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Nintendo Download: 6th December 2012 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Titanic murders, mighty bombs, burgers and retail goodies

It's Nintendo Download update time, and this week brings a rather lengthy list of titles for North America. All four systems are covered, with quite a few retail games making their download début, so let's get on with it.

3DS download software

Murder on the Titanic (Joindots GmbH, $7.99) — It's fairly self explanatory in terms of the storyline, with the developer promising an interesting plot to follow over six chapters. Mini-games are promised while we expect much of the gameplay to involve finding hidden objects in and around the fated ship; we'll be going on a voyage with this one in our review, soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Mighty Bomb Jack (Tecmo, $4.99) — This NES title has made an appearance on the Wii Virtual Console and the 3DS equivalent in Europe, with the handheld release now arriving in North America. This version moved away from the simple action well-known from the arcade original, but ultimately results in a lot of tough NES-style trial and error. Some may get a kick out of it, but others may want to read our Mighty Bomb Jack review first.

3DS eShop Demo

Fractured Soul (Endgame Studios, free) — A game that was a long time in the making, evolving from a DS retail release to an eventual arrival on the 3DS eShop. It's a challenging dual-screen action platformer that earned 8/10 in our Fractured Soul review, and now's your chance to try some of it for free.

3DS retail downloads

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Warner Bros, $39.99)
LEGO Lord of the Rings (Warner Bros, $39.99)
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning (Natsume, $39.99)
Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition (Telegames Inc, $29.99)

3DS retail DLC

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, $2.50 per pack) — Nintendo brings two more Coin Rush level packs to the handheld's 2D platformer with Platform Panic Pack and the not-so-creatively-titled Coin Challenge Pack C. Each has coin targets and a different difficulty rating, depending on how in-tune you feel with your Mario ninja skills.

Wii U retail demo

EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13 (Electronic Arts, free) — A free FIFA demo arrived on the European Wii U eShop last week, and now it makes its way across the pond in its soccer guise. We felt that the rushed development had led to some unfortunate compromises in our FIFA 13 review, but now you can play a match for free.


Christmas Wonderland 2 (Microvalue, 800 Points) — 'Tis the season for festive downloads on both sides of the pond, as Christmas Wonderland 2 arrives to follow in the footsteps of last year's Christmas Wonderland; much of the play is likely to involve hidden-objects, though some mini-games should be thrown in for good measure. We'll spot the differences from last year's release in our upcoming review.

Crystal Adventure (CIRCLE Entertainment, 200 Points) — It looks like a top down RPG, which seems to feature a great deal of dungeon crawling and turn-based battles along with a story that includes a sorceror, demon and some crystals. It comes in at a budget price, but we'll get questing to let you know whether it's worth your time in our review, soon.

Wii Virtual Console

BurgerTime (G-mode, 500 Points) — This NES original of the well-known franchise is sure to push the buttons of some retro enthusiasts, as you take on the noble goal of defeating deadly food enemies while constructing perfect burgers. We'll see whether this is still delicious in our review.

Nintendo Video

SKRILLEX & THE DOORS (free) — In this unprecedented collaboration between electronic trailblazer, Skrillex, & rock legends, The Doors, BREAKN' A SWEAT takes you on a post-apocalyptic adventure in full 3D - only on Nintendo Video.

So there you have it, lots to choose from at all sorts of price points. Let us know which of these will be eating up your funds in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (172 votes)

Murder on the Titanic (3DS eShop)


Mighty Bomb Jack (3DS Virtual Console)


Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS retail download)


LEGO Lord of the Rings (3DS retail download)


Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning (3DS retail download)


Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition (3DS retail download)


New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC


Christmas Wonderland 2 (DSiWare)


BurgerTime (Wii Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (86)



Pokefanmum82 said:

not sure.....i want scribblenauts but not sure i will like it. will try the demo. maybe i will get the murder on the titanic or the crystal adventure.



brooks83 said:

G-Mode is supporting the Wii VC again? I wish they would bring back the TG16 games they removed earlier this year. And I will be picking up BurgerTime.




Wait a minute. I'm kind of confused here with this whole week's update. I thought that Ninja Gaiden was scheduled to come out today, not Mighty Bomb Jack. Unless Nintendo is playing mind games with people again that is.



ThomasBW84 said:

I've double checked the press release, no Ninja Gaiden, so I really don't know what's going on there.



Tasuki said:

Well I am tempted to get either Lego Lord of the Rings or Harvest Moon but I prefer having a physical copy.



Arianabtd said:


I got the first version for ds right when it came out. It was amazing. I thought the game would be super easy, but some puzzles are really difficult and challenging, which made it really fun.

I would really suggest this game to anyone.



MrWezzle said:

Ninja Gaiden's release date has been changed to today's date in the eShop. So there's a chance we might be adding that to our list... Crossing all my fingers.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wow, Harvest Moon 3D snuck right up on me. Will probably not get it this week, but I look forward to grabbing it soon!



ultraraichu said:

I been thinking about getting Fractured Soul for the longest while but keep putting it off. Maybe the demo would give me the extra push.



sinsalaca said:

Fractured Soul demo for sure. Having been wanting to try this game for a while. Titanic seems like something I might like and possibly Crystal Adventure



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I'll get the NSMB2 stuff once I get NSMB2
I'll also get the Fractured Soul Demo, although with the price of the full game, I seriously doubt I'm getting that.
But really, what I want to see is
The first 4 Sonic the Hedgehogs.



Boo_Buster said:

@Philip_J_Reed Same. I might pick that up sometime later this month. Not many games arrive this month so I'll have some extra money, and I always enjoy planting things and hitting on women If Jim Morrison was still alive he would punch Skrillex in his ugly hairdo, not collaborate with him.



SheldonRandoms said:

Fractured Soul Demo for me, also who would get Christmas Wonderland 2, I mean really, Fractured Soul might seem like a lot, but compared to Christmas Wonderland 2, it's totally worth it.

Also still no Flipnote memo/studio 3D



Boo_Buster said:

@3Dash SMB2: The Lost Levels is supposed to come on Dec. 27th my friend. Fluidity: Spin cycle comes out the same day, so that will be an expensive eShop day for most. I am eagerly waiting for Toki Tori 2 on the Wii U as well!



Auracle said:

Probably try the Fractured Soul demo, but that's about it.
@3Dash - If you're looking to play the first 4 Sonic games, I recommend getting the Sonic Classic Collection for DS. You can probably find it for pretty cheap at Wal-Mart.



alex167 said:

Another week and no Kirby´s Dreamland 2 ...I hope Nintendo releases this game this game on VC, keep waiting.



Shworange said:

So what's the deal with Murder on the Titanic? You solve the crime and then it's moot because you and the murderer dies anyway?



Detective_TeeJay said:

Whaaaaaat?! B-b-but I just got the physical version of Scribblenauts Unlimited not too long ago, and I was even disappointed that there wasn't a downloadable version! Aaaaargh! least I have the game.



Skotski said:

Huh... lots of retail up for download. Pretty cool.
Sadly, I've already got Scribblenauts Unlimited on the Wii U (definitely the superior), and Harvest Moon: ANB actually has some bonus if you buy it on the Natsume shop.
So... Awesome, but not for me.



Dazza said:

Guys - Ninja Gaiden is due next Thursday, along with Crimson Shroud. It's coming!



Lalivero said:

That Murder on the Titanic game seems pretty interesting; think I'll download that.



ShadJV said:

Hmm... Not complaining, but where is the Wii U eShop support? The first thing added to the eShop since launch 2 and a half weeks ago, and it's a demo? I hope Nintendo starts supporting it regularly, and soon... :-/



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Knuckles: Yeah, weren't we supposed to get them back in July already? And where's Sonic 2? Been waiting for that one since before the 3DS was released.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@3Dash: From what I've heard, we're getting the Lost Levels (in the US anyway; don't know if your from Europe or not) shortly after Christmas. And apparently Japan now has the US Super Mario Bros. 2, so SMB3 should be along the way. I myself am anticipating all three of them, and all 4 Genesis Sonics would be nice.



vdallos said:

I hope that some day we'd play the vc on the wiiu gamepad. And wher is the megaman 3 for 3ds classics?



Nekketsu3D said:

when more time passes without Eshop classic games in USA, more I love my Japanese 3DS...




Shiromikio said:

Nice week for 3DS with a few retail downloads. I haven't picked up HM:ANB yet so voted it as a likely possibility. Also considering Scribblenauts Unlimited, though I would've gotten it sooner if they'd included the item editor in the Wii U version.



Pikachupwnage said:

Blah. Almost all the 3DS stuff is either

More expensive then at retial(could find any of that stuff cheaper at least give a five dollar discount!), Meh, or better on another system(Scribblenauts)

Bit trip saga for 15$ DD in the coming soon thats just sexy.



Morpheel said:

Also on the coming soon section, there's a minigame collection coming out soon for 6 bucks that looks a lot better than the retail one released today... Just telling to anyone interested in that one.



Flowerlark said:

Got Murder on the Titanic. I'm not very far into it but there doesn't seem to be as many actual hidden object sections as I would like. Seems 'okay' overall thus far.



Barbiegurl777 said:

@ Flowerlark,

Thank's for the head's up on murder on titanic. I was going to get that title but decided to skip it & get Christmas Wonderland 2 really loving christmas wonderland 2.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



gojiguy said:

G-Mode is back supporting VC? Damn. This is crazy. We could see some great Data East classics come out. I'd love to see Night Slashers on VC!

Also, wtf Nintendo. Way to troll everyone waiting for Ninja Gaiden... That's me. Ugh.



brooks83 said:

@gojiguy - I just want them to bring back the 3 games they (or Nintendo) pulled down earlier this year. I want another chance to download Bloody Wolf! lol



Emaan said:

I'll download the FIFA demo, since I've been wanting to get a demo for my Wii U.



bonesy91 said:

Just beat Xenoblade, still have zombie u to finish and nsmbu. So I'm good for now



TheDreamingHawk said:

Ninja gaiden still had it's 12/6 date after the eshop updated with no option to buy. O_O. But it's fixed now, so it should (and must) come next week. Makes sense as MBJ was first in Europe. And scribblenauts DD and Burger time? YES!



rayword45 said:

You CANNOT mix The Doors with something crap like Skrillex.

And that Titanic game sounds like it has some serious promise. Screw the rest except (very unlikely) that DSiWare RPG potentially.



XFsWorld said:

Ive been thinkin about gettin Fractured Soul for awile, but after playin da demo, i changed my mind......I might end up throwing my 3DS against the wall.

Imma download Scribblenauts, i use to love it



sinsalaca said:

Fractured SOul demo was ok, but after playing it I still don't know that it warrents such a high price tag. If it were lower then maybe it would be an instant buy, but think I will wait til another time



NintendoCat14 said:

I'l get the Fractured Soul demo, and the New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC. I may get Mighty Bomb Jack, but it sounds pretty bad.



Birdman said:

Lots of stuff to maybe get (MBJ, MotT sounds interesting, maybe that new CIRCLE game, Fractured Soul based on the demo) but nothing definitive for me.



SubZer023 said:

Guys i really want this in this Update is MonsterShoter in CrimsonShroud!XD EPIC in as Retail download maybe ScribbleNauts



Marks said:

Harvest Moon, hooray! Only have to wait after Christmas after I get more money.



Windy said:

saving the duckets for next week then getting Crimson Shroud. Im rolling the dice that its a good game....hee hee



Windy said:

After playing the fractured Soul Demo I think Im skipping that one unless a price drop. I doubt it though there are rarely price reductions in the Eshop



Lobster said:

Christmas, hurry up! I need that new SD card for my 3DS! So many games...



Windy said:

I downloaded Crystal Adventure for the Heck of it since it was cheap and although its not some groundbreaking game I find it to be one of the best Cheapy downloads in the Eshop. It's an exploration RPG where you are in some sorta castle structure finding your way through. So far there is no storyline to speak of but lots of Maze Backtracking and Item finding. I think most RPG fans will enjoy this cheapy. It's a 16 bit game and the tiles actually look pretty nice. This is a much better game than Planet Crashers at least in fun factor. If your jonesing for an RPG I would recommend Crystal Adventure as a quick playthrough. It has a very odd Battle engine not much there but it works and is fast. Just be sure to check the level of stuff your attacking. Thank god they added a run button. No storyline but its a fun mouse and maze throwback RPG and one of the better 1.99 games. Don't get caught up in killing everything you can backtrack and get them later and haul in the treasure they protect. My recommendation is if you cant kill something move on and come back to it later. At first I was like what the hell! But as I played more I just could not stop. I want to see whats in the lower level dungeon

Crystal Adventure wasn't added to this weeks Survey although nothing groundbreaking and simple it's just plain fun. I could not stop playing last night. It makes you want to see whats on the next floor

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