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Nintendo Download: 27th December 2012 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Fluidity, tough old-school challenges, wizards and the impossible

It's here, the post-festive Nintendo Download bonanza. Whether it's an actual bonanza is up to you, but there's a broad variety of new and old titles, with everything but the Wii U getting new content. That's right, North America, no shiny high-def pinball in the update today, but there's plenty more to think about. Let's get to it.

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Fluidity: Spin Cycle (Nintendo, $10.99) — Known as Hydroventure: Spin Cycle, this is a follow-up to the popular and highly regarded WiiWare title Fluidity. It's all about physics-based puzzles, and lots of them, that require you to tilt and move the handheld while making good-use of your brain-power. Conquering all of the levels with the best ranking is a tough undertaking worth taking on, and we gave this a glowing recommendation in our Fluidity: Spin Cycle review.

Johnny Impossible (UFO Interactive, $5.99) — UFO Interactive's Johnny returns for his third title, this time working as a spy to face a MEGA CRISIS, which the official blurb insists must be in block capitals; this looks like a 2D action platformer that'll have some stealth elements thrown in. We haven't exactly fallen in love with the mascot in our reviews for his first two games, but we'll shake (not stir) a martini and work on a review.

Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor (TREVA Entertainment GmbH, $9.99) — If you type Mahjong into the Nintendo Life search bar, you'll see quite a few results. The popular game and variations on it have appeared frequently on Nintendo's download services, and this new entry from TREVA Entertainment is the latest to join in. It promises a Conquer Mode with seven worlds and 80 levels, Quick Play with 90 levels, 3D effects and a Level Editor that allows you to create your own boards. We'll get strategic and bring you a review soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Nintendo, $4.99) — The original Super Mario Bros. sequel from Japan has arrived elsewhere in this guise in various formats and platforms, and the 3DS eShop can be added to the list (it hit the Japanese store in July). A notoriously challenging slice of retro Mario action, this one is for those with some ninja skills. If you want to know more before we review this particular version, check out our Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels review for the Wii Virtual Console.

Mega Man (Capcom, $4.99) — Capcom promised that it was bringing the Blue Bomber's NES classics to the 3DS eShop in North America, and it's delivered on part one. This is run and gun action that set the benchmark for one of the most famous series in gaming; it may be a little shorter and have flaws resolved in later entries, but we still recommended it for fans in our Mega Man review.


Goooooal América (Cinemax, 500 Nintendo Points) — This is based on table top football — oh OK, Soccer — where players take turns to fire the ball with spring loaded players. This actually looks like a palette swap of a release in Europe to tie-in with Euro 2012, so we assume this is to arrive in time for the Copa America. Whatever the case, we certainly weren't fans in our Goooooal Europa 2012 review, but we'll be pulling on our boots for a rematch.

Jump Trials Extreme (G-STYLE, 200 Nintendo Points) — The predecessor to this title only arrived in mid-July, yet the sequel has arrived in record time — appropriate as the game challenges you to beat stages in less than ten seconds. The follow up promises 100 new levels, as well as Time Trial and Challenge modes. We'll be getting a move on with a review, while you can learn more about its predecessor in our Jump Trials review.

Wizard Defenders (Teyon, 200 Nintendo Points) — This title attempts a blend between tower defence and match three puzzling. We say attempts, as it's let down by awkward controls that exacerbate an over-zealous difficulty curve, accompanied by some rather awful music. The concept is sound but is executed poorly, as our Wizard Defenders review explains.

Wii Virtual Console

Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (D4 Enterprise, 900 Nintendo Points) — It's time for some running and gunning, Neo Geo style, with this title arriving hot on the heels of predecessor Shock Troopers. While the first title is rather good, this one offers new characters, vehicles and alternative routes, with our review of the first title even saying that you should hold out for the sequel. Well, it's here, but we'll be donning a bandana and blasting some enemies for a review very soon.

Nintendo Video

A Jam-Packed Year-in-Review! (Free) — Grab your friends, family, and Nintendo 3DS, then kick-back with Nintendo Video to relive all the highlights of 2012.

So there you have it, a mix of highly anticipated new and old games, along with some surprises to test your impulse buying instincts. Let us know what you intend to buy in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (230 votes)

Fluidity: Spin Cycle (3DS eShop)


Johnny Impossible (3DS eShop)


Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor (3DS eShop)


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (3DS Virtual Console)


Mega Man (3DS Virtual Console)


Goooooal América (DSiWare)


Jump Trials Extreme (DSiWare)


Wizard Defenders (DSiWare)


Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (Wii Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (78)



Svengoolie said:

Lots of good stuff, but I'm getting tired of there being nothing new for Wii U. I can't believe after over a month, it's still just the same games in there as launch day.



GeminiSaint said:

I wish I could select more than just one game in the poll. It feels unfair to the other games I intend to download but couldn't vote for.
Anyway, getting Mega Man, Lost Levels and Fluidity.



idork99 said:

Mega Man for me this week! Perhaps I'll download SMB2: The Lost Levels as well. Gotta love the retro
goodness this week



HandheldGuru97 said:

Guys be patient with the Wii U eShop games. It was a really rough couple of months for the 3DS eShop in the beginning. Anyway I might have to pick up Mega Man.



SheldonRandoms said:

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels for me, I beat the Snes version in all-stars, so i'll give this version a go, here's hoping the american version of SMB2. makes it on 3DS virtual console.



Zemus-DJ said:

Mario lost levels, mega man, fluidity, jhonny kung fu, maybe majong.....can't wait for next week! Both unchained blades and code of princess, been waiting for digital release =]



Pokefanmum82 said:

mahjong and that's it. next week i'll be getting code of princess and unchained blades digitally.



SirQuincealot said:

so 11 dolars for fluidity? that seems a little high i think i will just get mario

was going to get megaman as well, but i just found a copy of the anniversery collection at mirco play



Chobi said:

Looks like I'll be going retro this week with Super Mario Bros the lost levels and Mega Man.



DrKarl said:

Has the US ever gotten a REAL Mahjong game? All I have seen is these puzzle games. I like real Mahjong, and Japan sees plenty of real Mahjong games. They even had one with the Mario characters (Yakuman DS).

Edit: Almost forgot, It's Fluidity for me all the way today. I already have lost levels on the Wii, otherwise I would pick that up too.



HeroOfCybertron said:

I was going to get Fluidity: Spin Cycle but I just watched a video of someone actually playing Fluidity and I didn't like the fact that you have to turn the 3DS 360 degrees so now I will probably just get Mega Man.



Mr_Nose said:

Wii Virtual Console continues to be THE place for NEO-GEO goodness.

Rock on VC!



Freelance said:

Nothing for me. Not sure if I want Lost Levels, and I may have looked further into the Mahjong game if I, you know, didn't already have 2 other Mahjong games on the 3DS.



Hokori said:

I might get Fluidity, I would ge MM and LL but I have them on my WiiU, still hoping for a wii VC to 3DS VC update (even if you have to wait till they come out on 3DS VC to play them)



bezerker99 said:

I already have Mega Man and Lost Levels on Wii's VC. Would love to have them "on the go" but the bill from Santa was hefty this year so I'll have to stick with the versions I already have.



brooks83 said:

@Hokori - You will be waiting a while then, as I don't ever see that happening (even though it should). I think the best we're gonna get is playing the games out of Wii mode directly on the Wii U. But even then that might just be wishful thinking.



Birdman said:

Fluidity (once I finally get points and determine this would be the best choice for that time). Nothing else is really appealing to me.



Evermore said:

"This actually looks like a palette swap of a release in Europe to tie-in with Euro 2012, so we assume this is to arrive in time for the Copa America."

Last Copa America was 2011. Next will be in 2015 only. A little too early or a little too late.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Picking up the Lost Levels, once I get a card with my Christmas money. Only got to World 6 on the Wii... with the infinite 1-Up trick from 1-1. So, safe to say, the Restore Point feature is going to be used pretty heavily on this one. I'm a tad surprised at the the price though - I was thinking it would've been a buck more for being an import.



ThomasBW84 said:

Whoops, as has been pointed out the Euro prices were against the entry for Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, now fixed



kyuubikid213 said:

The time has come to buy a $20 3DS card. I've gotta get Ninja Gaiden, Lost Levels, and Mega Man...



Flowerlark said:

Despite the score, I got wizard defenders. I quite like it, much better than the review made it out to be.



SammyOfMobius said:

@Mr_Trill281 I know right. Japan is getting Super Mario Bros. 3 and we don't even have the USA version of SMB2 and they do. THE USA VERSION. They got it before we did. Very stupid of them.



Prof_Clayton said:

This is making me wish I had picked up a card yesterday at Gamestop. Fluidity was fun on the Wii, so I'll buy the sequel. Eventually will be getting The Lost Levels. And maybe Mega Man.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Got Mega man, and will get SMB2, but...
WHERE IS OUR PROMIS ZEN PINBALL GAME!?! If it's delayed, at least say WHY



Lunapplebloom said:

Nice selection up for this week. I got an Eshop card for Christmas, so I may go with Fluidity, and last week's Crimson Shroud. I'll look into Mario and Megaman maybe when I have a 5 dollar code from my Wii U.



Demonic_St33V said:

I hate to say it.... But my 3DS has taken back seat to my Android phone as a portable gaming device, my ex-wife took the Wii in the divorce and I've not purchased a WiiU yet.



rayword45 said:

@Demonic_St33V A. Sign your pre-nups
B. You sorta need to invest into the bigger titles for the 3DS. I use my Android phone for music and video, but most games control better with buttons IMO



slidecage said:

Mahjong 3D - Warriors of the Emperor looks like it was a cart game and turned into download only

may of got it for 5... 10 is way overpriced

maybe a 9 out of 10 review will change my mind



Rebel81 said:

Why so harsh on Shock Troopers 2nd Squad. I really like loved the game, own it on MVS and it's a great game. The slowdown sucks, but it's a great experience.



RR529 said:

None of the "3DSware" games tickle my fancy, & I'm not interested in playing NES games on my 3DS, so nothing for me this week.

I just picked up Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance & Paper Mario: Sticker Star yesterday though, so I should be set for awhile anyways.



GloryQuestor said:

Just got Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, but passed on Mega Man (I have MM Powered-Up if I want to play the original). Waiting for Mega Man II to hit the shop.



evildevil97 said:

I'm interested in Fluidity, and Lost Levels might be fun with the save states. Holding off on both for the time being though.



Bankai said:

I wish companies (and people) would stop calling Mahjong Solitaire "Mahjong." Because the actual game of Mahjong is waaaaaaaaaay different.

It's like calling Spider Solitaire "Bridge".



Hokori said:

@brooks83 Maybe your right, but Nintendo does listen to its fans more then most people think, just need enough people to want it with mii



GloryQuestor said:

@MultiMariosonic SMB:TLL is just as fun as SMB Classic, but has a bit of extra challenge thrown in, like longer jumps and a few areas that are fun to try and reach (like pipes underneath an overhang). Even though it can get frustrating at times, a lot of the challenge is lessened by the use of Restore Points, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed if you are at a point you can't cross right away — just restore and try again.



MarioKenny1992 said:

eh, nothing interests me, I already have Lost Levels on Super Mario All-Stars and on the Wii, and I have Mega Man Anniversary Collection on the PS2 as well



Grodus said:

Fluidity. I've already gotten it. I may or may not get lost levels too.



LittleIrves said:

Whoa. That tease about no Hi-Def Pinball for Wii U... does that mean Pinball Arcade is scheduled to come out soon?? Really really hope so. Will be my next Wii U eShop game after Little Inferno.
About to start Fluidity: SpinCycle. Although I hope it's more than just a kind of level pack for the WiiWare game (awesome as that was).



Windy said:

I did download the 3d game collection and I downloaded Harvest Moon a New Beginning. I'm so against digital download and prefer a cartridge over Digital. But a friend of mine bought me a 50.00 dollar Eshop card which was awesome I had a balance of 74.90 after redeeming the card I picked up my First retail Download. Harvest is awesome BTW. The 3d Game collection is ok. It has some cool board games and memory games worth 5.99 alot of gaming at that price

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