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Nintendo Download: 4th October 2012 (North America)

Posted by Damien McFerran

Cave Story, art classes, cross words and NSMB2 DLC

You might want to pull up a chair for this one, because it's something of a monster. Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have a hot drink at the ready? Then let's begin...

3DS Retail Downloads

Crosswords Plus (Nintendo, $29.99) — Crosswords Plus offers more than 1,000 professionally designed crossword puzzles at multiple skill levels to challenge all types of players. Use the stylus and touch screen to input your answers.

Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! (Nintendo, $29.99) — Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! offers art lessons and art-on-the-go for everyone. An in-game tutor walks you through step-by-step lessons as you explore art theory and concepts behind drawing and painting. Be sure to check out our review of the European version, which is confusingly called New Art Academy, just to be difficult.

3DS eShop

Pokémon Dream Radar (Nintendo, $2.99) — Get ready for Pokémon Dream Radar, a Nintendo 3DS title coming to the Nintendo eShop on Oct. 7. Use various features of the Nintendo 3DS system, including the 3D camera and gyro sensor, to chase down hard-to-get Pokémon. You can also transfer the 2D Pokémon you catch into the Pokémon Black Version 2 or Pokémon White Version 2 game for the Nintendo DS family of systems.

Cave Story (Nicalis, $9.99) — Cave Story takes you into a rare world where a curious race of innocent rabbit-like creatures, called Mimiga, run free. You wake up in a dark cave with no memory of who you are, where you came from or why you're in such a place. Uncovering Mimiga Village you discover that the once-carefree Mimiga are in danger at the hands of a maniacal scientist. Be sure to check out our Cave Story review, not that you really need telling how great it is.

Samurai G (UFO Interactive, $1.99) — As Tetsuo, you must collect as much of Tengu’s Gold as possible before the evil Warlord Fuma’s assassins do. Tengu’s Gold is rumored to possess the power of Tengu, the harbinger of war himself! Activate Golden Mode to harness the power of Tengu’s Gold and see why this power must not fall to the wrong hands! Defeat Fuma’s assassins and avoid deadly traps on your quest to becoming the Shining Samurai!

Dr. Mario (Nintendo, $3.99) — Join Dr. Mario for intense puzzle challenges. Mario throws multi-shaded vitamin capsules into a bottle that contains an ugly variety of nasty viruses. You can move, shift or spin the capsules as they fall. Arrange them to align with other capsules on top of a virus. If you can get four or more of the same shade in a row – poof! – they disappear. Destroy all of the viruses in the bottle to progress to the next round, where things get even more difficult. Why not have a read of our Dr. Mario review if you're unsure about downloading this one?

3DS eShop Demo

Style Savvy: Trendsetters Fashion Contest Demo (Nintendo) — Experience the excitement of a professional fashion contest in this fun downloadable demo. Create an outfit based on the contest theme, style your model's hair and makeup and send her down the runway. You'll be battling your in-game rivals for the fashion crown. May the hottest look win!

3DS eShop DLC

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo) — All-new downloadable course packs that extend the coin-collecting fun of New Super Mario Bros. 2 are now available for purchase exclusively from within the game. Players' coin tallies are set to skyrocket as each new pack contains three new courses for Coin Rush Mode.


Academy: Chess Puzzles (Gamelion, $1.99) — Whether you're an advanced chess player or you've just started the adventure with this exciting game – you will spend hours finding solutions for 750 brain-twisting chess puzzles. Three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard will keep you busy and achievements and extra skins for the chessboard and pieces keep you playing. Appealing, clear graphics and jazz music help you stay focused on solving the next puzzle. Two modes (Puzzle and Quiz) and intuitive stylus and button controls guarantee an enjoyable, addictive, and satisfying adventure with Academy: Chess Puzzles.


Drop Zone: Under Fire (Selectsoft, 500 points) — The year is 2070. Humanity has taken to the stars, leaving Earth defenseless when alien robots invade. Now Earth's few remaining human inhabitants have formed the Return to Earth Defense Force to rebel against the robot overlords. As part of the elite DropZone Team, your mission is to sky dive at high speed through the alien defenses and deliver vital supplies.

Nintendo Video

Dinosaur Office: New Owners — A new predator prowls the top of the corporate food chain.

Free Game Giveaway From Club Nintendo

Donkey Kong: Original Edition (Nintendo) — Purchase and register the downloadable version of select Nintendo eShop titles and get Donkey Kong: Original Edition free! This special version of Donkey Kong has never been seen in the U.S. and is not available for purchase. Don't miss out! Offer ends Jan. 6, 2013.

Quite frankly, if there's nothing there to take your fancy then you must be terribly bored of life. What are you going to download? Is Cave Story top of your list, or do you fancy spending a large amount of cash on Crosswords Plus or Art Academy? Let us know in the poll below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (239 votes)

Crosswords Plus (3DS eShop Retail)


Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! (3DS eShop Retail)


Pokémon Dream Radar (3DS eShop)


Cave Story (3DS eShop)


Samurai G (3DS eShop)


Dr. Mario (3DS eShop)


Academy: Chess Puzzles (DSiWare)


Drop Zone: Under Fire (WiiWare)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (108)



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Apparently I'm the first one to vote. Caught me off guard for a minute, I thought that no one was going to get anything this week.



Wildvine53 said:

Holy cow, what a week! I'll be getting some NSMB2 DLC, the Style Savvy Demo, and the Pokemon Dream Radar.



LittleIrves said:

Same here... I thought, "whoa, so much interest in Crosswords Plus!" when it garnered 25% of the vote. But then I realized that must be out of, like, 4 people. Still, 1 outta 4 ain't bad.
As for me, this is when I finally, finally experience Cave Story. Glad I waited.



AlmightyDerek said:

Why isn't New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC on the poll? This is a pretty nice week. The two retail games are nice although a bit too expensive. I already own Cave Story on Wiiware or I'd download that. Might get Pokemon Dream Radar, although it doesn't list a price. Also Dr. Mario should be listed under 3DS VC. I got excited that it was a new Dr. Mario for the eShop, only to realize it's the game boy version. Dr. Mario is a game that benefits from color. I'll just have to settle for the DSi version for now.



ShadJV said:

The DLC and Pokemon (that comes out Sunday, correct?). Sorry, even if it's free, I'll have to pass on that demo. And Cave Story... I have it on my computer, WiiWare, and DSiWare. I don't feel like purchasing ANOTHER copy.

Also, to people asking about the lack of DLC in the poll, if I recall correctly NintendoLife doesn't put that on the polls, I don't think they did it for any of the Theatrhythm DLC.



MrWezzle said:

I somehow haven't played a 3DS iteration of Cave Story yet, so I'll pony up for this apparently and finally "got it right" version.

And as badly as I want all those crosswords, I just can't sensibly pay $30 for them. I'm gonna wait until that price drops to like half of that. Which hopefully won't take long, considering it's... you know... a crossword game.



MrWezzle said:

Also, Nintendo, way to beef it up this week. Seriously might be the most impressive week I've seen so far. Kind of overwhelming, in a good way.



Undead_terror said:

Now this is what they call a epic week, so plentyfull!
cave story, mario dlc, pokemon, and maybe samurai g for me this week.



SpaceKappa said:


I can't wait to play with that. I've always daydreamed about having Pokémon buzzing around my living room.



StephenYap3 said:

Cave Story, NSMB2 DLC, Dream Radar, and Dinosaur Office for me

I have Cave Story as a DSiWare, but I want a better version of it, which is the 3DSWare version



Knux said:

Probably one of the best updates in a long time. I'll be doing tons of shopping soon.



Freelance said:

Nothing I want. So there's a new Dr. Mario game in...3D?? Or is it the GB version? I already have it on DSiware so that's enough for me.



Omega said:

I see in the crystal ball a new WiiWare game. And the words "To Be Announced (UK/EU)". Mysterious.



RupeeClock said:

Once again, America gets Cave Story before us in Europe.
I wouldn't mind so much except that last time, Europe NEVER got Cave Story on DSiWare, I hope that doesn't happen again!



DF2506 said:

I guess I'm bored of life because there's nothing there I want. $29.99 for Crosswords? lol! Ditto Art Academy. Both those of those should be cheaper. Dr. Mario? Have it! Cave Story? How many times are we supposed to buy it? Samurai G? Bleck. And Style Savvy demo? ugh. No interest in Pokemon. Mario DLC? Nah.

Its a lot of stuff but its not impressive in terms of quality. Wake me when they put the GBA games up. lol. (seems like that was another rumor...)



idork99 said:

@DF2506 Completely read my mind. Although, I do have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the quality personally. I'll probably get the DLC on Mario once I'm finished unlocking all the levels. And also, thanks for not making me feel lonely in the Pokemon category. I've yet to play any version although I'd be open to playing the original Game Boy ones if released on eShop. I would've purchased Dr. Mario if it weren't for me playing Wario Ware Inc. Mega Microgame$ last night and unlocking the rip off Dr. Wario version which is nearly identical to the NES version of it so ha! Thank you once again Ambassador!



MegaAdam said:

Bring back the 3DS VC category, separate from the rest of the eShop. I almost missed Dr. Mario.

Also, weren't the Art Academy and Crosswords available for download Sunday when the games were released to retail?



MikeDanger said:

Well a lot of things look good but I only got $9.13 on my account and the eshop doesn't take my debit card cause I live in Puerto Rico. Sooo yeah won't have nothing this week cause i'm not gonna buy 2 e shop cards to download a $29.99 game when I can just buy the retail version instead.



Boo_Buster said:

Never have played Cave Story and this edition sounds really solid so I think I'll get that, but my main download today is the NSMB2 DLC! I have enjoyed that game a lot more than I thought I would, and these DLC packs will only increase that enjoyment.



Boo_Buster said:

@Erica_Hartmann I make that much opening my eyes every morning, seriously. $2.50 is chump change, anyone can make that much money. Doesn't matter if you are 5 yrs old or 105 yrs old, anyone can make a few bucks if they really want to. You can choose to get an awful McD's sandwich or something of the likes with that $2.50, or acquire some real quality NSMB levels that you can replay 100's of times. Really ... Not as bad of a deal as some of you are making it out to be. Knock off 50 cents and I bet the complaining would be cut in half... over 50 cents. It's sad. Really



ShadJV said:

I do have to agree with Erica_Hartmann here. Getting all three packs is $7.50. For 9 levels total. I could (digitally) get some pretty good full games for around that price. I mean, that's close to a dollar a level! Well, 80 cents or so, but... well, I hope Ninetndo gets wiser with their DLC prices, I'll forgive it for a little while but in the long run they might start losing my interest at these prices.

Then again, Nintendo loves money and people will buy it all anyways. So it's possible they will continue to rip us off.



Megumi said:

When you think about it, the levels in NSMB2 aren't even long...$2.50 is a bit much. Maybe take a dollar or something then maybe...(or make the packs a dollar each)



ShadJV said:

@Erica_Hartmann Exactly. I mean, I'm not going to play 3 levels HUNDREDS of times. I can get more enjoyment from some 99 cent games. $1.50 for 3 levels (50 cents a level) already would be more than DLC for some games and yet I would be much happier with that.



Boo_Buster said:

@ShadJV Exactly. Nintendo is not losing sleep over anyones thoughts on the price lol. People will buy these just how they are. As I said, I'll take one Mario level over a McDouble fatty maker any day. I agree though Erica (who doesn't?) $1.50 would be a great price. What I have said a few days ago would be to discount the package. For example $2.50 for each pack but $6 for all three packs. Good idea, I know lol. Ok Shad, you go play a .99 cent game 100's of times, that is your choice. Enjoy! As I said, Nintendo is not losing sleep over you



Hyperstar96 said:

@MrWezzle Cave Story+ was released over a year ago and has everything this version does and more. So it is the true "got it right" version.



Boo_Buster said:

@ShadJV Of course it adds up lol, but they are not going to give you 3 quality levels for a dollar. Your thoughts are totally unrealistic on this issue. It is quite funny seeing people mad and at odds over a measly dollar. HUNDREDS you say? Like it is some out of this world notion? I guarantee there are many people who will play these levels or the levels currently in the game that much, so take those capital letters elsewhere bro! haha 1 mil coins is a lot of coins to collect, levels will be played many, many times



Auracle said:

At last! At long last! I will finally play Cave Story! The Dream Radar and Mario DLC are also must-haves. I will need to get an eShop card today.



Morpheel said:

Wow that's a long list.

It such a shame that they decided to raise the price of Crosswords so much here, I would've gotten that.



theblackdragon said:

i would've voted for the NSMB2 DLC if it were on the poll, because that's about all i'm interested in this week :3



MetalMario said:

I'll probably end up getting Dr. Mario and Pokemon Dream Radar. (Maybe not Radar depending on price.)

While this version of Cave Story is tempting for the Wind Fortress level, I already own the game three times and can't justify buying it again for $10.



Megumi said:

What can you get in Radar anyways? Like...can you get Dreamworld Pokemon or something? >.>



Bones00 said:

So is this the definitive version of Cave Story? I have the WiiWare version. How's this version different?



grumblegrumble said:

Wow. So many offerings, so little money ;/

It's GREAT to see so much being offered though through this weeks update! I wish every week was like this!



fredtoy said:

I played the original Cave Story on PC. Then, bought and played it again on WiiWare when it was released. Then, I got Cave Story+ on Steam from a Humble Bundle. I think I'll skip this time.

From this week I'll eventually get the NSMB 2 DLC. I don't have the game yet (shame on me =P), but I'll get it in a near future (when i finish beating my 3DS backlog).



bahooney said:

@Boo_Buster Your rational has instilled a faint hope off in the distance that there are more people as forward thinking as you on the internet. Thank you.



Arianabtd said:

Style savvy: trendsetters For the WIN.
I'm saving up for Pokemon black 2, so I'm not gonna go for any games this week.



WarioPower said:

Looks like I'm getting Cave Story, as I have never played it before except for the wiiware demo..



WarioPower said:

Looks like I'm getting Cave Story, as I have never played it before except for the wiiware demo..



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'll be getting a DLC pack today. I do plan on downloading the Crosswords game, but I need to wait a while. That DK Original Edition is mine!



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm getting the dream radar game because next week I will be getting Black 2 and white 2. probably will get the DLC packs. going to get Art Academy eventually. just might have to wait a bit. good thing my birthday is coming up.



JJtheTexan said:

Hold the phone... two things:

$30 for 1,000 crossword puzzles??!?! Are you freaking kidding me??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

And Game Boy Dr. Mario... really Nintendo? The vastly superior DSiWare version is already available. Why would anyone buy this? Misplaced nostalgia? There are more than 1,300 Game Boy and Game Boy Color library games not yet released on Virtual Console, and we get an inferior repeat?





RR529 said:

Cave Story for me (which I've never played). I won't have much money left after that, so I'll skip Dr. Mario (not a big puzzle guy myself, anyways).



Aqueous said:

I said nothing, just because I'm still debating dream radar. I'd get Cave Story but I have Wii, though portable would be nice pokemon, is almost here.



arrmixer said:

I'm probably in the minority here, but i'm just interested in getting the Original Donkey Kong game HOWEVER, I do not own a 3ds and hopefully nintendo will update eligible titles from the wii u?



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'll probably be getting Dream Radar along with Pokemon Black 2, but that'll probably be it for me this week. If I had NSMB2 I'd definitely get the "Nerve-Wrack Pack" at least. I'd get Cave Story as well, but I can't spare the $10 when I'm spending about $40 on Pokemon this week, and the Wii U is still looming ahead.



Shiromikio said:

A good week here. New Art Academy for sure, undecided about Cave Story (already have Cave Story+ for PC and barely touched it) but the graphics look great. Would've been more tempted to get Dr. Mario if I hadn't just gotten the DsiWare version ... maybe nostalgia will get the better of me after Quarth, lol.



Kid_A said:

The NSMB2 DLC is REALLY dang fun. The Nerve Wrack pack is definitely...exactly what it says it is.
And Nicalis suckered me into buying Cave Story for a fourth time.



Moonhillwat said:

Does Chess Academy have a mode where you can play against the computer in a regular game?



Bass_X0 said:

And Game Boy Dr. Mario... really Nintendo? The vastly superior DSiWare version is already available. Why would anyone buy this? Misplaced nostalgia? There are more than 1,300 Game Boy and Game Boy Color library games not yet released on Virtual Console, and we get an inferior repeat?

It exists so it gets released. They're mostly releasing all of their early games first except for a few choice games from later years. Still, it came out in Japan and Europe so clearly it was going to get released in America at some point.



FluttershyGuy said:

Sorry to sound like a noob, but I don't see the NSMB2 DLC anywhere. On the game, or on eShop. How are you supposed to go about getting it?



Chobi said:

Looks like a great downloadable week for north America. I'll be getting Dr. Mario and Cave Story.



kobe1724 said:

Can somebody post their impressions of the NSMB2 DLC? I'm considering buying the last one because I do like myself a good challenge, but $2.50 still seems a little pricey for 3 courses. Any feedback would be appreciated.



Aerona said:

Awesome, I wasn't expecting a Style Savvy Demo! I'm interested in getting Cave Story at some point and definitely the Pokemon Radar. If I didn't have the Wii Ware version of Dr. Mario that would be a good choice too. Great week! Oh, and NSMB2 DLC too!



DarkEdi said:

Can you question to Nintendo why they put in Mexico the retail games at double prize? The Savy game is at 30 dlls but they put it at 48 dlls (600 pesos instead 350 pesos) The same is with NSMB2, it costs digital 800 pesos (62 dlls) while in stores it is 600 pesos (48 dlls aprox).



TheKingOfTown said:

Wow, that's a lot of games. Not really used to seeing this many on a Nintendo download. Maybe it will get close the amount of Sony downloads once the Wii U comes out



Retro_on_theGo said:

Are you serious? I thout Dream Radar was going to be free. I heard you can only catch like 29 pokemon. If that's true it's such a rip-off. I was going to get that but now I'm not sure.



LordJumpMad said:

Thats pretty cheap for Pokémon Dream Radar.
I now have a use for those $3 bucks on have on eShop.



hatehaerferage said:

Oh, it's just a new version with tacked on 3D. I've already bought three different versions, so nothing for me this week.



TheNXtMetroid said:

For all of you think $2.50 is much for 3 levels, that've be 84 cents per level, an if the ful game had 80-90 levels, then... it would be about 50-45 cents per level so... you'd be paying less than 40 cents more. Wow. A whole half dollar.



kobe1724 said:

@NintenKingiiU some people need to save all the money that they can. For many people, yes, $2.50 isn't much, but at the interest of the consumer, I wish Nintendo would've lowered it to $1.50 or 2 bucks tops. just sayin'



Pikachupwnage said:

Fantastic week.

NSMB2 Challenge and nerve wrack for me.

Also crosswords art academy, dream radar and possibly doctor mario.



OptometristLime said:


I think "tacked-on 3D" is a bit of a misnomer, depending on the developer's intentions.
Sort of like saying "tacked-on graphics" but if you aren't big on 3D then I can see your point.



Megajack said:

Maybe the Donkey Kong. I wanted to get the retail version of sticker star though.



DarkNinja9 said:

darn i have no money to spend on the dream radar yet that would be the only thing i get guess i have to pass on it till later



Windy said:

A great week! Although I am still very frustrated with full price for Retail downloads in the Eshop this is a great week for something to download. I'm just going to keep quiet from here on out and either download stuff or not. I did pick up Cave Story this week it's my first runthrough of the game and im pretty impressed so far.



MeloMan said:

Crosswords Plus... I simply MUST HAVE that original Donkey Kong. And portable? It just so happens I like crosswords "just enough" to not mind the purchase... it will not go to waste.



Chobi said:

Is anyone else having problems with cave story? I've been trying to play curly's story but every time i start it. It glitches up and becomes unplayable. Does anyone know if nicalis plans to fix it or am i the only person experiencing these issues? A reply would be helpful.

Thanks in advance. - Chobi

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