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Nintendo Download: 24th May 2012 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Galleries and snakes

North America gets its third Game Boy Color game today, which is nice. There's some DSiWare too and an update for an eShop favourite.

3DS Virtual Console

Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Game Boy Color, Nintendo, $3.99) — No, your eyes do not deceive you: this is two consecutive weeks of 3DS Virtual Console games in North America. After last week's Kirby's Block Ball we now have the second compilation of Game & Watch games. Read our Game & Watch Gallery 2 review to see if this one's for you.


Snakenoid Deluxe (Cinemax, 500pts) — An enhanced version of the original Snakenoid, though it must be said we're not entirely sold on the idea of a 'deluxe' version considering the score in our Snakenoid review. Still, we'll see how this new deluxe edition fares in a review very soon.

3DS Download Software Update

Mighty Switch Force! (WayForward) — A remastered version of the ace original, this adds five new levels, better 3D effects and a retry button. It's free to anyone who already owns the game, or you can buy the full package for $5.99. Read our Mighty Switch Force! review to see if this game's for you.

Nintendo Video

Madagascar 3 Trailer in 3D (available May 26 at 6 a.m. PT) – Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman journey through Europe in a traveling circus as they fight to get home to the Big Apple. Catch the trailer in 3D on Nintendo Video.

Anything for you this week?

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User Comments (107)



MrDanger88 said:

Of Myths and Monsters is obviously not coming. Why wasn't it released near KIU? NOA is seriously s*** when it comes to marketing and the DD service



1takauchiha said:

Yeah, wasn't there supposed to be a demo?
No one better bash my rather having a demo than a paid game, because I can't afford to go and buy all these games. My parents aren't rich xD



TheDreamingHawk said:

@MrDanger88 Um, during the period that game came to europe we got great games like Colors! The GG VC games, punch out, and the mutant mudds demo... And you are still complaining?!? I hated the lack of VC too as much as anyone, but now they are starting to put something up. Just be happy with it and hopefully at e3 they will have a nice VC surprise like last year. Not every major game needs to be rereleased with it's sequel. No one got Mario tennis last week now did they?

Edit: Speaking of which, I just realized that this is the first week since March 8th that Some 3DSWare game/update came out along with a VC game. Sign of things to come?



Whopper744 said:

Two good games in two weeks! Wow!
I do wish they would get a little more complex then a break out remake (still good), and a minigame collection (great too), but can't complain too much.



cheapogamer4life said:

Game & Watch Gallery 2 and Mighty Switch Force for me. To bad I'm 50 cents short from being able to download both. :l



SteveW said:

Well we got Monster World IV a couple of weeks ago, that's probably it for the year...



Knuckles said:

@NintendoLife Thanks for the Game & Watch Gallery 2 review I usually read every story on the main site, and forgot you guys wrote this I thought I would have to wait



TheDreamingHawk said:

@SteveW More than likely, it seems as if we won't get any more "Fantastic high quality" Wii VC games for a LONG time. Unless they get the legal issues regarding Mother 1 and Mother 2 solved, or when Nintendo finally decides to start releasing VC arcade ports of their classics.



WaveBoy said:


Of myths and Monsters honestly isn't that great anyways...It's quite the dissapointment and completely lacks that magical spark, in comparison to the original if you ask me. It's no wonder Nintendo acted as if it didn't exsist while creating Uprising. I have it on cart, but I still don't know why. At least the Temples & Bosss are solid....But the temples themsevles are much easier to get through this time around. The main underworld stages are complete boring crap....You can't fall to your death, the stages Scroll endlessly in a loopdy' loop fasion, so platforming has taken a complete back seat this time around sadly.....

That aside, I'll most likely be passing on Game & Watch Gallery 2, but I'll definitly be downloading that free and oh so mighty'Mighty Switch Force' upgrade.



warioswoods said:

Time to finally pick up Mighty Switch to reward these guys for updating their game like that. Also, GAME & WATCH !!!



Geonjaha said:

I'm happy for NA getting more VC games - they were getting disgracefully left behind for quite a while.



hYdeks said:

nothing for me again this week, ohh well, saves me money maybe next week...



CosmoXY said:

@TheDreamingHawk People want it because we haven't had the opportunity to play it and make up our own minds on it. Even if you say it isn't that good, I'd still like to play it. But I can keep patiently waiting for it and Wario Land (might as well add Kirby 2 to the list). Will be grabbing G&W2 though!



TheDreamingHawk said:

@Duney It IS a nice change of pace from the NES game, and I never said it was bad. It's just People seemed to be focused on it so much compared to Wario Land and the other games we are missing, that I can't quite understand it. Have you seen Nintendo's Facebook page? People on there won't shut up about Operation Rainfall. and the Kid Icarus OMAM. If Kid Icarus OMAM is making such a big uproar as that campaign is, then that's confusing.

Speaking of Operation Rainfall, I wonder why the Facebook spammers haven't realized Nintendo is going to release it already...

"incoming E3 announcement" Draws near!

And $4 for a GBC game? That's a good deal. Better than what they charged for Blaster Master.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@pastasauce My guess is that you go to the Eshop's update section and update it. It probably won't go to the "add-on Content" section in the system settings like the MK7 patch did.



Azikira said:

Hey now, I resent that remark of nobody buying Mario Tennis Open. I am a proud owner of the game.



Tasuki said:

@Duney: What do you mean we havent had the opportunity to play KI:OMAM? You can find copies of it on GB and a Gameboy on Ebay. If you really want to play that bad you can always go that route.

I am not familiar with Game and Watch 2. Are there any good games on it that makes it worth getting?




I'm glad to see that NOA FINALLY get their DAM act together and decided to add another 3DS VC game like Game & Watch Gallery 2 for the GAME BOY COLOR onto the eShop. This imo is just what they needed a week after getting back on track with releasing Kirby's Block Ball last week. I can't wait to find out how Game & Watch Gallery 2 compares to the first game as I never played this installment in the series before.


Disgracefully left behind doesn't even BEGIN to explain NOA's POOR PATHETIC excuse for not putting ANYTHING on their eShop for a period of 2 months time ever since the last games we got were GAME GEAR games on 3/15/2012. I'm glad at least we're getting something for the 2nd week now after going through all that crap for 2 months. I said it before and I'll say it again. At E3 2012 , Nintendo is gonna have a LOT of explaining to do at their Press Conference to the fans cause of the lack of attention to the 3DS VC for that time period.



SuperTeeter64 said:

"Where's _____?" "I thought there was supposed to be a demo!"

You know you all, there's a spot on the shop for "Coming soon..." it'll tell you what's coming out next week. Just sayin'. That's a good spot to check for knowing what's coming out next week.



CureM said:

I hope the Order Up!! demo gets released after all even if it's not in there



CosmoXY said:

@Tasuki Yeah, I have a GBA still (which I love and will never get rid of) and I know I could go pick up used GameBoy games, but I'd prefer to just wait for them to be released via download. Just me. But I'm not screaming and yelling about it, just waiting patiently while I play other great games like Mario Tennis Open!

@3DSLUIGI I very much doubt that Nintendo will spend one ounce of effort explaining their past eShop release schedule at E3. They're going to have more important and exciting things to talk about!



TingLz said:

@MrDanger88 They sure are!

How about that Game & Watch Gallery though? Such a great game!

@3DSLUIGI: Sure, NoA has A LOT of explaining to do! How DARE they not release games we already OWNED years ago! How DARE they release NEW games on their 3DS SERVICE that ALMOST everyone liked!



JJOR64 said:

How are we supposed to get the Mighty Switch Force update? Check to see if there is an update for the game on the eShop, but it didn't show anything. Do I have to re-download the game again?



CrispyGoomba said:

I don't know if I should pass or get G&W2. I bought the first one, but man, you can only do so much when playing a Game & Watch game.



SuperTeeter64 said:

Well, it's just the same type of game, just with new different ones and unlockable ones. So if you like the repetitive gameplay and find it addicting, I say pick it up. It's personally my favorite out of the 4. But, that's just me.



MegaAdam said:

If someone can tell me how many blocks the MSF update is, I'd appreciate it.

(My 3DS is full)



shingi_70 said:

Cant update with out deleting and re-downloadkng msf. Screw that. Why Kant my save progress sepearte from the games and why no update when I open the the game. :/

Butting a points card as I expect some free E3 goodies as well as GBA games next week.



coolvw93 said:

im going to save and wait till Retro City Rampage comes out.... when ever it actually does........



grumblegrumble said:

Anyone who "passes" on Game and Watch Gallery 2 is really missing out Not only is it a piece of gaming history but it's a delicious romp of mini games and it's gorgeous in color I am so happy this is out in North America today. I downloaded it in a heartbeat and I am thrilled to have it



Kyloctopus said:

At one point I was waiting for Snakenoid to come to NA. Now with better and cheaper games like Alphabounce and Kirby's Block Ball, I could care less



WaveBoy said:

To the Of Myths and Monsters 'wanters' Just do what Tasuki mentioned. Get the actual cart on eBay, who knows when Nintendo will unleash the Icarus beast in the NA...Hell they haven't even released Wario Land 1 for crying out loud...

I know I know, carts are for old farts, but if you want to play OMAM that bad score it on eBay.....Even though it's not even worth it hehe. And Tasuki when in the hell did you get a 3DS man?



ZeroxGT said:

@LztheBlehBird thanks... but still have to complete most of it again now since i deleted my old save...though its still fun to play through again



RR529 said:

Didn't much care for the first G&W Gallery, so I'll skip 2, but that MSF update is mine!



WaveBoy said:


In the words of 'Butt-Head' ,"Oh ya, uhuhuhuhuhuh"
We just need to push Ryno into getting one, but i know that's going to be next to impossible.



Knux said:

Wait, people are still whining despite this amazing update?

It's time for the tinfoil hats!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Azikira: I think the point was that Nintendo didn't release the GBC classic on VC to coincide with the release of the new game. I'd have downloaded it in a heartbeat if they did...probably would've gotten more playtime out of it than with Open, too (because it's an RPG, not because Open is bad or anything).

Regarding the Mighty Switch Force update: The eShop informed me of the update when I loaded it up, just like it has for every other download I've had that got an update (like Ambassador to full release games, mostly). The download was around 1800 blocks, but it does overwrite the old file, so it's not an ADDITION of 1800 blocks used. That said, you may need to have that much space empty to download it regardless...I wouldn't know for sure, because I have over 50000 spare blocks anyhow.

I think it's awesome that Game & Watch Gallery 2 is only $4. What a steal! Shame there's no page for next week's release, though.

I'm going to prove how absurd my wait for Of Myth and Monsters is: my brother already HAS it in cart form, and I have the tech necessary to play it (an SP). Yet I'd still PREFER a VC release, so I haven't bothered yet...



grumblebuzzz said:

Good update, but nothing for me. I got the first G&W and felt burned. Not enough there to keep me interested so I'm going to pass on the second one. Never picked up Mighty Switch Force and don't really desire to do so. As far as DSiWare goes, not a fan and never have been. There have been a few good entries (like Shante, Cave Story, and Dark Void Zero) but for the most part it's been overpriced cellphone app clones and shovelware. I wish they'd just discontinue it.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@grumblebuzzz They kinda have in Japan. They release DSIware as much as NA releases Wii VC. I just want Nintendo to actually PUT THEIR OWN GAMES on Wiiware/DSiware. Though the third party ones are good sometimes.



Birdman said:

I'll check out what titles are in the G&W comp and see if it goes on my list. Other than that, nothing for me.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@grumblebuzzz: To be fair, the first Game & Watch Gallery is definitely the weakest of the lot. Every sequel has more games and by and large BETTER games in it.



grumblebuzzz said:

@Stuffgamer1 I think it might just be the concept of G&W that doesn't appeal to me much. It's essentially a minigame collection and while those can be fun at first, they don't keep me interested for too long.

@TheDreamingHawk I forgot to mention the ArtStyle games, and maybe Trajectile in my list of good DSiWare games. Both of those were by Nintendo, but I agree that they should have developed more first party content for the platform and that would have made it seem a bit more reputable among the bad games.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@DarkEdi Sega has 100 games(Just about) on the VC. I don't think you have played them all.

...I know I have never played a Sega Genesis game besides Street fighter or Wonder boy or Sonic. Sobs



TheDreamingHawk said:

@grumblebuzzz Can't believe I forgot about Pictobits! But yes, there are some nintendo games on DSIware, and look at how good they are, you have Brain Age Express.... Art Style, Spotto, they've uploaded a few games. But they should have done more to save it.



Firejonie said:

Getting the MSF update ( since I already have it) and might get Game & Watch Gallery 2 sometime. Not intrested in Snakeoid.



Capt_N said:

There is a 50, & slightly growing % chance that I will not get G&WG2. I owned it years ago, but stupidly sold it to GameStop, also years ago. I wish I hadn't. Money is tight, & I'd prefer to save what money I do have for new games, & d/ls. Or, at least games I haven't played before, I mean to say.

Anyway, for those who are on the fence, it's a great game that had both SGB(Super GameBoy), & GBC(GameBoy Color) enhancements. It(the NA version, anyway) actually was a black cart, meaning it could be played on an original(read:monochrome) Gameboy. The game itself is composed of some of my fav G&W games: Donkey Kong, Parachute, Hammer. Chef is good too, btw.

Ya know what? Here, although this is already in-article:



NintyMan said:

Alright, more evidence that the eShop VC is getting awake again! Could this mean Wario Land is coming around the corner?



pokeDrago said:

To all of us in NA, search in 'rayman' in the search bar. The GBC Rayman shows up as a game...

Rayman GBC VC next week?



Nintenbro said:

Pfft! Still no Retro City Rampage, just as I suspected. OK, I'm not waiting for it any longer. If it just happens to arrive someday, I'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm not going to worry about finding some way to afford Wii points, though. Sorry RCR, you shouldn't have played with my emotions like Moto Heroz did. With the level of technology we have nowadays, I have no idea what could take so long to develop an 8-bit videogame. I don't think those developers should quit their day jobs, because this is just a joke. What a great marketing approach guys! Hey! Let's hype up the game, and then cancel it's release date. Then do it over again, until nobody is paying any attention anymore. And these indie developers wonder why they barely profit from their WiiWare games. Umm... Duh! Just duh!



DarkEdi said:

@72 oldgamesonly

Yes, i´m playing them but a lot of people wishes new VC games in the Wii.



EddieEddieEddie said:

Meh. I just got pushmo this week, and it's pretty awesome, so I can't really complain about this week. So I'm just going to say Castlevania: The Adventure.



GeminiSaint said:

Getting G&W2 and the MSF update.
Looking forward to Wario Land, Kirby 2 and Kid Icarus in the (hopefully) near future. We have to catch up to Europe!





There are actually 4 Game & Watch Gallery games in total. 1 on GAME BOY, 2 on GAME BOY COLOR and 1 on GAME BOY ADVANCE. The one I remember the most is Game & Watch Gallery 3 which I owned back in the day when I had my Kiwi Green GBC which now belongs to my mom. As of late with these past 2 Game & Watch Gallery games, I'm starting to enjoy 2 a lot better than I did with 1 on GAME BOY.


Not trying to tell you what do like a parent or some junk like that. But you should at least give Game & Watch Gallery 2 a shot even if you didn't care much for Game & Watch Gallery on GAME BOY. This one seems to have a lot more replay value imo than the 1st one did. Definitely glad I bought this game for $3.99 on the eShop.



Undead_terror said:

the funny thing is that japan never got game & watch gallery 4 when it was first released only america and europe,so if we get it on vc theres a 50% chance japan wont get it



CaPPa said:

Once the Wrio, Kid Icarus and Kirby games get released what will everyone have to complain about? I mean what will be the most wanted VC games?

The 3DS VC games have been a revelation to me, as I never owned a Gameboy (I had the Gamegear). The games are much better than I expected, so I'm looking forward to more titles appearing. Then I'm hoping that next year we'll get a run of GBA titles.



pokeDrago said:

After those get released, then maybe the floodgates will open for all of the GBC games. IMO, there are many more great games for GBC than there are great GB games. Metal Gear, Pokemon, Zelda Oracles, Mario Sports, Mario Deluxe, Kirby Tilt, DKC, Wario Land 2+3, Dragon Warrior 1+2 and 3, Game and Watch Gallery 3, Rayman, Mega Man, Pokemon Pinball, Shantae, Toki Tori, Bionic Commando 2, Pokemon/YuGiOh Card Games, and even more. GBC is a gold mine that isn't being utilized.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I've heard we're supposed to get the first Wario Land "very soon". When is exactly "very soon" coming, Nintendo?



photofool83 said:

Mighty Switch Force is amazing!! Thanks for another great game Wayforward. You guys rock! (Please bring the original Shantae to VC!!)



Supremeist said:

I guess I'll be downloading that Mighty Switch Force update (Pretty stoked on it, actually.) As for Game and Watch, we'll have to see but I don't think so.





In that list, I think you mean't to say DKL as in the Donkey Kong Land series. But ya, the list you posted is a real dam good one. The ones that most stand out to me are Super Mario Bros. Deluxe , the rest of the Mega Man series, Shantae , DKL 1, 2 & 3 and the 2 Zelda games. Here's hoping it happens very soon.


Same here man. I couldn't agree with you more. Since E3 2012 is nearly around the corner, I expect some really decent retro games coming from the North American eShop near or around the weeks close to it. IMO , we waited WAAYY too dam long on Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 and Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters. Time for NOA to pay up with the games ppl want to see.


Well the way how I see it goes like this man.

1: First off, Nintendo in all regions would have to make a decision to finally include GBA games as an option for gamers to download the games they want to replay again, or for the ppl who missed out on them back then.

2: If Nintendo Of Japan was lucky enough to get a game that never saw the light of day like Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters back in the GAME BOY era in Japan, but were able to get their hands on the game as an import on 2/8/2012 of this year for the Japanese 3DS VC , then there could be hope for Game & Watch Gallery 4 making it's way over there.

Besides, all in all, I think it would be a great idea if one day, all regions of the eShop can see imports of games that were released for one region on a portable like GAME BOY COLOR in Japan, but not for Europe and North America. A good example would be a colorized version of Donkey Kong Land III that was released for the GAME BOY COLOR on 1/28/2000. Just the fact of not knowing unless you look it up, that an old GAME BOY game like Donkey Kong Land III was redone in color for the GAME BOY COLOR would be worth the interest for anyone to want and try out.



Shworange said:

The 3d on the upgraded mighty switch force is really good! I really didn't notice a huge "sweet spot" problem. More games need to use their programmers.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@grumblebuzzz: I hear ya. Back when the Game & Watch Gallery series first released, I wouldn't have been interested either. Not really sure how I got into them (it was pre-VC), but I think they're cool little games now.

@3DSLuigi: No, he meant DKC sure enough. See here.



pokeDrago said:

Yup, I did mean Donkey Kong Country.

Donkey Kong Land wouldn't be bad, either. But they aren't GBC games





No, you took what I said wrong. I mean that it would be a good idea for Japan, Europe & North America to each have access to import titles on each region's eShop. Think of it like how we have the import games on Wii VC. Like say Monster World IV and Sin & Punishment for example. Those were Japan ONLY games for quite a long time in gaming history. But ever since Wii came along with the Virtual Console service, that changed.


You know it's funny you bring up the GAME BOY COLOR version of Donkey Kong Country. Now that I think of it too, since you corrected me on it, which I'm glad someone did, cause I forgot there was a GAME BOY COLOR version of DKC out there. But the reason why I said Donkey Kong Land series is because to me, lots of gamers to this day still recall memories of playing the DKL series on GAME BOY as much as they did the DKC series on SUPER NINTENDO. Even if they were GB ports of the SNES games. But imo, there's quite a bit out there that really don't remember Donkey Kong Country on GAME BOY COLOR as much as they would like to. Not saying it's a bad game, but to me, it usually gets overshadowed by the DKL series.





Since we're on the subject, I can think of 2 GAME BOY COLOR games that were left out of the bunch. Pokemon Trading Card Game , Pokemon Gold , Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Crystal. I wouldn't mind going back and playing games like those again.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@3DSLUIGI YEAH! The TCG game seems like the most likely Pokemon game to come on. If it comes out anywhere this year (Even if we won't get it for a short bit afterwards), I will be the happiest man regarding the VC.



pokeDrago said:


I said Pokemon (as in GSC), Pokemon Pinball, and Pokemon/YuGiOh Card games... :/

Either way, I don't think that the main series of Pokemon (RBY, GSC) are going to be coming until an anniversary event or something similar. Pokemon games (especially the ones people are most nostalgic for) aren't something you just release in a random week. When (if) they come, you can bet it will be a huge event, coinciding with something bigger. 2015 is the next major anniversary (20th) so I expect them to come out around that time. Releasing them to promote a new release (if they went in that route) would steal some thunder from the new releases, and an anniversary is probably the most logical time to expect it. It sucks, but thats how Nintendo works.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@3DS Luigi: No question, Donkey Kong Land is by and large more fondly remembered than the GBC version of Donkey Kong Country (which I haven't played). And don't forget, DKL1 was its own game, the levels and plot not at all based on DKC1.

I could definitely see TCG and Pinball releasing on VC at some random time, though. And I'd love that to happen. I wish they'd made another TCG video game, to be honest. I like the game itself, but had issues with collecting the cards, so I wound up giving up altogether. Video games are without a doubt the best way around that particular problem.

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