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Nintendo Download: 7th June 2012 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Online Heroes of Ruin demo and more

Talk about a first: tomorrow you can try Heroes of Ruin's multiplayer mode either in local or online play. Here's what else is up for Europeans tomorrow.

3DS Demos

Heroes of Ruin (Square Enix) — Try out one of four classes and play online or in local multiplayer with three others. The game hits Europe next week but you can give it a go first.

3DS Download Software

3D Solitaire (Zen Studios, £2.70/€3) — 3D solitaire might not sound like the most exciting proposition, but with Zen Studios in charge this might be worth a pop. We'll have a full review for you soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Tumble Pop (Game Boy, G-mode, £2.70/€3) — Tumble Pop's Vacuulator is one of a select breed: a vacuum device used to suck up mutants, robots and aliens in a quirky action platformer. We'll bring you a review very soon.


Devil Band – Rock the Underworld (CIRCLE, 500pts) — You must become the most evil force in the universe by recruiting an army of fans and blasting your musical message out to the world. CIRCLE has a mixed history on DSiWare so we're not sure what to make of this; stay tuned for our review soon.

So there you are, that's what's available tomorrow. Who'll be questing online with Heroes of Ruin?

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User Comments (47)



6ch6ris6 said:

sounds like the best demo i will ever play xD

can not wait to download that sweet thing.



Geonjaha said:

Better hope the demo isnt a 30 minute limit one...
This week looks good though.



BenAV said:

Really looking forward to giving that demo a shot, but that's probably about it this week.
Zen Pinball 3D was great and I trust Zen Studios, but I'm not holding my breath on 3D Solitaire.
Never know though.



Raptor78 said:

I wonder if its the demo from the multiplayer demo walkthrough video. That looked really good and had a decent amount of content for a demo.



Djrr-ific said:

Did anybody notice the price difference between Europe and the US with that DSiWare game "Devil Band: Rock The Underworld"?

It's set for next week in the US for $2/200 points.. and in EU its 300 points more..
Seems stupid to me..



Phle said:

Ah, amazing (^_^) Heroes of Ruin demo. Got to try it even though I'm probably getting the game anyway.



Fabian said:

Tumble Pop looks good as Arcade version the Gameboy Game isn´t that good but I may get it.
Maybe I´ll buy the Solitaire game too for only 3 bucks it might be ok



DreamDrop said:

Where is US DEMO!? Nooooo! Please be there when announced or I'll be a sad panda.



C-Olimar said:

I like solitaire, but it would have been £1.80 on DSiWare. I bet that Heroes of Ruin demo has a very stringent play limit - Ace Combat had a 3 go limit in Japan, so anywhere from there to 10 is likely.



GamerZack87 said:

I'd definitely like to try the Heroes of Ruin demo. A quick question: are all 3DS demos limited to a few game sessions or just a few?



C-Olimar said:

Yes, all 3DS demos have a play limit. Most are 30, with several 20 as well. Nintendogs+ Cats has a 10-play limit.



LightSamus said:

I "love" how Australia is on the PAL region code, but we seem to have our own release dates. I was really hoping to play this demo, come on Nintendo we are meant to be on PAL too!



PinkSpider said:

Hey lightsamus why don't u change your region to u.k then u can download it Im in the u.k and can change my region to australia



PixelatedPixie said:

Just played the HoR demo. It was pretty fun and the loot and skills seemed neat (I played as the Gunslinger). I have to say though, that games looks absolutely terrible. The textures in spots are akin to those you might see on an N64 and even the character models and particle effects look pretty rough. Definitely not a looker this one.



Yasume said:

Played a little bit of the Heroes of Ruin demo and I think it's great for fans of the genre, but it's definitely not for me. It also has the most content I've seen in a demo so far. The only downside would be the fact that you're only able to play it 6 times.



Late said:

Played the demo and I have to say it was awesome. Best demo for 3DS. Wasn't even considering about getting this game before as it didn't look all that good but now I think I must change my mind. I spent about an hour with this demo and tried both online play and single player mode. Both worked fine. I completed almost every side mission, only one I didn't complete was the one mission which required some items, couldn't find them all before I went to see the boss. The game plays very much like Diablo. The worst thing is that it is limited to 6 play times.



sillygostly said:

Was the Order Up demo released in the EU eShop last week or is it a US exclusive for the time being?



Samholy said:

heroes of ruins demo !!!! oh my !
but... not in canada yet ??? geez. please bring it soon ! im waiting for it to put back my pre-order or not !



RedYoshi999 said:

I'm guessing we're gonna be left waiting weeks for the E3 videos to go up on the eShop just like last year whereas the US got it the same day.



TWK said:

Heroes of Ruin is great, but the graphics are a little dull to be honest. The gameplay is great though... which I consider more important than fancy graphics.
One more thing... the game have some issues with the framerate... it is dipping below what I find reasonable whenever you do heavy combat.



TWK said:

One more thing... the game have some issues with the framerate... it is dipping below what I find reasonable whenever you do heavy combat.



Tate24 said:

well i though we would get sum people moaning as usual=/

be happy for love god!!!

demo was boss and i thought graphics were great you have remember your playing in gloomy forest not in bright coloured space=p

this demo only has 6 plays on it!! which will not last me in till next friday=(

but overall i though demo was great and i cant wait for full game which possible will eat up all my time=D




kdognumba1 said:

Man oh man, Heroes of Ruin online demo. I wish I lived in EU right now! Guess I'll have to wait a while before it hits the states.



PixelatedPixie said:


Too be fair, I don't think anyone has moaned. Being critical of a certain aspect of a game, in this case the visuals, is not moaning. Similarly, you're positive impressions of the game could not be said to be superlative. They're just opinions.



Ducutzu said:

I have Heroes of Ruin on my preorders list, and tried the demo out of curiosity. The game feels great. To me, it brings back memories of another game that I used to play many years ago on the PC, sadly I forgot its name (not Diablo though).



3dbrains said:

What? this demo is online? I downloaded it around 3pm, it said x6 plays ONLY... so I havent played it yet... didnt realise it was online! I am impressed. but my 3DS just ran out of battery and no charger in this here town.



darkgamer001 said:

I've just downloaded it, gonna try it out soon. But 6 uses only? WTF? This whole demo usage limit thing is getting annoying



3dbrains said:

Well I played it last night from 2am. It is now 8:30am, and I am at work.


love it, I will be trading some money for this!

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