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Nintendo Download: 10th May 2012 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Very early edition

Believe your eyes: the Nintendo Download for North America is out, several hours ahead of usual. There's two Virtual Console treats and more to get stuck into, so here's what's up this week.

Virtual Console

Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Virtual Console Arcade, SEGA, 900pts) — Just like Europe, North America gets a double dose of SEGA VC goodness this week with this Virtual Console Arcade release a superior version of the already available Wonder Boy in Monster Land on Master System. We'll review the arcade version for a review soon.

Monster World IV (Genesis, SEGA, 900pts) — The first time MWIV has left Japan, this fully translated release is one of the most anticipated VC releases yet. Find out if it's been worth the wait in our upcoming review.

3DS Download Software

Sudoku by Nikoli (HAMSTER, $4.99, 294 blocks) — 50 sudoku puzzles might not sound like a lot — that's 10 cents a puzzle, maths fans — but it might be a decent time waster for five dollars. We'll let you know soon.


Paul's Shooting Adventure 2 (Agetec, 200pts, 43 blocks) — The sequel to bizarre baby blaster Paul's Shooting Adventure, this promises a new two-player co-operative mode and better graphics. Of course we'll be reviewing this; try not to go gaga in the meantime.

Nintendo Video

Dinosaur Office: Office Party (available May 11 at 6 a.m. PT) — When the office throws an after-work party to celebrate a productive quarter, Craig finds himself in the middle of a dinosaur cat fight.

It's nice to get an early heads-up on the downloads, isn't it? What will you be downloading this week?

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BenAV said:

If that Sudoku game comes here, no way I'm buying it for like $7 or whatever they charge us.



47drift said:

I'm unfamiliar with the Monster World series, but those screenshots look really interesting. Might have to check those games out.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Ahhh, no Retro City Rampage this week.

What's the point of making a Sudoku game for 3DSWare, especially when there's only 50 puzzles? Wouldn't it work just as well as a DSiWare game?



CureM said:

I was interested but only 50 puzzles? I think I'll be sticking with my EA DsiWare sodoku game



Lunapplebloom said:

Yes! Monster World IV! This title has made my week. I'll be downloading it as soon as humanly possible. I just need some Wii points. One thing though @James, it says Mega Drive when it should say Sega Genesis. Nothing really to worry about, but I just caught it.



Kyloctopus said:

I'm going to buy me some Sudoku.
Glad to see Nikoli's ok from the bankruptcy of Hudson, other companies couldn't. (The Tetris Company)



Kyloctopus said:

@CureM Actualy according to it's e Shop description, it will generate completely random puzzles, for more replay ability.



ajcismo said:

My Wii took a crap last week and is on a UPS truck to California for repairs... I really want to try Monster World IV. (and damnit I miss Xenoblade too)



TheDreamingHawk said:


After all of those people saying it was coming today, it didn't. Why was that? The fact that we get only a sudoku game that doesn't seem that long anyways, and the fact that we have NO 3DS VC or other 3DSware today makes this just an awful week for the 3DS.

For the wii, Monster world is here, and that is a great game! If only the same could happen on 3DS VC...

With europe catching up on 3DSWare, NOA BETTER release a 3DS VC, or a good 3DSWare game, next week.



Tsuchinoko said:

@James I have that HAMSTER Sudoku game. Got it for a while since it was released here in Japan. Just a note, and this is totally my opinion, but the music is horrible. I turned it off and just stuck with the sound effects, and those aren't really very good. The magnifying class effect on the 3D screen is kinda cool though.

Honestly, it was kinda expensive here too. Its a mini-version of the HAMSTER Sudoku retail title which had a lot more puzzles.



Tsuchinoko said:

Oh, and sorry to double post, but guys, I know you are always moaning about the VC, and Nintendo and all that, but really, it isn't Nintendo as a whole, or other companies, you really should be getting at NoA for this problem. Japan is still getting VC games all the time, and the PAL region has been getting quite a few recently too. Even on the 3DS VC EU/AU is ahead of NA. I don't know if has to do with sales or not, but its a regional problem.



Samholy said:

sudoku books are 2$ here, and features above an hundred of them. so....
whats the point ?



ejamer said:

Lack of compelling portable software is disappointing... but the awesome Wii VC releases make up for that in my mind. I'll be buying some more Wii points today.



Whopper744 said:

I couldn't tell you the last time I actually saw something come out on a Thursday that I actually want to put the money into.
Yeah I know. Quit whining about there not being Kid Icarus Myths and Monsters and Wario Land.



Mr_Nose said:

I never dreamed I'd see an officially translated MW IV on the VC.

I still love you, Sega!



cheapogamer4life said:

Wow. Maybe their's still a chance we'll see Kirby Block Ball today when the E-Shop normally updates. Other then that it's good to see Wii VC with two games this week.



NintyMan said:

Nothing for me again this week, although it's reassuring that the VC is finally getting something again.



CrazyOtto said:

Sega does what Nintendon't yet again!

@Knuckles I am too, I actually already have it as an Ambassador, but I'd like to update it.



kitroplious said:

I knew there was not going to be a classic for the 3DS VC. I have a feeling Kirby's Block Ball might come next week because DSiWare is not scheduled for that day (so far!).

But if it doesn't, then NoA will HAVE a new all time low on the eshop, and that's a serious problem.



Tsuchinoko said:

@knuckles Wow, that isn't out in NA yet? I just checked and yeah, the order of the release is totally different. We got Zelda 1 first, and then Super Mario after, whereas you guys started with Super Mario and then got Metroid.



Edlicious said:

Wow another puzzle game eshop game? The 3DS and DSi are cursed with infinite puzzle games.



GeminiSaint said:

I see the Game Boy VC continues to be a no-show. I wonder what was up with all those people that kept saying Kirby's Block Ball would be released today?
Oh well. Monster World IV makes up for it, I guess.



Whopper744 said:

Personally, if the random puzzle games (looking at you Hamster Soduku game) is what is keeping us from getting Game Boy VC games, I really wish they would knock it off. Like many have said before, there are way too many good Gameboy games for them not to give us any of them for weeks.
I wish I could see their logic. Maybe then I would understand.



hYdeks said:

sigh again, this week has nothing for me, maybe Monster World 4. Ohh well, next week... (Nintendo, more Virtual Console 3DS releases, please)




The more and more I look at the way of how the North American eShop is in such a DAM pitiful state like the way it currently is, is because of the way of how some really decent games are making there way onto the Wii's VC. I mean look at the titles we've been getting lately. Strider on GENESIS , then two good fighting games from NEO-GEO , plus now, SEGA is even rolling in with good games to please the customer like packing in online into an old favorite GENESIS game like Super Street Fighter II. Now this week, we get Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Monster World IV , a Japanese import game that should REALLY impress imo. All in all, not that I'm mad at the success that the Wii is getting for the VC as of late, but I think that it's fair to say that their side of the Virtual Console market is to blame for the 3DS not getting any good retro titles as of nearly the past 2 months. Why else would we be getting nothing but 3DSWare games week in and week out.



sinsalaca said:

Guess it is a good thing that I picked up Tales of the Abyss this week since neither of the eshop releases do anything me. Also looks like maybe I will spend money for a game on my wish list now.



TingLz said:

I'm not sure where anyone got the suggestion that Kirby's Block Ball was coming today. There was never a confirmation for this.



DarkEdi said:

Sega needs to take control from VC and eshop VC. They does what Nintendon´t.





To be honest, there was no OFFICIAL mention of Kirby's Block Ball anywhere around from what I noticed last week to begin with. Besides, whoever said last week that Kirby's Block Ball was coming for this week's showing must have been spouting out nonsense just to get a good kick for laughs. Another troll up to their own tricks again if you ask me.



Tsuchinoko said:

Actually, this is a question I have been wanting to ask for a while now, and I should probably make a thread on this, but...what good Gameboy games were there that aren't already released in at least one region? The only ones that come to mind, if I include Gameboy Color games, are the Pokemon games, and the Zelda Oracle games. I know people are asking for Kid Icarus and Warioland, but those are out at least in Japan, so you know they're coming eventually.

Maybe my memory is just really bad, but for a while now I've been having trouble remembering what good Gameboy games there were. The ones that come to mind are:
-the Mario Land series
-Wario Land
-Metroid II
-the 3 Zelda games
-Kid Icarus

These games are already out. The only ones I can think of that I would really want that haven't been put out are Metal Gear:Ghost Babel, the Pokemon Games, the rest of the Zelda Gameboy Color games, the Castlevania GB games, possibly Shantae since I know there are a lot of fans on here...I mean, I just took a quick look at the Wikipedia page for GB and GBC games...a lot of movie tie-ins, Disney and WB stuff, games from other licenses. I'm not finding that many "classic" games that are must haves.

I feel like the whole handheld gaming thing got much better with the GBA. I can already think of tons of games that I would want from that era.

BTW I'm not trying to troll, I'm being totally sincere. Please, if you can think of games that I'm just not recalling, please remind me. It just seems to me that the whole GB thing is so limited.



Undead_terror said:

im ticked off,i thought kirbys block ball was coming out today,well next week lets hope theres no 3ds ware and we get 3 vc again



Tsuchinoko said:

@DarkEdi You do know at one point there wasn't a Genesis game put on the NA VC for 2 straight years right? Like, almost 2 years to the day. Look it up.





Well in this situation where the eShop is at with the 3DS VC , Nintendo will DEFINITELY have a hell of a lot of explaining to do to their fans come E3 2012 at their Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference. Hardcore and casual. I mean, even if a GAME BOY, GAME BOY COLOR or GAME GEAR game hits the eShop next week, it won't mean a thing AT ALL because of all the idiotic crap us gamers here in the US have been put through while Europe and Japan get treated like kings.



Freelance said:

@Tsuchinoko , I don't know about anyone else but I want Revenge of the Gator (doubt it'd come out though since that Kirby Pinball game has been announced for the Eshop), Operation C and Nemesis.

You're right though. There actually weren't many good GB games as I recall. Most of the games in me collection are crap.



GeminiSaint said:

@48 - Tsuchinoko:
Besides the ones you mentioned, there's Mole Mania (criminally underrated first party game - Miyamoto himself was involved with it), Mega Man II through V (especially the fifth one), Kirby's Star Stacker (a fun puzzler), Adventure Island II (a port of AI3 on the NES), Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble, Super Mario Bros. DeLuxe (has several extras), Ninja Gaiden, Wendy Every Witch Way (by the Shantae guys), etc.



Tsuchinoko said:

Lot of complaining on this page...

@Donjwolf I think everyone is looking at the GB and GBC through those "rose-tinted glasses". The thing that the Japanese GB library has over other regions is that it had a lot of Japanese specific games, and that's why we get games quite often. But even still, unlike when the Wii VC came out, its almost always one game a week. The GB and GBC just didn't have a very good library of games, and even if there were a lot of games released back then, such a huge portion of them were licensed games, almost all of which will never hit the VC. Of the dozen or so I named before, I'm sure all of them will reach the VC in all regions. I think Nintendo has to space some of these out, in addition to adding occasional Game Gear games and Famicom games.

I feel sad that I'm not an ambassador, since I want nearly all of those GBA games that were released. I'm hoping that they get a public release eventually though. I'm not in a huge hurry though, unlike most people on here. I DO have other hobbies, a job, significant other, blah blah blah...and yeah, retail games as well. Love my Zelda, Layton and Monster Hunter.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Mickeymac: Yeah, because it's not at all presumptuous to base your releases on the idea that everybody has a Wii AND a 3DS, right? I mean seriously, by all rights they SHOULD be treated as separate markets, regardless of how much overlap there is.

Regarding Kirby's Block I understand it, the game was listed conspicuously on the eShop's "coming soon" page, leading people to believe it would release today. IF NoA actually followed their coming soon page to the letter, it would have. But they're jerkwads, so that didn't happen.

@GeminiSaint: YES! Mole Mania is an absolute MUST! I also love Kirby's Star Stacker (shame we never got the SNES version out West), and more classic Mega Man would be cool (though I'd be surprised if Capcom bothered at this rate).

@Tsuchinoko: Additional games not yet mentioned include Kirby's Dream Land 2, the Donkey Kong Land trilogy, the Final Fantasy Legends games (and FF Adventure), and Dragon Warrior I & II (since they don't seem interested in remaking them again or releasing the Wii collection out West...III also). And that's stuff I thought up without even looking at a list.



Jamix012 said:

Another nothing week for me. It just bugs me, to me it looks like Nintendo is just letting the Eshop slip into a similar rut that the Wii Shop is going into. We should not be getting 1 thing a week.
Here's a question, why isn't the Wii Virtual console list available on the 3DS? I can understand holding back some NES/SNES games in order to make them 3D classics but really, the lack of titles is disturbing. I question why we can't have games from more consoles, Game Gear was a step in the right direction, but what about the Neo Geo Pocket and the Virtual Boy? I can't even buy DSiware these days because the system memory is full.



Bass_X0 said:

Those systems will likely come in the future. Remember that not all the consoles that the Wii VC supports were available in the first year either.



Tsuchinoko said:

Seriously don't know what to think about the Kirby Pinball game. I didn't know people liked it that much. Is it fun? It looked generic to me, but maybe I should give it a second glance on youtube or something.

@Geminisaint Actually, I would expect all of the games you mentioned to come out on the VC, since they almost all are parts of franchises that are in near completion on the Wii VC. I never heard of Mole Mania though, and Shantae and the other game you mentioned are some of those rare successful Western produced games that were never released in Japan, so I doubt I'll ever get to play that. Super Mario Deluxe is always a bit of an oddity though. Some people really want it, but since the Famicom Super Mario is already out on the 3DS, I doubt that will be.

@Stuffgamer Dragon Warrior...I see. I had no idea what you were talking about until I looked it up. You're talking about Dragon Quest. As sad as it makes me to say, but in Japan the Dragon Quest series was never released for the Wii VC either, and is up there with the Mother series as some of the most requested. I doubt those would be released on the 3DS either.

Well okay, you guys are right about the Kirby and Megaman games. I guess there is some stuff still to come out, but still, apart from a few franchises and the stray game here and there, I still think the GB had a very poor library of games. Nothing compared to the SNES or NES systems.



TingLz said:

I just find it amazing that fans are entitled to VC games and Nintendo MUST explain the lack of such games. Seriously?



Geonjaha said:

Sodoku? That's out of the blue...
Here's hoping it doesnt lower 3DSWare standards.



Tsuchinoko said:

@LztheBlehBird I'm with you on that. I love games and all, but they're supposed to be for downtime, not the centerpiece of my day. Its a big world out there! Go traveling, read a good book, make new friends, learn a new language.

The more you obsess over what games are coming, or when, the longer it seems to take for them to arrive. You know that saying, "a watched pot never boils"...

I find it funny when people complain about no new VC games. On the NA VC there's nearly 400. I always want to ask if they've played them all and that's why they're bored.

Speaking of, its late in Japan. Sleepytime.



cheapogamer4life said:

@3dsLuigi I dont think it was started by any troll here at Nintendolfe. Very doubtful that all of us would have truly been expecting it if it was. Bad guess based on Nintendos "coming soon" page in the E-Shop that everyone took as fact, imho.



pastasauce said:

How about that, no 3DS virtual console. 13th week in a row without gameboy games. ugh...



EddieEddieEddie said:

@Tsuchinoko There are thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of jolly good GC and GBC games, it's a shame that Nintendo is doing this. I didn't wanted to think this way, and it dissapointing, but it seems they don't care about their clients anymore.



HeroOfCybertron said:

Kirby's Block and a Vampire Chronicles game are coming out next week, on the eshop there is a section that says next week and lists KBB and the Vampire game.



shonenjump86 said:

It's always nice to have new Wii VC games. Gonna Check out the reviews for the Monster World games.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tsuchinoko: Yeah, I know Dragon Warrior/Quest isn't LIKELY, but it COULD happen, technically. You shouldn't complain though, because you DID get the retail collection on Wii. I'd have been happy to buy that if it was released here, I assure you.

@LzTheBlehBird: Well, I look at it this way: Nintendo promised a service for which we exchange currency. They then proceeded to severely drop support for the service without any explanation, while we're still ready and waiting to exchange our currency for it. How do they NOT own us an explanation for broken promises?

@EddieEddieEddie: Dude, there aren't THOUSANDS of Gameboy games PERIOD, let alone jolly good ones.



grumblebuzzz said:

I guess it isn't such a bad thing after all that I don't have internet to my 3DS here at my apartment since the eShop has become pretty much useless anyway.



Dreadjaws said:

Hey, I'm having an issue here. I open the Virtual Console menu on the eShop and it's filled with games that are NOT just from the Virtual Console, but also DSiWare and 3DSware. WHAT THE FREAKING HECK? How long has it been like this? This is stupid to no end! Or is it an error on my side?




LOL. I find this a REAL DAM joke by Nintendo. I swear, I hope it ain't false. I fire up my 3DS and look on the eShop for anything good just a few minutes ago and they claim that Kirby's Block Ball is slated for a release next week on 5/17/2012. I really hope this ain't Nintendo playing the troll act with us just for their own amusement.



Dodger said:

Nothing good for 3DS but you can't complain that much when we have 2 virtual console games.

I can't say I care about Kirby's Block Ball anyways. It looks boring. I do want 3DS virtual console but I want a good library of new games to point to when people ask why they should care about the 3DS first.





Don't give it a quick shove to the side real quick. If you ever played a game like Alleyway for GAME BOY from the 3DS VC. Well that gets a bit addicting and difficult in gameplay the more you play it. That's what Kirby's Block Ball is like. If you ever played a game like Breakout, then that's what Kirby's Block Ball is like. Very fun game to try out. You won't be disappointed.



Flowerlark said:

Hmmm, nothing for me this week. Looking forward to Chronicles of Vampires next week though. Yeah, the first was way overpriced and the art was a joke, but I kinda liked it anyway.



CanisWolfred said:

@3DSLUIGI What if he already has Alleyway? Every Breakout clone I've played are all pretty much the same. And besides, The eShop already has Alphabounce, the only Breakout game anyone ever needs.



Aerona said:

Sweet, I'll be looking forward to the Monster World IV review. It's nice to see Sega take the time to translate one of their unreleased games. I really wish Nintendo would do this with some of their unreleased Fire Emblem games. I guess in this case Sega really does what Nintendon't.



TingLz said:

@Pixel-Perfect Sin and Punishment says "hi"

@stuffgamer: Honestly, I don't ever remember them promising new titles every single week on every single part of the service, unless you have a source that says otherwise.

But according to the eShop, Kirby's Block Ball is coming out next week.



Aerona said:

As I understand it, Sin and Punishment wasn't translated for the VC. The original Japanese game just had English voice overs.



CanisWolfred said:

@Pixel-Perfect Not only that, but they only finished an english beta they had, so they definitely didn't start from scratch. Probably took very little effort on their part.



Marioman64 said:

um... there's no Monster World IV showing up anywhere in the e-shop, and yes im in the USA.
i click recent arrivals and the only things that are new are: "Sudoku by Nikoli (an awesome puzzle company btw), Paul's Shooting Adventure for dsi, Roller Coaster Tycoon for 3DS, and Bird Mania 3D"
the other game isnt in there either. I can click on Virtual Console games on the bottom row but they're not in there either. what's up?





You missed the point I was getting at in my last post. I was only trying to explain to Dodger what Kirby's Block Ball is like. That way, if he ever played a game like Alleyway for example, he would know what I was getting at is all.



RevolverLink said:

Kirby's Block Ball has been listed as "Coming Soon" on the eShop for what feels like two months now.

Oh well, Monster World IV and Wonder Boy make this week; when's the last time we could say the Virtual Console saw four quality releases in three weeks?



DrDaisy said:

The weekly download email Nintendo sent me doesn't mention the Monster World games for some reason. If Monster World IV doesn't sell well because most people don't even know about it, I'm blaming Nintendo's poor advertising.



lanabanana said:

Well,at least today was better than the previous weeks... Hey does anyone remember the game "Kim Possible" or something like that for the Gameboy Advance? I used to play and i kinda liked it. So, it would be cool if it was available on the eShop.



bboy2970 said:

Nothing for me. I was expecting Kirby's Block Ball...Well at least I now know for sure that its out next week.



thiagoauler said:

I just bought Monster World 4... and it's amazing!
A game very well designed...
It's so nice to see how well Wonder Boy evolved



Capt_N said:

@Stuffgamer1 I know a few ppl, who also want the Dragon Warrior series on VC, or the Wii collection released Stateside .

@Dreadjaws The 3DS (system itself) received an update recently, that gave the eShop interface a make-over. The DSiW(DSiWare abbreviation) games have been there for some time. The update also gives you the ability to now create folders on your system menu, for storing apps/games, though it is limited.

@Janett Kim Possible is a Disney property. It was a Disney Channel cartoon. I doubt we will see any licensed games on the 3DS VC. Well, for the most part, anyway. Similar to licensed titled on the Wii's VC, at least. Maybe.

I'll be checking out these Wii*VC updates, not weekly/annual/timely updates, but *just updates. I do think that Nintendo(all regions/branches) should release at least 1 thing/title for each of their hardware platforms on a less sporadic basis, even if their hardware's sub-platforms(ex. Wii is a hardware platform, while VC, & WW are sub-platforms of the Wii) receive updates on alternating weeks.




You know it's strange the more and more I think about this. Even though the SEGA SATURN was CD based with it's games, to me, the graphics were just about the same as what we saw on the N64 in the past. Except for the fact that most SATURN games had motion cutscenes in which the N64 had a bit of trouble doing for their own games. I'd kill to see SATURN games on the Wii U when the time comes. Heck, maybe we could see some SEGA CD games also. Even though they weren't released on the Wii VC , I think SEGA could have done VERY WELL with marketing SEGA CD games on the Wii VC with the way that they're having so much success on digital downloads as of late. Sonic CD on Wii VC if it were possible. YES PLEASE!



DrDaisy said:

@vikingscool I think something may have gotten lost in the transition between the beginning and end of that sentence. Understandable. I've done it myself before.
Anyway, SEGA is more generous with its offerings, probably because SEGA isn't as skittish as Nintendo, which is nothing new (remember Game Genie) and SEGA doesn't ... this is all speculation here ... SEGA doesn't have its own console to worry about so it can just focus on games. In my experience, SEGA is no expert in making consoles, but it knows how to get its games out there ...
Most of the time, anyway; I haven't forgotten about Shenmue 3.

@3DSLUIGI Sonic CD was put on GameCube as part of Sonic Gems Collection, so I doubt there would be much if any trouble running it on Wii. Considering there are at least a couple of Turbo CD games on the Virtual Console, I'm having trouble understanding why SEGA didn't do the same. I think Popful Mail and Keio are quite fun. Saturn, on the other hand, is another story. I hear it's very tough to emulate because of the complexity of the system. With proper modifications in the programming that doesn't necessarily affect the look or feel of the games, I think Wii could handle them easily; in their original format, however, I think they'd be tough to run on Wii hardware with emulation alone.



ker-plop said:

I picked up "Monster World IV" mostly to support the idea of importing games on the VC, and I'm pleasantly surprised. It's challenging and fun. Takes me back to the Genesis days...



DarkEdi said:

I have bought Monster World IV and Wonder Boy Arcade and both are excellent. I give it a 9 and a 8 to each one. I downloaded too Super Hang on, Zombies ate my neighbors, Final Soldier and Figher´s History Dinamite to celebrate the revival of VC thanks to Sega.

Let´s see some amazing things:

  • SSFII has online
  • Super Hang-on has motion controllers
  • Monster World IV is a import game fully traslated
  • Wonder Boy Arcade has screen options (full, normal, pixel to pixel), controller options (includes GC configurations) and a retro look-a-like scan lines option.

Why Sega put extra effort to its games and Nintendon´t (don´t forget too the Gamegear options in eshop too). Sega for president!!!!



Gamer83 said:

The continued lack of 3DS VC is annoying but the mini-revival of the Wii VC has been great. I'll download Monster World IV for sure, still not sure about the other one.



IAmChristinaAguilera said:

@DarkEdi Sega puts in the effort because they use M2 ( ) for their emulations on Wii (M2 also made the lovely Japan-only Sega Ages PS2 re-releases), and M2 puts in the effort.

From everything I've read, M2 clearly LOVES retro games, accurate, no-lag gameplay (a-HEM, Backbone), and special features out the wazoo, because they seem to deeply understand source code for Sega machines and how to get it to do customized, wonderful things on the Wii. I'd imagine that we can thank them for the lock-on on Sonic & Knuckles and the FM audio feature on Master System games as well. If M2 were handy with retro Nintendo hardware and Nintendo themselves weren't too proud to allow an outside company to emulate their own games, we probably would have had a more feature-rich set of SNES and NES games on Virtual Console (online Secret of Mana multiplayer, amirite?). :/



SmashYoshi123 said:

ughh still no kirby's block ball, sure it's coming to eshop next week, i hope nintendo's not trolling us!!





You know, I can understand about how it would be tough to emulate SATURN games like you said because of the complexity of the console. But like I go back in to my own way of thinking about this. I still say from my point of view, that I think a LOT of why no one ever sees SATURN games on Wii VC is due to the fact of the motion cutscenes. Let's say like a game, NiGHTS: Into Dreams for example. There's a nice little motion cutscene right at the beginning of the game before you get into the game to actually start enjoying it. I don't think the Wii would able to handle it that well for a VC game without having the game maybe freezing a few times on the gamer who would be going to try it out for the first time. Of course I'm referring to the point where I mean if he / she never played the game before back on the SATURN that is. Now on Wii U, if they have something similar to the eShop, then I believe it can ACTUALLY work with NO PROBLEM what so ever due to the Wii U being a bit stronger console. Here's hoping that comes into view very clearly in Nintendo's future.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I say you'll get Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast VC on the Wii-U. The games are too big for the Wii.



TauuaT said:'s the end of May 11th and my E-shop doesn't show any of the Virtual Console games. Paul's and Suduko are there, but I can't find the sega ones anywhere. I've tried searching words, looking under the VC/What's New etc. Any help?





Uhh, hate to tell you this, but you're serching on the wrong device. Both Monster World IV and Wonder Boy in Monster Land are on the Wii Shop Channel. Not the 3DS.



Rargon said:

The Kirby Pinball GB doesn't look all that compelling for 3DS VC but it's a start, seeing as we NA people haven't had a 3DS VC since the Sega Handheld.





LOL. I know the feeling man. I facepalm myself at times in humor on stuff like the situation TauuaT was in with not knowing about games like Monster World IV and Wonder Boy in Monster Land being on one platform instead of being on the one he / she thinks it was on. But in this kind of situation, some gamers are too young to know about stuff like that because chances are, most of us weren't around back in the day to know about these kind of games that existed. It's either that or in this case where she didn't know what console the game appeared on. BTW, Monster World IV PWNS so much like you wouldn't believe.


It's not pinball bro. It's more like a Kirby version of an old game called Breakout that started out on the ATARI 2600 if I remember right. Many other games copied off of it's style of gameplay also. Just look at Alleyway for GAME BOY from the 3DS VC and play that game. Then you'll know what I mean.



Onion said:

@DrDaisy , Sonic CD would most likely exceed the file size limit Nintendo has in place. The same goes for Saturn games, which are even larger. Some (like shining force 3) are also tough to emulate.

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