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Nintendo Download: 21st June 2012 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Mutant Mudds is here

Well, that was a long wait. Renegade Kid's acclaimed platformer gets to Europe this week, along with a 1000 Point WiiWare adventure and a kickabout on DSiWare. Here's what's up this week.

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Mutant Mudds (Renegade Kid, £8.10/€9) — What started life as a DS retail game called Maximillian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds eventually transformed into Mutant Mudds, a smart little retro-styled platformer. It's taken its sweet time to get to Europe but it was worth the wait, as our Mutant Mudds review explains.


Gooooooal Europa 2012 (Cinemax, 500pts) — If you've got football fever, this little table football title might be the perfect antidote. With local multiplayer, tournaments, arcade play and 20 objectives to fulfil, we'll soon see if this is worth a shot in our upcoming review.


Save the Furries (SDP Games, 1000pts) — A WiiWare version of an iPad game, we'll see how it stacks up in our upcoming review.

That's all the gaming action for you this week, European readers. What will you be going for? Let us know on our Facebook poll.

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User Comments (61)



BenAV said:

Woo, finally.
It's pretty expensive, but I'm definitely downloading Mutant Mudds.



luminalace said:

Sadly it's not quite here because the 21st is 3 days away! Seriously it has felt like an eternity waiting for Mutant Mudds!



welsh_gamer said:

£8.10 - not bad. Cheaper than Dillon's Rolling Western, and probably a better game Roll on Thursday!



GTWarrior77 said:

Mutant Mudds at last. I've been itching to play this since it was released
In the USA. Instant download for me.



Chris720 said:

I wasn't going to buy Mutant Mudds anyway... but at £8.10, good gosh I'm not touching that with a barge pole!



McHaggis said:

Not for me, I think £8.10 is overpriced too. Just like VVVVVV; at £4 (the price it is on Steam) I would have bought it the instant it was released. At £7.10, I feel like I'm being ripped off. It's not that I can't afford the extra £3.10, I'd just feel like I was gullible if I paid it.



Chris720 said:

@MeWario Not really a loss if your not interested in the game is it?

@luminalace Only by 90p, it's not that much cheaper. I've bought Dillon's Rolling Western and I think that £9 was a bit too steep really, if it was £7 or £8 then I could justify it. It's a good game alright, but I don't think it's worthy of £9.



Linkstrikesback said:

That pricing for mutant mudds.Ouch.

Well, thats not getting a download right away from me. I really hate the way we get screwed on price conversion (How does $9 = £8.10!?!?!?). It should be about £5.75 to be the same price as america!



Geonjaha said:

£8.10?! Haha, I'm not buying that.
People complained about Rolling Western being expensive, but it's only an eShop unit greater (eShop units = 90p obvs :3)
America got the game for £5.70, and I dont think I'm going to support it when they get 30% off. I know it's always cheaper in NA, but for larger prices the difference becomes ridiculous...
I'd rather spend those 9 eUnits (that's right - it's a thing now) on 3 nice GB titles like Tripworld.

@MeWario - Your opinion :3



Moshugan said:

@Linkstrikesback Yeah! It should be the same price but they just phock consumers in the eye. At the price is the same round the world. That's how it should be!

Also, 9€?? I have 8€ in my eShop balance, durrr... Oh yeah, I wasn't supposed to buy any more games before I've cleared a certain percentage of my backloggery.



Adhrast said:

I've been waiting for Mutant Mudds for so long that I couldn't care less about how much it costs
I know 9 euros isn't exactly cheap, but judging from the reviews it's totally worth it! I added 30 euros to my account just thw other day, even before I knew it was coming so even in Europe we're finally playing it.
On the other hand, I second the objection that prices should not be direct conversions... I mean, 9 USD = 3 EUR? No way! But it's a thing we're constantly seeing, so I'm kind of used to it... It' really a shame, though...



Adhrast said:

I obviously meant 9 USD = 9 EUR, but I'm typing from my phone, got it wrong and can't edit



TheAdza said:

I really want this game, but $13.50 AU is just not right. Most eShop games in Australia are over priced. No eShop 3DS original download software titles should be over $10 AU. I'll get it though as I want to support the developer.



19Robb92 said:

I do have money to spend on the eShop.. But I don't know about this game. Not a fan of 2D platforming shooters.



Koapa said:

9 €, are you mad?
For that prize I´m getting full games from some on-line shops.
Bleh, eShop, you are getting to bad direction. Cheap games will buy more people.



luminalace said:


From my recollection Dillon's Rolling Western scored a 7/10 at Nintendolife. Mutant Mudds scored a 9! I didn't get DRW because it's over $15 in Australia and I'm not into Tower Defence games that much, and while I don't disagree that MM is pretty steep, it sounds like it's right up my alley and it's also one of best eShop titles full stop!



McHaggis said:

In all fairness, European companies usually have to pay VAT (even for digital products and services). In the UK, VAT is currently 20%, so $9 ~= £5.75, 5.75 + 20% = £6.90. So a direct price conversion should have put the game in the £7.20 eShop bracket if rounding up.

Still, referring to my earlier comparison, Steam charge £4.99 for VVVVVV, which is £7.20 on the Nintendo eShop, with both prices being VAT inclusive. I'd happily pay £5 for VVVVVV or Mutant Mudds.



CanisWolfred said:

Maybe it's because I'm american, but that price sounds pretty fair for a really good game. Then again, I've paid $20 for digital games before, so ~$12-$13 doesn't sound like that big a deal to me.



luminalace said:


I agree with you! I would pay $20 myself if the game is really special but I think Nintendo have to move slowly on price on the eSHop! I bought Bird Mania 3D and didn't even flinch because it was so cheap! $10 should be the price that companies aim to not exceed at this time!



GeminiSaint said:

Mutant Mudds is a fun retro-platformer and a decent challenge. If you like the genre, this game is for you.



PixelatedPixie said:

The price of games on eshop are becoming increasingly difficult to justify. Nintendo need to look at the market and set their prices accordingly. People can purchase games similar to Mutant Mudds on Steam or on their mobile device for a lot less. Hell, I just bought a brand new copy of Epic Mickey for £7.95. By all accounts Mutant Mudds is a great game, and I'll probably buy it, but for every person like myself there's probably several who would have purchased it at £5 - £6 but who wont at £8.10. I worry that the eshop pricing structure in Europe is undercutting sales.

The pricing structure in Europe also angers me because it takes away from the game itself. When people should be getting excited about playing a long awaited game, instead we're talking about the price. It's pretty dissappointing.



luminalace said:


Yeah it really sucks how the PAL regions pay more! It appears like the prices in the eShop are tailored for the American market and then when they get to us, are not only inflated but priced with little thought!



Bass_X0 said:

Downloaded Zenonia today.

And save the furries? Do you know what furries do? They don't deserve saving.



paul6891 said:

Do any of you guys know how blocks mutant mudd takes, if I was to take the splash on this game I'd probably need a new sd which puts the price up!



Jese_1 said:

So we complain for months that Mutant Mudds hasn't arrived and then we complain because of its price? It's meant to be one of the best games on the eShop with quite a bit of content. If people are so crazy about mobile gaming then buy an iPhone, have at it and stop whinging.



Odnetnin said:

This image would've worked a lot better, especially given the tagline:
Not that this is actually from the game, of course.



motang said:

Mutant Mudds is awesome! I can't believe it has taken this long for it come out in Europe.



McHaggis said:

@Jese_1 if nobody ever whinged, nothing would ever get done about anything and we'd all be paying 10 times as much whilst getting paid ten times as little. As (potential) consumers, we have a right to complain about things that irk us. If people think pricing is unfair then they absolutely should complain about it, though perhaps it's better off directed towards Nintendo than a news post on some website.

Also, a) I didn't complain about Mutant Mudds not being out here and, b) probably most of the people complaining own iPhones as the app store is the most comparative platform to the eShop.



Geonjaha said:

@Jese_1 - Yes..its perfectly acceptable to question why it takes a year to bring a game from one region to the next, considering it's digital as well. It's also acceptable to not buy a game if you think a price is too high, even if you have been waiting for it. See how that works?



PixelatedPixie said:


I have to agree with Geonjaha and McHaggis. There is a huge difference between whinging and discussion. From the comments I've read here today it does not seem to me to be whinging, but rather a healthy debate about Nintendo's pricing structure for digital releases in Europe.



komicturtle said:

You all know Renegade Kid is based in the US right? That's why the price is high probably because of the localization fees associated to bring the game over to EU.

Personally, I thought the game was ok. Not going to say that's its not worth $10 as I don't have the right to determine their value of their game, but it wasn't worth my $10...



PixelatedPixie said:


There's some logic to that, but to be honest just how much localisation do you think was required for Mutant Mudds? Is there much in the way of story or dialogue? I'm sure there's the cost of getting it certified to be released in Europe, but that's a cost that should be factored into the games development costs and not one which should be borne by the consumer.



chewytapeworm said:

What is this Mutant Mudds you all speak of?...

Heh. £8.10? No skin off my nose. If it was retail it'd be £15 to £20. Can't complain too much, and if it is as great as everybody says it is, then I'm laughing.

Also, never realised Dillon's Rolling Western cost that much aswell. Obviously the game never interested me that much, else I would've known, but if people have played and enjoyed that title immensely, which I'm certain they have, then what's the problem here!? They're both top, critically acclaimed games and they're under a tenner each. Lump on ferchrissakes!



FonistofCruxis said:

Its good to see that Mutant mudds will finally be here soon but not good to see that most of the comments about the game is about the price. I can understand that some people would like the conversion to be more accurate but the quality and length both seem to justify the price.



mandemote said:

mutant mudds is alright like i'm not totally hyped up for it i just want the kingdom hearts 3d demo then i will consider mutant mudds ‹(~_~)›



SKTTR said:

Usually a PAL game is either English, or translated into 5-6 different languages. And EU has two rating boards. So when you buy a game in EU, you automatically pay extra, for Germany's USK just as much as you pay for the Italian and Dutch screentext that you never use.

Anyway, I like that Steam structure. Worldwide prices, no region lock! Step it up, Nintendo!

On another note, such an irony that we get a WiiWare game that was announced just weeks ago and is now finished and going to release. What's up with the other games that were announced YEARS AGO?



SageofShadow said:

I still cannot believe this game took so long to reach Europe's shores. Well, enjoy! It is quite an amazing title.



Azikira said:

Save the Furries made me laugh. Yes, please save me~ I am in need of cuddles and attention~~ X3



MeWario said:

@Demonic Yea it's still your loss =P If you didn't like pizza I would feel really bad for you not liking something totally awesome and I feel bad for you now. Boom Lawyered!

I can't believe everyone complaining about the price! A full retail game here in Australia is $70, and this is what? $12.50? That's not a bad deal. Bird Mania is $3 here and I'm pretty confident this will have 3x the content of Bird Mania =P



luminalace said:

If you are genuine and 99% of the people here are, we can and will whinge. Heck some of us are whinging but are still buying Mutant Mudds.

I whinged about the Nintendo E3 conference yet I am still getting a Wii U day 1 and will buy the entire 3DS lineup shown there (admittedly only 3-4 games were shown).

Being a Nintendo fan isn't always a bed of roses but we are loyal and passionate. Sometimes this means we whinge about stuff.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'm sure there's the cost of getting it certified to be released in Europe, but that's a cost that should be factored into the games development costs and not one which should be borne by the consumer.

Bear in mind that Renegade Kid doesn't set the price. It might be worth forwarding your comments to NoE, but the developer, sadly, has very little to do with this.



akabenjy said:

@BenAV Awesome I've got $15 set aside just in case. I can't wait for this title. I love the music and the retro sprites.



PixelatedPixie said:


In my earlier comment I said exactly that. I said,

"Nintendo need to look at the market and set their prices accordingly."

The sentence you quoted was in response to L4DYK0M1C's claim that the price increase might be attributed to localisation costs. I could be wrong, but as I understood it developers suggest what price their game should be sold at but that it is Nintendo who ultimately take the decision. I would be very surprised if developers had no say in the price of their game.



Henmii said:

Mutant mudds it will be...but not now! On a later date, when I have a new e-shop card.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I could be wrong, but as I understood it developers suggest what price their game should be sold at but that it is Nintendo who ultimately take the decision. I would be very surprised if developers had no say in the price of their game.

I didn't say "no say," I said very little, which I think is a pretty fair description of how much say someone has when it's limited to a suggestion that can be — and often is — overridden by Nintendo.

I just think it's a bit much to assign the blame for this to the developer when there's absolutely no reason to suggest that this was their decision, or intention.



Metalskull said:

Who gives a c***p about the price seriously the game deserves any euro or peny its just plain awesome!

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