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Nintendo Download: 15th November 2012 (Europe)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Falling blox, hotshots, ninjas and a magical whip

It's Monday, but it's also time to turn that frown upside down. The European Nintendo Download update news is here, and it's full of handheld goodies for you to enjoy. Wii misses out, unfortunately, but we do have a highly anticipated sequel on the 3DS eShop, a teeth-grindingly difficult NES re-release and a demo to get worked up about. Let's get to it.

3DS Download Software

Fallblox (Nintendo, £7.19 / €7.99) — The sequel to the critically acclaimed and much-loved Pullblox, this new entry promises a similarly vast number of puzzles, more QR code level creating antics and 20 additional free levels straight from the developers over the next nine months. With the puzzles now incorporating rows in front and behind the shapes, along with a host of new items and power-ups, the focus is not only reaching the goal but avoiding the horrors of gravity causing your blocks to crash to the ground. We'll be putting on our thinking caps to bring you our review very soon.

Johnny Hotshot (UFO Interactive, £5.39 / €5.99) — Johnny makes his return after Johnny Kung Fu, a title that looked full of promise but struggled to earn our affection, receiving just 4/10 in our review. This sequel ops for the wild-west shooting gallery genre, no doubt hoping to have better success in recreating a fun retro vibe. Like its predecessor it may have potential, but as our Jonny Hotshot review explains, it's riddled with mistakes; we don't recommend it.

3DS Virtual Console

Ninja Gaiden (Teckmo Koei, £4.49 / €4.99) — This one was actually expected last week in North America — we'll see whether it arrives across the pond later in the week — but good things come to those who wait. This iconic action title from NES is renowned for its intense gameplay, innovative cut-scene story-telling and also for being relentlessly difficult to beat. We'll be reviewing this on 3DS, of course — while making good use of restore points — but you can check out our previous recommendation in our Ninja Gaiden review from the Wii Virtual Console.

3DS Retail Download

Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique (Nintendo, £39.99 / €44.99) — Available from 16th November on the eShop and in stores, this is Nintendo's latest entry in its fashion series, known as Style Savvy: Trendsetters in North America. Though on the surface this may be looked upon as a casual title not worth a gamer's time, that'd be doing it a disservice. It earned an 8/10 recommendation in our Style Savvy: Trendsetters review, and brings a great deal of depth and even online functionality to the worlds of fashion retail and design. If you have any interest in anything related to fashion, then this one merits your attention.

3DS Retail Demo

Virtue's Last Reward (Rising Star Games, Free) — This sequel to 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is already available in North America, with lots of positive words bouncing around the internet. We have a member of the team on the case to bring you a review, but Europeans can now get a taste of the action with this demo. It's free, so just go ahead and download it.


Magical Whip (Agetec, 200 Points) — It seemed like this DSiWare title would never arrive, as it's been available in North America for over a year and Japan for over two years; yet here it is, with a shorter name. This is an action puzzler that draws inspiration from the likes of Bubble Bobble and the rather obscure Neo Geo release, Nightmare in the Dark. With 50 stages on offer and tight gameplay at a budget price, our Magical Whip review explains why this may be worth a small did into your funds.

So there you have it, a variety of titles on offer for 3DS gamers and one unexpected gem on DSi. So, what'll you spend your money on this week? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (114 votes)

Fallblox (3DS Download)


Johnny Hotshot (3DS eShop)


Ninja Gaiden (3DS Virtual Console)


Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique (3DS Retail Download)


Magical Whip (DSiWare)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (46)



Gavin_Rozee said:

Why are Nintendo pricing eShop downloads much higher than they used to? PullBlox is £1.80 cheaper yet has more content.



SirSmugleaf said:

Best week ever because of Fallblox!
I think i'll have a try at the Virtue's Last Reward demo as well...



BenAV said:

Definitely Fallblox this week, as well as the Virtue's Last Reward demo which is a nice bonus.
Planning to get New Style Boutique but I'll opt for a physical copy of that.



ScreenSplitter said:

Fallblox looks fantastic, so I don't mind at all that it's a little higher in price. After all, it has a considerable amount of content, Pushblox has garnered more playtime on my 3DS than most retail titles. £7 very well spent.

The Virtue's Last Reward demo is also a nice surprise, though I wish they'd hurry up and give us the Epic Mickey demo.



Ducutzu said:

A demo for a game that I was interested in. Very nice. I hope they release the Epic Mickey demo on the European shop too.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm very pumped for Fallblox Pushmo was such an amazing game & Fallblox looks to be way more epic

But no eShop discount this week?



Folkloner said:

This is a pretty awesome week for the EU eShop. I'll definitely be getting the Virtue's Last Reward Demo. I'll get the physical copy of New Style Boutique for Xmas. Of course if Money were no option, i'd be getting Fallblox and Ninja Gaiden too!



Hybrid said:

Fallblox's higher price was expected, but I don't think it's justified....

And still no Denpa Men?



RetrogamerFan said:

Really looking forward to Fallblox. I got 25 hours plus out of Pullblox and didn't even finish the game - completed enough to unlock all the studio elements but didn't get much further. I spent a long time playing user-created levels and desigining a few myself. If this has a similar amount of content i'd be more than happy with the price.
Already have Ninja Gaiden on SMS so may get NES version later down the line.



Prof_Clayton said:

Didn't realize Fallblox / Crashmo was that close to release!
I hope the US gets the VLR demo too. Hopefully this good download (IMO) will carry over to NA!



DarkCoolEdge said:

I'm glad we get Virtue´s Last Reward demo

Not so happy about Fallblox's price. What is going on with the pricing?



SheldonRandoms said:

@Rizsparky There was a price drop for Mighty Switch Force before (in the United States), so it could happen when they bring back the discounted 3DS titles.



Raiko said:

@AhabSpampurse I managed to complete it without using save states a few years ago, but I achieved a great level of frustration. I don't ever want to see that game, or it's sequels ever again. It may have tight and slick control, but it's nothing more than a reflex-memory game and feels all to cheap to me.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Anyone who votes "nothing for me" on the week of Crashmo / Fallblox is DEAD TO ME.

Other votes are okay. You can download something else first. I will allow that.

But to pass on this game is to incur my wrath.



Undead_terror said:

Magical whip was pretty fun and I loved the music in it...might give another attempt to beat it again.



Squashie said:

Fallblox sounds extremely tasty! I will be sure to be snapping that one right up!



wuuds said:

Virtue´s Last Reward demo and Fallblox for sure! Might try out Magical Whip too

Ah Denpa Men where are you? (and Cave Story sob)



Bulbousaur said:

I probably will get Fallblox at some point (still haven't finished Pullblox, haven't played it for ages), but wasn't Pullblox only £5.40? Why the higher price?

Also, no Ghosts n' Goblins yet...

EDIT: Darn it, voted for Fashion Boutique by accident, which I have no intention of buying EVER.



Hokori said:

Crashmo comes with 20 free levels so I don't get why people are saying the prices too high



ThePove said:

Crazy they never released 999 over here I had to import it so glad sequels out over here.



ThePove said:

Also can't afford fallblox hopefully will have offer some time in a few months



3DSNoobieNerd said:

Great week for us! 3ds virtual console, a demo and even fallblox! But still angry theres still no cave story! I hope it doesnt end up like the dsiware one!



FonistofCruxis said:

Yay, I'm glad Magical whip is finally here, I had given up on that getting a European release. Unfortunately, judging from the votes, it seems that I'm the only one who's excited to see that finally get released here. I'd much rather get that than Fallblox which will probably be immensely overrated like its predecessor. Who would want to play as that ugly Mallo anyway?
EDIT: I just re-read the review and I forgot that you can't save. Seeing as its a pretty short game and you can leave the 3DS in sleep mode, I might still get it.



Henmii said:

Virtue's Last Reward demo? I guess this is the first time a pretty niche title gets a demo, and it's about time to!! Titles like these can use a little bit of promotion!!



Nekketsu3D said:

Ninja Gaiden the only thing I would take away the desperate hunger for playing Megaman in 3DS USA...

sigh... I hope Nintendo USA stop wasting weeks in pokemon and other nonsense.



123akis said:

its only £1.18 more than the original pullblox its not too over priced is ok either way its an awesome game and i will download it



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Philip_J_Reed WelI I would download something, but unfortunately Cave Story is not out yet, but rest assured bro, I am buying Marvel Pinball 3D before friday, it's still on sale on the eShop. Really loved the demo and learning how to get skill shots and being patient too, it helps to be patient with pinball, at least that's what I've learnt.



Marioman64 said:

@Gavin_Rozee if it has a level editor and qr code stuff (which if it doesn't then it sucks) then it has the same amount of content and you're being silly



ToxieDogg said:

Magical Whip is the game that appeals to me most there, will definitely get that....will get Falllblox a bit further down the line as it looks to be an improvement on the vastly overrated Pullblox at least and I actually enjoyed Johnny Kung Fu so I'll consider Johnny Hotshot as well. I'll check out the demo for Virtue's Last Reward but I wasn't a huge fan of 999 either....nice concept and interesting the first couple of playthroughs but it was way too easy to make a silly mistake and get stuck on a path towards an ending you'd already seen more than once and have to start the game over, and interative puzzles were too few and far between in amongst all the pages and pages and pages of text to read through. Quite an interesting week though, all in all.

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