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Nintendo Download: 5th July 2012 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

8-bit summer starts

Nintendo of America kicks off its 8-bit Summer campaign this week with new 3DS Virtual Console games, plus there's a new Wii Virtual Console game and some eShop games too.

3DS Virtual Console

The Legend of Zelda (NES, Nintendo, $4.99, 49 blocks) — This game surely needs no introduction. See where it all started for Link and co. with this 8-bit classic. Not sure it's for you? Read our The Legend of Zelda review for more.

NES Open Tournament Golf (NES, Nintendo, $4.99, 64 blocks) — 3DS already has plenty of golf games available but this old-school title wants to show it still has what it takes to rule the links with an iron. Find out if it does with our upcoming review.


Akari by Nikoli (HAMSTER, $4.99, 292 blocks) — The latest in a long line of puzzle games from master Nikoli, we'll have a review soon (which should also explain what the heck an akari is in the first place.)

Family Tennis 3D (Arc System Works, $6.99, 501 blocks) — A 3D companion to Family Tennis on WiiWare, this tennis title aims to have players of all skill levels enjoying themselves right away. We'll fire a review your way soon.

Virtual Console

2020 Super Baseball (Neo Geo, D4 Enterprise, 900pts) — Here's a surprise addition to the Wii VC, a futuristic baseball sim from way back in 1991. It's not the most famous of Neo Geo titles but we'll see if it's worth a look in our upcoming review.

3DS Weekend Sale

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword ($4.99 this weekend only, normally $6.99) — From 9 am Pacific time Friday to 9pm Pacific on Sunday you can grab this very good swordfighting game for $4.99 instead of $6.99. Read our Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword review to see if it's for you.


3, 2, 1... Words Up! (EnjoyUp!, 200pts, 49 blocks) — With a title that combines numbers, letters and punctuation so expertly we can't wait to see what developer EnjoyUp! did with the gameplay. Review coming soon.

Topoloco (Abstraction Games, 500pts, 86 blocks) — Are you crazy for maps? Then this game is for you! A topography game is a new one on us; let's see if it's on course for greatness in our upcoming review.

3DS Demo

Heroes of Ruin — Online multiplayer with Square Enix's upcoming action adventure. Get a feel for the title with the free demo then read our Heroes of Ruin review to see if the full game is worth your money.


Let's Create! Pottery (Infinite Dreams, 500pts) — We've already had Let's Create! Pottery on DSiWare but this WiiWare instalment means you can share the clay-throwing action with the whole family on the big screen. We'll sculpt a review for you soon.

It's been a long time since we had a Nintendo Download as packed as that. What will you buy this week? As always, let us know in our Facebook poll.

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sinsalaca said:

HOR demo is good, but that is about it. Already have Zelda from Ambassador program. Thankfully Rythem Theif comes out on Tuesday so that will make up for nothing good being released today.



MrWezzle said:

Sweet mother of Miyamoto, there's a TON of content this week. As I'm not an ambassador, I'm grabbing me some portable Zelda. Always awesome to see more NES games released on the 3DS VC. Might take advantage of that weekend sale, too. Nice start to the Summer of 8 Bits, Nintendo!



Pokefanmum82 said:

Getting the samurai game and the heroes of ruin demo. Have my ambassador games on my son's 3ds so I'm good there.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@James But there is only 1 possible spot one of those games could come on, and that's the 26th. I have a huge feeling one of those games was going to come today. Better not be due to those idiotic sonic labyrinth haters.



ejamer said:

Very excited about the demo. Disappointed about the drop in quality from last week on every other front though...



TheDreamingHawk said:

Was really looking forward to the sonic games, what happened? I mean, with only two open spots this month (This week and the 26th), and crappy NES golf stole it.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@Bass_X0 No they are not. Labyrinth is actually fun if you play it a while, and Sonic blast is very nice-looking for an 8-bit sonic game. I blame those idiotic complainers on facebook for this one.

I just don't want Sonic spinball. That's all.



kyuubikid213 said:

NES Open Tournament Golf isn't bad, but I'd rather play Wii Sports Golf. At least there I feel like I have some control as to where the ball goes. Not just that, but if you make the mistake to start a game, you have to play all 18 holes before you can really do anything else. Geez. And on top of all that, it's just golf. No Super Mario super powers, no storyline where you have to beat Bowser, just golf.



Wanderhope said:

8-bit summer is going to be very bad for my wallet, if this week is any indication. Lord that's a lot to do.



Shworange said:

I'll get the heroes of ruin demo for sure. Nice to see another wii VC title. I'm sure it will never happen, but I'd love to see the robot baseball NES game called Basewars! That was great. You earned money by winning games. Then you could upgrade your robots with tank treds and swords and fun stuff like that. Then when you got on base, you had to fight the basebot to stay in the game and not blow up. Come on, thats good times!



JaredJ said:

I would like to see snes and genesis games on 3ds. I loved the 16 bit era.



rosemo said:

...and I will be downloading Sakura Samurai today along with the Heroes of Ruin demo.



eleven59 said:

normally i try to keep my console games on consoles and portables on portables, but having zelda on the go = very tempting! why why why can't we transfer saves from zelda wii to zelda 3ds!!!!!!!?????? argh!!!! )(YES i know its not like its a long hard game that i havnt beaten hundreds of times, but i still don't want to have to keep up with two separate "quests")



DeMoN-13ruce said:

it’s not very good to be fair. Very short game. Also, Prince Adrian betrays you and he is the final boss




C-Olimar said:

Wow. Not only do Americans get more eShop games than Europe and cheaper eShop games than Europe, they also get bigger discounts. And what do we get? A virtual card album. Yay.



pixelman said:

NES Open Tournament Golf is awesome. Best surprise of all the ambassador games by far.



DarkEdi said:

Impressive week!!! A game for each one of the Nintendo services!!! Am I dreaming or is it just a rare case like the Haley comet? I wish more weeks like these.



H_Hunter said:

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword!!!
YESSSS... It's was on my 3DS wish list and I was just waiting for a discount to download it.

I hope they make a discount for Dillon's Rolling Western. $10 is too expensive for an an e-shop game



kyuubikid213 said:

HELL YEAH! Heroes of Ruin Demo along with Ambassador Updates! Next week should be a thrill. I just want Zelda II to come to the eShop for everyone else because Restore Points would make the game SO MUCH BETTER.



KaiserGX said:

@H_Hunter I haven't bought any Eshop games yet. Was waiting for Samurai, Dillon and Pushmo deals aww yeah!

Is Freakyforms good?



Retro_on_theGo said:

Holy crud! This is easily the best week of this year so far. Wow. I was expecting one of those Sonic GameGear games. Thank goodness we didn't get those terrible games. But they were a part of the 8-bit summer line up so I wonder if we'll be getting them at all this month now. (hopefully not so we can actually get something good in there place.) anyways
Wow, Sakura Samurai on sale!? Awesome, I gotta buy a points card before it's too late! Vaguely, very vaguely, interested in family Tennis, and I probably won't get the Hero of Ruins demo.



ZeekyInc said:

But I bought Sakura Samurai two weeks ago.. I swear to god if they don't have a discount on Dillon's Rolling Western soon I'll lose my mind.



MegaAdam said:

Glad to see more Ambassador updates. Now give me restore points in Wrecking Crew!!



shonenjump86 said:

Huge pass on both 3DS VC games. Never really cared for Heroes of Ruin, but I might try the demo. Glad to see a new Wii VC game and a Neo Geo game at that. I never heard of 2020 Super Baseball but I wanna know more about it. I'll wait for a review.



Morpheel said:

Wow that's a long list we got today, something for everything.

I'll wait for Petitcom and Harvest Moon, though.



Tasuki said:

Alright I have been waiting for the Heroes of Ruin demo. Everything else I will pass on.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Already beaten Zelda several times, so the update won't help me much. I'm GLaD I beat Zelda II before it's update, so bragging rights are mine.



AlGator said:

I'll grab the Heroes of Ruin demo, but I have all 4 Zelda GBA carts (including The Legend Of Zelda) so can play them on my DS Lite any time I want. Nothing else interests me.



LittleIrves said:

@pixelman Agreed! Finally someone with some sense... I've played NES Tourney Golf more than all the other NES Ambassador games combined so far.



WarioFan63 said:

@TheDreamingHawk There's actually three open spots right now. Most people forget 8-bit Summer covers first week of August too. The trailer didn't list anything for August but Reggie mentioned it on Nintendo Direct.



Knux said:

There's nothing interesting for me today except for the Heroes of Ruin demo.



Firejonie said:

Getting the Heroes demo, updates for Zelda and NES Golf, plus the update for Swapnote. I am interested in Family Tennis, though I think I will stick with Mario Tennis Open.



grumblebuzzz said:

Ambassador game updates only for me, but this is still a great week. New content all across the board. Keep this up, Nintendo.



TNLGUY said:

I may not need Zelda as an ambassador, but everyone needs it, I got that much. I just want more GB games, though... Argh.



gojiguy said:

I loved baseball Stars 2... So 2020 Super Baseball will probably be right up my alley!

Really digging these NEO GEO updates!!



Icefreak45 said:

I can finally test Heroes of Ruin for myself and get a feel for it myself and decide if it's worth the money.




Being an ambassador, I am SO excited to update Zelda. I want to play through the entire game without dying using the save state. I had to use a Game Genie to make it through the final dungeon, but the save state should be just as good for me.



Mike1 said:

My big complaint is that the two 3DS VC games are already available on the Wii. I want to see GB and GBC classics, not games that were already released on the Wii. Not that Zelda isn't a great game because it's a classic, but there are so many classic GB games I want to see.



heraymo said:

Nintendo Should offer a discount on games that people bought on the wii like zelda and want to get on 3ds. its bad enough we technically don't own are digital content but to charge us again the price we payed for on the wii again its kinda crappy



Aqueous said:

I'd get the game on sale, but I already have and love it. I'll take the demo and swapnote update for this week though



idork99 said:


You are right. And almost half the Ambassadors that have rated this game on the eShop would agree as they've given it an average of 3 1/2 stars. Pretty bad for a free game if you ask me. I actually purchased this game on the Wii since I had never played the original on the NES and could not get into it at all. This is my least played game of all the ambassador games. But since some of the people are praising it here, I'm willing to give it a third try



emiru69 said:

I feel like I should download Topoloco, for someone that travels often my knowledge of Geography is embarrassing... +_+



RevolverLink said:

I'll try out the Heroes of Ruin demo later.

And I might get The Legend of Zelda, but probably not anytime soon.



sc100 said:

I have fond memories of 2020 Super Baseball. I'm interested to see what the review says.



Squiggle55 said:

Wow. 3 for 3 on Nintendo's sale games. 3 weekends in a row a game goes on sale that's on my short wishlist. And I'm very glad to try the heroes of ruin demo. How about Link's Awakening next week? Let's go for 4 for 4.



Flowerlark said:

Got LoZ and am enjoying it immensely. I was never able to get past the 1st dungeon on my GBA copy, but those restore points are sure making my life a lot easier.



lanabanana said:

Omg, I was thinking of getting Sakura Samurai earlier and it's for sale? Well, then i guess i can't pass that up !



CrimsonLoftwing said:

Wow, Nintendo sure did make this weekly update nicely. Luckily for me (along with many others), I already had The Legend of Zelda and NES Open Tournament Golf from the 3DS Ambassador Program. (:



JusticeColde said:

I've seriously been looking forward to 2020 Super Baseball for a very long time! It's a definite buy for Me.



TheConsiglio said:

Am I the ONLY ONE who's not an ambassador because I chose to wait for limited edition!!!!! Sheesh Nintendo, Why would you do that. I should get Zelda for free because of this. Anyways... bought LoZ and loving it. Now for Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters and Wario Land! GO 8-BIT SUMMER!!! If Nintendo would put Sonic Pocket Adventure in there, I would be in VC heaven. Anyone Agree?



arrmixer said:

well at least nintendo has not totally forgot about us virtual people ...

might actually get this just because I actually like Neo Geo games... never played them when I was a kid.... hopefully got some old school japan ball players in there.....



TrueWiiMaster said:

Wow. I'm really impressed with Heroes of Ruin. I wasn't expecting much, but that demo was great! I might have to add yet another game to my list of this year's 3DS games I need to buy. I still have to try it online though.

Also planning on taking advantage of the Sakura Samurai sale, even though I'm still somewhat annoyed that NOA started sales about a week after I spent most of my credit...



Undead_terror said:

glad zelda came out,never had a chance really to play it on game cube,but now that its on 3ds I can work on it more.



coolvw93 said:

good amount of content this week, but im still waiting for retro city rampage to come out...



mushroomer said:

sorry, not sure if this has been asked yet .. i only skimmed the comments, sorry if i repeat but

is Zelda in 3D? or is it 2D? if i turn on 3D will there be depth?



Mowzle said:

Well, I don't mind US gamers getting Sakura Samurai in a sale, that's super.
However, in the UK we're still waiting for it at ANY price!
Does anybody know when it's coming to the EU eShop?



TrueWiiMaster said:

No. It's just the original Legend of Zelda from the NES, with some nice VC features like being able to create a restore point anywhere (basically make your own check point).



idork99 said:

Also, although I've had the original Zelda now for months, I love it even more now! I NEVER lose in the Money Making Game! Thank you restore points!



Supremeist said:

Ahh.. good week for several reasons, but nothing. Glad because I'm trying to save my money



RR529 said:

I downloaded Family Tennis 3D, and am surprisingly enjoying it. Quick Play, Free Play (singles and doubles), Tournament Play, Minigames (Human Backboard, Court Roulette, and Survival), 8 characters, and 6 courts. Not bad for $7.

They basically copied Mario Tennis in the gameplay department, but that's not a bad thing (and this game even has special shots, unlike the newest MT).

There's also a gallery with some unlockable stuff, but I haven't unlocked anything yet. There's also 3 difficulties (Beginner, Journeyman, and Pro).

The only negatives I can give it is the poor 3D, and lack of multiplayer modes, but even still, I'd say it warrants a 7 at least.



Joygame51 said:

So why the heck can't they send a few (geesh) 8 bit titles the DSIware way ??????
are we chopped liver ???? No I think not! we dsi folks have made them LOTS OF MONEY .

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