For the most part, I prefer the games of the past (and missed out on many). So, yes, I generally don't care for new games, and want old games. Sue me. I know a Kid Icarus: Of Myths & Monsters, or Super Mario Land 3 is most likely going to top, by far, whatever new new game is released for 3DS/Wii/DSiWare.



Gamer83 said:


The Wii is a dead system so I get why they've cut back on VC games for it. Most of the classics are already available anyway because Nintendo did a great job delivering content on the service from 2006 to 2008, and that's why it's so disappointing that the early support of the 3DS VC has been as absolutely putrid as it is. There's more than enough good games on the Gameboy alone that we should be getting no less than 2 games a week, period. When you factor in the GBC and GameGear, there is no excuse for the lack of 3DS VC and only a fanboy would defend Nintendo on this. Now to be fair, I will say that overall it's hard to bash Nintendo (unless you're strictly a retro gamer) over the e-shop because 3DS Ware has many great games. I'm still going through some that I missed in past months like Mighty Switch Force. I just wish we'd see some more GB and GBC games.



grumblegrumble said:

@blahblah That is very true! I never thought about that. Quality vs. Quantity! Which would you prefer? I would actually prefer a week like THIS over a week of 5 creepy bad cheesy overpriced dsiware and crapshovelware that we sometimes get. This week is great! Ketzal is an incredible game! Please go download it immediately! Not kidding! I give it a 10.

If you like Tetris or puzzle games similar to that, you will love Ketzal's Corridors!



tweet75 said:

there should be at least once virtual console game a week. If nintendo keeps up with this there fortunes will fade.



hYdeks said:

soo...nothing really this week? Blah, I want more NES VC games or something...

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