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Nintendo Download: 3rd September (Europe)

3rd September (Europe)

Runbow! Gunman Clive HD! StarTropics 1 & 2! Sin & Punishment! More!

Another week begins with Nintendo Download Update details for Europe; due to a public holiday in the UK this information came through later than normal (hat tip to Daan Koopman who forwarded the Dutch information to us). This week is particularly good on the Wii U, it must be said,...

Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America)

27th August (North America)

Sin & Punishment (twice), Runbow, FullBlast, Gotcha Racing and more

It's that time again, North American gamers, for the latest Nintendo Download Update. This week brings a Treasure double header on Wii U which is tough to resist, along with one of the Wii U eShop's most-anticipated exclusive releases from 13AM Games. Disney Infinity 3.0 is also...

Nintendo Download: 27th August (Europe)

27th August (Europe)

Devil's Third! Microtransactions! Senran Kagura! Q.U.B.E! More!

The beginning of another week brings us the European Nintendo Download Update details, with this entry bringing some major releases. We have a much anticipated FPS action game on Wii U, along with a toys-to-life option and some tempting downloads, while the 3DS brings the latest Senran...

Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America)

6th August (North America)

Golden Sun goodness, classic Capcom, Picross, Kung Fu and much more

It's time for another Nintendo Download Update in North America, and this week serves up a fairly diverse range of options. We have two promising Indie efforts on Wii U, while a certain GBA Virtual Console release with 'Golden' in the title may go down well. The 3DS has a couple of...

Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America)

30th July (North America)

Three Kirby games, BADLAND, Xeodrifter, Flick Golf and more

It's time once again for the North American Nintendo Download Update, and this week brings a fairly busy and diverse line-up. The Wii U is offering a triple-header of Kirby games, alongside a welcome port from Renegade Kid and a promising Game of the Year Edition. On 3DS we have a...

Nintendo Download: 30th July (Europe)

30th July (Europe)

Badland, Legend of Kay, Flick Golf, Hello Kitty themes (?!) and more

Another week begins with the Nintendo Download Update details in Europe. This week brings a couple much anticipated Wii U releases, a smartphone smash hit, more welcome puzzles and various discount options. Let's get to the details. Wii U eShop: BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition...

Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America)

23rd July (North America)

Binding of Isaac Rebirth! 3D Streets of Rage 2! Legend of Kay! Much more!

It's Nintendo Download Update time once again, and we have a fairly packed week in North America. We have a relatively controversial and long-awaited arrival on Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS, cross platform RPG goodness and some quirky efforts on the home console, while a budget...

Nintendo Download: 23rd July (Europe)

23rd July (Europe)

Yoshi! Streets of Rage 2 3D! Exciting discounts! More!

It's Monday, once again, and we have the Nintendo Download Update details for Europe to get the week started. This batch brings a promising mix of old and new on the Wii U, while a classic SEGA beat 'em up arrives in 3D form on Nintendo's portable along with a few other tempting options. Let's...

News: Atlus Leads the Way With eShop Discounts in North American Nintendo Download Update

Atlus Leads the Way With eShop Discounts in North American Nintendo Download Update

A few 3DS HOME Themes and demos, too

Our standard North American Nintendo Download Update this week was shorter than normal, as a result of Nintendo of America postponing the issuing of its formal press release. We were advised of the delay, and it was clearly to accommodate Satoru Iwata's funeral. The region has now issued the full details, and...

Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America)

16th July (North America)

Tiny Galaxy, airport management, Blaster Master, G.G Series and more

Following the passing of Satoru Iwata earlier this week Nintendo isn't actively issuing press releases at the time of writing; as a result the following is based upon checking the eShop stores. We have a promising Nindie effort on Wii U, a couple of quirky efforts on 3DS, more G.G...

Nintendo Download: 16th July (Europe)

16th July (Europe)

Mario & Luigi, Capcom classics, PokéPark and more

Due to the passing of Satoru Iwata earlier this week the information for the European Nintendo Download Update wasn't issued without request. The details are available now, and we have some particularly promising retro and familiar releases along with a music streaming service on Wii U, while the...

Nintendo Download: 9th July (North America)

9th July (North America)

Mario Tennis, Epic Indie Sale, loads of Wii U downloads and more

It's that time again, North American gamers, for the Nintendo Download Update line-up to tempt you ahead of the weekend. It's a busy line-up this week with a glut of varied releases on the Wii U eShop, the arrival of a classic Mario sports game and the rather impressive 'Epic Indie...

Nintendo Download: 2nd July (North America)

2nd July (North America)

Ocarina of Time, Roving Rogue, Samurai Warriors, discounts and more

It's that time again, North American gamers, for a look over this week's Nintendo Download Update goodies. One of the greatest games of all time is up for grabs, while there's a mix of Nindie and major third-party options through the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores. Throw in a load of...

Nintendo Download: 2nd July (Europe)

2nd July (Europe)

Going rogue, Ocarina of Time, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and much more

Another week begins, and as usual we have the Nintendo Download Update for Europe to get us started. This week seems to have a pretty strong line-up, with three excellent retro experiences accompanying a retro-style Nindie release on the Wii U. A delayed retail title also lands on...