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  • Feature Ten of Our Favourite DSiWare Games

    Remembering some of the best from Nintendo's first portable eShop

    The DSi was a console that had some important 'firsts' for Nintendo's portable efforts, chief among them was a digital storefront. Though the DSiWare shop may seem rather primitive compared to the eShop nowadays, there were still plenty of quality titles to be found on the service...


  • Reminder Points Can't Be Added to the DSi Shop After 30th September

    Wake me up when September ends

    A few months ago, it was announced that Nintendo would at last be pulling the plug on its Nintendo DSi Shop. Considering that NX is mere months away from release, this is something that didn't come as much of a surprise, but it's no doubt still disappointing news for many. There's still time to continue using the shop...


  • News The Nintendo DSi Shop Shuts Down Next Year

    The end of an era

    When Nintendo released the Nintendo DSi, it featured numerous simple, yet effective, new features to the original DS that gave it more multimedia functions. One of these introductions was the Nintendo DSi Shop, Nintendo's first foray into implementing a digital storefront on a portable console. While the quality of the games...


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    Review Crazy Train

    Going off the rails

    Nintendo's DSiWare service may be in the autumn of its life now, but there are occasionally some new releases for the platform. DSiWare has never necessarily been known for playing host to terribly deep or innovative games, but there are plenty of solid pick up 'n' play experiences to be had for just a couple of bucks. Crazy...



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    Review The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    "Cor blimey, gu'vnor"

    The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde takes us right back to a London morning in 1886. A body is discovered – a wealthy man who was highly regarded by everyone. Why was he murdered? How? What is going to happen next? Your job is to step into the shoes of an inspector, looking for clues and talking to important...


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    Review G.G Series VECTOR

    Low magnitude

    The last title in the G.G Series has come to pass at last, and it concludes the series in a rather anticlimactic and slightly disappointing manner. G.G Series VECTOR attempts to yet again take a crack at the falling block puzzler and it does so with mixed results. While there's an interesting original idea that's executed in a...

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    Review G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN

    Off the chain

    The next title in the G.G series takes us back to the puzzler genre with yet another take on the tried and true block puzzler. Amazingly enough, this is pulled off with a surprising amount of success and is as enjoyable as it is original. If there's any complaint to be levelled against G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN, it's that the overall...

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    Review G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER

    The name says it all

    The next title in the G.G series opts to return to the bullet hell genre with generally positive results. Due to the fact it makes little to no effort at creating its own identity, G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER is rather forgettable. That being said the controls are solid, the visuals and sound are suitably old-school, and the...

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    Review G.G Series NYOKKI

    Snake charmer

    The next title in the G.G series aims to remix a classic arcade game, and it mostly succeeds in achieving that goal. While there are some issues with the way that the main character responds to your controls, there really isn't much else to complain about. G.G Series NYOKKI is a good example of how to pull off a budget arcade game; it...

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    Review G.G Series AIR PINBALL HOCKEY

    A missed opportunity

    Thought the G.G Series was done, did you? Well it's not, and – after a brief hiatus – we're back to giving you our two cents as to which of these numerous mini games are worth your time. This time around, G.G Series AIR PINBALL HOCKEY is in the hotseat and it manages to provide a beautifully divisive experience that manages...


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    Review G.G Series THROW OUT

    ​Throw this one out

    We return to the G.G series with the sports genre, this time looking at a soccer game with combative elements reminiscent of the Mario Strikers series. It somewhat succeeds in this attempt, but matches are seldom challenging and consequently feel dull. While the game mechanics themselves are solid enough, one can't help but...

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    Review G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT

    Hopefully this really is the last knight

    The G.G series has grown a great deal in recent weeks, and another addition is an action adventure game that bears more than a passing resemblance to dungeons from The Legend of Zelda. Unfortunately, G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT doesn't hold any of the same magic and fails to deliver entertainment that has much...

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    Review G.G Series VERTEX

    A bit too one dimensional

    The next game in the G.G series is here, and this one is yet another unique take on the puzzler genre. While G.G Series VERTEX starts out strong with an interesting shooter-puzzler hybrid, it quickly peters out when this concept fails to develop into anything further. Pair this with lacklustre visual and sound design, and...

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    Review G.G Series RUN & STRIKE

    Double fault

    The next entry in the G.G series opts to branch out a bit and little something in the sports genre. While this works relatively well initially, the novelty of the gameplay soon wears off and it quickly becomes rather boring. G.G Series RUN & STRIKE is a decent arcade game, but players looking for anything more will be sorely...

  • Nintendo Download 16th July (North America)

    Tiny Galaxy, airport management, Blaster Master, G.G Series and more

    Following the passing of Satoru Iwata earlier this week Nintendo isn't actively issuing press releases at the time of writing; as a result the following is based upon checking the eShop stores. We have a promising Nindie effort on Wii U, a couple of quirky efforts on 3DS, more G.G...

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    Review G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!!

    Rock solid

    The next title to look at in the G.G series is yet another action platformer, but it manages to feel distinct from the others in more ways than one. Unlike every G.G game up to this point, G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!! focuses less on being an arcade-focused game best suited for quick playthroughs, and more on being an experience that...

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    The way of the ninja

    The next game in the G.G series opts to return to the platformer genre yet again, and the end result is surprisingly engaging. G.G Series THE HIDDEN NINJA KAGEMARU is a unique arcade focused, 2D stealth platformer that manages to put forth a distinct and compelling gameplay system that'll keep gamers coming back again and again...

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    Review G.G Series ALL BREAKER

    Are you worthy of the hammer?

    We have another title in the G.G series to consider, and this one opts to go back to action platformer roots. However, G.G Series ALL BREAKER focuses on including puzzle elements into the mix alongside the oddly compelling, melee-centric action. The end result is an engaging experience that'll keep challenging both your...

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    I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!

    The G.G series continues onward, and once again goes back to the platformer genre. G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE does its best to provide gamers with a compact action platformer, and it largely succeeds in achieving this goal. While it may seem a bit derivative at times, the solid platforming action on offer here...

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    Review G.G Series SHADOW ARMY

    Bob and weave

    The next title in the G.G series opts to go once again into the shooter genre, and the interesting gameplay manages to set G.G Series SHADOW ARMY apart from its predecessors in a meaningful way. While some aspects of it may be dull and somewhat uninspired, the continuously variable and fast paced nature of its gunplay make it an...

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    Review G.G Series EXCITING RIVER

    A quick trip through choppy waters

    The G.G Series continues rolling forward with its seemingly endless number of releases, and this time it's branching out into light racing territory. True to the identity of the series that it's coming from, G.G Series EXCITING RIVER offers a barebones yet enjoyable arcade game that shows its value not through its...

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    Fresh off the conveyor belt

    Packing away hundreds of toys rolling off of a factory conveyor belt, who hasn't had that dream? The next title in the G.G series is another falling block puzzler, and while it presents a unique and enjoyable type of gameplay, it's impeded somewhat by some suppressive game mechanics and an uninspired soundtrack. That...

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    Review G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK

    Block Dude 2.0

    Another entry in the G.G series has arrived, and anybody who's owned a TI series calculator and spent a lengthy amount of time in a high school math class will immediately feel at home with the type of gameplay here. Indeed, the premise of G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK feels like a successor of sorts to the cult classic, Block Dude, and it...

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    Review G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON

    ​More than meets the eye

    Short, sweet, and to the point. That's the phrase that best describes most games in the G.G series and G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON is no different - it offers an interesting and enjoyable gameplay experience that's over just about as quickly as it's begun. While it would be nice if there was a bit more meat to it, what is...

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    Review G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER

    Mega Buster

    The G.G series keeps on going, and next up is another shoot 'em up; yet this one presents a unique and dynamic combat system that's surprisingly engaging. In an experimental series that's pretty hit or miss depending on the genre being attempted, G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER provides a fun, arcade style shooter that's easily the most...

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    Review G.G Series COSMO RALLY!!

    Get ready to activate your G-diffusers

    This particular title in the G.G Series seems to have been inspired by a certain other futuristic racer, and while it presents an admirable take on the concept of high speed and interstellar racing, its lack of diverse content holds it back from being particularly memorable. That being said, G.G Series COSMO...

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    Review G.G Series HERO PUZZLE

    ​A long journey

    The G.G Series aims to provide players with quick arcade experiences on their DS systems at a low price point, and it experiments with a wide variety of genres to achieve this goal. Some of these genres are a better fit than others and this results in a somewhat unpredictable line of games that's a collection of highs and lows...


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    Review G.G Series WONDERLAND

    ​We're all mad here

    It's not often that a new DSiWare game shows up on the eShop, as that particular line of software is on the brink of extinction. Imagine, then, the shock when the G.G Series made its return to the service when Genterprise chose to localise the remaining games in the series. G.G Series WONDERLAND marked the beginning of the...

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    Review G.G Series THE SPIKY BLOWFISH!!

    ​Under the sea

    DSiWare is admittedly a pretty hit or miss service, with games on it typically being forgettable mini-games and otherwise unexceptional apps. The G.G series does a remarkable job of providing decent quality arcade experiences, and the next game in the long list of titles in this series is no different. G.G Series THE SPIKY...

  • News There Are Now Over 600 DSiWare Games And Apps

    Not dead yet

    The 3DS may be entering its twilight years but that doesn't mean that DSiWare - the downloadable software service which launched with the 3DS console's forerunner, the DSi - is completely dead. In fact, thanks to the large helping of DSiWare games in this week's Download Update, there are now 604 games and apps available for DSiWare...

  • Nintendo Download 25th June (North America)

    Star Fox and Mario & Luigi DS games! Art Academy! Shiftlings! More!

    It's Nintendo Download Update day, and as usual we now have the North American details. It's a busy line-up with three interesting Wii U eShop titles, two popular franchises on the Virtual Console, some discounts and another hefty batch of DSiWare. Yep... DSiWare. So, let's get to...

  • Nintendo Download 11th June (North America)

    LEGO Jurassic Park x2, more Harvest Moon, Dr. Mario and much more

    It's the final North American Nintendo Download Update before the E3 shenanigans in LA, and there's a diverse range of options. We have the first GBA Harvest Moon, two versions of LEGO Jurassic World, the return of Dr. Mario, some quirky eShop offerings and four DSiWare games. Let's...


  • Nintendo Download 18th December (Europe)

    99Moves, retro fighting, 3DS battles, puzzling sums and more

    It's the final download update before a Christmas Day line-up, and it may be best to consider it a calm before a storm. There are some relatively promising new downloads on both Wii U and 3DS, along with discounts and demos, so there may be some games to part you from some cash before the...

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    Review Around the World in 80 Days

    Have money, will travel

    When pondering the subject of exploration, match-three puzzle titles might not be the first thing that springs to mind. Jules Verne's classic story of an 80 day adventure around the world is a difficult concept to adapt through gem-switching and colour combinations, but Joindots GmbH has gone and done exactly that. Around the...

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    Review Fishdom

    All very fin-miliar

    Let's face it; you can't simply release a match-three puzzle game on Nintendo's range of handhelds today and expect to come across as unique. Developers are entering into an eShop saturated by shiny things just waiting to be lined up, so there needs to be some kind of hook to get players interested. Fishdom wears an intriguing...

  • News Mega Man 2 Fan Remake is Now Available to Play on Petit Computer

    242 QR codes to make it happen

    Though a 3DS eShop version is on the way, DSiWare app Petit Computer remains as one of the most intriguing downloads available on the last-gen portable. It allows you to create games using BASIC code that are fully playable on the DSi, and they can then be shared through QR codes. It's seen its share of terrific...




  • News Go! Go! Kokopolo Developer Explains Why It's Being Pulled From The eShop

    "It's quite nice that this version will become a limited release exclusive"

    If you haven't purchased DSiWare title Go! Go! Kokopolo then you might want to get your skates on, as the title is going to be pulled from sale on the 31st of this month. Creator Keith Webb has gone public to outline the thinking behind the move, and while it's tempting to...

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    Review Amida's Path

    The road less traveled

    DSiWare releases are becoming fewer and far between, but there are still some interesting titles to be found for the service, and they're all accessible thanks to the 3DS eShop. Collavier Corporation's Amida's Path is a creative, fun game that combines strategy, action and light role-playing to create an experience that feels...

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    Review Mysterious Stars: The Samurai


    The DSi’s touchscreen-and-stylus setup has inspired an impressive array of pen-and-paper puzzle conversions over the years, and this trend seems set to continue right into DSiWare’s twilight days. Collavier’s Mysterious Stars trilogy, as the most recent example, pairs classic connect-the-dots puzzles with children’s stories. It’s...

  • Nintendo Download 14th August (North America)

    XType Plus, GAIABREAKER, Mega Man, Double Dragon and more

    It's time again for the Nintendo Download Update news, and this week's North American list brings us multiple new titles on the Wii U, along with some retro goodies to consider. There's also a free demo on 3DS, a host of discounts across both current-gen systems and even a DSiWare game. Let's...

  • News Amida's Path Brings Interesting Combat Mechanics to DSiWare Later this Week

    Write 400 lines

    It seems the DSiWare format refuses to give up the ghost as yet another game is set to grace its gates later this week for North American DSi and 3DS owners. Amida's Path takes place 900 years ago in Kyoto, Japan. The city seems to be at peace until a menagerie of demons decides to wreak havoc upon its gentle citizens. You take...

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    Review Mysterious Stars: A Fairy Tale

    Missed connections

    From sudoku and crosswords to mazes and more, pen-and-paper puzzle games have found a happy home on Nintendo’s recent dual-screened systems, especially as part of smaller, downloadable offerings. One of the latest examples of this trend is the Mysterious Stars trilogy, a set of DSiWare games that couple classic connect-the-dots...

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    Review Anne's Doll Studio: Antique Collection

    Antique? Try "aged"

    Gamebridge's Anne's Doll Studio: Antique Collection is one of several titles in the Anne's Doll Studio "series," and like the other entries is a complete waste of time and money. A simple application in which you can dress up a doll and save it as an image file, users will find all there is to discover in Anne's Doll Studio as...

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    Review Anne's Doll Studio: Lolita Collection

    Don't touch Lolita

    Gamebridge's Anne's Doll Studio: Lolita Collection is one of several titles in the Anne's Doll Studio "series," and like the other entries, is a complete waste of time and money. A simple application in which you can dress up a doll and save it as an image file, users will find all there is to discover in Anne's Doll Studio as...

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    Review Anne's Doll Studio: Princess Collection

    Evil princess

    Gamebridge's Anne's Doll Studio: Princess Collection is one of several titles in the Anne's Doll Studio "series," and like the other entries is a complete waste of time and money. A simple application in which you can dress up a doll and save it as an image file, users will find all there is to discover as soon as the title menu is...


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    Review Anonymous Notes Chapter 4 - From the Abyss


    The Anonymous Notes series is pretty meta, in a way. For games about eternally slaying monsters in dungeons, they never seem to stop emerging from the eShop themselves. If you’ve been following along with our reviews, it probably won’t surprise you to know that Anonymous Notes Chapter 4 - From the Abyss is very much like Chapter 3,

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    Review Mysterious Stars: The Singer

    Only connect...

    Connect the dots, dot to dot, join the dots...whatever you called it growing up, the odds are pretty good you didn't think the game would be improved by a storyline. That's unfortunate, because that's the one thing Mysterious Stars: The Singer has to differentiate itself from an inexpensive book of similar puzzles. Well, no, that's...

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    Review My Aquarium: Seven Oceans

    Fishing for something more

    Back in the heyday of the WiiWare service, an application titled My Aquarium was made available to all Wii owners through the digital distribution platform. It was so well received — as is evidenced by our review — that a second version was soon developed, appropriately and unsurprisingly titled My Aquarium 2. Now,...

  • Nintendo Download 3rd July (North America)

    Guacamelee! Armillo! GBA Mario Tennis! WiiWare?! Much more!

    It's Nintendo Download Update time, North America, and this week is full of new downloads to try and part you from your funds. Some are highly anticipated on both Wii U and 3DS, while others are rather out of left-field. There's a lot to choose from, so let's stop stalling and get to the...



  • Nintendo Download 22nd May (North America)

    Squids, Turtles, Soldiers, Aliens, Street Fighting and more

    It's that time once again, as we have the full details of this week's Nintendo Download offerings in North America. This week brings us retro delights and new games on both the Wii U and 3DS, along with more DSiWare to keep the old portable going. Let's get to it. Want to know what arrives...

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    Review Deep Sea Creatures

    Shallow waters

    Collavier's Deep Sea Creatures, a slow-paced sim about deep sea fish and tank management, is not for everyone. While there is nothing particularly wrong with the game, its leisurely pace, lack of immediate challenge and poor instruction will likely turn off players looking for a more satisfying experience. For players genuinely...

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    Review Sokomania 2: Cool Job


    Cinemax's 2010 DSiWare puzzler Sokomania received a disappointing 3/10 in our review, due to its cheap presentation, lack of content and absence of variety. Unfortunately, Sokomania 2: Cool Job, while sporting a little more personality and improved visuals than its predecessor, doesn't improve upon the one-note gameplay and feels just as...

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    Review Jewel Match

    A traditional match-three lacking in splendour

    Anyone familiar with the world of match-three games will know almost exactly what to expect from a title such as Jewel Match. Released, oddly enough, after Jewel Match 3 on the 3DS, this DSiWare version strips out the story, hidden object finding, and other extra mini-games of the past sequel and...

  • Nintendo Download 15th May (North America)

    Wii Party U(?!), Scram Kitty, Chronicles of the Moon and much more

    It's Nintendo Download time, North America, and this week certainly brings decent variety and some much anticipated games. There are two exclusives across Wii U and 3DS that stand out, along with some other downloads and Virtual Console entries on both current systems. Let's get to...

  • Nintendo Download 8th May (North America)

    GBA Wario, more Mega May, Denpa Men, Grinsia and much more

    It's download update time, North America, and this week brings a diverse mix of old and new, including a fresh Game Boy Advance offering on the Wii U Virtual Console. There are three brand new games on the 3DS eShop, two more Mega Man "Mega May" games and, unbelievably, three DSiWare...

  • News Sokomania 2: Cool Job Pushes Its Way Into North America on 8th May

    DSiWare lives on

    DSiWare will never end. Or so it seems. Prolific developer and publisher Cinemax is bringing another title to the platform, though has stated that it'll be the last entry before it moves onto 3DS eShop releases. Arriving this week in North America is Sokomania 2: Cool Job, a box pushing puzzle sequel that'll cost just 200 Nintendo...


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    Review Sea Battle

    Please sink this battleship

    It's surprising there aren't more DS titles based on the classic board game Battleship. The DS, with its plastic exterior and flip-up dual screens, looks remarkably like a Milton Bradley Battleship board you probably have stuffed in the back of a closet. You don't need to dig through all your old board games to play...

  • Nintendo Download 24th April (North America)

    NES is remixed, Child of Light, Yoshi's back, a golfing demo and more

    It's that time again, North America, for your Nintendo Download update news. This week brings two high profile titles to the Wii U eShop, along with the latest Game Boy Advance Virtual Console offering. It's more of a mixed bag on the 3DS, though there is a demo for a major retail...

  • Nintendo Download 24th April (Europe)

    NES Remix returns, Yoshi on GBA, Yumi by another name and more

    A day later than normal due to a Holiday Monday, we finally have this week's Nintendo Download information for Europe. We've got a Wii U sequel to a popular remix, more GBA goodness, a mix of good and not-so-good on the 3DS and a new DSiWare title. Plenty to consider, so let's get into...

  • News Sea Battle Will Bring Battleships to DSiWare

    You can't sink the DSi Shop

    It may have been replaced by the 3DS eShop and its range of titles a little under three years ago, but the DSi Shop continues to make its presence felt with occasional releases. It helps, admittedly, that DSiWare games are released on the current portable's store too, but it remains a surprise to see new titles for the...

  • Nintendo Download 17th April (Europe)

    Pocket football, GBA goodies, big-name demos, discounts and more

    Nintendo is once again brightening our Monday morning with the European Nintendo Download update, which this week includes a variety of genres covering three systems — yep, DSiWare is back. There are some promotions — present and future — to consider, new games and Virtual...

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    Review I Am In The Movie

    I am in disbelief

    Have you ever wanted to be a film director? Have you ever wanted to capture life through the lens of a camera and use it to craft your own cinematic masterpiece? Do you have even a fleeting interest in special effects? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, now’s the time to leave all of your hopes and dreams on the...




  • 13


    Review Orion's Odyssey

    A little Odyssey

    Island Officials' Kickstarter-funded puzzler Orion's Odyssey is the spiritual successor to Hands On! Tangrams, a fun but one-note title that had solid gameplay but little variety and was severely lacking in presentation. Island Officials has crafted a more polished experience with a charming presentation and story, but with...

  • News I Am In The Movie Aims To Transform Your Humble Handheld Into A Hollywood Film Studio

    Arnie is sadly not included

    Indie developer Moragami has lifted the lid on its latest DSiWare project, entitled I Am In The Movie. A visual effects application which allows you to create small clips to share with friends, it will be available early next year in North America and Europe for 200 Nintendo points. Here's a run down of the features,...

  • 12


    Review Hooked on Bass Fishing

    Clear and shallow waters

    Fishing has never promised to be a thrill-a-minute sport; there is no LeBron James of fishing, as well there shouldn’t be. There are those who take fishing as a very serious and technical endeavour, certainly, but others take a more laid-back approach: just get out there, fiddle with things and see what you can nab! Hooked...

  • Nintendo Download 12th December (North America)

    RUSH, Double (Double) Dragon, 3D Sega and more

    It's Nintendo Download day, North America, and your collection of download treats for the week has been revealed. This week brings a mix of the old and new on both Wii U and 3DS, while DSiWare also makes an appearance. There's certainly decent variety on offer, so check out the details below. Wii U...

  • 19


    Review Heathcliff: Spot On

    Off the mark

    The Heathcliff comic strip is a longtime favourite in many funny pages, having remained curled up on its spot for 40 years. If you want to create a spot-the-difference game, then the widespread character recognition and enormous backlog of source material Heathcliff offers would seem to make a good foundation. It certainly may, but...

  • Nintendo Download 5th December (North America)

    3D Sonic and Altered Beast, Classic Goemon, DK galore and more

    It's another download update, North America, and this week is jam packed full of retro offerings, including some that have been spruced up in fancy 3D ways. The 3D Sega series continues, a Konami classic lands on Wii U and it all goes a bit ape with retro Donkey Kong everywhere, plus...

  • Nintendo Download 5th December (Europe)

    Bravely Default, more retro SEGA goodness, Scribblenauts and more

    Another week begins as we creep towards the Holidays, and Nintendo of Europe once again sends us on our way with a fresh download update. This week has some promising offerings, including more 3D SEGA goodies, a long awaited 3DS RPG and a much overdue Wii U and 3DS retail release;...



  • Feature The Nintendo Life Crypt of Downloadable Horrors II: The Bloodening

    So many ruined SD cards...

    It's the time of year during which a lot of people skulk around yelling "Boo!" As a video games review website, however, we prefer to boo terrible games. After all, isn't it the least bit frightening that these shambling, creeping monstrosities are out there trying to steal your money? We certainly lose sleep over it! In...

  • Nintendo Download 24th October (Europe)

    Phoenix Wright, Mighty Switching on Wii U and a ludicrous range of options

    Some weeks can be rather quiet in the Nintendo Download update; this is not one of those weeks. This may well be the longest list of downloads and promotions that we've seen yet, with some anticipated titles and a few that have rather come out of left-field. There's a...

  • Nintendo Download 17th October (Europe)

    Sonic arrives, Urban Champion returns (?!), some tasty discounts and more

    While the Monday blues are common, the Nintendo Download update arrives to bring a ray of sunlight to our week. This time around there are a few retro games, including a surprise return, Sonic dashes onto the Wii U and 3DS and we have some encouraging discounts to consider...

  • 19


    Review Zombie Blaster

    A grave disappointment

    Throughout DSiWare's long and not always distinguished history, we've seen a lot of games come and go. From puzzlers to RPGs to interactive storybooks, we've spent the past several years wading through every single release, doing our best to separate the rare diamonds from the dirt. Zombie Blaster interested us simply because,...

  • 11


    Review Tales to Enjoy! The Ugly Duckling

    A load of quack

    Another Tales to Enjoy game? Yep, we regret to inform you that it’s true. But this time it’s the most repulsive of all…The Ugly Duckling. If you haven’t been following along as of late, Tales to Enjoy is a series of games that uses the same exact interface and activities, but swaps out one fairly tale or fable for another...

  • 7


    Review Astro

    Lost in space

    Just when you thought that the DSiWare service had nothing left to offer except some word puzzles and interactive children’s books, along comes Astro. It's quite clear that this is intended to pay homage to the Atari classic Asteroids in its design and gameplay, but it falls short of recapturing what continues to make the original a...

  • Nintendo Download 10th October (North America)

    Pokémon, retro sports, water racing, lots of zombies and more

    It's Nintendo Download time, North America, with a certain Game Freak title dominating attention this time around. There are some other offerings, retro and new, to consider, including two(!) zombie-themed games on Nintendo's handhelds. Let's stop blabbering and get on with it, shall we?...

  • Nintendo Download 3rd October (North America)

    Crazy racing, retro brawling, classy puzzling and much more

    It's Nintendo Download time once again, North America, and just a little later than normal this week. We have a fairly lengthy list for you to pore over, covering content on the Wii U and 3DS eShops as well as one DSiWare title. There's plenty to get through, so let's leap right in. Wii U...


  • 6


    Review Tales to Enjoy! Three Little Pigs

    A case of swine flu

    If you’ve been hanging around the site during the past two weeks, chances are you’ve at least stumbled onto one Tales to Enjoy review. These games are compilations of activities targeted at kids who are just learning how to read, write, and develop basic problem solving skills. Each one uses an identical interface, but...