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Toki Tori Flying Over To North American 3DS eShop This Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

Feathered friend

Developer Two Tribes has confirmed via its Twitter account that Game Boy Color puzzle platformer Toki Tori will be flapping its way to the 3DS Virtual Console this Thursday (30th August).

The game, which was originally released back in 2001, is already available on the European 3DS Virtual Console.

Check out our Toki Tori review if you need to know why this is such a big deal.


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MrWezzle said:

Well, this'll be the first thing I nab from the eShop since the 8-Bit Summer, which has long since fallen into myth. Nobody believes me anymore when I tell them about a time when we were getting two VC titles a week on our OG 3DSes. They laugh at me and call me a delirious old man. But I remember.

Seriously, though. Looking forward to this. Another Game Boy Color title is always welcome.



pariah164 said:


Now here's hoping Two Tribes gets to work on getting winners of the contest their codes.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Now I don't have to care about the sonic games now that we are getting other good games instead. But I swear, if I hear one complaint about this week being a bad week EVEN though Toki Tori is coming, I'll be mad.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@MrWezzle: I can feel your pain, in the sense that we haven't seen a VC game since, and two said games still haven't come. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: NOA needs to get off its lazy butt and get moving.



astrotriforce said:

Awesome news. I still remember when I read the PREVIEW for this game way back in 2001 in EGM, and was very sad that it never came out.

For many, many years I never forgot the name "Toki Tori" and considered it to be a lost gem that I always hoped they would someday release.

Happy to see that that day is NOW!

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