Last week was a bit of a bumper week for the Nintendo Download update in North America, and we have another packed list for you. Every platform is covered in some form, and there's a demo and some videos to fill your time too; let's get right into it.

3DS Downloads

Crazy Kangaroo (Gamelion Studios, $3.99) — This is the latest in the range of smartphone-style games to hit the 3DS eShop, with a tendency to cause 'one more go' syndrome and produce randomly generated levels. On this occasion you guide a hopping kangaroo, of course, from platform to platform while avoiding the water, with some sub-tasks and items to grab hold of as well. At times the story mode in particular feels unbalanced and it's lacking leaderboards, but you can get full details to help decide if this is for you in our Crazy Kangaroo review.

Nurikabe by Nikoli (Hamster Corporation, $4.99) — Quickly becoming the most prolific series on the 3DS download service, good old Nikoli returns with Nurikabe. This will include 50 puzzles that can be played in a progressive Stage Clear mode, or you can beat levels at Random, with the puzzles involving filling in spaces on a square grid using the numbers provided as a guide. We'll wrap our heads around it for a review in the near future.

3DS Virtual Console

Mario Golf (Nintendo, $4.99) — The Game Boy Color version of Mario's golfing exploits arrives, and brings with it some of the well-known sports action that defined Camelot Software Planning's releases in the past. It promises a lot, with the ability to create three players and power them up as you progress, four courses, 12 practice ranges, five play modes and a variety of mini-games. We'll be digging out our clubs to bring you a review soon.

3DS Demo

LEGO Lord of the Rings (Warner Bros., free) — The one demo to rule them all? Well, it's free, so there's no real reason not to try the upcoming LEGO release based on the blockbuster movies, which are based off even more popular books. Depending on the demo you'll get the opportunity to chop enemies down with a sword, shoot them with an arrow or use some wizardry magic. If you're lucky you'll get to do all three.

3DS eShop Video

Spirit Hunters Inc. Videos (Free) — During the next few weeks, a series of videos in the Nintendo eShop will give players a special look at Spirit Hunters Inc. This week, learn how Nic uses his Shadow abilities in a battle, and catch the first installment of the "How to Play" series. These videos will get you ready to hunt the ghostly spirits all around you.


Robot Rescue 2 (Teyon, 200 Points) — This title is, unsurprisingly, a sequel to Robot Rescue on DSiWare, and features the same tile-based puzzling where you move robots through dangerous areas to safety. The catch is that movements are linked, so you have to worry about multiple characters and use various tricks to make it out safely. This one promises 60 levels and three difficulty settings, and we gave the first title 6/10 in our Robot Rescue review. We'll have a verdict on the sequel for you as soon as possible.

Wii Virtual Console

The Last Blade 2 (D4 Enterprise, 900 Points) — When a new download becomes available on the Wii Virtual Console now, the odds are reasonably high that it'll be a Neo Geo arcade fighter. And so we have The Last Blade 2, which is likely to bring sword slashing action along the same lines as predecessor The Last Blade. That may not be a bad thing, as we awarded 9/10 in our The Last Blade review, so we'll see whether the sequel maintains those high standards soon.

Nintendo Video

Meat or Die: Helena (Free) — The newest episode of Meat or Die, the hilarious hit series from Nintendo Video™, premieres Oct. 12. Don't miss Yans & Gans as they employ a mysterious force in their never-ending (and never-successful) quest for meat.

There's certainly some choice this week, as well as a freebie, but will you be putting down any cash for downloads this week? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (203 votes)

Crazy Kangaroo (3DS eShop)


Nurikabe by Nikoli (3DS eShop)


Mario Golf (3DS Virtual Console)


Robot Rescue 2 (DSiWare)


The Last Blade 2 (Wii Virtual Console)


Nothing for me this week


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