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Nintendo Download: 19th April 2012 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Running wild with Pit

A very quiet week this week, with just two titles, one of which has been available through GameStop for a while. Here's what awaits.

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3D Classics: Kid Icarus (Nintendo, $5.99) — Pit's reimagined debut has been available exclusively through GameStop for a month now, but is finally opened up to everyone today. It's well worth picking up too, as our 3D Classics: Kid Icarus review will tell you.


I Must Run! (Gamelion, 200pts) — A Canabalt-like sprinter, this is a decent take on the genre and at only 200 Points is worth a look. Our I Must Run! review explains more.

3DS Demo

Pyramids (free) — A little taste of Enjoy Gaming's puzzler, you can read our Pyramids review for the full lowdown.

Nintendo Video

Dinosaur Office Season 2 Premiere (available 20th April)
Need your fix of Cretaceous-period office destruction? Tune in to Nintendo Video this week for the premiere of Dinosaur Office Season 2!

That's all, folks.

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User Comments (101)



Whopper744 said:

They finally release a VC title and it's one I got for free already... at least they released a good game.
Another disappointing Thursday of no Gameboy games...



Whopper744 said:

@zeeroid ooo. Missed that the first time I read it. That's something I want to check out.
Here's to a continued hope for Myths and Monsters coming someday to the US. Maybe...just maybe now that they released the original Kid Icarus...



Knuckles said:

Lets see, I already have 3DC Kid Icarus thanks to Uprisings pre-order. I want I must run, so will probably buy it and I'll download any demo on my 16 gb sd card. Im set for the week not bad NoA... Not bad at all

WAIT I think i know why NA hasn't got Myths and Monsters yet because we didn't have the original Kid Icarus! (in 3DC form)
I'm expecting that within May!



Shworange said:

I got pyramids when it first came out. It's definitely challenging. It's a quest/puzzle hybrid. I like it. It's time limit to obtain all stars on a round can be maddening. The clock is relentlessly unforgiving. The design is great. At 3.99, it's priced very well.



FluttershyGuy said:

Tagline got me briefly excited for Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. Then I saw it was just 3D Classics KI that I got for FREE almost a month ago. Happy for my Canadian friends who finally have access to it. Otherwise, another in a LONG line of Thursday morning disappointments.



blackknight77 said:

I got 3D Kid Icarus at Gamestop already. I was happy with it and the 3D looks nice. Of course the lack of VC is garbage as usual, I'm starting to think if these updates are this boring then the Wii U's shop won't be much better. But who knows



sonic_brawler95 said:

I already bought 3d Classic Kid Icarus at GameStop, but it's nice that every can now download it. Nothing for me this week.



Whopper744 said:

I wonder if anyone from Nintendo ever reads these comments from us Nintendo fans.....the people want more VC!



Dreadjaws said:

Well, of course. AFTER I jumped through several hoops to buy Kid Icarus 3D it shows up in the eShop. And no Zelda? Drat. Well, even if it's not a good week for me, it is for other people.

I guess I can check the Pyramids demo.



Flowerlark said:

Blech, nothing but hardcore gaming stuff this week. Those of us with slow reflexes have nothing to download. Pity, I just finished Penguin Patrol and was hoping there'd be something good this week that wasn't frantic or frustrating.

Hopes dashed.




I guess it's alright that Nintendo FINALLY releases 3D Classics: Kid Icarus on the eShop instead of having to get a DLC code from GameStop just to get the game. But all in all, the TRUE reality of this on going situation is that NOA once again knows how to screw us over here in the US thanks to their poor marketing of DL games on the eShop. I at least hope we get some of the games we want like Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 or Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters sometime before E3 2012 at least.



Tails said:

Nothing for me this week.. But i might try the Pyramids game out. I am at least glad for people who don't have Kid Icarus: UR can now get the 3D verison. (Being poor isn't cool But, at least Nintendo isn't flooding e-shop right now with games.) I'll expect big stuff coming E3 to the service though. Especially for Wii U.



TingLz said:

Wait...people are complaining about getting a game for free? How about those who didn't preorder and get it for free, eh?



WingedSnagret said:

Like many others, I already got 3D Classics Kid: Icarus from pre-ordering Uprising.
Dinosaur Office! Rarrrrr! The only awesome show (besides the Kid Icarus animes) that has been, or is on Nintendo Video. "She didn't have what it takes to survive in the cut-trout world of business."



Samholy said:

dinosaur office is 5cent jokes. i dont even laugh. i prefered those fake cheasy movie production. that was hilarious

will i buy kid icarus ? hmm...not sure.



SonyFACE said:

Kid Icarus and Pyramids demo sounds pretty good to me, will at least be downloading the demo.



motang said:

$6 ... grrr! I might get it but I still think it's a big expensive for a such an old title.



metafaniel said:

@motang Yeah you're right, I played it again when Pit and Palutena reappeared back when Super Smash Brawl was even been released yet, so I have it somewhat fresh in my mind, so I probably play it again, but I'm not so certain, just maybe. I'm super mega enjoying Uprising it's just an amazing game!!!
@Knuckles I'll definitively buy Myths and Monsters 'cause I never played and it's worth the pay



Undead_terror said:

kid icarus,i must run and dinosaur office
its been a good week
now we need more!



SkywardLink98 said:

Huh, not a bad week but not great either. Nothing for me, as I already own 3D Classics Kid Icarus.



Rapadash6 said:

Nintendo should just release the "We will no longer be offering Virtual Console titles in North America because we don't like you." statement and be done with it.



Tasuki said:

Well at least with 3D Classics Kid Icarus coming to Eshop now I dont have to deal with Gamestop.

@Rapadash6: Quit complaining week after week if you want VC games that bad just by the original system from somewhere like Ebay along with the game you want to play so badly. Problem solved.



Mike1 said:

It's about time something good came out. Can't wait to play Kid Icarus with newer graphics.



SmashYoshi123 said:

Well Whada Ya Know, A (Sorta) 3DS VC, Well I Still Haven't Got Kid Icarus Uprising Yet So I Guess I Can Give This A Try,



Rapadash6 said:

I'm pretty sure I still have the right to express my disdain for Nintendo's poor decisions. I love Nintendo as a developer, but they truly suck as a company, especially if you live in North America. Maybe if more people questioned the things they do, instead of lying down as you are, change would actually be possible.



LittleIrves said:

What, no love for Son of a Pitch?

As for 3D Classics KI, I bought it from Gamestop and was pleasantly surprised. Never played the original much but I really got sucked into this. The backgrounds actually look great I think... though the first screenshots of them looked horrible. I like how you can tell when you're getting near the top of the vertical stages due to the slow progression of the environment. Started a new game right after finishing. Oddly addictive and love the 'float' mechanic to help with jumps. A nice tweak on the original and worth your time.



Metal_Slugger said:

I'll probably buy Kid Icarus. I bought Uprising but apparently I didn't' get a free download for not doing a pre order.



Tasuki said:

@Rapadash6: Companies do what companies want to do nowadays. No amount of yelling and screaming is going to change that. If its in the companies best interest to do it cash wise they will do it.

And if you found a solution to your problem why worry if the game get released on VC. Sounds to me like even if they dont release it than you have a way to get it.



ejamer said:

Not a lot of content... but I like seeing quality across the board.

The only thing that doesn't look interesting is the Pyramids demo, and that's only because I've already got the full game. (Definitely recommended for old-school gamers, by the way.)



iBazly said:

I'm not even reading anybody else's comments, I'M SO HAPPY! KID ICARUS TIME!



RR529 said:

I'll definately be getting 3D Classics: Kid Icarus, as I haven't played the original. With the solid releases of Colors! 3D (IGN 9/10 NL 9/10) and Ketzal's Corridors (IGN 9/10 NL 8/10) over the past two weeks, and now 3DC:KI this week, there's no question that the eShop is on a roll. Hopefully NOA can keep up this great momentum!



Gamer83 said:


Completely agree, unfortunately fanboys will eat up whatever garbage they are fed and then they get pissed when others, rightly, point out bs.

Anyway, the lack of 3DS VC is again disappointing but I'm willing to give a pass for this week because of the 3D Classic Kid Icarus. I Must Run is actually a pretty good game and very affordable so all in all I don't think this is that bad a week. I expect basically nothing for Wii from here on out since it's pretty much a dead system, only thing left to look forward to on it in NA is The Last Story.



rjejr said:

Nice to see a 3DS demo, even if it sounds too difficult to warrant a purchase. Bought Kid Icarus: Uprising last week and the boys both really enjoyed it but I don't see myself laying out $6 for a very very old game. Maybe 200 coins next month?



MeloMan said:

I was on the fence about Pyramids, so i think I'll D/L that demo n decide for myself. I Must Run! sounds like the perfect time waster for me. As for 3D Classics:KI, it is absolutely beautiful, but as much of a Pit fan I am, I've already run the original enough times that I'm too satisfied to do it again, pretty graphics and all... I'll let someone else experience that gem



iphys said:

So the Wii is dead? What am I going to do with the 2600 points left on my system if all they're doing is removing titles at this point?



KingMike said:

Five weeks now with no (proper) VC release. Sure, I can buy any game if I was so deeply wanting to play. It's just surprising.
Already got Kid Icarus by reserving Uprising from GameStop.
Am I the only who noticed that not only does it retain the save feature from the Famicom Disk System version, but also the FDS sound as well (rather than the NES)?



Firejonie said:

Didnt' pre order Kid Icarus and did not pick it up when Gamestop was selling it so I may pick up 3D Classics Kid Icarus this week, but I may get something else instead. I Must Run seems intresting, but I wont buy it. Excited for season 2 of Dinosaur Office though .



FluttershyGuy said:

I checked, and Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters isn't even ESRB rated yet, so who knows, maybe we'll see an Uprising sequel before we see it in NA. Super Mario Land 3 is rated, though, so hopefully we see it before 2013.



Ren said:

Dinosaur office got old pretty quick but it's better than most of the xtreme sports, and bad R&B video junk on there. What happened to the arty short films they used to have so often? that's the stuff that I'd like to see more of.

can't wait to try KI: classics, and 'I must run', though. I wish I had that demo before I bought Pyramids; it's pretty lame. Not horrible but not very good, and the 3d effect is really cheap.



paburrows said:

I'm a little bummed, I got Kid Icarus when Gamestop started selling and was hoping that a save point download would have been added when the game became avaliable on the e-shop, but I just checked and nothing.



RevolverLink said:

Although anyone that didn't pre-order Uprising but still wanted to get 3D Classics: Kid Icarus has been free to do so for a while now, at least the games themselves look good this week (and $2 for I Must Run! is very tempting).

But still, Nintendo... let me buy Wario Land!



DaveGX said:

Well, now that the 3D Classics version of Kid Icarus is out, now all we need is the gameBoy Kid Icarus: of Myths and Monsters. Wish Nintendo would hurry up and make it happen already.



Bass_X0 said:

Still no Wario Land. Why does Nintendo hate us?

Because 3DSWare developers want their own games released and then get paid. Completely selfish of them, right?



HandheldGuru97 said:

The Gameboy VC is dead. Wow Nintendo you couldn't even make it to the year anniversary. From what I can see there are plenty of Gameboy Classic and Color games the COULD release, but never will. Oh well enjoy it Europe, enjoy.



rayword45 said:

I attempted to get the Pyramids demo and ended up buying the game. lulz.

Not a bad game. Nothing else of interest.



Bass_X0 said:

Its not dead, Nintendo prefers to release only one downloadable game a week for the 3DS (excluding DSiWare) and favors the 3DSWare if a game is ready to be released. VC games are saved for when no 3DSWare games are ready to be released. Although there are a few exceptions. Accept it or not, thats the way it is.



FluxOwl said:

Like many others, I got 3D Classics Kid Icarus via pre-order bonus, so there's nothing for me this week.

Hopefully the Ambassador Games will continue to help me weather this VC drought.



DrDaisy said:

I hope you're wrong, especially since there's so much left to release. I don't want to have to buy a Wii-U to get newer Virtual Console games; that's insulting.
What about Monster Hunter IV, Noitu Love 2*, and maybe an American release of a Street Fighter IV game I could play online? On Wii, I mean. Super Street Fighter II Turbo High-Definition Remix is okay, but sometimes I like the retro under-powered graphics, music, and sound effects of the Genesis version. I also like to pretend I'm using X-Band, which I never got a chance to ... and you've probably stopped reading.

*Which is actually WiiWare, not VC, but it still fits my point.



Birdman said:

Ugh, I thought we were getting the Rhythm Thief demo today ... whatever, the Pyramids demo and maybe I Must Run! will hold me over until more meatier stuff emerges.



CaPPa said:

Yes!!!! Finally I can get my hands on 3D Classics Kid Icarus!

Now I don't mind that we didn't get it as a preorder bonus in Canada, as I have the Kid Icarus cards and can buy the game.



XCWarrior said:

Spell it out with me people:


We need more games per week Nintendo, not less! Would love for something to come out that would at least make me consider a purchase.



lanabanana said:

The only good thing this week was Nintendo Show's episode. Everything else pretty much sucked... :/



pntjr said:

Don't have money right now... I'll check the pyramids demo though, hopefully its good.



Gamer83 said:


I hope Nintendo does away with the VC period once the Wii U releases. Let those who have bought stuff transfer the games over to Wii U from the Wii if they want but no future releases, it's clear NoA doesn't care about the service so rather than continue to make it a complete joke just do away with it. If there's a classic game they think they can make money off then they should do what they're doing with the 3D Classics, spice up the graphics a bit on something like A Link to the Past and re-release it as an 'HD remix.' I also think they should stop with the 3DS VC now as again, it's a complete joke and it's clear they couldn't give two craps about the service. Rather than waste time and money putting something out there that won't be used, just take something like Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters and put it in the 3D Classics section. This way they can still make money from fans of the original release and introduce it to new players with a much better looking version.



Gamer83 said:


I don't know as I'd say everything else sucked. Kid Icarus is a good game and I Must Run is actually fun and very addicting. Not a great week but there have been far, far worse.



DrDaisy said:

I don't like the the limitations of the current virtual console, but I disagree with you about wanting it to go away. There are still tons of old games out there that need to resurface, including some great Sega Saturn games that I'm guessing most people outside of Japan really missed out on. Having said that, the Virtual Console has room for improvement such as button-mapping options, multiple save states, and "virtual" compatibility with controller packs and rumble packs.

Though that may change, I have no plans to buy anymore consoles and I get pissed off when companies move games from one system to another just to get people to buy that new system. If they're gonna play that games, then I'll just have to play mine: I know where to get most of these games with dubious legality.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

@Tasuki I disagree with you. Buying games for the original consoles not only is more expensive, but also isn't guaranteed to be in working condition either which is a major turn off for people that are struggling financially or people who don't want to buy stuff that might not even work.



Lyndexer said:

Not much into those puzzle games, they've got me mixed up into what i'm doing. But, I was happy to see them release the classic Kid Icarus.
((I don't have the classic version.))



CaPPa said:

The 3DS VC has actually been a very pleasant suprise for me. I never owned a Gameboy, so pretty much every single game is new to me and some are of much better quality than I expected.

To be honest all the 3D Classics seem to do is drain my battery faster. It even seems that I am getting less hours play out of Classics Kid Icarus than I do Kid Icarus Uprising with the 3D on.

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