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Nintendo Download: 1st November 2012 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Freakiness, fast gnomz, hidden objects and cake slicing

While some Nintendo Download updates, particularly in recent weeks, are full of juicy and exciting options, we're not sure that this is one of those occasions. Both DSi and 3DS are covered with a mixture of titles, but Wii is left out entirely; no, there isn't even a Neo Geo fighter to keep the little console going. Still, let's see if any of these tempt you.

eShop Download

2 Fast 4 Gnomz (QubicGames, $4.99) — It wasn't long ago that we were playing 2 Fast 4 Gnomz on WiiWare, giving it 6/10 in our review. Its quirky humour and sock-collecting antics were undermined by gameplay quirks such as an inability to discern background objects from deadly obstacles. That shouldn't be a problem with stereoscopic 3D visuals, of course, and we'll see whether this challenging runner-style platformer irons out the creases for this 3DS re-release in our upcoming review.

3DS Retail Download

Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! (Nintendo, $TBC) — This retail expansion of the eShop title finally arrives in North America, available for download from 5th November. It takes the place of the original on the store — so hurry if you want the cheaper download — and throws in extra items and features, such as dungeons, power-ups and a charming multiplayer mode. Whether it's worth the extra cost is a matter of opinion, and we gave one perspective in our Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! review.

3DS Demo

Style Savvy: Trendsetters (Nintendo, Free) — It's another demo for Nintendo's fashion conscious retail release, with this one being the "Shopping Spree" option. As you'd expect, this'll involve lots of clothes buying, and considering that you can do this for free, maybe it's worth a try.


Spot It! Mean Machines (Big John Games, 200 Points) — It's a hidden item game on DSiWare, a genre not exactly under-represented on the service. The official blurb promises vibrant graphics and refers to the "Pass Around Play feature", which seems to basically involve like-minded gamers taking turns on one system. We'll dig out our magnifying glass to let you know whether this one's worth a closer inspection.

Cake Ninja 2 (Cypronia, 500 Points) — While the first entry in this series was certainly based on a popular smartphone game, it earned a negative review from us due to a lack of features clashing with a high price, along with some other complaints. That hasn't dissuaded Cypronia, which returns with a sequel promising extra modes and online leaderboards. We'll see whether this cake's a bit more appetising in our review, soon.

eShop Video

Fractured Soul Videos — Three new videos are now available in the Nintendo eShop to give players a special look at Fractured Soul. Find out what makes the game so unique, discover some of the thoughts behind development and learn more about speed-running tricks.

Nintendo Video

Meat or Die: Coco & Chiling — Yans & Gans face a new challenge in this week's episode of Meat or Die when they try to capture a meal that can fly; this starts on 6th November.

A smaller bounty of downloads than in recent weeks, perhaps. Still, are any of these going to persuade you to part with your funds? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (248 votes)

2 Fast 4 Gnomz (eShop)


Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! (3DS retail download)


Spot It! Mean Machines (DSiWare)


Cake Ninja 2 (DSiWare)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (62)



Whopper744 said:

Nothing for me...again...have to watch my money until the WIi U anyway. Good thing nothing tempts me here.



AlmightyDerek said:


It's not terrible. There is a decent eShop game and a full retail game along with a demo and some mediocre DSiware games. While it's not a great week, it's no where near terrible.



kitroplious said:

@3Dash It's a shame Nintendo Life wasn't doing polls like this during a week Europe only got Golf for 3DS VC and absolutely nothing else! I wonder how that would have been?



kitroplious said:

Busy month for me. I'll get 2 Fast 4 Gnomz today. Later this month, I may get at least two more retail games.




This doesn't really bother me as much as it would have months ago. All that's left to do now is wait for Ninja Gaiden next week.



Lunapplebloom said:

This is good. After all the craziness of the last update, my wallet needs some breathing room.

And Ninja Gaiden next week is what I'm waiting for.



GeminiSaint said:

Sucky week. Oh well. I still have a few granny levels to beat, and a Cave Story to complete, so... yeah.



kitroplious said:

My wallet is going to leak next update with at least Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Ninja Gaiden.



LittleIrves said:

This is a fantastic week, in that it is a less-than-stellar week, since so much goodness has come out the past few weeks. So thanks for the breather, Nintendo.



MrWezzle said:

Yeah, this is what we get for having such a ballin' update last week. And things could always be worse: we could live in Europe.



Wonder_Ideal said:

Can't say that there's anything that appeals to me here. I'm okay with that though because I've got other stuff to do, and the Wii U is out in a little over 2 weeks! (Squeee!)



Flowerlark said:

Lucky there's nothing for me this week. I'm still engrossed in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. Got it over a week ago and can't put it down!



bahooney said:

Guuhhh, gonna have to try to not download Freaky Formes. Definitely want it, but saving for Sticker Star.



DarkCoolEdge said:

They should release one vc game each week. And when are they going to start giving us some gba love? There are a lot of games I'm willing to pay for, don't they want my money?

And please, release the frikin' cave story + in europe!!



AVahne said:

It's making me very curious as to exactly how much trouble is XSEED having localizing the 3DS version of Unchained Blades. Did they forget about it?



zipmon said:

Not gonna lie, I'd love to try the Freakyformes multiplayer. Wish it came as a DLC update!



SCAR said:

Well, I already have the first dl of Freakyforms... They should just make the extras DLC for the first version, otherwise I probably won't dl it again. Anyways, Wii U will have alot of great stuff too, which is also a reason why I won't dl for now. Paper Mario is a must have for me, so I'll be getting that, but not much else until Wii U.



Shiromikio said:

Nothing this week. Had enough of Freakyforms, I might've tried the 2nd Style Savvy: Trendsetters demo if I hadn't already picked up the game. Maybe Paper Mario: Sticker Star next week.



Auracle said:

Nothing for me, but that's ok. I just unlocked the Wind Fortress in Cave Story, so I'm good.



Birdman said:

Only the Style Savvy demo for me (since it's free and I'm being a demo completionist). I'll be fine; I have Black 2 and VLR to keep me busy.



ecco6t9 said:

I wish FreakyForms qualified for the free Donkey Kong since I refuse to download Paper Mario at full price.



Squashie said:

It's taking NA a while to get the new Freakyforms! Considering we got it at the launch of retail downloads!



UgliestSoup said:

I guess NOA decided to put this giraffe feces on the eshop this week. Downright atrocious week.



Prof_Clayton said:

Apparantely everyone forgot that after a couple of good weeks, there is always a bad week. And after a bad week, sometimes comes a great week. :3



Kujo1597 said:

@Prof_Clayton Yeah, pretty much. You gotta take the good with the bad.

I'm not going to be picking up anything this week. I'd be more tempted to get Freakyforms if you weren't stuck only being able to use predetermined shapes. I loved Drawn to Life because I could draw my own guy to save cute little critters.

Well, I may download the Stylesavvy demo to see what all the hubub is about.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@Philip_J_Reed Me too.

What REALLY, REALLY irks me is that those 2 sonic GG games could have easily been released this week after 4 months in the coming soon section, but no! Why did they miss out on them? This is VERY infuriating.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@UgliestSoup You know that not every week can be perfect like last week. This isn't a BAD week, just way below average.

BTW guys, Freakyforms deluxe is to be $20 on the eshop.



NintendoCat14 said:

@TheDreamingHawk I really want to play Sonic Blast! SEGA and their release day lies.

Freakyforms, I'll get evetnaully. This is probably the worst eShop update of 2012. Can't wait for Ninja Gaiden next week, though!



TheInvisibleTor said:

Personally, im excited to see Cake Ninja 2 finally arrive. Might grab it since i got the first and it was.......well........not, good.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

You guys actually got it good, we only got Gradius and a 29% off discount on Art of Balance this week, though nothing for me.



Windy said:

well the updates the past few weeks were pretty nice then a holloween trick showed up



gojiguy said:

Freakyforms deluxe would be cool if it was A) cheaper B) a sequel and C) allowed you to send your creations through swapnote. It does NONE of those things.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@gojiguy It's WAY cheaper than the normal 3DS game. $20, you can transfer your old formees using the QR feature, and they added more features to make it a "pokemon platinum" like sequel



MadDuck said:

Wow, i don't know why everyones complaining, EU has had so many worse weeks.

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